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Mrs. W. K. Clifford brings out her “ Love another collection. The intention of the collection Letters of a Worldly Woman” this day—with is to supply a notice of every novel taken from the Edward Arnold.

reviews of the day. Generally these are laudatory;

sometimes they are the reverse. A pleasing Miss Mabel Robinson has gone to the same surprise is introduced by a novel system of spelling. publishers with her new book, "Hovenden, V.C.” We have “ar” for “are, “ wer” for “ were, Under the same name are new books by Clark “britly” for “ brightly,” and so forth ; the result Russell, Barry Gould, MacLaren Cobban, L. B. is that the critics' remarks appear absolutely fresh Walford, Mrs. Molesworth, W. E. Henley; not a

and new. bad list for a new house.

Mrs. Edmonds, whose “Greek Lays, Idylls, and Messrs. Longmans have in the press the auto- Legends” (Trübner and Co.) were favourably biography of an actress, not a great London actress, noticed some five years ago, has recently published but an obscure member of a country company-of

a new book, entitled “ Kolokotrones, Klepht and that class formerly called strolling actors. It is the

Warrior" (Fisher Unwin). The same publisher only book which gives the actual life of the modern has also recently issued " Amaryllis,” by the same strolling actor. The experiences and anecdotes are author, and a book of fairy tales. strictly true. The author calls herself “ Dorothy

Mr. A. R. Ropes has published, with Seeley Wallis," and Mr. Walter Besant, who is personally acquainted with her, will contribute a preface to the

and Co., a Selection from the Letters of Lady Mary work.

Wortley Montague, with an introduction,

“ Cora Langton,” the author of “Jock and his The author of “John Westacott” has com

Friends," has written another children's book, pleted a three-volume novel, dealing with English

“A Parliament of Pickles.” It is a funny, characters, the scene being laid partly in the

natural, and pathetic story. west country and on the Cornish coast, and some exciting scenes in a picturesque part of Bohemia. With regard to our announcement of Mr. Bertram The publication is delayed for the American Mitford's new novel “ Golden Face; A Tale of the edition. Amongst the publications in which this Wild West,” Trischler and Co., we learn that its writer's work has appeared during the present publication is postponed until the end of January year are Cornhill, the Times, Black and White, next. Spectator, Leisure Hour, Atheneum, the Author, Cassell's, &c.; and he is also

“ Brand," contributing

William Wilson's translation of

Ibsen's most powerful drama, has been published notes to some of the principal provincial dailies. His article upon St. David, which appeared in

by Methuen. It is not a play to be acted, but the the English Illustrated some three years since,

situations are splendid in their simplicity and the

central character is certainly as fine as anything under the title of “A Dead City,” has become the

that Ibsen has ever drawn. acknowledged guide to that quaint place, and in the programme of the meeting of the Royal Society of

Immediately will be published “When Town Antiquaries of Ireland at Killarney this year it

and Country Meet.” Longmans. Price 6s. By was especially recommended to the members for

Mrs. Alfred Baldwin. comparison with the pre-historic remains in West Kerry.

The Cassell Publishing Company, New York,

have bought the American rights of " Indian Idyls, The Duke of Argyll and his son, the Marquis of by an Idle Exile,'” originally published by Lorne, have joined the Company of Novelists, in Messrs. Thacker and Spink, Calcutta, and also of the series published by the Automatic Company, a one-volume novel by “ An Idle Exile," entitled,

“By a Himalayan Lake,” which ran as a serial in Mr. George Saintsbury has introduced the the "Pictorial World.” Essays of Edmund Scherer to the English public in translation, with a critical preface. (Sampson Messrs. Methuen, London, also have in the press Low & Co.)

“In Tent and Bungalow," another collection of

short stories by the author of “ Indian Idyls.” We have received " A Descriptive List of British Novels,” compiled by W. M. Griswold, and pub- Miss Peard's new Dutch novel, “ The Baroness," lished at Cambridge, Massachussetts. The number will be published simultaneously in London of novels noticed is 916, from No. 1,025 to No. 1,941. (Bentley) and New York (Harper) at the beginning What precedes No. 1,025 probably belongs to

of the year.

Among the new books of the month must be WHITE, EDWARD, ARCHBISHOP OF CANTERBURY. Living included Mr. Henry Charles Moore's “Who was

Theology. With portrait. Preachers of the Age Series. She?” published by Dean and Son with the

Sampson Low. October books.

