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GARLAND, HAMLIN. Main-Travelled Roads. Mississippi

Valley Stories. Fisher Unwin. 38. 6d. GLANVILLE, ERNEST. The Fossicker: a Romance of

Mashonaland. Chatto and Windus. GOLLOCK, G. A. Light on Our Lessons ; or, What is the

Use? A missionary book for Boys and Girls. With preface by Eugene Stock. Church Missionary Society,

Salisbury Square, E.C. GREVILLE, LADY. The Gentlewoman in Society. Henry

and Co. 68, GRIMWOOD, E. St. CLAIR. My Three Years in Manipur,

and Escape from the Recent Mutiny. With illustra

tions and plan. Bentley. HARDEN, HENLEY J. Elizabeth, or Cloud and Sunshine.

W. and R. Chambers, HATTON, JOSEPH. The Princess Mazaroff, a Romance of

the Day. Two vols. Hutchinson, Paternoster Square.

2 IS.

HAYES, Mrs. M. H. My Leper Friends : an Account of

Personal Work among Lepers, and of their Daily Life in India. Illustrated. W. Thacker and Co., 87, New

gate Street. Hill, G. B., D.C.L. Writers and Readers. T. Fisher

Unwin. 5s. HITCHCOCK, Thomas. Unhappy Loves of Men of Genius.

Illustrated. Osgood, M'llvaine. 58. Holt, E. S. Countess Maud : a Tale of the 14th Century.

T. F. Shaw. KAPLAN, A. O. Baby's Souvenir. Illustrated by Frances Brundage. Dean, Fleet Street.

ios, 6d. KARSLAND, VERA. Women and their work. Sampson

Low. KENYON, Edith C. Ernest's Golden Thread. W. and R.

Chambers. KINGSTON, W. H. G. Ben Hadden. Religious Tract

Society. 18. KINGSLAND, Wm. The Mystic Quest : a Tale of Two

Incarnations. George Allen. LANG, ANDREW. Angling Sketches. Illustrated. Long

MAUDSLAY, ATHOL. Nature's Weather Warnings and

Natural Phenomena. Simpkin, Marshall. MarryAT, F. The Little Marine and the Japanese Lily :

a Tale for Boys. Illustrated. Hutchinson. 3s. úd. MARTIN, ANNIE. Home Life on au Ostrich Farm. With

ten illustrations by. Second edition. George Philip.

3s. 6d. MEADE, L. T. The Honourable Miss : a Story of an oldfashioned Town. Illustrated. Methuen and Co.

A Sweet Girl Graduate. Illustrated. Cassell and Co. 3s. 6d.

The Children of Wilton Chase. Illustrated. W. and R. Chambers. MILES, ALFRED H. The New Sunday School Reciter and

the Ladies' Reciter. Edited by. Platform Series.

Hutchinson, Paternoster Square. 18. each. MOLESWORTH, MRs. The Bewitched Lamp. W. and R.

Chambers. MORRIS, Wm. The Story of the Glittering Plain : or, The

Land of Living men. Reeves and Turner. NEWMAN, MRS. Begun in Jest: a Novel. 3 vols. John

Murray. 313. 6d. NISBET, HUME. The“ Jolly Roger”: a Story of Sea Heroes

and Pirates. Digby and Long. NORMAN, M. M. A Girl in the Karpathians. Fourth

edition. George Philip and Son. 3s. 61, O'REILLY, MRS. Joan and Jerry. W. and R. Chambers. PEARCE, J. H.

