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Two volumes of 800 pages 4to. are finished. The lecture engagements in Australia, and is now third volume is passing through the press, and it is lecturing in New Zealand. hoped that the whole work, in four volumes, will be Mr. G. G. Chisholm's 'Handbook of Comready for the ninth meeting of the International Con

mercial Geography” has recently been published gress of Orientalists, to be held at Oxford in 1892. by Messrs. Longmans and Co. (515 PP., 29 maps,

Mr. Edmund Gosse will publish this month a and index, price 16s.) This work is an attempt to reprint of his early poems, under the title of “On give interest to the leading facts of commerce by Viol and Flute” (Messrs. Kegan Paul, Trench, setting forth the natural conditions that account for Trübner and Co.), with illustrations by Mr. Alma the magnitude and direction of international comTadema and Mr. Hamo Thornycroft. The June merce all over the globe. The work is divided volume of the “ Camelot Classics" will be the into two main sections, one dealing with comScandinavian portion of Mr. Gosse's “Northern modities, the other with countries. There is also Studies," originally issued in 1879. Mr. Gosse is a statistical appendix which shows by five years' also engaged on a collected edition of the poetical averages the absolute and relative amount of works of Thomas Lovell Beddoes, founded on the foreign trade in the more important articles of the papers placed in his hands by the late Mr. Robert chief commercial countries of the world. Browning

Mrs. Alec Tweedie, author of “A Girl's Ride in Mr. Alfred Austin is engaged upon a poem, Iceland” (Griffith, Farran, and Co., 55.), has pubform more or less like “Prince Lucifer," which will lished (Kegan Paul, Trench, and Co., 25. 6d.) a exhibit the influence and operation of Pessimism little book on the "Oberammergau Passion Play.” on a richly endowed nature. Messrs. Macmillan It contains historical notes, an account of the will publish early in the autumn a collected edition origin of Passion Plays, a full account of the Play of his poetical works in six volumes.

itself, and of the country (how to reach it, &c.), The collected verses of Mr. Walter Herries

with a chapter on Church Plays specially written for Poliock will shortly appear in one of the volumes

this work by the Rev. Canon Shuttleworth. called the “Rosslyn Series" (Remington and Co.). Mr. John W. Lovell, of New York, has effected A story, entitled “A Blind Musician," adapted

a publishing combination which may prove of from the Russian of Korolenko by Stepniak and

great importance to English authors. Under the William Westall, has just been published by Ward

system of unlicensed competition in the sale of and Downey.

English books, which has been developing in the

United States for the past five years or more, the In the course of a few days the same publishers will issue by the same author a collection of strange English novelists, have been reproduced in half a

works of popular English writers, and especially of crimes put into narrative form and told in tales.

dozen different editions within a week of the Mr. James Payn's "The Burnt Million,” 3 vols., appearance of the authorised American edition. has just been published by Messrs. Chatto and This has resulted in a war of prices which has Windus.

left little or no profit out of which the recognised “ London City.” Those who appreciated Mr. editor can pay the English writer. At the same Loftie's “ Kensington,” will be glad to hear that he time the quality of the books produced under this has completed a similar work for the same publishers suicidal system has grown steadily worse. Mr.

Messrs. Field and Tuer. It will be illustrated by Lovell has purchased the plates and stock of no Mr. W. Luker, junior. The published price will less than twenty of the principal American firms be 425.; but subscribers who pay in advance can engaged in the business of issuing reprints of have it for 215.

English books. This reduction of twenty competing Mr. Stanley Little is engaged upon a novel

houses to one will certainly tend to bring order dealing with Sussex life and scenes. His new play

out of the chaos which has been so destructive will probably see the light in the autumn.

ike to the interests of the English author and the

American publisher. Mr. Lovell has a large Mr. Rudyard Kipling's “Plain Tales from the

opportunity and should he, as there is reason to Hills ” will form one of the next volumes of Baron

hope, use it responsibly, the amalgamation of trade Tauchnitz's Continental Series of English Authors.

interests which he has accomplished will be likely Mr. Henry Hermann's “Scarlet Fortune” is to to bring about beneficent results for English writers. be issued in shilling form by Messrs. Trischler and Mr. James Baker, F.R.G.S., has recently brought Co.