WILLIAMS, SIR MONIER, K.C.I.E. Brahminism and

Hinduism ; or, Religious Thought and Life in India. The title of Mr. Walter Besant's new novel,

Fourth edition, enlarged and improved. Murray. 185. about to run through Chamber's Journal, is “ The Ivory Gate.” It is the title of a novel by the late

History and Biography. Mortimer Collins, which was published in the year

ARMSTRONG, W. The Life and Work of Briton Rivière. 1866. Mr. Besant has been very kindly permitted Christmas number of the Art Journal. With numerous by Miss Mabel Collins to use the title for the new illustrations. Art Journal office, Ivy Lane, E.C. story.

BELFORD Bax, E. Selected Essays of Arthur Schopenhauer.

With a biographical introduction and sketch of his A Fourth Edition is ready of Sir Monier philosophy. George Bell. 5s. Williams' “ Brahminism and Hinduism.” (John

(John BELMORE, Earl of, G.C.M.G. The History of the Corry Murray.)

Family of Castlecoole. Longmans ; Thom, Dublin.

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Ios. 6d.

78. 6d.

BRUGSCH-BEY, H. Egypt under the Pharaohs : a History

derived entirely from the Monuments. A new edition, condensed and revised by M. Brodrick. Maps and

illustrations. Murray. 188. CRAWFORD, FREDERICK. Hans Christian Andersen's Cor

respondence with the late Grand Duke of Saxe-Weimar, Charles Dickens, and others. Edited by. With portrait

and memoir. Dean, Fleet Street. 6s. Dobson, Austin. William Hogarth. Sampson Low. EDWARDS, S. J. CELESTINE. From Slavery to a Bishopric;

or, the Life of Bishop Walter Hawkins, of the British

Methodist Episcopal Church, Canada. Kensit. London. FLEAY, F. G., M.A. A Biographical Chronicle of the

English Drama, 1559-1642. In 2 vols. Reeves and

Turner. Il. ros. FORBES, ARCHIBALD. The Afghan Wars, 1839-42 and

1878–80. With portraits and plans. Seeley, Essex

Street, Strand. Fritz, HENRY, The Biography of a Locomotive Engine.

Illustrated. Cassell and Co. 58. GARDINER, S. R., M.A. History of the Great Civil War,

1642-49. Vol. III. 1647-49. Longmans. 288. Goff, G. L. Historical Records of the gist Argyllshire

Highlanders, now the 1st Battalion Princess Louise's Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, containing an account of the formation of the regiment in 1794, and of its subsequent services to 1881. Arranged by.

Bentley HAMERTON, P. G. Paris, in Old and Present Times. Illus

trated (new edition). Seeley and Co. HOPE, M. J. Novalis : His Life, Thoughts, and Works.

Edited and translated by. Stott. OXENDEN, Right Rev. A., D.D. The History of My Life :

an Autobiography. Longmans, 5s. Picton, J. ALLANSON, M.P. Sir James A. Picton : a

Biography, with facsimile sketches. Isbister and Co.

Theology. BENHAM, Rev. W. The Dictionary of Religion ; an En

cyclopædia of Christian and other religious doctrines, denominations, sects, heresies, ecclesiastical terms,

history, biography, &c. Edited by. Cassell. THE CHURCH AND HER DOCTRINE. By the Bishop of

Sydney, the Bishop of Ossory, Canon Girdlestone, the
Rev. Henry Wace, D.D., and others. J. Nisbet and Co.

6s. FARRAR, ARCHDEACOX. The Life of Christ. Illustrated.

Cassell and Co. GEIKIE, REV. C., D.D. The Holy Land and the Bible.

With illustrations from original drawings. By Henry

A. Harper. Cassell. GRANGER, M. E. Advent Readings, arranged for daily

reading and meditation. Griffith, Farran. 3s. 6d. HUNTINGFORD, Rxv. E., D.C.L. Popular Misconceptions

about the First Eleven Chapters of Genesis. Second edition, continued to the death of Joseph. Bickers,

Leicester Square. 28. Magee, C. S. Growth in Grace, and other Sermons. By

the late W. C. Magee, D.D., Archbishop of York.