Inconsequent Lives : a village chronicle. Heinemann. 5s. PRAED, MRS. CAMPBELL. The Romance of a Chalet : a

Story. Two vols. F. V. White. RAE, JULIA S. E. Robinson Crusoe ; Uncle Tom's Cabin ; and The Swiss Family Robinson : Old Stories told

Edited by, and illustrated by Florence Maplestone, Trischler and Co. REID, ERSKINE, and COMPTON, H. The Dramatic Peerage,

1892. Compiled by. Raithby, Lawrence, and Co. RiDEAL, CHARLES F. Young Ladies of To-day. Illus.

trated. Dean and Son. RIDDELL, C. E. L. A Mad Tour. Richard Bentley and

Son. ROBERTS, CECIL. Adrift in America ; or, Work and

Adventure in the States. Lawrence and Buller, 169,

New Bond Street, ROBERTS, MORLEY. Land-Travel and Seafaring. Illus

trated by A. D, M'Cormick. Lawrence and Buller. ROBINSON, F. MABEL. Hovenden, V.C.; a Novel. 3 vols.

Methuen and Co. Robinson, F. W. Poor Zeph. Willoughby, Paternoster




78. 6d.

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MACQUOID, K. S. The Prince's Whim, and other Stories.

Innes. 38. 6d. Malot, HECTOR. Conscience. Translated by Julia E. S.

Rae. In 2 vols. Richard Bentley and Son. MANNERING, G. E. With Axe and Rope in the New

Zealand Alps. Illustrated. Longmans. MANNING, W. S. Hints and Encouragements for Profitable

Ross, FRED., F.R.H.S. Yorkshire Family Romance.

Simpkin, Marshall. 6s.
RowSELL, MARY C. Petronella and Madame Pono:vski.

Skeffington. Paper covers.
RUSSELL, W. CLARKE. The Tragedy of Ida Noble. Being

the Christmas number of Atlan'a. Illustrated by
Everard Hopkins. Trischler. Paper covers.

The British Seas. Picturesque Notes by Russell and other writers. With etchings and engravings. Seeley and Co.



Fruit-Growing. Jarrold and Sons.
MARSHALL, E. Little Queenie : a Story of Child Life Sixty

Years Ago. T. F. Shaw.

128, 6d.



28. 6d.

WARD, E. A Pair of Originals : with illustrations.

Seeley WARD, H. W. My Gardener: a Practical Handbook for

the Million. Eyre and Spottiswoode. WARDEN, FLORENCE. St. Cuthbert's Tower. Cassell and

Co. 2s. WARNER, DUDLEY. As We were Saying. Illustrated.

Osgood, M'llvaine. 38. 6d. WEBB, MRS. Alypius of Tagaste : a Tale of the Early

Church. Religious Tract Society. 18. WEYMAN, STANLEY E. The New Rector. In 2 vols.

Smith, Elder. WHITE, Rev. HENRY. Echoes from a Sanctuary. Edited

and arranged by Sarah Doudney; with an Introduction

by the Bishop of Ripon. Hutchinson and Co. 58. WHITTEMORE, Rev. W., D.D. Sunshine for 1891. Edited

by. Illustrated. George Stoneman. WILLOCK, A. DEVAR. Taradiddles. Illustrated. Gilbert

Dalziel. Woods, MARGARET L. Esther Vanhomrigh: a Novel.

3 vols. John Murray. 318. 6d. WRIGHTSON, I. Farm Crops. The “Downton" Series.

Cassell. YONGE, C. M. The Constable's Tower, or the Times of

Magna Charta. National Society's Depository. 38.

18, 6d.



Poetry and the Drama.

RYCE, Joun. The Rector of Amesty: a Novel in 3 vols.

Sampson Low. St. AUBYN, ALAN. The Junior Dean; a Novel. 3 vols.

Chatto and Windus. SARGENT, G. E. John Tincroft, Bachelor and Benedict.

Illustrated. Religious Tract Society. 28. 6d. SEVERNE, FLORENCE. Uneven Ground: a novel. 3 vols.

David Stott. SKIPTON, HELEN. Twilight. Innes. 33. 60. SLADEN, DOUGLAS. Lester the Loyalist: a Romance of the

Founding of Canada. Made in Japan. Griffith,

Farran. SOANS, REV. R. G., and KENYON, EDITH. Harold's New

Creed, or Brothers Still. Illustrated. Religious Tract

Society. 28. 6d. SPEAR, John W. Rudolph of Rosenfeldt: a Story of the

Times of William the Silent. Hodder and Stoughton.