His “Eagle Joe" will shortly appear as a out “By the Southern Sea, a Summer Idyll” special number of the Illustrated London News.

(Longmans, 6s.). The work has been well received, Mr. David Christie Murray has completed his not only here, but in America. The same author's "Papers on Forgotten Great Englishmen,” which The editor of Lippincott's Magazine has secured appeared in the Leisure Hour, have had the effect Mr. Clarke Russell and Mr. Rudyard Kipling for of reviving the memory of one Englishınan at least, an early date. who was for nearly fifty years a leader of the Wyclyfites in Bohemia. The papers have been

The many admirers of “Owen Meredith” will translated into Czech, and will appear as a feuilleton

make a note that his “Ring of Amasis” has just

been published (Macmillan, 3s. 6d.). in the Silve Slivo, a Bohemian paper. Mr. T. Bailey Saunders has in the Press “Coun

Mr. Grant Allen has completed a new three

volume novel. sels and Maxims,” being the second part of Arthur Schopenhauser's “Aphorismen zur Leibesweis

Sir George Douglas is compiling the volume of heit." It is to be uniform with his “Wisdom of “Scottish Minor Poets” for the Canterbury Series. Life,” the first part of the same work (Sonnenschein Starting with Ramsay's publication of the “ Tea and Co., 25. 6d.). His translation of Schopen- Table Miscellany” in the year 1724 (in which a few hauser's “ Religious Dialogues, and other Essays," original contributions were included), the collection is going into a second edition.

will comprise selections from Tannahill, MotherThe Rev. E. Gough has broughtout (Kegan Paul, well, Lady Nairne, and a whole host of minor and Co., price 16s. each volume) the third volume writers, and will terminate probably with a specimen of his work, entitled, “The Bible True from the of the song writer's art by the late Dr. Charles Beginning." He proposes to complete it in seven Mackay. The volume will be prefaced by a volumes. The author writes, “The two chief critical and historical introduction, and will be principles of the work are the following. First, inscribed to the Lady John Scott, the foremost that there is in Scripture a system of grades and living writer of Scottish Song. grade words which proves the Bible to be verbally

The new weekly called Short Cuts begins with inspired. Second, that far beyond what is usually

a novel by Mr. George Sims. The conductors seem supposed, the histories contained in the Bible are

to have secured as fine a collection of contributors moral and not literal.”

as can be found in the lists of any magazine in the Mr. Rider Haggard's "Beatrice," now running, is world. Presumably, taste in popular reading has published by a syndicate of papers. The "World's

been developed as well as the number of readers. Desire,” in which he has collaborated with Mr.

Almost every writer of note seems included in the Andrew Lang, is running in the New Review. list. The first quarter's collection of stories syndicated

The Rev. Charles D. Bell, D.D., of Cheltenham, for the Society has been sold for serial right-one has just published “A Winter on the Nile appearance only, after which each becomes again (Hodder and Stoughton, price 6d.), containing the the property of the owner-in Great Britain,

record of a tour up the Nile as far as the Second America, India, Australia, and New Zealand. The

Cataract, with a sojourn at Luxor and a description Editor is now preparing the second quarter's collection. Will members who desire to belong and the Fayoum. The same author has recently

of recent discoveries and antiquities at Bubastis kindly read the leaflet on “Syndicating " in this

issued “Reminiscences of a Boyhood in the Early number?

Part of the Century" (Sampson, Low, and Co., Mrs. Oliphant will next year contribute a novel

price 6d.). to the Sun. At present she is in the Holy Land, and writes that the change of air and scenery has

"Church and Creed” (William Blackwood and greatly invigorated her.

Sons, price 4s. 6d.), by Professor Momerie, which Dr. George Macdonald has written the Christmas appeared in December last, has gone into a second Number for the Sunday Magazine.

edition. His “Origin of Evil” is in its sixth edition,

and his “ Agnosticism” in the third. Mr. W. F. Smith, Fellow and Lecturer of St. John's College, Cambridge, has finished a new Mr. Edward Walford, his long connection with translation of Rabelais. The text will be illustrated Messrs. Hurst and Blackett being severed after by copious notes, giving among other things the a period of twenty-seven years, has commenced a sources whence this great Master drew. A new Peerage, called the “Royal Windsor Peerage," limited edition only will be published, signed and at a cost of one-third the price of Lodge. He has numbered. No cheaper edition will be produced. added lists of an order of knighthood, that of St. The trade will not sell it at a lower than the John of Jerusalem, of which the Queen has become subscription price. The agent for the work is Mr. Patron and Head, and the Prince of Wales Grand A. P. Watt, 2, Paternoster Square.