Edited by. Isbister. 75. 6d. MAURICE, F. DENISON. Sermons Preached in Lincoln's Inn

Chapel. In 6 vols. Vol. II. New edition. Macmillan

and Co. 38. 6d. ROBINSON, J. A., B.D. Texts and Studies, Contributions to

Biblical and Patristic Literature. Edited by. Vol. II.,
No. I., a Study of Codex Beze. Cambridge University

Press. 75. 6d.
SKENE, W. F., D.C.L. The Lord's Supper and the Pass-



Ropes, A. R., M.A. Lady Mary Wortley Montagu : SCHERER, W. A History of German Literature, from the

over Ritual ; being a Translation of the Substance
of Professor Bicknell's work, termed “Messe und
Pascha.” With an introduction by the Translator on
the connexion of the Early Christian Church with the

Jewish Church. Clark, Edinburgh. 5s.
WHAT WE BELIEVE: a simple Statement of the Christian

Faith. Griffith, Farran.

Selected Passages from her Letters. Edited by.
With nine portraits, after Sir Godfrey Kneller and

other artists. Seeley.
ROSEBERY, LORD. Pitt. Twelve English Statesmen

Series. Macmillan.

28. 6d.

Accession of Frederick the Great to the Death of
Goethe. Translated from the third German edition by
Mrs. F. C. Conybeare and edited by F. Max Müller.

Clarendon Press. 5s.
SIBORNE, MAJ.-GEN. H. T. Waterloo Letters : a selection

from original and hitherto unpublished letters bearing on the operations of the 16th, 17th, and 18th of June, 1815, by officers who served in the campaign. Edited, with explanatory notes, by. Illustrated, with maps

and plans. Cassell. TRAILL, H. D., D.C.L. The Marquis of Salisbury. The

Prime Ministers of Queen Victoria Series. Edited by

Stuart J. Reid. Sampson Low.
VILLARI, PROF. PASQUALE. The Life and Times of

Niccolo Machiavelli. Translated by Madame Linda
Villari. A new edition. Augmented by the author ;
revised by the translator. Illustrated. Two vols.
Fisher Unwin. 328.

2 IS.


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BLAND, E. A. Foxy Fielding's Friend. With illustrations.

Religious Tract Society. 28. BOUVET, MARGUERITE. Sweet William, a Tale of Early

Times in Normandy. Nelson and Sons. BRAMSTON, M. Neal Russell. The Story of a Brave Man. Swan Sonnenschein.

A Village Genius : a True Story of Oberammergau. National Society's Depository. 28. BREMNER, C.S. A Month in a Dandi, a Woman's Wander

ings in Northern India. Simpkin, Marshall. 6s. BRIGHTWEN, Mrs. Wild Nature won by Kindness. With

illustrations by the Author and F. Carruthers Gould.

Popular edition. Fisher Unwin. Paper covers. BRODIE, EMILY. The Orphans of Merton Hall. Illustrated.

Religious Tract Society. 28. BROWN, FRANCES. Granny's Wonderful Chair. Illustrated

by M. Seymour Lucas. Griffith, Farran. Brown, MAGGIE. Pleasant Work for Busy Fingers; or

Kindergarten at Home. Illustrated. Cassell and Co.

58. BUTLER, M. M. Waiting and Serving : or the Major's

Little Sentinel. Nelson and Son. Carey, Rosa N. Averil. Illustrated. Religious Tract Society. 3s.

Our Bessie. Illustrated. Religious Tract Society. 38. CLARK, ALFRED. A Dark Place of the Earth. Forest

Department, Ceylon. Sampson Low. CLUTTERBUCK, W. J. About Ceylon and Borneo. Illus.

trated. Longmans. 108. 6d. Collins, J. CHURTON. Illustrations of Tennyson. Chatto

and Windus. CRADDOCK, C. E. In the “Stranger People's" Country:

a Novel. Osgood, M'Ilvaine. 6s. CRESSWELL, H. W. How to Buy and Sell at Auction

Rooms. Routledge. CUSACK, M. F. The Story of my Life. “ The Nun of

Kenmare.” Hodder and Stoughton. 6s. DEBENHAM, Mary H. For King and Home and Mistress

Phil. National Society Depository. 28. each. DOUDNEY, SARAH. The Love Dream of Gally Fenning Hutchinson.

Where Two Ways Meet. Illustrated. Hutchin

5s. DRAYSON, LT.-Col. A. W. Among the Zulus. Griffith,

Farran. EDWARDS, A. B. Pharaohs, Fellahs, and Explorers.

Illustrated. Osgood, M'Ilvaine. 188. EVERETT-GREEN, E. Dare Lorimer's Heritage. Illustrated.

Hutchinson. 58. FALK, David G. Rick, or the Récidiviste: a Romance of

Australian Life. Trischler and Co. FENN, G. MANVILLE. The Rajah of Dah. Illustrated. W. and R. Chambers.

