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Copied from the stone at Berwick, Me., by Elias Nason, Esq., of Newburyport, May 25, 1847.

Here are buried the bodies of John Sullivan and Margery his wife. He was born in
Limeric in Ireland in the year 1692 and died in the year 1796.

She was born in Cork in Ireland in the year 1714 and died in 1901.
This marble is placed to their memory by their son James Sullivan.


Here lies one who for medicines would not give
A little gold, and so his life was lost;
I fancy now he'd wish to live,
Could he but guess how much bis funeral cost.

Low's Almanac, 1794.


Two gravestones were dug up on Thursday morning, April 21, 1847, by some workmen engaged in laying down water-pipes in Salem street, Boston. On one of them was the following inscription;

Here lies ye
Body of Mrs. Hannah Palfrey,
wife to Mr. Richard Palfrey,

Dec'd Jan’ry 2, 1727.
On the other was the following;

Aged 46


Eliz'th Dau't to
Isaac and Rebecca Doubt,

aged 5 Mo, died
Jan'y ye 28, 1724.



In the second number of the Register you give an account of an exceedingly prolific family in Nova Scotia, which you think can scarcely be paralleled in history. The following, copied from Allen's American Biographical Dictionary, surpasses it.

“ Ephraim Pratt, remarkable for longevity, the grandson of John Pratt who settled in Plymouth, 1620, was born at East Sudbury, Nov. 1st, 1687. At the age of 21 he married Martha Wheelright, and before his death he could number among his descendants about 1500 persons. In the year 1801 four of his sons were living, the eldest of whom was 90 years of age, and the youngest 82. Michael Pratt, his son, died at Sudbury in Dec., 1826, aged 103. He was always remarkable for temperance. For the last sixiy years he had tasted no wine nor any distilled spirits, and he was never intoxicated in his life.

His drink was water, small beer, and cider. Living mostly on bread and milk, for forty years before his death he did not eat any animal food. Such was his uniform health that before 1801 he never consulted a physician, and it is not known that he con. sulted one afterwards."

Supposing all the descendants of Ephraim Pratt to have been as prolific as himself for several generations, the numbers that might claim descent from him would have astonished Malthus, he being familiar with such calculations, and alarmed him lest the world should soon become overpopulated.

Those persons that cavil at the Bible profess to doubt the Scriptural account of the increase of the children of Israel during their sojourn in the land of Egypt.

The Patriarch with his children and his children's children exclusive of his sons' wives numbered seventy persons. His descendants after sojourning there four hundred and thirty years went out of Egypt for the land of promise only 600,000 men besides children. Now if the posterity of Jacob had increased as rapidly as did that of Ephraim Prait during his lifetime, the world itself would scarcely have contained them.

NOTE.— Mr. Farmer says that Ephraim Pratt was the grandson of Joshua Pratt of Plymouth.

[The above with some other pieces of a similar or historical character have been furnished us by Mr. William H. Montague of this city.]


At the close of the 17th century, the British settlements in North America contained a population of more than 300,000 persons. From a comparison of the calculations of various writers, each of whom almost invariably contradicts all the others, and not unfrequently contradicts himself, I am inclined to think the following estimate of the population of the colonies at this period, nearly, if not entirely, correct; Virginia 60,000, Massachusetts, (to which Maine was then attached,) between 70,000 and 80,000, Con. necticut 30,000, Rhode Island 10,000, New Hampshire 10,000, Maryland 30,000, North and South Carolina 10,000, New York 30,000, New Jersey 15,000, Pennsylvania 35,000. Even writers as accurate and sagacious as Dwight and Holmes have been led to under. rate the early population of North America, by relying too far on the estimates which the Provincial Government furnished to the British Ministry, for the ascertainment of the numbers of men whom they were to be required to supply for the purposes of naval and military expeditions.- Graham's History of the United States.




