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Fiske, Rev. NATHAN Welby, Jerusalem,

Palestine, May 27. D. C. 1817. ProANDREWS, David A., Esq., Hingham, fessor of Intellectual and Moral PhilosSept. 1, a. 90.

ophy in Amherst College. BADGER, Cart. GEORGE W., New Or. GILBERT, Mrs. SARAH, Boston, Sept. 20,

leans, Aug. 3, a. 22. He was master of a. 79, wife of Hon. Benjamin J. Gilbert, bark Apphia Maria of Portsmouth, N. H.. who formerly resided in Hanover, N. H. and son of Samuel Badger, Esq., of GLENWORTH, Dr. Horatio N., New Kittery, Me.

York, Aug. 16. He was a Surgeon in BILLINGS, Jesse Leeds, Esq., Whiteball, the United States Navy. His remains

N. Y., April 4, a. 66. D. C. 1803. At were sent to Portsmouth, N. H. torney

Green, Dr. Ezra, Dover, N. H., June 25, BREWSTER, MR. SEABURY, Norwich, Ct., a. 101 years and 28 days. He graduated

July 29, a. 92. Mr. Brewster was a at Harvard University in 1765. In June, descendant of the venerable Elder Wil. 1775, after the battle of Bunker Hill, he liam Brewster, one of that memorable joined the American army. In October, band who came to Plymouth in the 1777, he was appointed a surgeon on Mayflower in 1620.

board the Ranger, a sloop of war of 18 BRYANT, Mes. SARAH, Princeton, Ill., guns, under command of John Paul

May 6, widow of the late Dr. Peter Jones, and continued connected with the Bryant of Cummington, Ms., sister of Navy until 1781. the Rev. Dr. Snell of Brookfield, and Groves, Miss ELISABETH, Boston, Sept. mother of William Cullen Bryant, the 21. Matron of the House of Reformapoet.

tion. BUNKER, Capt. E. S., New York city, HALE, DR. EBENEZER, JR., Newbury, Aug.

Aug. 4, a. 75. He was many years since 2, a. 38, late of this city. M. D. at D.C. commander of the Steamer Fulton, the Haven, Hon. SAMUEL, Roxbury, Sept. 1, first that ever made trips between New a. 76. Judge Haven formerly resided in York and Providence.

Dedham, and was Judge of the Court of BUTRICK, Mrs. ELISABETH, Dwight Mis Common Pleas and Register of Probate.

sion, Cherokee Nation, Aug. 3, a. 61. He was a son of Rev. Jason Haven, and She was the wife of Rev. S. D. Butrick, a maternal grandson of Rev. Samuel and a native of Ipswich, Ms.

Dexter, both of Dedham. H. C. 1789. CHANNING, LUCY BRADSTREET, Milton, Holt, Rev. JACOB, Merrimack, N. H.,

Aug. 2, a. 24. She was a daughter of March 30, a. 66. D. C. 1803.

Walter Channing, M. D., of Boston. IDE, NATHANIEL EMMONS, Boston, a. 26, CLARKE, Rev. SAMUEL WALLACE, Green son of Rev. Dr. Ide of Medway, and

land, N. H., Aug. 17, a. 52. Pastor of grandson of Rev. Dr. Emmons of Frankthe Congregational Church.

lin. COLBY, Mrs. Anne, New London, N. H., INGALLS, DR. JEDEDIAH, Durham, N. H.,

Aug. 24, a. 85, widow of Joseph Colby, Aug. 1, a. 79. H. C. 1792. Esq., and mother of ex-Governor Colby. Jackson, Patrick T., Esq., Boston, COLLAMORE, DR. ANTHONY, Pembroke, Sept. 12, a. 67, a brother of Dr. James Sept. 21. H. C. 1806.

Jackson and Hon. Charles Jackson, Bos. Condit, Rev. Joseph D., South Hadley, ton.

Sept. 19, a. 43. Pastor of the Congre- KITTREDGE, DR. JOSEPH, Andover, Sept. gational Church. C. N. J. 1826.

13, a. 64. He was the son of Dr. Thom. CUSHING, FREDERICK, M. D., Montreal, as Kittredge of that place. D. C. 1806.

Canada. Dr. Cushing was of Durham, KNAPP, Rev. Isaac, Westfield, July 6, a. N. H., and M. D. H. Č. 1817.

