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Miss Charlotte M. Yonge has in preparation a AT WORK.

story entitled “The Slaves of Sabinus.” The scene This column is reserved intirely for Members of the

is laid in the time of Vespasian, and the book will

be published in the autumn season. The seventh Society, who are invited to keep the Editor

series of the “Cameos of English History,” by the acquainted with their work and engagements.

same author, is now appearing. R. WILLIAM MICHAEL ROSSETTI

Mr. W. A. Copinger, F.S.A., the author of is at present engaged upon an annotated

“The Law of Copyright in Works of Literature edition of Shelley's “Adonais” for the and Art,” has now in hand a Bibliography of the Clarendon Press. It will contain a considerable

various editions of the Latin Bible in the fifteenth amount of prefatory matter, and a long series of and sixteenth centuries, with full collations, and notes. Mr. Rossetti is also engaged upon a series

fac-sinsiles of pages of the principal editions. of articles, bearing the title “Portraits of Robert Browning," which are appearing, with copious The life of “Carmen Sylva," Queen of Rouillustrations, in The Magazine of Art.

mania--a translation from the German (Messrs.

Kegan Paul, Trench, Trübner, & Co.)—contains Mrs. Brightwen, who is one of the Vice-Presi- numerous extracts from the illustrious lady's poetry, dents of the Selborne Society, is issuing a small which have been gracefully rendered into English book, entitled "Wild Nature Won by Kindness.” by Sir Edwin Arnold. It will be illustrated partly by the author, and partly by Mr. Carruthers Gould, and will be pub

“Thomas Dain, the Memoirs of an Irish Patriot, lished by Mr. T. Fisher Unwin.

1840-1846,” is also announced by the same pub

lisher. The author is Sir Charles Gavan Duffy Mr. T. Bailey Saunders has in the press

K.C.M.G. “Counsels and Maxims,” being the second part

M. Jusserand, author of "English Wayfaring of Arthur Schopenhauer's “Aphorismen zur Le

Life,” and an honorary foreign member of our bensweisheit." It is to be uniform with the

Society, has revised and enlarged his work, "Le “Wisdom of Life," the first part of the same work

Roman au temps de Shakespeare," and a translation (Swan, Sonnenschein, & Co., 1 vol., 25. 6d.). His

of it has just been issued (Mr. T. Fisher Unwin). translation of Schopenhauer's "Religion : a Dialogue," and other Essays, is going into a second Miss Jane E. Harrison, author of "Myths of the edition.

Odyssey, &c.,” has written anintroductory essay, with

archæological comments, to Miss Verrall's work Mr. H. G. Keene, C.I.E., is engaged in editing upon Ancient Athens (Messrs. Macmillan & Co.). an Oriental Biographical Dictionary. The workfounded on materials collected by the late Mr. The Rev. Charles D. Bell, D.D., of Cheltenham, Thomas Beale, an assistant of Sir H. Elliot's— has just published “A Winter on the Nile” was originally brought out in Calcutta under the (Hodder and Stoughton, price 6s.), containing the auspices of the Government of the North-West record of a tour up the Nile as far as the Second Provinces. As the editor was at a distance from Cataract, with a sojourn at Luxor and a description the press, and his time was much forestalled by of recent discoveries and antiquities at Bubastis his official occupation, a good many clerical and

and the Fayoum. typographical errors escaped attention ; but the book was found useful by scholars, and is now

Marion Crawford's new book, “A Cigarette scarce.

Mr. Keene's edition, besides containing Maker's Romance,” will be published this month corrections of these errors, will also include con- (Macmillan). siderable additional matter. It will be published by Messrs. W. H. Allen & Co., and the price, to Mr. Edward Clodd's “Story of Creation” will subscribers, will be 155.

be issued in a cheaper edition next month by

Messrs. Longmans. An Italian translation will In the new edition of “Chitty on Contracts,” now also be published in Rome shortly. being issued under the auspices of Mr. ). M. Lely and Mr. Nevill Geary, there will be found (p. 665) a Mr. Edmund Gosse announces the first three recentiy settled agreement for publication on com- volumes of an International Library, under his mission, the author retaining his copyright. The editorship (William Heineman). (Ine is from agreement was settled by the Society of Authors. the French, one from the German, and one from the Norwegian. A search is to be made on all Tartan of each Clan. It has been prepared by hands and in all languages for such books as com- Mrs. Philip Champion de Crespigny, and is subbine the greatest literary value with the most scribed in a limited edition by Mr. Bernard curious and amusing qualities of manner and Quaritch, at a guinea. matter. If such a search is only rewarded by a modicum of success a large body of readers Dr. Beattie Crozier, whose book, "Civilization should be placed under a great debt to editor and and Progress,” met with such success last year, has publisher.

in hand a book dealing with the Labour Question.