London, this 11 : of Nouember 1651 : MR. Tho: KEMBLE

Wee whose names are vnder written, freighters of the sh[ipp] John & Sara whereof is Coñander John Greene Doe Consigne the said shipp & servants to be disposed of by yow for our best Advantage & account & the whole proceed of the Servants & vojage Retourne in a jojnct stocke without Division in such goods as you conceive will turne best to accont in the Barbadoes & consign(e) them to Mr. Charles Rich for the aforesajd accott & w other pay yow meete with fit for this place send hither & take the Advise & Asistance of Cape Jn° Greene in disposall of the Servants Dispatch of the shipp or w else may any wajes concerne the vojage thus wishing the shipp a safe vojage & God's blessing on the same not doubting of you? best care & dilligence, Re· majne : signatum et Recognitum in p ncja you' loving freinds Jo: Beex Jo: Nottock nolarius publ:

Rob Rich

Willjam Greene Entred & Recorded at the Instant Request of the said Mr Tho: Kemble. F Edw: Rawson Recorder 13th May 1652.


Scotch Prisoners sent to Massachuselts in 1652.


London this 11th : of Nouember , 1631 : CAPT. JN°: GREENE

Wee whose names are vnder written freighters of you’ shipe the John & Sara doe Order yow forth with as winde & weather shall permitt to sett sajle for Boston in New England & there deliver our Orders and Servants to Tho: Kemble of charles Toune to be disposed of by him according to orders wee have sent him in that behalfe & wee desire yow to Advise with the sajd Kemble about all that may concerne that whole Jntended vojage vsing you' Jndeavo's with the Rajd Kemble for the speediest lading your shipp from New Eng: to the barbadoes with provisions & such other things as are in N. E. fit for the West Indjes where yow are to deliuer them to M". Charles Rich to be disposed of by him for the Joinct accont of the freighters & so to be Retou’ned home in a stocke vndevided thus desiring your Care & industrje in Dispatch and speed of the vojage wishing you a happy & safe Retourne wee remajne you' loving freinds Signatnm et Recognitum

John Beex in pncia: Jo: Notlock: notar Publ:

Robt Rich 13 May 1652.

Will, Greene Entred & Recorded Edward Rawson Recorder. A list of the passengers aboard the John and Sarah of London John Greene m' bound for New Englan(a)

Donald Roye
James Moore
Walter Jackson
Michaell ffossem
Daniell Simson
John Rosse
Sander Milleson
Daniell Monlow
Henry Brounell
James farfason
Alester lowe
Daniell Hogg
Hugh Mackey
Daniell Mackannell
John Croome
John Macklude
Dan : Mackwell
**** Mackunnell
John Hudson
John Mackbolme
| John Beme
**** More
John Crag
Robert Monrow
Hill Mackie
John Mackdonell
Allester Macknester
John Edminsteire
Wm Banes
Patrick Jones
Andrew Wilson
Daniell Monwilliam
John Mackenthow
John Jamnell
David Mackhome
Murtle Mackjlude
Salamon Sinclare
John Gurden
Wm Macken
John Cragon
John Graunt
Alestre Mackrore
Daniell Mackendocke
Gellust Mackwilliam

James Milward
Wm Dell
James Micknab
Glester Macktomas
Almister Mackalinsten
John Cochon
Robert Jenler
Edward Dulen
John Hogg
James Mickell
John Mackalester
Daniell Macknell
Patrick Jimson
John Hanoman
Andrew Jerris
James Jackson
Patricke Tower
Win Mackannell
Dani** Mackajne
Senly Mackonne
James English
Dan** Mackennell
John Mackey
Danniell Gunn
James Ross
John Wilson
David Jeller
George Quenne
John Jenler
John Woodell
George Perry
John Monrow
Wm Clewston
Daniell Mackhan
Alester Mackhene
Alester Simson
Richard Jackson
James Camell
Dan: Martin
John Hogg
John Robinson
John Rosse
John Rosse
Hugh Monrow

Thomas Bereere
Sjmon Russell
John Morre
Edward Punn
Sannder Morrot
Wm ffressell
John Boye
John Buckanen
Patricke Morton
Dansiell Makalester
James Michell
Sander Mackdo[n]ell
James Gurner
Wm Teller
Origlais Mackfarson
Nicholas Wallis
John Murrow
Robert Higben
John Mackhellin
Allester *****
Dan: Mackhellin
些 ***** *****
Charles Lesten
Wm Stewart
John Morre
Edward ffressell
David Hinne ?
Daniell blacke
Daniell Sessor
Patricke Mackbatherne
Alexander 'Tompson
Danell Kemper
Daniell How
John Brow
***** *****
Henry Mack***
John Robinson
Daniell *****
Patricke *****
Patricke ****
P**** *****
賽 ***** *****
***** [Mac]kfarson
***** Macklyne