The Crystal Hunter. A Boy's Adventures in the Higher Alps. Partridge, Paternoster Row. 58. FULLERTON, W. M. In Cairo. Macmillan. 38. 6d. GANCONAGH. John Sherman and Dhoya. The Pseudonym

Library. Fisher Unwin. Paper covers.

MEAKIN, J. E. B. An Introduction to the Arabic of

Morocco ; English-Arabic Vocabulary, Grammar,

Notes, &c. Kegan Paul. MITCHELL, C. F. Forty Plates on Building Construction. Cassell and Co.

Ios, 6d. RAMSAY, G. E., LL.D., M.A. Latin Prose Composition.

Third edition. Volume I., containing Syntax, Exercises with Notes, Vocabulary, and Appendix. Clarendon Press. 43. 6d.

General Literature.

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28, 6d.



ARMSTRONG, A. E. Marian, or the Abbey Grange. Illus

trated. Blackie and Son. ARMSTRONG, F. Changing Lots. Griffith, Farran. 5s. ARMSTRONG, J. Dan's Little Girl. With illustrations.

Religious Tract Society. 33. BALDWIN, MRS. ALFRED. Where Town and Country Meet.

Longmans. 6s. BARING Gould, S., M.A. Historic Oddities and Strange

Events. Third edition. Methuen. BEALE, ANNE. Fay Arlington. Griffith, Farran, 5s. BELL, ERNEST. Handbook of Athletic Sports. Edited by.

Vol. V.-Athletics, Cycling, Skating. Illustrated.

George Bell and Sons. 38. 6d. BEWSHER, Mrs. M. E. Mischief Makers, or the Story of

Zipporah. Griffith, Farran. 38. 6d. BIRCH, V. E. Ivy's Dream. Illustrated. Religious Tract

Society. 28.

Is. Gd.

GARLAND, HAMLIN. Main-Travelled Roads. Mississippi

Valley Stories. Fisher Unwin. 38. 6d. GLANVILLE, ERNEST. The Fossicker: a Romance of

Mashonaland. Chatto and Windus. GOLLOCK, G. A. Light on Our Lessons ; or, What is the

Use? A missionary book for Boys and Girls. With preface by Eugene Stock. Church Missionary Society,

Salisbury Square, E.C. GREVILLE, LADY. The Gentlewoman in Society. Henry

and Co. 68, GRIMWOOD, E. St. CLAIR. My Three Years in Manipur,

and Escape from the Recent Mutiny. With illustra

tions and plan. Bentley. HARDEN, HENLEY J. Elizabeth, or Cloud and Sunshine.

W. and R. Chambers, HATTON, JOSEPH. The Princess Mazaroff, a Romance of

the Day. Two vols. Hutchinson, Paternoster Square.

2 IS.

HAYES, Mrs. M. H. My Leper Friends : an Account of

Personal Work among Lepers, and of their Daily Life in India. Illustrated. W. Thacker and Co., 87, New

gate Street. Hill, G. B., D.C.L. Writers and Readers. T. Fisher

Unwin. 5s. HITCHCOCK, Thomas. Unhappy Loves of Men of Genius.

Illustrated. Osgood, M'llvaine. 58. Holt, E. S. Countess Maud : a Tale of the 14th Century.

T. F. Shaw. KAPLAN, A. O. Baby's Souvenir. Illustrated by Frances Brundage. Dean, Fleet Street.

ios, 6d. KARSLAND, VERA. Women and their work. Sampson

Low. KENYON, Edith C. Ernest's Golden Thread. W. and R.

Chambers. KINGSTON, W. H. G. Ben Hadden. Religious Tract

Society. 18. KINGSLAND, Wm. The Mystic Quest : a Tale of Two

Incarnations. George Allen. LANG, ANDREW. Angling Sketches. Illustrated. Long

MAUDSLAY, ATHOL. Nature's Weather Warnings and

Natural Phenomena. Simpkin, Marshall. MarryAT, F. The Little Marine and the Japanese Lily :

a Tale for Boys. Illustrated. Hutchinson. 3s. úd. MARTIN, ANNIE. Home Life on au Ostrich Farm. With

ten illustrations by. Second edition. George Philip.

3s. 6d. MEADE, L. T. The Honourable Miss : a Story of an oldfashioned Town. Illustrated. Methuen and Co.

A Sweet Girl Graduate. Illustrated. Cassell and Co. 3s. 6d.

The Children of Wilton Chase. Illustrated. W. and R. Chambers. MILES, ALFRED H. The New Sunday School Reciter and

the Ladies' Reciter. Edited by. Platform Series.

