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Boston, whence he removed to Cambridge. He was twice married; his first wife was Eliza Cheever, a widow, whose maiden name was Emerson ; his second, was a widow. He d. in July, 1846, a. 77 years. The following obituary was published of him. “ In Cambridge, Mr. William Endicott, formerly of Boston, aged 77. He was born in Danvers, upon the “old Orchard farm," and a descendant of its original proprietor in the sixth (seventh) generation. He resided for many years in Boston, where he is remembered as a very worthy and upright man, fulfilling all the duties of life with scrupulous exactness, and exemplary fidelity." His children are,

By Eliza, 133–1 William. 134—2 John, d. Dec. 1810. 135—3 Eliza, m1364 Eunice, m. — By his second wife, 137–5 A daughter.

(30) VII. SAMUEL ENDICOTT (89–4), b. July 18, 1793 ; lived in Beverly. He was m. twice. His first wife was Hannah Holt, who d. March 14, 1825. He m. for his second wife Sarah Farnham Holt, sister of the former, and both daughters of the Rev. Peter Holt of Epping, N. H. His children by Sarah, are,

139–1 Samuel Augustus, b. Oct. 27, 1829. 139—2 Sarah Louisa, b. June 18, 1832. 140–3 George,

b. Feb. 21, 1836. 141–4 Mary,

b. April 10, 1839. (31) VII. WILLIAM ENDICOTT (90—5), b. March 11, 1799; lived in Beverly, Ms., m. Joanna Lovett Rantoul, daughter of the Hon. Robert Rantoul, senr.

His children are, 142–1 William,

b. Jan.

4, 1826. 143—2 Mary Elisabeth, b. July 21, 1828. 144—3 Robert Rantoul, b. Oct. 21, 1830, d. Feb. 19, 1833. 145—4 Robert Rantoul, b. March 28, 1833. 146—5 Charles,

b. Oct.

10, 1835. 147—6 Augusta Rantoul, b. Nov. 13, 1837. 148–7 Henry,

b. Feb. 25, 1840. (32) VII. TIMOTHY LEACH ENDICOTT (92—2), b. Dec. 26, 1785; m. April 5, 1812, Mary Trask, of Beverly, resided at Newport, N. H. His children are,

149–1 William, b. Aug. 20, 1813. (40) 150—2 Mary, b. May 8, 1815. 151–3 Lydia, b. Feb. 17, 1817. 152–4 John, b. Sept. 9, 1821. 153—5 Jacob, b. April 20, 1823.

(33) VII. William ENDICOTT 98-2), b. July 7, 1809; m. Lydia Woodbury. Lived in Danvers. His children are,

154–1 William Franklin, b. June 13, 1835.
155—2 Lydia Adelaide, b. April 15, 1837, d. June 27, 1842.
156-3 Lydia Marion, b. July 1, 1844
157—4 Israel Otis, b. Feb. 6, 1846.

EIGHTH GENERATION. (34) VIII. WILLIAM Putnam Endicott (1084), b. March 5, 1803; christened at North Church, Salem, March 13, 1803. Grad. H. C. 1822; m. Feb. 1826, Mary Crowninshield, dau. of Hon. Jacob Crown.

inshield. She d. March, 1838. He m. again Dec., 1844, Mrs. Harriet F. Peabody, whose maiden name was French. Children by Mary, 158-1 William Crowninshield, b. Nov.

19, 1826. 159—2 Mary Crowninshield, b. Feb. 4, 1830, d. Feb. 16, 1833. 16043 George Frederic, b. Sept. 11, 1832, d. Jan. 11, 1833. 161–4 Sarah Rogers,

b. March 3, 1838. (35) VIII. Samuel ENDICOTT (111–2), b. Oct. 26, 1793; received a mercantile education, was afterwards supercargo in the India trade. He m. Caroline Collins, of Salem, and d. suddenly, May, 1828. His children are,

162–1 Henry Collins, b. Jan., 1821.
163—2 Rebecca Hovey.
164–3 George.
165—4 Charles Upham, b. 1827.

(36) VIII. JOHN ENDICOTT (115–6), b. May 18, 1805; m. Martha T. Mansfield, dau. of Daniel Hopkins Mansfield, March, 1832. She d. in New York, May 20, 1845. His children are, 166-1 John,

b. Feb. 1, 1833. 167—2 Martha Mansfield, b. July 3, 1834. 168—3 Adeline Story, b. Nov. 16, 1838, d. Nov. 26, 1842. 169–4 Susan Lawrence, b. Feb. 23, 1840. 17045 Maria,

b. May 5, 1841. 171—6 Mary,

b. July 20, 1843. (37) VIII. NATHAN ENDICOTT (121–2], b. Sept. 19, 1790; lived in Salem; m. Nov., 1816, Margaret Oliver Hicks of Boston. Children,

172–1 Helen Maria, b. Aug. 25, 1818, m. Henry French, May, 1843.
173—2 Frederic Gustavus, b. Jan. 1, 1823, d. April, 1840.
174–3 Margaret Josephine, b. July 20, 1825.
175—4 Mary Coolidge, b. Aug. 21, 1830.