****** Monrow
***ster Macknell
Daniell Robinson
[J]ames Shone
John Anderson
James Graunt
Patricke Crosshone
John Grant
John Scott
Dan : Gordon
Dan: Ross
John Hogg
Patrick Mann
Ansell Sherron
James Ross
David Hamilton
Patricke Mackneile
David Rosse
Amos Querne
Alestre Hume
Neile Johnson
Alester Rallendra
Rory Hamilton
James Robinson
David Bukanon
David Sterling
Daniell Macknith
Robt Mackfarson
Wm Munckrell
Neile Camell
Semell Mackneth
John Mackane
Dan Shuron
Rory Machy
Patrick Graunt
Patricke Harron
James Rowe
Sander Simson
James Gorden
Charles Robinson
Alester Robinson
Patricke Robertson
Alester graunt
Neile Macketh
Patricke Macknith
Daniell Macknith
James hedericke

James Mackhell
John Curmickhell
David Hume
Patrick Macktreth
David Anderson
Wm Beames
David Monwilliam
John Sterling
John Mann
Wm Dengell
Daniell Mann
Sander Mackcunnell
Cana Mackcurnall
Patricke Mackane
Ansel Sotherland
Sander Miller
James Pattison
Alexander Graunt
Thomas Graunt
Neile Carter
Dan: Mackneile
John Shenne
Robi Mackajne
Dan: Hudson
Neile Murrow
John Cannell
Evan Tiler
Jonas Murrow
Alester Mackhele
Edward Dengle
James Kallender
Jonas Ross
Neile Mackbone
James Graunt
David Tenler
James Mackally
Wm Mackajne
Alester Tooth
Austin Stewart
Laughlell Montrosse
Wm Mackontoss
Neile Mackajne
James Mackreith
John Mackforsen
James Hamilton
Jolin Graunt
James Murrow

Wm Carmackhell
James Mackneile
Samuell Mackajne
Dao: Graunt
Cha: Stewart
Neile Stewart
David Macketh
David Jameson
Dan Simson
George Hame
James Crockford
David Kallender
David Patterson
Alester Anderson
Patricke Smison
Robe Boy
John Wilson
Patricke Jacson
Wm Mackajne
Dan: Mackhoe
Dan: Mackajne
Alester Ross
Neile Muckstore
Wm Mackandra
John Boye
Wm Graunt
James Graunt
Henry Smith
Wm Hidrecke
Cana Macktentha
Niele Hogg
Robe Mackhane
Robe Stewart
David Simson
Laughleth Gordon
Neile Jameson
Patrick English
James Benne
David Milward
Wm Anderson
Sander Mackey
Patrick Sotherland
Daniel Oneale
John Woodall
Christopher Wilson
John Murrow

The persons afore named passed from hence in the ship afore mentioned and are according to order Registed heare, Dat. Search office, Grauesend 8th. Nouember, 1651.

Edw: Pelling Searchers.

JOHN MORRIS In the Jno & Sara of London John Greene m' for New England : / Robe Rich mrt Jronworke household stuffe & other p'ovisions for Plante's and scotch přis. one's free by ordnance of Parliament dat 20th of October 1651.

s GR No 1 two trusses of goods for plante's shipt the viiith of Nouembe 1651 mʻkt & nombred as in the magent.

John BRADLEY Sí wth ye Armes of ye Comonwealth. Entred & Recorded at the Request of m' Thomas kemble. 14 May 1652

F EDWARD Rawson Recorder.

The following is from Governor Hutchinson's Collection of Original Papers and may furnish some light in respect to the above mentioned prisoners sent to this country and sold for slaves, no doubt, by order of the English Government, as a sort of banishment for their rebellion. It is probable that some of them were sent to Barbadoes, as all their names do not seem to appear in any other way in this country, except on this list. Extract from a Letter written by Rev. John Cotton to the Lord General Cromwell,

dated at “ Boston in N. E. 28. of 5th 1651,” respecting some prisoners of the same class of persons included in the above list sent over before these arrived. They all probably were taken at the battle of Dunbar, Sept. 3, 1650, when Cromwell was viciorious and four thousand were slain and ten thousand made prisoners.

