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CHATTO & WINDUS, Publishers.


Crown 8vo., cloth extra, 35. 6d. each ; post 8vo., illustrated, boards, 25. each ; cloth limp, 25. 6d. each.
Ready-Money Mortiboy.
The Golden Butterfly.

The Seamy Side.
My Little Girl.
The Monks of Thelema.

The Case of Mr. Lucraft, &c.
With Harp and Crown.
By Celia's Arbour.

'Twas in Trafalgar's Bay, &c. This Son of Vulcan. The Chaplain of the Fleet.

The Ten Years' Tenant, &c. Also a New LIBRARY Edition of the above 12 vols., printed from new type on a large crown 8vo. page, and handsomely

bound in cloth. Price 6s. each.

NOVELS BY WALTER BESANT. Crown 8vo., cloth extra, 3s. 6d. each ; post 870., illustrated boards, 2s, each ; cloth limp, 25. 6d. each. All Sorts and Conditions of Men. Illustrated by FRED. For Faith and Freedom. Illustrated by A. FORESTIER BARNARD.

and F. WADDV. Crown 8vo., cloth extra, 38. 6d. The Captains' Room, &c. With Frontispiece by E. J. To Call Her Mine, &c. With nine Illustrations by WHEELER.

A. Forestier. Crown 8vo., cloth extra, 6s. All in a Garden Fair. With 6 Illustrations by HARRY The Holy Rose, &c. With a Frontispiece by F. BARNARD. Furniss.

Crown 8vo., cloth extra, 6s. Dorothy Forster. With Frontispiece by Charles Green. The Bell of St. Paul's. Crown 8vo., 35. 6d. Shortly. Uncle Jack, and other Stories.

Fifty Years Ago. With 137 full-page Plates and Wood. Children of Gibeon.

cuts. Demy 8vo., cloth extra, tos. The World Went Very Well Then. Illustrated by The Eulogy of Richard Jefferies. With Photograph A. FORESTIER.

Portrait. Second Edition. Crown 8vo., cloth extra, 6s. Herr Paulus: his Rise, his Greatness, and his Fall.

The Art of Fiction. Demy Svo., Is.

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NEW LIBRARY NOVELS. The Burnt Million. By JAMES PAYN, Author of “ By The Bishops' Bible. By D. CHRISTIE MURRAY and Proxy," &c. Vols,

HENRY HERMAN, Vols. Syrlin. By OUIDA. 3 Vols., crown 8vo.

A Waif of the Plains. By BRET HARTE, Author of

“ The Luck of Roaring Camp." With Sixty Illustrations by Without Love or Licence. By HAWLEY Smart. 3 Vols. STANLEY L. Woon. Crown 8vo, cloth extra, 3s. 6d.

NEW SIX-SHILLING BOOKS. Paul Jones's Alias, &c. By D. Christie Murray and The Firm of Girdlestone: A Romance of the Unromantic.

HENRY HERMAN. With Thirteen Illustrations by A. FORESTIER By A. Conan Doyle, Author of " Micah Clarke,” &c. Crown and G NICOLET. Crown 8vo, cloth extra, 6s.

8vo, cloth extra, 6s. The Lawton Girl. By HAROLD Frederic, Author of

"Seth's Brother's Wife. With Frontispiece by F. BARNARD. The Man from Manchester. By Dick DONOVAN. With Crown 8vo, cloth, 6s.

Twenty-three Illustrations by J. H. Russell Crown 8vo, cloth, 6s

HISTORY, &c. A History of the Four Georges. By Justin The French Revolution. By JUSTIN H. McCarthy,

McCarthy, M.P., Author of "A History of Our Own Times," &c. M.P., Author of " Ireland since the Union,” &c. 4 Vols., demy 8vo, 4 Vols., demy 8vo, cl. ex., 128. each. (Vols. 1. & II, ready.)

125. each. (Vols. 1. & II. ready.) A Short History of our own Times. By Justin Tales of our Great Families. By EDWARD WALFORD, MCCARTHY, M.P. Popular Edition. Post 8vo, cloth, 25. 6d.

M.A. Revised Edition. Crown 8vo, cloth extra, 3s. 6d.

Crown 8vo., cloth extra, 3s. 6d. cach.
An Ocean Tragedy. By W. Clark RUSSELL.

Sowing the Wind. By E. LYNN LINTON, Author of A Rogue's Life. By Wilkie COLLINS.

“ Patrica Kemball," &c. (Shortly.]

TRAVEL AND SPORT. A Social Departure. How Orthodocia and I went Round The Blue Ribbon of the Turf. By LOUIS HENRY

the World by Ourselves. By Sara JEANNETTE DUNCAN. With Curzon. Crown 8vo, cloth extra, 6s. 112 Illustrations by F. H. Townsend. Crown 8vo, cloth extra, 75. 6.1.