3s. 6d. STABLES, GORDON, M.D. Leaves from the Log of a

Gentleman Gipsy in Wayside Camp and Caravan.
Illustrated. Jarrold, Paternoster Buildings. 158.

Two Sailor Lads. T. F. Shaw.

Our Home in the Silver West : a Story of Struggle and Adventure. Illustrated. Religious Tract

Society. 38. 6d. STEVENSON, R. L. “ The Treasure Island ” Series. Trea

Island, Kidnapped, and the Black Arrow, Cassells. STUART, Esmé. The Silver Mine: an Underground Story.

National Society's Depository. 3s. SWAN, ANNIE S. Who shall Serve: a Story for the Times.

Oliphant, Anderson, and Ferrier. 3s. 6d. SWEYN, FRANCES. Millicent Simonds, or Through Cleansing

Fires. Illustrated. Religious Tract Society. 28. SYMINGTON, MAGGIE. Two Silver Keys: a Story. Illus.

trated. Biggs. 28. 6d. TASMA. The Penance of Portia James : a Novel. Heine

5s. TAYLOR, Lucy. Jeanette, or the Charity that Encourages

a Multitude of Sins. Illustrated. Religious Tract

Society. 28. 6d. THORNE, EGLANTON. Aldyth's Inheritance. Illustrated.

Religious Tract Society. 38. 6d. TOTTEN, C. A. L., M.A. Our Race: its Origin and

Destiny. With an Introduction by Professor Č. Piazzi

Smyth. Robert Banks and Son. 3s. VERNE, JULES. A Journey to the Centre of the Earth.

Griffith, Farran. 3s. 6d. VESPER. Bobby: a Christmas Eve Story. Sampson Low.

Paper covers. VINCENT, FRANK, and LANCASTER, A. E. The Lady of


ALLEN, CLEMENT F. R. The Book of Chinese Poetry,

being the collection of ballads, sagas, hymns, and other pieces known as the Shih Ching or Classic of

Poetry. Metrically translated by. Kegan Paul. BLIND, MATHILDE. Dramas in Miniature. Poems and

Lyrics. With a frontispiece by Ford Madox Brown.

Chatto and Windus. BULLEN, A. H. Lyrics from the Dramatists of the Elizabethan Age. Edited by Lawrence and Bullen. 5s.

Lyrics from the Song-books of the Elizabethan Age. Edited by Lawrence and Bullen. 58. EWALD, A. C., F.S.A. The Dramatic Works of George

Farquhar. Edited, with life and notes, by. 2 vols.

GARRETT, EDMUND H. Elizabethan Songs in Honour of

Love and Beautie. Collected and illustrated by.
With an introduction by Andrew Lang. Osgood,

M'Ilvaine. 319. 6d.
IBSEN, HEINRIK. Brand ; a Dramatic Poem. Translated

into English Prose by William Wilson. Methuen. LECKY, W. E. H. Poems. Longmans. 58. MacDONALD, G. A Threefold Cord : Poems by three

friends. Edited by. W. Hughes. 5s. MANSFIELD, R. Don Juan: A Play in Four Acts.

J. W. Bouton, New York. PASCOE, ELIZABETH MARY. Poems by the late William

Caldwell Pascoe. Edited by his daughter. Macmillan. Sullivan, T. D. Blanaidi ; and other Irish Historical and

Cawnpore : a Romance. Funk and Wagnalls. VOLKHOVSKY, FELIX. A China Cup, and other Stories for

Children, Illustrated. T. Fisher Unwin, 28. 6d. WARAKER, T., LL.D. Naval Warfare of the Future: a

consideration of the Declaration of Paris, 1856; its Obligation and its Operation upon Maritime Belligerents. Swan Sonnenschein.