(38) VIII. CHARLES M. ENDICOTT (122—3], b. Dec. 6, 1793. Re. ceived a mercantile education, was supercargo in the East India trade, and is now President of the East India Marine Society. He m. Sarah Rolland Blythe, June 8, 1818; lives in Salem and is cashier of Salem Bank. His children are,

176—1 Charles Edward, b. July 7, 1832. 177—2 Ingersoll Bowditch, b. May 17, 1835.

(39) VIII. Lewis EndiCOTT (126–7), b. July 27, 1805, lives in Salem, and m. Dec., 1828, Mary Fitch Lynde Oliver Fettyplace, dau. of William Fettyplace, Esq. His children are, 178–1 Lewis,

b. Sept. 23, 1829. 179—2 Harriet Story, b. May 6, 1831. 180—3 William Fettyplace, 5. June 29, 1835. 181-4 Edward,

b. July 18, 1840. (40) VIII. WILLIAM ENDICOTT (148-1), b. Aug. 20, 1813, m. April 9, 1839, Lydia Goodwin of Tunbridge, Vt. He lives in New Hampshire. His children are,

182—1 George, b. Nov. 19, 1840. 183—2 Henry, b. Jan. 10, 1845.

[In giving an account of Genealogies, according to the plan adopted in this work, the first person mentioned is considered as of the First Generation. His children, who are, consequently, of the Second Generation, or of the First Generation from him, are, for the sake of Clearness, first named in connection with the generation of their parent; and, afterwards, particularly noticed under the Second Generation, to which they numerically belong. The same method is observed throughout the whole series of generations.)


Albany, N. Y., July 10, 1847. Rev. WILLIAM COGSWELL, D.D.,

Editor of the N. E. Historical and Genealogical Register: SIR, — Being related to the HUNTINGTON family on the maternal side, and having found a manuscript letter from Joseph Huntington to Roger Huntington, dated Coventry, Ct., March 25, 1793, giving an account of the early ancestors of the family, I send you the following extract from it in order to furnish some of the facts which may be wanted in making out a sketch for publication.

As this family has been considerably prominent, and highly respectable in this country, I have taken it for granted, that you will give it a place in your Register.

" Near the close of the reign of Charles the first, (1648,) the original stock of our family in America, who was a citizen of Norwich in England, and a Religious Puritan under persecution, with his wife and three sons, embarked for America. His name was Simon. He was nearly fifty years of age; his wife was some years younger. Their three sons who were in the bloom of youth, were named Christopher, Simon, and Samuel.

They made their course for the mouth of Connecticut river, but our progenitor being seized with a violent fever and dysentary, died within sight of the shore, whither he was brought, and now lies buried in Saybrook or Lyme, as both towns were but one at first. I have in vain enquired for his grave when I have been there, as no monument has been erected to his memory,

His widow who was a lady of a good family, piety and virtue, and had a valuable fortune left her in money; not long after his death, was married to a gentleman in Windsor, named Stoughton, and there she finished her life in affluence and comfort.

The three sons settled first at Saybrook : but soon after, the youngest, namely, Samuel, removed to New Jersey and settled in Newark.

About the time that Samuel removed to New Jersey, the other two brothers, namely, Christopher and Simon, came to Norwich, and there lived in honor and piety to a good old age.

The sons of Christopher, were Christopher, Thomas and John; the sons of Christopher last mentioned, were Christopher, Isaac, Jabez, Matthew, Hezekiah, John and Jeremiah ; the sons of Thomas, were Thomas, Jedediah, Christopher, Eleazer, William and Simon; John left but one son, bearing his own name.

The branch of Simon, the son of Simon: His sons were Simon, Joseph, Samuel, Daniel and James; the sons of the last mentioned Simon, were Simon, Eleazer and Joshua; the sons of Joseph were Nathaniel, Jonathan, David and Solomon; the sons of Samuel were Samuel, Caleb, John and Simon; the sons of Daniel were Daniel, Jonathan and Benjamin; the sons of James were James, Peter and Nathaniel.

Samuel who removed to New Jersey, left one son, Samuel, who had three sons, Thomas, Simon and Samuel.

At the time of the emigration of Simon, a brother of his, whose name was Samuel, was Captain of the king's life guard, and much in his favor."


FRED. S. Pease.


About the year 1700, two Frenchmen, brothers, and Huguenots, named Henri and David Gachet, emigrated from Rochelle in France, and settled in Bristol county, Massachusetts. The descendants of the two have Anglicized the name in different ways, those of the elder brother writing it Gassett, and those of the younger, Gushee. Most of them reside iu Massachusetts, in Bristol county, where the descendants of both are numerous, and but few, if any of them, live out of New England. They do not, however, retain the name of their progenitors to a very great extent, owing to the large proportion of females in the families.

The descendants from Henri are as follow :

First Generation. Henri married Sarah Hoskins, a native of England, not niany years after her arrival in America. To them were born two sons, Daniel and Isaac, and seven daughters, who were married to Messrs. Jones, Pitts, Tisdale, Smith, Crossman, and two brothers by the name of Perry: Isaac died a. 19.