(Shortly). HENRY BLACKBURN'S ART HANDBOOKS. Academy Notes, 1890. With Sketches, Is.

New Gallery Notes, 1890. With Sketches, is. Grosvenor Notes, 1890. With Sketches, 1s.

The Paris Salon, 1890. With Sketches, 35.

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London: CHATTO & WINDUS, 214, Piccadilly, W.

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Sent, post free, upon application.

A Complete Catalogue of Works published by
Large post 8vo, cloth 75. 6d.; half bound, 9s.

Frey. With an Index arranged by True Names.

Containing the following Standard Works, which they

think will be found peculiarly suitable to Authors as " The first work that has been devoted to the explanation and derivation of the numberless witty and sometim s abus ve appellations

Works of Reference. deserves the heartiest praise."--Glasgow Herald. "More than five thousand subjects are given, and the information

Bibliotheca Classica. 26 vols. (Only few sets left). supplied is trustworthy and often extensive; a close scrutiny of the book shows the work to be thoroughly done."--Notes and Queries.

Bohn's Dictionary of Poetical Quotations. "Offers an ample fund of information and amusement-deserves a place

Fourth Edition. in every well-chosen library."- Morning Post.

Bryan's Dictionary of Painters and A Dictionary of Parisisms and French Slang. Large Post 8vo, 1os. 6d. Engravers. 2 volumes. New Edition, Revised. By ARGOT AND SLANG. A New French and English Walter Armstrong and others.

Dictionary of the Cant Words, Quaint Expressions, Slang Terms, Cooper's Biographical Dictionary. 2 volumes. and Flash Phrases used in the High and Low Life of Old and New Paris. By A. Barrere, Officier de l'Instruction Publique, Professor

Denton's England in the Fifteenth Century. R. M. Academy, Woolwich.

Dodd's Epigrammatists. The most complete The work treats of the cant of thieves; the jargon of Parisian roughs; the military, naval, parliamentary, academical, legal, and

work on Epigrams yet issued. freemasons' slang, of that of the workshop, the studio, the stage, the Gasc's Concise Dictionary of

the French boulevards, the demimonde.

and English Languages. Fourth Edition, Revised.

Grimm's Teutonic Mythology. 4 Volumes. A COMPANION TO THE Works of ALLAN RAMSAY, R. BURNS, SIR W. Scott AND ALL THE Scottish POETS.

Guest's History of English Rhythms.

Lewin's Life and Epistles of St. Paul. Just published, large post 8vo, cloth, 7s. 6d., or half bound 8s. 6d. A DICTIONARY OF LOWLAND SCOTCH

Illustrated. 2 volumes. with an Introductory chapter on the Literary History and the Poetry

Long's Decline of the Roman Republic. and Humour of the Scottish language, and an appendix of Scottish 5 volumes. Proverbs. By CHARLES MACKAY, LL.D.

Lowndes' Bibliographer's Manual of Also a large paper edition, limited to 125 copies, each numbered and signed by the Author, of which a few are still on sale, in Vellum.

English Literature. In 11 parts or 4 volumes. at Al 58., and in Roxburgh, at £1 1os.

Lupton's Life of Dean Colet.

Redgrave's Dictionary of Artists of the LONDON: WHITTAKER & Co., PATERNOSTER SQUARE.

English School.

Smith's Synonyms and Antonyms. MR. ELKIN MATHEWS'S LIST. Sowerby's English Botany. 12 volumes.

Cloth, Half Morocco, and Whole Morocco. Now ready, crown 8vo., brown buckram, gilt to, 75.

Stevenson's Dictionary of Roman Coins. ROBERT BROWNING: Essays and Thoughts. (Republican and Imperial). By JOHN T. NETTLESHIP.

Strickland's Lives of the Queens of England. Also Edition de Luxe, limited to 75 copies, Whatman L.P., numbered and signed, price 21s. net.

8 volumes.

Webster's English Dictionary. In Cloth, Just published, finely printed by Clarks, of Edinburgh, on hand-made paper, in an edition of 350 copies, foolscap 8vo., at 6s. net, and 50

Half Calf, Calf or Half Russia, and Russia. copies, crown 4to. ( for sale), numbered and signed, at 155. net. Webster's English Dictionary with AppenCORN AND POPPIES.

dices. Cloth, Half Calf, Calf or Half Russia, or Russia. By COSMO MONKHOUSE.

Wheeler's Noted Names of Fiction.
The L.P. copies contain as Frontispiece, prooss of an

Wright's Dictionary of Obsolete and Pro-
Now ready, crown 8vo., buckram, gilt top, 6s.

vincial English. 2 volumes. THE POETRY OF TENNYSON.