Mr. Walford is also bringing out at, he requests In all cases where an opinion is desired upon a us to say, his own cost, a "Life of William Pitt," in manuscript, the author should send with it a table which he advances new and striking views of that of contents and a type-written scenario. This latter statesman.

can always be done at the expense of two or three The title of Mr. C. F. Keary's newly-published shillings. It must be clearly understood that a pracnovel is “A Mariage de Convenance (Fisher tised reader does not require to read the whole of an Unwin, 2 vols., price 21s.).

author's work before being perfectly able to give a Mr. McGrigor Allan, author of “Women's just opinion on its merits. If by the help of a Suffrage Wrong in Principle and Practice," has in

scenario the reader can grasp at once the story, he hand two treatises, one called “The Tobacco

is so much the more able readily to point out any Scourge," the other, "Advantages of a Channel

errors of construction, and to devote more time to Tunnel to our Enemies.

examination of style and other technical points.

If he know the author's design, it is possible to say A second edition is just ready of Mr. F. Howard

if he has succeeded or failed. With the honestest Collins's “Epitome of the Synthetic Philosophy ”

intent in the world to thoroughly peruse a manu(Williams and Norgate, i vol., 8vo, 153.). The work has been favourably received in America

, and script, it is difficult not to get weary when the work

is badly written, and wrongly paged, and when much has been translated at the present time into French,

time has to be idly spent in finding out what the German, and Russian.

author's story is before a decision can be arrived Professcr A. H. Church, F.R.S., has just issued

at concerning its merits. The more the reader his “Chen istry of Paints and Painting” (Seeley is helped, the better he can discharge his duties. and Co., 8vo, pp. 312).

Mr. Geo. Williamson, editor of Boyne's "Seven- It has been brought to our notice that certain teenth Century Tokens," has in hand a book on people are advertising that they publish “on terms “Coins of the Bible."

approved by the Society of Authors," or words to Mr. Egmont Hake's work, “Free Trade in that effect. Capital,” which has greatly interested the Emperor

It is pleasing to receive this acknowledgment of Germany, is being translated into German. of our labours, but we are compelled to warn

readers that the Society is wholly unconnected with any firm of publishers whatever.


HE date of the Annual Dinner has not yet NEW BOOKS AND NEW EDITIONS.

been fixed, but it will be held rather earlier
in the year than formerly.

This list includes books by members published Circulars will be sent out as soon as the date

since the beginning of the year. In future issues has been definitely decided upon.

the list will be monthly. If omissions are disThe Secretary earnestly begs that in all cases

covered the Editor will be glad to receive them. where a member can do so, he will give notice at the office early of his intention to be present. Last year the dinner suffered from the fact that the

Religious. tables were over-crowded. As, however, one quarter

The Bible true from the of those present signified their intention within the Gough, EDWARD. last day or two, the discomfort, if any, was unavoid

Beginning. Vols. II and III. Kegan Paul,

Trench and Co. able.

16s. each.

The Bible and Modern The tickets for the dinner will be, as last year, HARPER, HENRY A. ros. 6d. This sum will include claret. Payment

Discoveries. 8vo, pp. 536. A. P. Watt. 16s.

The should be made to “Society of Authors (Dinner LIGHTFOOT. (Late Bishop of Durham). Account),” and all Cheques and Postal Orders

Apostolic Fathers. Part II. 3 vols. Mac

millan. 48s. should be crossed, "Imperial Bank, Westminster Branch.” Much letter writing would be saved-a

Art, Fiction, and Belles Lettres. serious consideration to an office whose clerical staff is very small--if members would enclose the ALLEN, GRANT. The Tents of Shem. A Novel. money when ordering the tickets.

Chatto and Windus. 35. 6d. The Committee hope that as many members as The Tents of Shem.

Chatto and possibly can, will be present

Windus. 315. 6d.

3 vols.


3 vols.

315, 6d.

I 28.

315. 6d.


35. 6d.

2 IS.

25.; 35. 6d.


