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The children of John' and Elizabeth Chase were as follows:

I. William, b. Jan. 3, 1679.
II. Philip, b. Sept. 23, 1688, m. Mary Follansbee, April 17, 1712.
III. Charles, b. Jan. 12, 1690, and m. Hepzibah Carr, July 15, 1714.
IV. Jacob, b. m. Joanna Davis, Aug. 24, 1716.

V. Abraham, b. m. Ruth Morse, Nov. 16, 1716.
VI. Phebe, b.

VII. Mary, b. m. Joseph Safford, July 30, 1728.
VIII. Lydia,' b. m. William Blay, Nov. 5, 1724.
IX. Elizabeth, b.

X. John, b. m. Abigail Chase of Hampton, N. H.
John Chase m. for his second wife Lydia

XI. David, son of John and Lydia, Oct. 20, 1710.


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The children of Daniel’ and Martha Chase were as follows:

Iartha, b. Aug. 18, 1684, m. David Lawson, Aug. 3, 1716.
II. Sara, b. July 18, 1686, m. Francis Danford, Nov. 17, 1714.
III. Dorothy, b. Jan. 24, 1689.
IV. Isaac, b. Jan. 19, 1691, m. Hannah Berry, Oct. 29, 1710.

V. Lydia, b. Jan. 19, 1693, m. William Evans, Jan. 30, 1716.
VI. Mehetabel, b. Jan. 19, 1695, m. Timothy Osgood of Salisbury,

Nov. 19, 1715.
VII. Judith, b. Feb. 19, 1697, m. John Tuttle of Lebanon, 1713.
VIII. Abner, b. Oct. 15, 1699.
IX. Daniel, b. Oct. 15, 1702, m. Mary Carpenter, Jan., 1723, and

for his second wife, Elizabeth Collins of Salisbury, Feb.,

1726. X. Enoch, b. m. Judith Colby, 1726. Danield. Feb. 8, 1707. His widow Martha m. Josiah Heath of Haver

hill, 1713.

The children of Moses’ and Anne Chase were as follows:

1.3 Moses," b. Sept. 20, 1685, d. young. II. Daniel, b. Sept. 20, 1685, m. Sarah March, Jan. 2, 1706. III. Moses, b. Jan. 20, 1688, m. Elizabeth Wells, Oct. 2, 1709. IV. Samuel, b. May 13, 1690, m. Hannah Emery, Dec. 8, 1713.

V. Elizabeth, b. Sept. 25, 1693. VI. Stephen, b. Aug. 29, 1696, m. Sarah Hale, Dec., 1717. VII. Hannah, b. Sept. 13, 1699, m. Timothy Jackman, April 9, 1723. VIII. Joseph, b. Sept. 9, 1703, n. Mary Morss, Sept. 7, 1724.

IX. Benoni, b. April 6, 1708, m. Mary Rogers, Sept. 4, 1728. Moses : Chase m. for his second wife, Sarah Jacobs of Ipswich, 1713.

The children of John and Abigail Chase of Hampton were as

follows: I. James," b. July 28, 1698. II. Jonathan,' b. Sept. 21, 1700. III. Elizabeth,' b. April 13, 1703. IV. Elihu," b. Sept. 7, 1705. V. John," b. Sept. 18, 1708, and m. Anna Runlet, March 27, 1729.

. VI. Hannah," b. May 10, 1711.


Thomas Dudley, son of Capt. Roger Dudley, was born in England in 1576; came to New England in 1630; was several years Governor of Massachusetts Colony, and died at Roxbury, July 31, 1653, aged 77. His first wife, or the one who came with him, died in 1643. Samuel, Anne, Patience, and Mercy were probably children by her.

He married again before 1645, and had by his second wife five children more. His children by both wives were as follows:


I. Samuel, b. in England, 1606, who was a minister and was m. to Mary Winthrop about 1633, and had children,

1. Thomas, bapt. March 9, 1634, grad. H. C. 1651, d. Nov. 7, 1655.

2. John, bapt. June 28, 1635.
3. Samuel, bapt. Aug. 2, 1639, d. April, 1643.

4. Anne, b. Oct. 16, 1641, who m. Edward Hilton and had children, Winthrop, Dudley, Joseph, and others.

5. Theophilus, b. Oot., 1644.
6. Mary, b. April 21, 1646, d. Oct. 28, 1646.
7. Biley, b. Sept. 27, 1647.

8. Mary 2nd, b. Jan. 6, 164 9.
Mary, the 1st wife of Rev. Samuel Dudley, d. at Salisbury,
(where the 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th children were born,) April
12, 1643. He d. at Exeter before March 20, 1683, a. 77. His

settlement in the ministry there was in 1650. II. Anne, who m. Gov. Simon Bradstreet. She had 8 children and

d. Sept. 16, 1672. III. Patience, who m. Maj. Gen. Denison. IV. Mercy, who m. Rev. John Woodbridge. She was b. Sept. 27,