SHERIDAN, R. BRINSLEY. The School for Scandal. A

Comedy. With illustrations by Lucius Rossi. Simpkin,
Marshall, and Co. il. 58.

Legendary Poems from the Gaelic. Eason and Son,

SETH, ANDREW, M.A. The Present Position of the Philo

sophical Sciences : an Inaugural Lecture. Blackwood.

Paper covers. 6d. TYRRELL, WALTER. Nervous Exhaustion : its Causes,

Outcomes, and Treatment. Kegan Paul.

Tomsox, GRAHAM R. A Summer Night; and other

Poems. With frontispiece by A. Tomson. Methuen.

Is. id.

Law. THE ANNUAL PRACTICE, 1892. A collection of the statutes,

orders, and rules relating to the general practice, procedure, and jurisdiction of the Supreme Court, with notes, forms, &c. By Thomas Snow, M.A., of the Inner Temple, Charles Burney, B.A., and F. A. Stringer, of the Central Office, Royal Courts of Justice.

2 vols. Stevens, Chancery Lane. 258. Brown, ARCHIBALD. The Married Women's Property

Acts, with copious and explanatory notes and an appendix of Acts relating to married women. Sixth

edition. Stevens and Haynes, Bell Yard, Temple Bar. EDWARDS, W. D., Barrister-at-Law. A Compendium of

the Law of Property in Land. Second edition. Stevens

and Haynes. LAYMAN, F., B.A. The Lawyer's Companion and Diary,

and London and Provincial Law Directory for 1892.

Edited by Stevens, Chancery Lane. 5s. LELY, J. M. The Statutes of Practical Utility in the

Civil and Criminal Administration of Justice, passed in 54 and 55 Victoria (1891), alphabetically arranged, with notes thereon and a copious index. Vol. III.,

Part I. Sweet and Maxwell. Paper covers. REDGRAVE, ALEXANDER, and REDGRAVE, JASPER. The

Factory and Workshop Acts, 1878 to 1891. With introduction, copious notes, and an elaborate index. Fourth edition. Shaw.


I 28.

Parliamentary Papers. Metropolitan Hospitals, &c. Second Report from the

Select Committee of the House of Lords, 6s. 7d. Elementary Schools, Attendance, &c. Return for London and certain municipal boroughs for the year ending August 31, 1890, d. Report by the Board of Trade of operations under the Weights and Measures Acts,

1878 and 1889. Eyre and Spottiswoode. 3d. Irish Land Commission: Return of Judicial Rents fixed

during June, 1891. Alexander Thom, Dublin. Reports - Friendly Societies, Industrial and Provident

Societies, and Trade Unions, 1890. 18. 4d. Reports made to the Board of Trade in respect of the River Ouse Navigation, the Kennett and Avon Canal Navigation, and the London and Hampshire Canal. 2d. East India, Manipur (No. 5). Further Correspondence. Return as to Joint Stock Companies. 18. 91d. Census of Ireland, Part I., Vol. I. Province of Leinster. No. 4. County and City of Kilkenny. Return as to Business of the House (days occupied by Government and by private members). 1d. Ecclesiastical Business Fees. 3s. 6d. Correspondence relating to the despatch of expeditions against (a) the Samil Clans of the Orakzai Tribe on the Miranzai Border of the Kohat District; (b) the tribes of the Black Mountain. 8d. Reports from Her Majesty's Representatives in Europe respecting assistance afforded or facilities given by Foreigu Governments to the Provision of the Industrial Population for Old Age. 3d. Twentieth Annual Report of the Local Government Board, 1890-91. 48. 4d. Census of Ireland : Part I., Vol. I. Province of Leinster. No. 7. County of Louth and County of the Town of Drogheda. 8d. Appendix to the 57th Report of the Commissioners of National Education in Ireland for 1890. 48. 3d. Statistical Report of the Health of the Navy for 1890, 64d. Returns