The following Works are offered at Reduced Prices. By the Rev. HENRY VAN DYKE, D.D. eady early in June, printed on hand-made paper at the Chiswick

Archer's British Army.
Press, in an edition of 250 copies, at 55. net, and 50 copies large Bloxam's Ecclesiastical Architecture. 3 vols.
paper, numbered and signed, at ics. 6d. net.

Burn's Rome and the Campagna.

Burn's Old Rome.
With a Frontispiece by WALTER CRANE.

Castle's Schools and Masters of Fence.
Ready shortly, post 8vo., cloth, 2s.
DANTE: Six Sermons.

Davies's Supplementary English Glossary.
By the Rev. PHILIP H. WICKSTEED, M.A., Dyer's Ancient Athens.
Author of “The Alphabet of Economic Science,” &c. Palmer's Desert of the Exodus. 2 Volumes.
Ready shortly, post 8vo. cloth 7s. 6d., with portrait, &c.

(Only 12 Copies left). GEORGE MEREDITH,

Palmer's Folk Etymology. (Only 80 copies left.) Novelist and Poet. Some Characteristics.

Scrivener's Codex Bezae.

Smith's Synonyms Discriminated.
With a Bibliography by John Lane.






GUY LE STRANGE. With Map, and numerous Plans and Drawings specially executed for this work. Handsome post 8vo, pp. 604, Cloth extra, 12s.6d.

"A work intended to render the mass of interesting information about Palestine, which lies buried in the Arabic texts of the Moslem geographers and travellers of the middle ages, available to the English reader.

· is written throughout with a sort of loving care which proves how thoroughly the author has felt the fascination of his subject."Saturday Review.

Third Edition, now ready.

By HENRY A. HARPER. With an Introduction by Walter Besant.
Coloured Map and numerous Illustrations, demy 8vo, 16s.

"Instructive, interesting, and in many ways admirable . . . enables the reader se to revise his impressions of Scripture typography as in many cases to throw quite a flood of new light upon a hitherto obscure narrative. -Manchester Examiner.

"Supplies a long-felt want by connecting in a popular and vivid manner the work which has been done by the Society with the Bible narrative."

Christian Leader.
NORTHERN AJLUN, “Within the Decapolis.'

By HERR SCHUMACHER, Author of "Across the Jordan," &c.
With Maps, Plans, and over 60 Illustrations, crown 8vo, 3s. 6d.

"Altogether we have to thank Mr. Schumacher for an important addition to our knowledge of what has long remained a terra incognita."Saturday Review.

A New Transla:ion. By W. F. SMITH, M.A., Fellow and Lecturer of Saint John's College, Cambridge. Issued to Subscribers in a limited Edition of 750 copies, all numbered, of which 500 copies are for this country and 250 for America. In two handsome 8vo. vols. Price 25s. the set. The aim of the above translation has been to render more accessible, to explain and illustrate a book which has exercised a wide influence on the French language as well as on European literature. A system of marginal reference has been

introduced. Great attention has been paid RABELAIS.) to the historical aspect of the book, and

points bearing on the political and religous affairs of the times have been carefully noticed. As the work must be presented as a whole, and as certain passages and parts can no longer be presented in English, these have been left in the original old French, where they can be read by such as desire it. The work will be accompanied by a life of Rabelais, a notice of the translators, Urquhart, and Motteux, a map of the environs of Chinon, the part of France where Rabelais was brought up, notes on the language and style, and on other points. It will be, in fact, an entirely new and complete presentation of the great French master. Prospectys giving full details and all information to be had on

application from the Publisher. A BOOK NECESSARY TO EVERY AUTHOR. SLANG AND ITS ANALOGUES - Past and

Present. By JOHN S. FARMER, Author of "Americanisms-Old and New," &c. A new and absolutely unique Slang Dictionary. In three volumes, foolscap 4to, printed antique style, on thick paper, large margin, to the number of 500 copies for England and 250 for America, each copy being numbered and signed, to Subscribers only as follows: The Set (3 vols.) 65 58. net. In half-calf, parch. ment sides. The price will be raised on completion as in the case of "Americanisms-Old and New.". A Dictionary, Historical and Comparative (on the lines of Dr. Murray's New English Dictionary) of the Heterodox Speech of all Classes of Society for more than 300 years; the whole presenting a Curious Picture of Social Life and Manners of the English People.

Notes and Queries says_* For the first time in a dictionary the subject of English slang is seriously treated. Recent works have been catchpennies, and Mr. Farmer is the first to treat the subject of slang in a manner commensurate with its importance.

Very full is Mr. Farmer's list, the first volume extending to over four hundred double columned pages.. His book commends itself warmly to our readers, and its progress cannot be otherwise than interesting. As it is issued in a limited edition it can scarcely

fail of becoming a prized possession."