BESANT, WALTER. The Holy Rose. Chatto and MITFORD, BERTRAM. The Fire Trumpet. A Windus. 6s.

Romance of the Frontier. 3 vols. Spencer BLACK, WILLIAM. The New Prince Fortunatus. Blackett. 315. 6d. 3 vols. Sampson Low. 315. 6d.

MONKHOUSE, COSMO. The Earlier English Water BLACKMORE, R. D. Kit and Kitty : A Story of Colour Painters. Seeley. West Middlesex.

Sampson Low. MURRAY, D. CHRISTIE. John Vale's Guardian.

3 vols. Macmillan. 315. 6d. BRAMSTON, M. Apples of Sodom. A Novel. A Dangerous Catspaw. Longmans. 25. 6d. 2 vols. Smith and Innes.

Aunt Rachel : A Rustic Sentimental Journey. CAIRD, MONA. The Wing of Azrael. 3 vols. Macmillan. 135. 60. Trübner and Co.

NOMAD. A Railway Foundling. 3 vols. Trischler The Wing of Azrael. Kegan Paul and Trüb- and Co. ner and Co. 6s.

OLIPHANT, Mrs. Lady Car: The Sequel of a CAMERON, Mrs. H. LOVETT. The Cost of a Lie. Life. New Edition. Longmans. 25. 6d. A Novel. 2nd Edition. F. V. White.

PAYN, JAMES. A Prince of the Blood. 4th CRAWFORD, F. MARION. Sant I'lario. New Edition. Ward and Downey. 25. Edition. Macmillan. 6s.

The Burnt Million. 3 vols. Chatto and Marzio's Crucifix. New Edition. Macmillan. Windus.

PRAED, MRS. CAMPBELL. 'The Romance of a Zoroaster. Macmillan. 35. 6d.

Station. 2 vols. Trischler. COLEMAN, JOHN. The White Ladye of Rosemount: PRICE, ELEANOR C. A Loyal Mind. A Novel.

A Story of the Modern Stage. Hutchinson. Remington. 6s. 25.

Ross, RONALD. The Child of Ocean. A COLLINS, Wilkie (The late). A Rogue's Life Romance. Remington. 6s.

from his Birth to his Marriage. Chatto and ROBINSON, S. W. A Very Strange Family. Windus.

Heeneman. Blind Love. A Novel. 3 vols. Chatto and SALA, G. A. Not a Friend in the World, and Windus. 315. 6d.

other Stories. Dicks. CROKER, Mrs. Some One Else. Low. 25.; 25. 6d. SPEIGHT, S. W. The Sandycroft Mystery. Chatto CROMMELIN, MAY. Cross Roads. 3 vols. Hurst and Windus. and Blackett.

TYTLER, SARAH. Duchess Frances. 3 vols. Low. CROMMELIN, MAY, and BROWN, JOHN MORAY. Violet Vyvian, M.F.H. A Novel.

A Novel. F. V. VREDENBURG, EDRIC. Her Secret : A Short White.

Account of Some Extraordinary Episodes in DESART, EARL OF. The Little Chatelaine. 3 vols. the Life of a London Beauty. Eglington Swan Sonnenschein.

and Co. GOODCHILI), J. A. A Fairy Godfather. Reming. Wills, C. J. The Great Dorémi. Wells Gard

ton. 6s. HOEY, MRS. CASHEL. The Question of Cain. WINTER, JOHN STRANGE. Beautiful Jim of the

New and Revised Edition. Ward and Downey. Blankshire Regiment. 5th Edition. F. V. 6s.

White. KENNARD, MRS. EDWARD. Landing a Prize. A YONGE, CHARLOTTE M. Womankind. Smith Novel. F. V. White.

and Innes. 35. 6d. KIPLING, RUDYARD. Departmental Ditties, and

other Verses. Thacker and Co.
Soldiers Three: Stories of Barrack Room

Politics and Questions of the Day. Life. Sampson Low.

HAKE, A. EGMONT and WESSLAU, O. E. Free LANG, ANDREW. Old Friends. Longmans. 6s. 6d.

Trade in Capital Remington. 155. LYALL, EDNA. The Hardy Norseman. New

Methuen, Edition. Hurst and Blackett. 6s.