72, fifth Pastor of the Congregational DIMOND, MRS. ABIGAIL, Danville, N. H., church in that town, W. C. 1800. Aug. 22, a. 90.

LELAND, DEA. MICAH, Sherburne, Sept. DINSMORE, Col. SILAS, Bellevue, Boone

12, a. 68. Co., Ky., June 17, a. 81. 1. C. 1791. MATTOCKS, Hon. John, Peacham, Vt., He held the office of Indian Agent of Aug. 21, a. 71. He had been a Reprethe United States, and also other offices sentative in Congress and Governor of under the general Government.

the State. DURFEE, Hon. Job, Tiverton, R. I., a. 57, Merrill, BENJAMIN, LL. D., Salem, July

Chief-Justice of the Supreme Court of 30, a. 63. He was a native of Conway, Rhode Island. B. U. 1813.

N. H. H. C. 1804. Eastman, Mrs. Anstris B., Farmington, PAGE, COL. William, Atkinson, N. H.,

N. H., Sept. 10, a. 52. She was the wife Sept. 13, a. 83 years and 10 months. of Hon. Nehemiah Eastman and sister Parris, Hon. SAMUEL, Washington, D. C., of Hon. Levi Woodbury.

at the residence of his son, the Hon. EDWARDS, Hon. Henry'W., New Haven, Albion K. Parris, Sept. 10, a. 92. He

Ct., July 22, a. 68, for several years Gov. was a native of Pembroke, Ms., and an ernor of Connecticut. C. N. J. 1797. officer in the Revolutionary War. He

settled in Hebron, Me., and was a | l'appan, Enoch SAWYER, M. D., AuJudge of the Court of Common Pleas, gusta, Me., a. 65. H. C. 1801. He was and an Elector of President and Vice a son of Prof. David Tappan, D. D., of President of the United States.

Harvard College, and a brother of liev. PERRY, Mrs. ELISABETH A., Somerville, Benjamin Tappan, D. D.

Aug. 3, a. 31, wife of Lieut. Oliver H. Taylor, Rev. Samuel A., Worcester, Perry, U. S. N., and was the daughter of Aug. 31, a. 29.

Hon. R. K. Randolph of Newport, R. J. WARREN, Isaac, merchant, Framingham, PHELPS, Rev. Amos A., Roxbury, July June 26, a. 72. He was born in Medford,

30, a. 43. Y. C. 1826. He had been and lived 50 years in F. settled in Boston as a clergyman, and West, BENJAMIN, Esq., Rochester, II., had been employed in various ways as June 23, a. 35. D. C. 1833. Attorney: an Agent in behalf of the anti-slavery White, Hon. Puingas, Putney, Vt., July

6, a. 77. 1. C. 1797. Attorney, Mem. Rice, Rev. BENJAMIN, Winchendon, July Cong. 12, a. 63. B. U. 1808.

WILBUR, Rev. Asa, Augusta, Me., Aug. SPRAGUE, Hon. SETH, SENIOR, Duxbury, 8, a. 87, a soldier in the Revolution.

July 9, father of Judge Sprague of this WinsulP, Capt. JONATHAN, Brighton, city.

Aug. 6, a. 67, (?) proprielor of the wellStory, Mrs. MEHETABEL, Boston, Aug. known flower-gardens, and a man of

9, a. 89, widow of the late Dr. Elisha great skill and taste as a horticulturist. Story of Marblehead, and mother of the Wright, Hon. Silas, Canton, N. Y., Aug. late Judge Story of Cambridge.

27, a. 53, ex-Governor of New York, STREETER, Mrs. Nancy, Swanzey, N. H., and ex-Senator in Congress. He was a

July 23, a. 90, mother of Rev. Mr. Street. native of Weybridge, Vt. M. C. 1815. er of this city.



Memoirs of the Administrations of Washington and John Adams, edited from the Papers of Oliver Wolcott, Secretary of the Treasury. By George Gibbs. "Nullius addictus jurare in verba magistri.” In two volumes. New York: Printed for the Subscribers. 1846. pp. 1130, 8vo.

The first and chief design of this work originally was to present a Memoir of Oliver Wolcott, Secretary of the Treasury, and to do this principally from a view of his services in political life. To effect this object, there was a necessity in publishing some of his correspondence and papers. In doing this a cursory notice of the Administrations of Washington and the elder Adams, while Mr. Wolcott officiated in the Treasury department, became unavoidable. In consequence of this, the work was modified until it assumed its present title.