Hutchinson, Paternoster Square. 18. each. MOLESWORTH, MRs. The Bewitched Lamp. W. and R.

Chambers. MORRIS, Wm. The Story of the Glittering Plain : or, The

Land of Living men. Reeves and Turner. NEWMAN, MRS. Begun in Jest: a Novel. 3 vols. John

Murray. 313. 6d. NISBET, HUME. The“ Jolly Roger”: a Story of Sea Heroes

and Pirates. Digby and Long. NORMAN, M. M. A Girl in the Karpathians. Fourth

edition. George Philip and Son. 3s. 61, O'REILLY, MRS. Joan and Jerry. W. and R. Chambers. PEARCE, J. H.

Inconsequent Lives : a village chronicle. Heinemann. 5s. PRAED, MRS. CAMPBELL. The Romance of a Chalet : a

Story. Two vols. F. V. White. RAE, JULIA S. E. Robinson Crusoe ; Uncle Tom's Cabin ; and The Swiss Family Robinson : Old Stories told

Edited by, and illustrated by Florence Maplestone, Trischler and Co. REID, ERSKINE, and COMPTON, H. The Dramatic Peerage,

1892. Compiled by. Raithby, Lawrence, and Co. RiDEAL, CHARLES F. Young Ladies of To-day. Illus.

trated. Dean and Son. RIDDELL, C. E. L. A Mad Tour. Richard Bentley and

Son. ROBERTS, CECIL. Adrift in America ; or, Work and

Adventure in the States. Lawrence and Buller, 169,

New Bond Street, ROBERTS, MORLEY. Land-Travel and Seafaring. Illus

trated by A. D, M'Cormick. Lawrence and Buller. ROBINSON, F. MABEL. Hovenden, V.C.; a Novel. 3 vols.

Methuen and Co. Robinson, F. W. Poor Zeph. Willoughby, Paternoster




78. 6d.

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MACQUOID, K. S. The Prince's Whim, and other Stories.

Innes. 38. 6d. Malot, HECTOR. Conscience. Translated by Julia E. S.

Rae. In 2 vols. Richard Bentley and Son. MANNERING, G. E. With Axe and Rope in the New

Zealand Alps. Illustrated. Longmans. MANNING, W. S. Hints and Encouragements for Profitable

Ross, FRED., F.R.H.S. Yorkshire Family Romance.

Simpkin, Marshall. 6s.
RowSELL, MARY C. Petronella and Madame Pono:vski.

Skeffington. Paper covers.
RUSSELL, W. CLARKE. The Tragedy of Ida Noble. Being

the Christmas number of Atlan'a. Illustrated by
Everard Hopkins. Trischler. Paper covers.

The British Seas. Picturesque Notes by Russell and other writers. With etchings and engravings. Seeley and Co.



Fruit-Growing. Jarrold and Sons.
MARSHALL, E. Little Queenie : a Story of Child Life Sixty

Years Ago. T. F. Shaw.

128, 6d.




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28. 6d.

WARD, E. A Pair of Originals : with illustrations.

Seeley. WARD, H. W. My Gardener : a Practical Handbook for

the Million. Eyre and Spottiswoode. WARDEN, FLORENCE. St. Cuthbert's Tower. Cassell and

Co. WARNER, DUDLEY. As We were Saying. Illustrated.

Osgood, M'llvaine. 38. 6d. WEBB, MRS. Alypius of Tagaste: a Tale of the Early

Church. Religious Tract Society. WEYMAN, STANLEY E. The New Rector. In 2 vols.

Smith, Elder. WHITE, Rev. HENRY. Echoes from a Sanctuary. Edited

and arranged by Sarah Doudney; with an Introduction

by the Bishop of Ripon. Hutchinson and Co. 58. WHITTEMORE, Rev. W., D.D. Sunshine for 1891. Edited

by. Illustrated. George Stoneman. WILLOCK, A. DEVAR. Taradiddles. Illustrated. Gilbert

Dalziel. Woods, MARGARET L. Esther Vanhomrigh: a Novel.

3 vols. John Murray. 318. 6d. WRIGHTSON, I. Farm Crops. The “Downton" Series.

Cassell. YONGE, C. M. The Constable's Tower, or the Times of

Magna Charta. National Society's Depository. 3s.

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Poetry and the Drama.

RYCE, John. The Rector of Amesty: a Novel in 3 vols.

Sampson Low. ST. AUBYN, ALAN. The Junior Dean; a Novel. 3 vols.