1621, and d. July 1, 1691, a. 70. V.

who m. Maj. Benjamin Keayne of Boston, who d. 1668. VI. Dorothy, who d. Feb. 27, 1643. VII. Deborah, b. at Roxbury, Feb. 27, 1645. VIII. Joseph, b. Sept. 23, 1647, who was Governor of Massachusetts,

and m. a daughter of Edward Tyng, and had children,

1. Thomas, b. at Roxbury, Feb. 26, 1669–70, grad. H. C. 1685.

2. Edward, b. at Roxbury, Sept. 4, 1671.

3. Paul, b. at Roxbury, Sept. 3, 1675, grad. H. C. 1690. He was a Tutor and Fellow of the College, and also, Fellow of the Royal Society in England and Chief Justice of Massachusetts. He d. Jan. 21, 1751, a. 75.

4. Samuel, b, at Roxbury, Sept., 1677.
5. John, h. at Roxbury, Feb. 28, 1673–79.

6. Rebecca, b. May 15, 1681, who m. Samuel Sewall, Jr., and d. April 14, 1761, a. 79.

7. Catharine, b. June 2, 1683.
8. Ann, b. Aug. 27, 1684.

9. William, b. Oct. 20, 1686, who grad. H. C. 1704, and m. eldest dau. of Judge Davenport, March 10, 1721, and was a colonel. He had two sons : Thomas, who grad. H. C. 1750, and Joseph, who grad. H. C. 1751, was an Attorney at Law in Boston, and d. Sept. 27, 1767, a. 35.

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10. Daniel, b. Feb. 4, 1689.
11. Catharine 2nd, b. Jan. 5, 1690.

12. Mary, b. Nov. 2, 1692, who m. Francis Wainwright,

who d. 1722, and afterwards m. Joseph Atkins, 1730. IX. Paul, b. at Roxbury, Sept. 8, 1650, who m. Mary Leverett, dau. of Gov. Leverett, and had children,

1. Paul, b. at Boston, March 4, 1677.

2. Thomas, who alone, with one in expectation, is mentioned in his will of Feb. 10, 1681. (Probate Records in Boston, Vol. VI. p. 368.)

3. One posthumous.


Here is interred the remains of
James Minott, Esq., A. M. an

Excelling Grammarian, Enriched
with the Gift of Prayer and Preaching,
a Commanding Officer, a Physician of
Great Value, a Great Lover of Peace

as well as of Justice, and which was
His greatest Glory, a Gent'n of distinguished
Virtue and Goodness, happy in a Virtuous
Posterity, and living Religiously, Died
Comfortably, Sept. 20, 1735, t. 83.

Here lyes the remains of

Major Jonathan Prescott, Esq.,,
a Gentleman of virtue and merit, an accomplisht physitian,

but excelling in chirurgery.
Of uncommon sagacity, penetration, and success in his practice,

and so of very extensive service.
But his life was much valued, and his death very generally lamented.

He married the amiable and only daughter of the
Honorable Colonel Peter BULKLEY, Esq.,

by whom he had ten children. He was removed from ministring to men's bodies, to the world of spirits,

October 28th, 1729, Ætatis suæ 54.

Here lyes the Body of Rev. Mr. CHRISTOPHER TOPPAN, Master of Arts, fourth Pastor of the First Church in Newbury,; a Gentleman of good Learning, conspicuous Piety and Virtue, shining both by his Doctrine and Life, skilled and greatly improved in the Practice of Physick and Surgery, who deceased, July 23, 1747, in the 76th year of his age, and the 51st of his Pastoral Office.

* The first two monumental inscriptions were taken from the burying ground in Concord, Ms., and the last one from the graveyard in Newbury, Ms.