Second Generation. Daniel married Hannah Walker of Dighton. Their children in the order of birth were, Isaac, Hannah, Henry, Seth, Sarah, Mary, Levi, John, Phebe, Simeon, Benjamin, and Reuben. He moved with his family to Hopkinton, Ms., Oct. 26, 1746.

Third Generation. Henry married Persis Howe of Marlborough, August, 1757. Their children were Daniel, Persis, Phebe, Mary Winslow, Joel, Zilpah, Henry, Finis, and Catherine. The parents lived and died in Northborough, each aged about 82 years, where their remains and those of most of their children are entombed.

Fourth Generation. Of the third generation from Henri, the Huguenot, Henry is the only survivor, now aged 73, and an inhabitant of the city of Boston, where until his retirement from business, he has been a merchant over forty years. He married Lucy Wood of Northborough, the native place of both, Feb. 17, 1812. Their children were Henry, Oscar, Albert, Lucy Wood, Catherine, Edward, Eleanor, Francis, and Walter, of whom three, Albert, Lucy Wood, and Walter are deceased. Mr. Gassett graduated at Harvard College in the class of 1795, where three of his sons have graduated; namely, Henry, 1834, Edward, 1843, and Francis, 1847. He has in his possession a letter from the mother, then a widow, of these two emigrants, Henri and David, dated “A la Ro. chelle le 1' de Mars 1711," and directed thus, “ La presente qu'il don. nee à Maitre Henry Gachet, charpentier de naivre a Baston."

Some of Mr. Gassett's reminiscences, as he relates them occasionally, are, the day of snow-shoes, an article now seldom named and scarcely known; the dark day which pervaded New England; the deep snow, thus called, so deep and so crusted, that ox-teams and horses and sleighs could pass anywhere, without obstacles from rivers or fences. He, though only about four years old at the time, remembers Burgoyne's army when marching through Northborough to embark at Boston for their own country. This town was the limits of the day's march, and his father's premises happened to be a central position of the encampment for the night of Nov. 2, 1777. His house, barn, out buildings, &c., were entirely filled and occupied by the American escort and the prisoners. The late Hon. Israel Bartlett of Haverhill, Ms., had the chief command, and this historical event, as well as its date, is found in his diary, now in possession of his son, Enoch Bartlett, Esq., of Dorches

ter, Ms.



In an extensive research among the county and other local histories of England, the name of Gookin has been nowhere found but in connection with the family of the County of Kent. The following pedigree is a literal copy, taken for the writer* from the original “visitation" in the Herald's College in London, and is the only one of the name on the records of that Institution.

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Elizabetha nupta Tho. Long Alder manus Cantü.

Johes Gokin de = Katherina filia
Ripple Court in G. mi. Den.

Com. Cantii. de Kingstone.(I)
ARMS – Quarterly. 1st, gules, a chevron ermine
between 3 cocks or, 2 in chief, 1 in base. Gookin.
2nd and 3rd, sable, a cross crosslet, ermine. 4th,
or, a lion rampant, gules between 6 crosses fitchée.

CREST - Ön a mural crown, gules, a cock beaked and legged azure, combed and wattled guot

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Vincent Gokin, fil: 4th dux: filiam


Daniel Gokin filius tertius
duxit Mariam filiam Rici
Birde, Sacræ Theolog.
Co. Esse.

Johannes Gokin = Anna, filia fil. 2ans juris pe Jobes Brett. ritus.

Thomas Gokin de
Ripple Cort. fil. et

Jana filia Richardi
Thurston de Chal-

Thomas, fil. Johes Gookin, fil. Catharina nupt. Maria. Anna. Elizab. Margareta. ius secundus. et hæres de Ripple. Gms. Warren de


Ripple predict.
Richard Gookin
of Ripple, living

1699. The omission in the pedigree of the descendants of Daniel and Vincent, the third and fourth sons of "John Gokin of Ripple Court,who were both married in England, may be accounted for by the probable

* By Mr. H. G. Somerby. This pedigree is published in Berry's Kent Genealogies, p. 194.

† These arms were borne by Gov. Gookin, with no essential difference. | She was of the 12th generation from " Sir Allured Denne, Knt., Seneschal of the Priory of Christ Church, Canterbury, and Escheator of the County of Kent, 19th Henry III., 1234, son of William Denne of East Kent, living in the time of King John, gr. son of Ralph de Dene, 20th William the Conqueror, Lord of Buckhurst, Sussex ; grandson of ROBERT DE Den, or DE DENE, who held large estates in Sussex, Kent, and Normandy, in the time of Edward the Confessor.” See Berry's Kent Genealogies.

ARMS.- Quarterly: 1st and 4th azure, three leopards' heads, (affronteé,) couped at the neck, or. 2nd and 3rd, ar, two faunches sa. each charged with a leopard's head or.

CREST. - On a mount vert, a stag, lodged, ermine, auired or, resting the dexter fore-foot upon a fleur-de-lis, erect, or.

The mother of 'Catharine Denne, who married Gokin, was Agnes, daughter of Nicholas Tufton, of Sussex, ancestor of the first Earl of Thanet, and died 158s, at Bcaksbourne, Kent.

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