LINTON, E. LYNN. About Ireland. LYTTON, LORD. The Ring of Amasis. Macmillan

and Co.
MACKAY, CHARLES (The late). A Thousand and

Children's Books.
One Gems of English Prose. New Edition.
Routledge. 35. 6d.

HOLLAND, CLIVE. Raymi; or, The Children of
MIDDLEMORE, S. Č. C. The Great Age of Italian the Sun. Illustrated by Percy E. Ebbutt.
Painting. Simpkin.

Henry and Co. 55.


2 IS.

25. 6d.

315. 6d.





25. 6d.



35. 6d. .


25. 6d.

Ios. 6d.

IS, 6d.

25. 6d.

LYALL, EDNA. Their Happiest Christmas.

European Languages. Chambers.

STEDMAN, A. M. M. French Vocabularies for WILDE, OSCAR.. The Happy Prince, and other

Repetition. Arranged according to Subjects. Tales. Nutt.

Local History.

Medical and Surgical.
KITCHEN, G. W. Winchester (Historic Towns). SQUIRE, BALMANNO. On the Treatment of
Longmans. 35. 6d.

Diabetes. Churchill.

Law and Parliamentary.
LANG, A. Theocritus, Bion, and Moschus. Ren- LELY, J. M., and PECK, W. A. Precedents of

dered into English Prose, with Introductory Leases for Years and other Contracts of Essay. Macmillan. 9s.

Tenancy. Sweet and Maxwell. MACKAL, J. W. Virgil : the Eclogues and POLLOCK (Sir FREDERICK). Principles of Contract.

Georgics. Translated from the Latin. 5th Edition. With a New Chapter. Stevens Rivingtons. 55.

and Sons. 28s. STEDMAN, A. M. M. Greek Vocabularies for Repetition. Arranged according to Subjects.

Philosophy. Methuen.

NEVILL, F. Retrogression or Development.

Kegan Paul, Trench and Co. 35. 6d.
Biography and History.
BRYCE, JAMES. The American Commonwealth.

Directories and Guide Books.
2 vols. Macmillan.

WALFORD (EDWARD). The County Families of GARNETT, RICHARD. Life of John Milton.

the United Kingdom. New Edition. Chatto (Great Writers.) Walter Scott.

15.; l.p.

and Windus. 50s. GOVETT, L. A. The King's Book of Sports.

Elliot Stock. 45. 6d.
HAGGARD, H. RIDER. Cetywayo and his White

Literature and the Pension List. By W. Neighbours; or, Remarks on Recent Events

MORRIS Colles. (Henry Glaisher, 95, Strand, in Zululand, Natal, and the Transvaal.

W.C.) Svo. Trübner. 6s.

OPINIONS OF THE PRESS. MEIKLEJOHN, J. (M.D.) A New History of Eng- “An instructive inquiry.”Daily News.

land and Great Britain. With Maps and “Contains abundance of interesting material.”— Tables. Holden (St. Andrew's) Simpkin. Saturday Review.

“A review of the Pension List is not calculated NICOLL, W. ROBERTSON. James Macdonnell, to make us more content with the way in which

Journalist. With Etched Portrait by H. the Grant is administered."-Spectator.
Manesse. Hodder and Stoughton.

“The volume contains a complete list of all

those who have received Civil List Pensions during Poetry and the Drama.

the present reign, and an investigation into the BLIND, MATHILDE. The Ascent of Man. Poems.

principles upon which the Grant has been based, Chatto and Windus. 55.

and those upon which it should have been based.”

JEROME, JEROME K. Stage Land. 5th Edition.
Chatto and Windus. 35. 6d.

“Full of curious literary interest.”Pall Mall

TENNYSON, LORD. Demeter, and other Poems.
Macmillan. 6s.

“Since it deals only with officially authenticated Poems, Songs from.

facts, there can be no doubt about the evidence J. M. Dent and Co. Gilt, is. 6d.; Six Illustrations, 25. 6d.

on which its conclusions are based.”— World.

“An interesting work.”-Truth. Music.

“The lesson it conveys is, that some alteration in

the law is essential.”—Liverpool Daily Courier. STANFORD, C. V., PROF. Suite for Violin Solo, “One can only hope that the book, interesting

with Orchestral Accompaniments (Op. 32). and trustworthy as it is, will effect its purpose.”Full Score. Novello. 215.

Yorkshire Daily Post.

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25. 6d.

I 28.

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