The selection of papers has been made from about twenty volumes of manuscripts, including correspondence, drafts of official papers, and miscellaneous documents, extending through nearly fifty years, all carefully arranged by Mr. Wolcott himself. An estimate of the value of the correspondence may in a good degree be formed by the consideration that it consists of letters from such men as Hamilton, Cabot, Ames, Griswold, and King, respecting the science of government, the political state of the times, and the course to be pursued in the civil administrations of our own country.

From the biographical notice, we learn that the above named Oliver Wolcott, who was ten years Governor of Connecticut, was the eldest son of Oliver, who also was Governor of the State and a Signer of the Declaration of Independence and was the youngest son of Roger, who too had been Governor and was the youngest son of Simon, who was a farmer and was the son of Henry, who emigrated from the mother country to this in 1630, to escape the religious persecutions of ihe day, and settled at Dorchester, Ms., where he continued till 1636, when he with four others removed to Windsor, Ct, and commenced a settlement. He was one of the first Magistrates or Assistants of the Colony.

This work is a timely production, and “will be in the eyes of every student a mine of political history."

History of the Town of Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, from its settlement in 1717 to 1829, with other matters relating thereto not before published, including, an extensive Family Register. By Andrew H. Ward, Member of the New England Historic, Genealogical Society. He who forgets not the place of his birth, and the trees whose fruit he plucked, and under whose shade he gambolled in the days of his youth, is not a stranger to the sweetest impressions of the human heart." Boston : Published by Samuel G. Drake, 56 Cornhill. J. Howe, Printer, 39 Merchants' Row. 1847. pp. 508, 8vo.

Mr. Ward is a graduate of Harvard University in the class of 1808, and is, by profession, an Attorney. From his work it appears that he is the son of Sheriff Thomas W. Ward of Shrewsbury, and the grandson of Artemas Ward, who was appointed the first Major-General in the army of the Revolution, and was long in public life, - a man characterized by firmness of mind and integrity of purpose,

-a lover of his country and his God. The first two hundred pages of the book are occupied in giving an account of the civil and ecclesiastical affairs of the town and various miscel. laneous matters; and the other three hundred pages comprise a Family Register and Genealogical Table, embracing every family in the town from its selilement to 1829, and in some cases, still later. It contains an account of 266 families of different sur. names, and 1080 families in the whole. Perhaps nothing of the kind 'has ever been presented to the public, so full and perfect. The labor must have been great and it has been performed con amore, and without fee or reward, except the consciousness and satisfaction of having done an important service for the present and future generations. Every family in Shrewsbury at least should purchase and possess a copy of this valuable work.

History of the Episcopal Church, in Narragansett, Rhode-Island; including a History of other Episcopal Churches in the State ; With an Appendix containing a reprint of a work now extremely rare, entitled " America Dissected,By the Rev. J. McSparran, D. D. With notes containing Genealogical and Biographical Accounts of distinguished men, families, etc. By Wilkins Updike. New York : Henry M. Onderdonk, 10 John Street. 1847. pp. 533, 8vo.

We have just perused the above work with much interest. From the title one would suppose it to be merely a history of the Episcopal Churches in Narragansett and Rhode Island, with genealogical and biographical notices of some eminent lay. men;

but it contains much more. As a history of Episcopal churches, Episcopalians will highly prize it; as a work on history, biography, and genealogy, individuals of all denominations will be interested in it. In preparing the history, the records of St. Paul's Church in Narragansett and of other churches, abstracts from the doings of the “Society for Propagating the Gospel in Foreign Parts," established in 1701, and tradition, have been consulted. It is a work of great labor, as will be seen, by the consideration that it contains in addition to other matter a biographical and genealogical account of more than three hundred families in Narragansett. in giving this History to the public Mr. Updike has performed a laborious and important service for the community. The work is embellished with portraits of Dr. and Mrs. McSparran.

Biography of Self-Taught Men. Per angusta ad augusta.They do most by books who could do much without them; and he that chiefly owes himself unto himself is the substantial man.". - SIR THOMAS BROWNE. Vol. II. Boston: Benjamin Perkins & Co. 1847. pp. 324. 12mo.

To revive the memory of the great and good is always a pleasing task; and especially so is it when we behold them struggling through adversity and toils till they have become an honor to themselves and a blessing to their fellow men. A work with this object in view, aside from the interest it excites, is highly useful and instructive, par. ticularly to the young. It teaches them that no difficulties are too great to be overcome, and encourages them when ready to faint in despair. Breve est iter per exempla."