Chatto and Windus. SARGENT, G. E. John Tincroft, Bachelor and Benedict.

Illustrated. Religious Tract Society. 28. 6d. SEVERNE, FLORENCE. Uneven Ground: a novel. 3 vols.

David Stott. SKIPTON, HELEN. Twilight. Innes. 3s. 6d. SLADEN, DOUGLAS. Lester the Loyalist: a Romance of the Founding of Canada.

Made in Japan. Griffith, Farran. SOANS, REV. R. G., and KENYON, Edith. Harold's New

Creed, or Brothers Still. Illustrated. Religious Tract

Society. 28. 6d. SPEAR, John W. Rudolph of Rosenfeldt: a Story of the

Times of William the Silent. Hodder and Stoughton.

3s. 6d. STABLES, GORDON, M.D. Leaves from the Log of a

Gentleman Gipsy in Wayside Camp and Caravan.
Illustrated. Jarrold, Paternoster Buildings. 15s.

Two Sailor Lads. T. F. Shaw.

Our Home in the Silver West : a Story of Struggle and Adventure. Illustrated. Religious Tract

Society. 3s. 6d. STEVENSON, R. L. “The Treasure Island ” Series. Trea

Island, Kidnapped, and the Black Arrow. Cassells. STUART, EsMÉ. The Silver Mine: an Underground Story.

National Society's Depository. 38. SWAN, ANNIE S. Who shall Serve: a Story for the Times.

Oliphant, Anderson, and Ferrier. 38. 6d. SWEYN, FRANCES. Millicent Simonds, or Through Cleansing

Fires. Illustrated. Religious Tract Society. 25. SYMINGTON, MAGGIE. Two Silver Keys: a Story. Illus

ALLEN, CLEMENT F. R. The Book of Chinese Poetry,

being the collection of ballads, sagas, hymns, and other pieces known as the Shih Ching or Classic of

Poetry. Metrically translated by. Kegan Paul. BLIND, MATHILDE. Dramas in Miniature. Poems and

Lyrics. With a frontispiece by Ford Madox Brown.

Chatto and Windus. BULLEN, A. H. Lyrics from the Dramatists of the Elizabethan Age. Edited by Lawrence and Bullen. 5s.

Lyrics from the Song-books of the Elizabethan Age. Edited by Lawrence and Bullen. Ss. EWALD, A. C., F.S.A. The Dramatic Works of George

Farquhar. Edited, with life and notes, by. 2 vols.

GARRETT, EDMUND H. Elizabethan Songs in Honour of

Love and Beautie. Collected and illustrated by.
With an introduction by Andrew Lang. Osgood,

M'Ilvaine. 319. 6d.
IBSEN, HEINRIK. Brand ; a Dramatic Poem. Translated

into English Prose by William Wilson. Methuen. LECKY, W. E. H. Poems. Longmans. 5s. MACDONALD, G. A Threefold Cord : Poems by three

friends. Edited by. W. Hughes. 5s. MANSFIELD, R. Don Juan : A Play in Four Acts.

J. W. Bouton, New York. PASCOE, ELIZABETH Mary. Poems by the late William

Caldwell Pascoe. Edited by his daughter. Macmillan.

trated. Biggs. 25. 6d. TASMA. The Penance of Portia James : a Novel. Heine

5s. TAYLOR, LUCY. Jeanette, or the Charity that Encourages

a Multitude of Sins. Illustrated. Religious Tract

Society. 28. 6d.
THORNE, EGLANTOX. Aldyth's Inheritance. Illustrated.

Religious Tract Society. 33. 6d.
TOTTEN, C. A. L., M.A. Our Race: its Origin and

Destiny. With an Introduction by Professor Č. Piazzi

Smyth, Robert Banks and Son. js.
VERNE, JULES. A Journey to the Centre of the Earth.

Griffith, Farran. 3s. hd.
VESPER. Bobby: a Christmas Eve Story. Sampson Low.

Paper covers.

Cawnpore : a Romance. Funk and Wagnalls.
VOLKHOVSKY, FELIX. A China Cup, and other Stories for

Children. Illustrated. T. Fisher Unwin.
WARAKER, T., LL.D. Naval Warfare of the Future : a

consideration of the Declaration of Paris, 1856; its
Obligation and its Operation upon Maritime Bellige-
rents. Swan Sonnenschein.


SHERIDAN, R. BRINSLEY. The School for Scandal. A

Comedy. With illustrations by Lucius Rossi. Simpkin,
Marshall, and Co. il. 5s.


28. 6d.

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