Railway Accidents during the six months ended June 30, 1891, with reports upon certain accidents inquired into. 6.d. Reports from Her Majesty's Representatives in Europe respecting Assistance afforded or Facilities Given by Foreign Governments to the Provisions of the Industrial Population for Old Age. (3d.) Reports of the Boards of Visitors on the Royal Military College, Sandhurst (id.), and the Royal Military Academy, Woolwich (izd.). Return as to Alien Immigration from the Continent to Ports in the l'nited Kingdom during the month and ten months ended October 31 last. (.d.) Census of Ireland, 1891-Province of Leinster, County of Kildare, 9d., Thom and Co., Dublin. Pauperism (England and Wales), Monthly Comparative Statements. 2d. Railways, Continuous Brakes. Return by the Railway Companies of the l'nited Kingdom for six months ended June 30, 1891. 18. id. Eyre and Spottiswoode.

RUSSELL, G. E. The Times Law Reports. Edited by.

Vol. VII. (1890-91). George Edward Wright. THE STAMP Laws, as charged by the Stamp Act, 1891.

Sixth edition. Waterlow Brothers and Layton. 3s.




Trlin, R. DENNY. Law of Trustees, with the new rules

as to Investments and the Trustee Acts, 1888 and 1889. New and revised edition. Effingham Wilson.



Bax, Capt. E. IRONSIDE. Popular Electric Lighting ;

with a chapter on electric motors. Illustrated. Biggs,

Salisbury Court, E.C. Gillies, H. CAMERON. The Interpretation of Disease;


Part I., the Meaning of Pain. David Nutt. IS, net. INDIGESTION. By George Herschell, M.D). Baillière,

Tindall, and Cox.


We have at our disposal 2,000,000 (Two
Millions) of Engravings suitable for Illustrating
Newspapers, Books, Circulars, Magazines,
Pamphlets, Children's Papers, &c., &c., and have
Comprehensive Indexes of Portraits and Views
always ready for reference.

We shall be glad to receive a call from any one requiring Illustrations of any kind; and if clients at a distance will kindly send us a list of subjects they require, together with size limit, a Selection of suitable Proofs will be at once despatched to them.

Cuts found to illustrate MS. or Text.


Agents for the “Illustrated London News," " Graphic,” “Black and White,” "Lady's Pictorial," "Strand Magazine," "Pictorial World," &c., and the principal Foreign Illustrated Papers.

Telegraphic Address—“DENOPS, LONDON.”

Telephone Number-1880.


Branches in Paris, New York, Melbourne, Ontario, and Bombay.


THE old-fashioned way was by quill or steel pen; the modern way is by a Typewriter. If you adopt the modern way, then the success of the change depends upon the Typewriter you select. And, remember, there is a great difference in Typewriters. Correct theory, substantial construction, and mechanical details rendered perfect by unlimited expenditure and three years' practical experience. Ease of Management, Durability, VISIBLE WRITING, Perfect Writing, Automatic Line Spacing, Automatic Inking, Duplicate Keyboard, are among the qualities which make every owner of a

BAR-LOCK MODERN STANDARD TYPEWRITER So content and satisfied. We want you to have a BAR-LOCK on Free Trial for a week-you will not want to use a pen again. We supply them for Cash or by 12 Monthly Payments of £i 193., or 24 of £i Is. 8d.

The BAR-LOCK was awarded the only Gold Medal at Edinburgh, 1890, and Jamaica, 1891. It is used by the Sub-editor of the Times and many London and Provincial Papers. It is also in use at the offices of the Morning Post, Si. Stephen's Review, the Star, the Manchester Guardian, the Western Morning News, the Plymouth Mercury, &c., &c.




, MANCHESTER: 45, Market Street. LIVERPOOL: 1, South John Street. GLASGOW :22, Renfield Street.

LONDON: Printed by Erre and SportISWOODE, Printers to the Queen's most Excellent Majesty.

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(The Organ of the Incorporated Society of Authors. Monthly.)


Vol. II.—No. 8.]

JANUARY 1, 1892.