Prospectus and all information to be had from the Publisher. AMERICANISMS: OLD AND NEW. By JOHN

S. FARMER. In i vol. Foolscap 4to. printed in antique style, and bound in vellum. £2 25.

A book for the library, desk, or general reading; for journalists, Members of Parliament, public speakers, and all professional men.. It is a dictionary of words, phrases, and colloquialisms peculiar to the United States, British America, the West Indies, &c., &C., together with their derivation, meaning, and application.

"Certainly the best and completest dictionary of Americanisms at present existing, "-Athenaeum.



PALESTINE. Only 17 sets of this magnificent work now remain. It will

never be reprinted, with the exception of the two volumes Flora and Fauna" and "Jerusalem.". The price of the set is 25 guineas. It consists of the following in seven

uniform and handsomely bound volumes. 4to. THE MEMOIRS. Being the Notes taken in the Field

by Major Conder, D.C.L., R.E., and Colonel Kitchener C.M.G., A.D.C.R.E., re-written and arranged after their return. With thousands of illustrations of tombs, ruins, &c., drawn expressly for

these volumes, and not to be found anywhere else. vols. THE NAME LISTS. Transliterated from the Arabic

with translation by Major Conder, R.E., and edited by Professor E.

H. Palmer. I vol.

sisting mostly of reprints of important papers from the "Quarterly
Statement," by Col. Sir Charles Wilson, K.C.B., K.C.M.G, F.R.S.,
D.C.L., LL.D., R.E.; Col. Sir Charles Warren, G.C.M.G., K.C.B.,
F.R.S., R.E.: Major Conder, D.C.L., R.E.; M. Clermont.
Ganneau, Mr. Greville Chester, &c.

I vol.

With many Illustrations (hand-painted). By Canon Tristram ,

LL.D., F.R.S. I vol. THE JERUSALEM VOLUME. With a Portfolio

of 50 Plates. By Col. Sir Charles Warren, G.C.M.G., and Major

Conder, D.C.L., R.E. I vol.
An Illustrated Circular, giving all information about the above, will be

sent, post free, on application.
Published for the Palestine Exploration Fund by

London: ALEXANDER P. WATT, 2, Paternoster Square, E.C.


1. The maintenance, definition, and defence of literary property.

2. The consolidation and amendment of the laws of Domestic Copyright.
3. The promotion of International Copyright.

The first of these objects requires explanation. acts as follows:

In order to defend Literary Property, the Society

a. It aims at defining and establishing the principles which should rule the methods of


B. It examines agreements submitted to authors, and points out to them the clauses which

are injurious to their interests.

7. It advises authors as to the best publishers for their purpose, and keeps them out of the

hands of unscrupulous traders. 8. It publishes from time to time, books, papers, &c., on the subjects which fall within its

province. 6. In every other way possible the Society protects, warns, and informs its members as to

the pecuniary interest of their works.


Authors are most earnestly warned-
(1) Not to sign any agreement of which the alleged cost of production forms an integral

part, unless an opportunity of proving the correctness of the figures is given them.
(2) Not to enter into any correspondence with publishers, who are not recommended by

experienced friends, or by this Society. (3) Never, on any account whatever, to bind themselves down to any one firm of publishers. (4) Not to accept any proposal of royalty without consultation with the Society. (5) Not to accept any offer of money for MSS., without previously taking advice of the

Society. (6) Not to accept any pecuniary risk or responsibility without advice. (7) Not, under ordinary circumstances, when a MS. has been refused by the well-known

houses, to pay small houses for the production of the work.



I. The Annual Report. That for January, 1890, can be had on application

to the Secretary: 2. The Author. A Monthly Journal, devoted especially to the protection

and maintenance of Literary Property. 3. The Grievances of Authors. (Field & Tuer). 25. The Report of

three Meetings on the general subject of Literature and its defence, held at Willis's Rooms, March, 1887.

4. Literature and the Pension List. By W. MORRIS COLLES, Barrister

at-Law. (Henry Glaisher, 95, Strand, W.C.) 45. 6d.


5. The History of the Société des Gens de Lettres. By S. SQUIRE

SPRIGGE, Secretary to the Society. 6. The Cost of Production. In this work specimens are given of the

most important forms of type, size of page, &c., with estimates showing what it costs to produce the more common kinds of books. The work is

printed for members of the Society only. 25. 6d. 7. The Various Methods of Publication. By S. SQUIRE SPRIGGE.

In this work, compiled from the papers in the Society's offices, the various kinds of agreements proposed by Publishers to Authors are examined, and their meaning carefully explained, with an account of the various kinds of fraud which have been made possible by the different clauses in their agreements. The book is nearly ready, and will be issued as soon as possible.

Other works bearing on the Literary Profession will follow.

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