The book will be a sequel to “Civilization and A new edition of Lamb's “Adventures of Ulysses' Progress," and will be published by Messrs. Longwill be issued shortly, edited by Mr. Andrew mans & Co. Lang.

Mrs. Kennard has begun a new novel in London The Open Courta Chicago journal--is at Society, entitled “A Homburg Beauty." Her present publishing a series of papers by Mr. T. story, “That Pretty Little Horse-breaker,” will run Bailey Saunders, constituting a short critical re- upon the Syndicate System with Mr. Tillotson, at view of recent theories on the Origin of Reason.

the end of this year. Miss Mary Rowsell is engaged upon a biography “John Strange Winter" will also employ the Synof Charlotte de la Tremouille, Countess of Derbydicate System over her new novel. This will run (the Lady of Lathom), (Vizetelly & Co.). The book as a serial in various newspapers from September is to form one of a series of Romantic Biographies. to December. Miss Rowsell is also dramatizing her novel “The Red House."

Mr. H. J. B. Montgomery, author of “The

British Navy in the present Year of Grace,” is Mr. Oswald Crawfurd, C.M.G., Her Majesty's publishing some reminiscences of the Naval Consul at Oporto, author of " Portugal: Old and Service in the Naval and Military Argus. These New," "Beyond the Seas,” “Sylvia Arden,” is will shortly appear in book form. working upon the final revise of "Round the Calendar in Portugal,” a book dealing chiefly with The names of subscribers to Mr. W. F. Smith's rural life and rural themes in that country. The “Rabelais ” are rapidly coming in. It is expected work is copiously illustrated by Miss Dorothy that the book will go to press almost immediately. Tennant, Mrs. Arthur Walter, Miss Alice Wood- The agent for The Author is Mr. A. P. Watt. ward, Miss Winifred Thomson, Mr. Tristram Elles, Mr. Ambrose Lee, and the author.

Mr. Rudyard Kipling's “A Conference of the

Powers," which appeared in The United Services Mr. William Sharp has written a memoir

of the Magazine in this country, was also published great critic to be prefixed to Sainte Beuve's Essays, simultaneously in America, Australia, and India. which are announced by Mr. David Stott, as a volume in a new series, entitled "Masterpieces of

Mr. Bret Harte is engaged writing a short story Foreign Authors."

for a syndicate of newspapers. The latest volume of the Camelot Series, “Northern Studies,” is by Mr. Edmund Gosse;

Henry Herman is about to issue shortly the latest volume of the Canterbury Series, “Great

“Between the Whiffs” (Arrowsmith). The book is Oder," has been selected and edited by Mr.

a collection of theatrical anecdotes which have William Sharp (Walter Scott).

appeared in various journals. A new edition of “The Story of a Marriage,” by William Werlah is writing a fifty thousand word L. Baldwin, will appear immediately (Ward and romance for Lippincott's Magazine, which will Downey).

probably appear in the August number. The

title of it is "Roy the Royalist.” It is mainly a “The Roll of the Highland Clans." This is a romance of adventure, but in part historical. The sheet somewhat similar to “The Roll of Battle interest centres round the siege of St. Jean d'Acre Abbey,” about 34 inches by 24 inches, on which is (1799), and among the characters introduced are an inner scroll bearing the names of the principal Bonaparte, Sir Sidney Smith, and Ahmed Dgezzar, cadets, the badge, and coloured specimen of the the famous Pacha of Syria.

I vol. 55.

I vol.

I vol.

25. 6d.


I vol.

55. 6d.


35. 6d.

I vol.

35. 6d.

I vol.

I vol. 55.


schein and Co. I vol. 6s. ALLINGHAM, HERBERT W., F.R.C.S. Treatment

of Internal Diseases of the Knee-Joint. J. A. EDWARDES, CHARLES. Sardinia and the Sardes. Churchill and Co.

Richard Bentley and Son. ARCHER, WILLIAM. William Charles Macready. Erichsen, J. Eric, F.R.S. The Art of Surgery.

Eminent Actor Series. Kegan Paul, Trench, 9th Edition. In 2 vols. Longmans and Co. Trübner and Co.