The volume before us contains the memoirs of Nathaniel Bowditch, James Cook, William Falconer, John Hunter, Nathan Smith, James Ferguson, James Watt. Eli Whitney, John Leyden, Robert Stephens, Henry Stephens, Benjamin West, Peter Hörberg, Alexander Wilson, Robert Bloomfield, Ísaac Milner, Sir William Jones, and Patrick Henry. In these sketches the author, (who is understood to be Prof. Brown of Dartmouth College,) has relieved the dulness of mere narration by interspersing

through them his own choice and beautiful thoughts, on the various subjects to which they refer. The work is written in a graceful, expressive, and suitable style, and is embellished with a likeness of Dr. Bowditch.

The Life of John Eliot : with an account of the early missionary efforts among the Indians of New England. By Nehemiah Adams, Pastor of Essex Street Church, Boston. Written for the Massachusetts Sabbath School Society, and approved by the Committee of Publication. Boston: Massachusetts Sabbath School Society Depository, No. 3 Cornhill. 1847. Pp. 12mo.

This is a neat, entertaining, and useful little work, written with that beauty of thought and chasteness of expression so characteristic of its author. The introductory chapter relates to the objects of the Pilgrims in coming to this country, a prominent one of which was to preach the Gospel to the Indians. This is evident from the original seal of the Massachusetts Colony, having the impression of an Indian on it, with these words proceeding from his mouth, “Come over and help us,” and from the charter which they received. Educated at the University of Cambridge, England, distinguished for his love of, and proficiency in, the ancient languages, indefatigable in his exertions, and filled with holy zeal, and a desire for the promotion of Christ's cause, John Eliot was of all men the best adapted to the execution of this design. The habits and labors of this great and good man are faithfully recorded, as well as numerous anecdotes exhibiting his peculiar traits of character. Appended are several rare and curious documents respecting the natives and the settlement of New England. We wish that this Memoir of Eliot by Dr. Adams might be in every Sabbath School Library in the Country.

Report of the Committee appointed by the National Medical Convention, held in Philadelphia, May, 1847," to prepare a nomenclature of diseases, adapted to the United States, having reference to a general registration of deaths."

No subject is more intimately connected with the prosperity and happiness of a people than the degree of their public health, and none should claim the attention more, than the obtaining of a knowledge of the prevalent diseases and their probable causes. The Committee in bringing this matter before the public, have adopted a uniform and systematic plan of registration and classification, which we think highly commendable. It is designed to show “when, where, in what form and under what circumstances, sickness and mortality take place; and whether they are uniformord is similar in different places, or in the same place in different seasons and under different circumstances.” Wherever this knowledge is acquired, remedies or preventives may be applied with great hope of success. It is high time that men should know themselves," and the dangers to which they are daily exposed, and we think if the method proposed by the Committee were adopted, this would in a great measure be accomplished. Lemuel Shattuck, Esq., of Boston, one of the above named committee, has paid very great attention to this subject, especially the plan of registration.

Two Sermons delivered on the Second Centennial Anniversary of the organization of the First Church, and the settlement of the first minister in Wenham. By Daniel Manshfield, Pastor. Published by request of the Church. Andover : Printed by Allen, Morrill and Ward well. 1845.

The text on which these sermons are founded is contained in Deuteronomy xxxii: 7. “Remember the days of old, consider the years of many generations; ask thy father, and he will show thee; thy elders, and they will tell thee.”

These are very excellent discourses, possessing much valuable and interesting historical matter. They contain a particular account of the church and its ministers. In addition there is an appendix of about twenty pages, containing many curious and valuable facts.

The following persons have died in Wenham at or above the age of 90 years; namely, 1786. Widow Eliot in her 96th year; 1795, Barbary Waters, formerly of Salem, 90; Widow Cue, 96; Widow Batchelder, 95; 1810, Abraham Wyatt, 90; 1812, Margaret Pierce, about 100; 1813, Martha Ober, 91 ; 1819, Widow Batchelder, 96; 1822, Betty Masury, 96; 1826, Widow Rose Dodge, 92; Pelatiah Brown, 94 ; 1836, Widow Elizabeth Brown, 91 and 3 months.

We regret that we have not room to notice other interesting publications which we have received, and also to insert some articles, which we intended.


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