“The Scots, whom God delivered into your hands at Dunbarre, and whereof sundry were sent hither, we have been desirous (as we could) to make their yoke easy. Such as were sick of the scurvy or other diseases have not wanted physick and chyrurgery. They have not been sold for slaves to perpetual servitude, but for 6 or 7 or 8 yeares, as we do our owne; and he that bought the most of them (I heare) buildeth houses for them, for every lour an house, layeth some acres of ground thereto, which he giveth them as their owne, requiring 3 dayes in the weeke to worke for him (by turnes) and 4 dayes for them themselves, and promiseth, as soone as they can repay him the money he layed out for them, he will set them at liberty."


M. D.,



Boston, to Cecilia Louisa GALE, ALGER, Rev. William ROUNCEVILLE, Somerville, Sept. 6.

Pastor of Mount Pleasant Congregational Porter, Rev. Charles S., Plymouth, to Church, Roxbury, to ANNE LANGDON, Louise, daughter of Col. Samuel Addaughter of Mr. Giles Lodge, Boston. ams, Derry, N. H., July 7. ARNOLD, Hon. L. H., member of Congress Rymes, GEN. William, to SUSAN E.

and ex-Governor of Rhode Island, to KENNARD of Portsmouth, N. H. Miss CATHERINE SHONNARD, Wasb. SARGENT, L. M., Jr., Esq., to Letitia, ington, D. C., June 22.

daughter of Jonathan Amory, Esq., RoxBronson, Rev. S. J., of Milbury, to MARY bury, Sept. 22.

L., daughter of the late Rev. Dr. Chap- SHAPleigh, Moses W., Esq., Lebanon, lin, Hamilton, N. Y., July 14.

Me., to Abba Jane, eldest daughter of CARPENTER, Amos B., Esq., Waterford, Stephen Drew, M. D., Milton, N. H.,

Vt., to C. B., daughter of Ezra Barker, Sept. 15.
Esq., Littleton, N. H., June 24.

Taylor, Rev. Townsend E., Lagrange, CUSHING, Rev. Christopher, Scituate, N. Y., Seaman's Chaplain for the Port

to Mary Frances, daughter of William of Labuina, Sandwich Islands, to PERSIS Choate, Esq., Derry, N. H.

GOODALE, Brookline, N. Y., daughter of Elton, Rev. ROMEO, D. D., late Professor Rev. Asa Thurston of the Sandwich

in Brown University, to Miss Protus. Island Mission, who was a native of SIA S. Goss of London, Paris, April 30. Fitchburg, Ms., Aug. 12. HEADLEY, John C., Esq., Lancaster, to TUCKERMAN, DR. Francis J., U. S. N., to

Lucy S, daughter of the late Hon. Lev. iel Kimball, Needbam, Aug. 25.

erett Saltonstall, Salem, June 30. Henderson, John, Jr., Esq., St. Louis, WEBSTER, COL. William, a. 67, to Mar

Mo., to CATHARINE, daughter of Hon. THA Winslow, Kingston, N. H., a. 19.

Sherman Leland, Roxbury, June 30. The bridegroom married his sister's Melville, Herman, Esq., New York, to granddaughter, which makes the bride a

ELISABETH K., daughter of Chief Justice wife to her great-uncle, sister-in-law to Shaw, Boston, Aug. 4.

her grandfather and grandmother, aunt MILLETT, Rev. Daniel C., New York, to to her father and mother, and great-aunt

Lucy Maria HOLBROOK, Boston, Aug. to her brothers and sisters. She is also 24.

step-mother to five children, fourteen Miune, George, Esq., Cincinnati, O., to grandchildren, and one great-grandchild.

HELEN E., eldest daughter of Hon. Wood, Rev. CHARLES W., of Ashby, to George Grennel, Greenfield, Sept. 6. Mrs. CATHARINE S. LEMIST, daughter Mulock, CHARLES, Esq., Attorney, New of Jonathan Clarke, Esq., of Gilmanton,

York City, to Maria Louisa F., only N. H., June 27.
daughter of Lucius Hotchkiss, Esq.,
New Haven, Ct., Sept. 15.

CHAULOTTES, daughter of Rev. Dan L

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