423. BESANT, WALTER. Herr Paulus. Chatto and ESLER, E. RENTOUL. The Way of Transgressors. Windus. vol.

Sampson Low

3 vols. 315. 6d. “BICKERDYKE, JOHN.” The Book of the All-round FFOULKES, L. FLORENCE. Sunlight and Shade : Angler. L. Upcott Gill.

Poems. Field and Tuer.

I vol.

6s. Large Paper Edition. 255.


FRAZER, J. G. The Golden Bough : a Study in BLACK, WILLIAM. The Penance of John Logan. Comparative Religion. Messrs. Macmillan Sampson Low, Marston and Co.

I vol.

and Co. 2 vols. 28s. 6s.

GARNETT, DR. RICHARD. Iphigenia in Delphi ; BLACKMORE, R. D. Mary Annesley. Cheap with some translations from the Greek, being Edition. Sampson Low,

I vol,

Vol. IV of the Cameo Series. T. Fisher Springhaven: a Tale of the Great War.


I vol. Sampson Low, Marston and Co. I vol. 6s. . GilchriST, R. Murray. Passion the Plaything. BLIND, MATHILDE. The Journal of Marie Bash

William Heineman. kirtseff. Cassell and Co.

Gosse, EDMUND). On Viol and Flute : Lyrical BRAMSTON, M., and COLERIDGE, C. R.


With frontispiece by L. Alma with Honour. Smith and Innes.

Tadema, R.A., and tailpiece by Hamo

Thornycroft, R.A. Kegan Paul, Trench, BROWNING, OSCAR. The Life of George Eliot. Trübner and Co. I vol. 6s. I vol. Walter Scott.

HAKE, DR. J. GORDON. New Day Sonnets. CALMOUR, A. C. Confessions of a Doormat. F. V. Remington and Co.

58. White and Co. I vol.

HARLAND, HENRY. Two Women or One. Cassell CLIFTON, ALICE. An Unwilling Wife. Reming- and Co. ton and Co. 6s.

HOLLINGSHEAD, J. Niagara Spray. Chatto and Collins, MABEL. Ida; An Adventure in Morocco. Windus. Smith, Elder and Co.

“H.R.H.” Prince Maurice of Statland. RemingCOOKE, C. W. RADCLIFFE, M.P. Four Years in

ton and Co. I vol. 6s. Parliament, with Hard Labour. A reprint, Lothair's Children. Remington and Co. with additions, of articles which have appeared vol. 6s. in The Times and National Review. W. H. Allen and Co.

HUXLEY, PROF. T. H., F.R.S., &c. Autobiography.

Swan Sonnenschein and Co.
Four Years in Parliament with Hard Labour.
W. H. Allen.

JENNINGS, HARGRAVE (the late), author of The

Rosicrucians; their Rites and Mysteries. The COPINGER, W. A., F.S.A. A Treatise on Pre

Indian Religion ; or, Results of the Mysterious destination, Election, and Grace. Jas. Nisbet.

Buddhism : concerning that also which is to I vol.

be understood in the Divinity of Fire. Kegan CRAWFORD, T. MARION. Sarinesca. New Edition.

Paul, Trench, Trübner and Co. Messrs. Blackwood and Sons. I vol. 6s.

JUSSERAND, J. J. (Hon. Member). The English With the Immortals. New Edition.

I vol.

novel in the time of Shakespeare. Translated Macmillan and Co.

by Elizabeth Lee. T. Fisher Unwin.

I vol. CUNNINGHAM, Dr. W. Growth of English Indus

try and Commerce, Early and Middle Ages. Keary, C. F. A Mariage de Covenance. T. Cambridge University Press.

Fisher Unwin. vols.

I vol.


I vol.

I vol.



I vol.

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I vol.

45. 6d.

75. 6d.

I vol.

I vol. 55.

I vol.

KIPLING, RUDYARD. The Story of the Gadsleys. ROBINSON, F. MABEL. A Woman of the World. Sampson Low, Marston and Co.

I vol Smith, Elder and Co. 3 vols. 315. 6d. IS.

The Plan of Campaign. Methuen and Co. LANKESTER, PROF. E. RAY, M.A., LL.D., F.R.S.

I vol.

6s. The Advancement of Science. Macmillan and Co. I vol.

" ROBERT BROWNING." ros, 6d.

Personal Notes. Fisher

LAWLESS, Emily. With Essex in Ireland. Smith,
Elder and Co.
I vol.