PAGE Warnings

229 The Storyteller's Night .. Notices

229 Notes and News .. Misprint

232 Publishing on Commission The Cost of Production

232 The Art of Fiction and the Authors of Antiquity.. American Copyright

232 The Independent Theatre Literary Criticism

232 Literary Rights. Two Actions at Law

Death and the Lifeboat 1.-Pinnock v. Chapman and Hall


Correspondence II.--The Proprietor of a Magazine v. The Proprietor of a

“At the Author's Head” Country Paper

234 New Books and New Editions ..


334 234 238 240 242 243



243 247




1831–40. Published under the direction of the State Trials WHITE. Demy 8vo. Half Morocco. 4 vols. 108. per vol. Committee. Edited by JOIN MACDONELL, M.A. 108.

PLIOCENE DEPOSITS OF BRITAIN, THE. Ву INVESTMENTS. A List of 1,600 British, Colonial and CLEMENT REID, F.L.S., F.G.S. Five Plates (48 cuts), ss. 6d.

Foreign Securities dealt in upon the London and Provincial LONDON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD: Guide to the Exchanges, giving the highest and lowest prices of each Geology of. By WILLIAM WHITAKER, B.A. 18. particular Stock for each of the last twenty-two years, or from COPYRIGHT LAW REFORM: an Exposition of Lord the time of the creation of such Stock, also the price on 30th

Monkswell's Copyright Bill. With Extracts from the Report of May, 1891, and the yield per cent. to the Investor. "Compiled by

the Commission of 1878, and an Appendix containing the Berne G. Browx. 28. 6d. PUBLIC GENERAL ACTS, 1891.

Convention and the American Copyright Bill. By J. M. LELY,

Red Cloth, 3.8. Esq., Barrister-at-Law. 18.6d. Contains all the Public Acts passed during the year, with KEW BULLETIN, 1890. Issued by the Director of Kew Index, also Tables showing the effect of the year's Legislation,

Gardens. 28. iod. together with complete and classified Lists of the Titles of ali

KEW BULLETIN, 1891. Monthly, 2d. Appendices, 2d. the Local and Private Acts passed during the Session. REVISED STATUTES. (Second Revised Edition.) Royal

each. Annusl Subscription, including postage, 38. 9d.

DESCRIPTIVE CATALOGUE OF MUSICAL INSTRU8vo. Prepared under the direction of the Statute Law Revision Committee, and Edited by G. A. R. FITZGERALD,

MENTS recently exhibited at the Royal Military Exhibition.

Compiled by Capt. Day, Oxfordshire Light Infantry, under Esq. Vols. I. to IV. now ready, price 78. 6d. each.

the orders of Col. SHAW.HELLIER, Commandant Royal Military FORECASTING BY MEANS OF WEATHER CHARTS, School of Music. Illustrated by a series of Twelve artistically Principles of. By the Hon. RALPH ABERCROMBY, F.R. Met. executed Plates in Heliogravure, and with numerous Wood

Engravings. 218. METEOROLOGICAL INSTRUMENTS, Instructions in Unique, as no earlier work exists in English dealing exhausthe use of. 28. 6d.

tively with the same subject.


tribution to the history of orchestration.”- Atheneum. A Bibliography. Royal 8vo. Cloth, 28. 6d.


of Documents preserved in the Public Record Office. By S. R.

SCARGILL-BIRD, F.S.A. 78. DITIONAL HISTORY OF THE NEW ZEALAND RACE. "The value of such a work as Mr. Scargill-Bird's can scarcely be By Sir GEORGE GREY, K.C.B. Illustrated. Royal 8vo. Cloth, 58. over-rated."-Times. Monthly Lists of Parliamentary Papers upon Application. Quarterly Lists Post Free, 2d.

Miscellaneous List on Application.
Every Assistance given to Correspondents ; and Books not kept in stock obtained without delay. Remittance should

accompany Order.

EYRE and SPOTTISWOODE, Her Majesty's Printers, East Harding Street, London, E.C.

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