16 110

INSTANCES OF LONGEVITY IN BELFAST, ME. The names of aged persons who died in this town before 1827, with their respective ages and the times of their decease, are here inserted.

of these individuals it has been said, “In their manners they exhibited a model of perfect plainness and simplicity, indicative of contentment and a cheerful disposition; and so cordial was their reception of those who visited them, that with truth it might be said, they were given to hospitality. Their descendants read the poems of Burns with a keen relish, and are enthusiastic admirers of the Scottish Bard." 1794. James Miller, aged 82|1817. John Brown,

aged 86 1795. John Steele, 84 1819. Samuel Houston,

92 1797. William McLaughlin, 901820. Jerome Stevenson,

82 1800. Margaret Cochran, 85 1821. Elizabeth Jones,

84 1802. John Tufts,


Laughlin Mc Donald,t
Grissel Jameson,
96 1822. George Cochran,

85 1807. Solon Stevenson, 73 1823. John Durham,

74 1810. Mary Brown,

90 1824. James Patterson, 1812. James Gordon,

Jonathan Clark,

78 1815. William Lowney, *

Susan Sturtevant,

84 1817. Patrick Gilbert, 78 1826. Nathaniel Patterson,

79 1826. Agnes Robinson, aged 89. In the year 1827, there were thirteen persons living in Belfast, whose average age was 82 years, 7 months, and 11 days. Their respective names and ages were as follows: Samuel Cunningham,

aged 88
John Burgess,

aged 92 William Cunningham, 86 Nathaniel Stanley,

82 Robert Patterson, 85 Alexander Clark,

81 Jane Patterson, 77 Elisha Clark,

81 John Cochran, 78 Tolford Durham,

81 Sarah West, 80 Annis Cochran,

80 Elizabeth Campbell, aged 82.

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The above is an extract from White's History of Belfast, Me.

SCRAPS FROM INTERLEAVED ALMANACS. 1638. This year arrived 20 ships and 3,000 passengers.

March 18, 1617. Mary Martin executed at Boston for murthering her child.

June 15, 1648. Alicef Jones was executed at Boston for witchcraft. This was the first execution of the kind in New England.

March 26, 1649. Mr. John Winthrop, Gov., dyed.
Aug. 24, 1649. Mr. Shepard of Camb. dyed.
Nov. 21, 1650. 12 or 13 houses in Charlestown was burnt.

* Mr. Lowney was graduated at Dublin College.

+ Mc Donald was born in Scotland, and entered the army while a boy; his age is not pos. itively ascertained. He remembered having seen the Duke of Marlborough, who died ninety-nine years before he did; he came to America in General Wolfe's army in 1759, and asier Quebec was reduced, went to Bucksport, and thenee to Belfast. The lowest estiinale of his age, made by his relatives, has been iaken. | Winthrop and others say Margaret.


Chronologically arranged.

Aug. 6, Rev. Francis Higginson d. at Salem, a. 43.
Sept. 20, Dr. William Gager, surgeon, d. at Charlestown.
Sept. 30, Isaac Johnson, an Assistant, d. at Boston.
Oct. 23, Edward Rossiter, an Assistant.

1631-2. Feb. 16, Capt. Robert Welden d. at Charlestown.

1634. Aug. 2, Rev. Samuel Skelton d. at Salem ; the first pastor who died in New England, the term pastor being used in contradistinction to teacher.

1635. Aug. 14, Rev. John Avery was drowned.

1636. Feb. 3, Rev. John Maverick of Dorchester d. at Boston, a. 60.

1638. April - Nicholas Danforth d. at Cambridge.

Sept. 14, Rev. John Harvard, founder of Harvard College, d. at Charlestown.

Nov. 17, Roger Harlakenden, an Assistant, d. at Cambridge.
Dec. 21, John Masters.

Aug. 9, Rev. Jonathan Burr of Dorchester d., a. 37.

Rev. Henry Smith of Wethersfield. (Mr. Savage says he died in 1648.)

1644. April 16, Elder William Brewster of Plymouth d., a. 84. July 1, Rev. George Phillips of Watertown.

Israel Stoughton, an Assistant, d. in England.

John Atwood, an Assistant of Plymouth Colony. Sept. 4, Rev. Ephraim Hewett of Windsor, Ct.

Hon. George Wyllys of Hartford, Ct.


April 12, John Oliver, (H. C. 1645,) d. at Boston, a. 29.

1647. July 7, Rev. Thomas Hooker of Hartford, Ct., d., a. 62.

(To be continued.)

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