Rossetti, as Designer and Writer. This book LELY, J. M., AND GEARY, Nevill. Chitty on is divided into four parts : (1), An account of

Contracts. 12th Edition. Newly arranged Rossetti's Works of Art under their dates; (2), in 27 chapters, with much added matter, and

A similar account of his Writings; (3), A Prose increased facilities for reference. Sweet Max

Paraphrase of The House of Life; (4), A well, Limited I vol.

tabular list of his Art-work and Writings. LYTTON, EARL, G.C.B. The Ring of Amasis. Cassell and Co. Macmillan and Co. I vol. 35. 6d.

SAUNDERS, E. S. G. Jacob : a Poem. Y.M.C.A. MCCARTHY, JUSTIN H., M.P. The French Revo

6d. lution. Chatto and Windus. Vol. I and II.

SEELEY, Prof. J. R. Livy. Book I. Clarendon I 25. each.

Press. 6s. MCCARTHY, JUSTIN, M.P., and PRAED, MRS.

SETON-KARR, H. W. Ten Years' Travel and CAMPBELL. The Ladies' Gallery.

I vol.

Sport in Foreign Lands. A New Edition. 25. 6d.

I vol. Chapman and Hall. 55. MACKAil, J. W. The Eclogues and Georgics of STEDMAN, A. M. M. Oxford: its Life and Schools. Virgil. Rivingtons.


Methuen and Co.
MARTINEAU, DR. JAMES. The Seat of Authority in
Religion. Longmans and Co.

TOYNBEE, WILLIAM. Lays of Common Life.

Remington and Co. MIDDLEMORE, S. G. C. Civilization of the

TRAILL, H. D. Saturday Songs. W. H. Allen Renaissance in Italy. A Translation of Buck

and Co. hardt's work. I vol. Swan Sonnenschein and

i vol. 35. 6d. Co.

TYTLER, SARAH. French Janet. Smith, Elder MONTGOMERY, H. J. B. The British Navy in the

and Co.

I vol. present year of Grace. Hamilton, Adams and Co. 3 vols. Price 6s. each vol.

VALLINGS, HARROLD. The Quality of Mercy.

Gardner and Co. MORRISON, W. D. The Jews under Roman Rule. 55.

VAUGHAN, VERY Rev. C. J., Master of the Temple. MURRAY, D. CHRISTIE, and HERMAN, HENRY. The Epistle to the Hebrews. Macmillan and The Bishops' Bible. Chatto and Windus. 3

Co. vols. 315. 60.

WALFORD, EDWARD, M.A. Tales of our Great NICOLL, DR. W. ROBERTSON, and MACNICOLL, A. Families. Chatto and Windus.

I vol.
N. Prof. W. G. Elmslie, D.D., Memoirs and
Sermons. Hodder and Stoughton.

WESTALL, WILLIAM. Strange Crimes.
OLIPHANT, MRS. The Duke's Daughter, and the
Fugitives. W. Blackwood and Sons.

“WINTER, JOHN STRANGE.” Ferrers Court. F. 315. 6d.

V. White and Co. PAYN, JAMES. Notes from the “News." Chatto

Dinna Forget.

Trischler and Co. and Windus.


Mrs. Bob. New Edition. F. V. White and Torts. Stephens. I vol.

Co. "Rita." A Society Scandal. Trischler and Co.

YONGE, Miss CHARLOTTE. The Reputed ChangeROBINSON, F. Mabel. Irish History for English ling: a Story of the period of James II, and

35. 6d.


2 vols.

2 IS.

I vol.

I vol.

35. 6d. .


3 vols.

I vol.


I vol.


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Readers. 4th Edition. Methuen and Co. William III. Macmillan and Co.
I vol.

2 vols.


I 2s,

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This pamphlet is a reply to the invitation issued by the Publication Committee of the Society for the Promotion of Christian Knowledge in their Report of last year, for any suggestions, which they “will gladly receive,” on the best way of making “the Venerable Society the most efficient literary handmaid of the Church of England throughout the world.”

The suggestions offered in these pages contain, first, some of the elementary principles which guide honourable men in the administration of literary property. The writer next advances three cases, as illustrating the methods adopted by the Society. A copy of this pamphlet will be sent to any member of the Society by application to the Office, including two postage stamps.




This book, compiled mainly from documents in the office of the Society of Authors, is intended to show a complete conspectus of all the various methods of publication with the meaning of each; that is to say, the exact concessions to publishers and the reservation of the owner and author of the work. The different frauds which arise out of these methods form a necessary part of the book. Nothing is advanced which has not been proved by the experience of the Society.

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