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78. 6d.

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the University of Oxford, their parentage, birthplace, and year of birth, with a record of their degrees, being the Matriculation Register of the University, alphabetically arranged, revised, and annotated. In two series—from 1500 to 1714 (five vols.), and from

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being the basis of the Bibliography of the Violin and all other instruments played with a bow in ancient and modern times. (Part II., Book Sections and Extracts (continued) and Second Supplement.) Griffith, Far

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Jamaica for 1892.” Published by authority, com-
prising Historical, Statistical, and General Information
concerning the Island. Twelfth year of publication,
Compiled from official and other reliable records.

Edward Stanford.
PIKE, G. HOLDEN. Charles Haddon Spurgeon.

World's Workers ” Series. Cassell.
RIEMAN, Dr. H. Catechism of Musical History. Second

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Compiled from official records, by permission of the
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Low. ATKINSON, Rev. J. C. Playhours and Half-Holidays, or

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Gale and Polden, Amen Corner, E.C. 18. 6d., post

free. BEARDMORE, W. LEE. The Drainage of Habitable Build

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mans. CLOUSTON, W. A. Literary Coincidences. A Bookstall

Bargain and other Papers. Morison Brothers,

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“ The


Floral Arrangement. With illustrations by Japanese

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Hall. 6s. DISTANT, W. L. A Naturalist in the Transvaal. With

coloured plates and illustrations. R. H. Porter,

Prince's Street, W, DowSETT, C. F., F.S.I. Land. Its Attractions and Riches. By Fifty-seven Writers.

Edited by.

The “ Land Roll” Office, 3, Lincoln's Inn Fields. EMIGRANTS' INFORMATION OFFICE HANDBOOKS, 1892.

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ports and class of goods shipped. Edited by a Custom House employé, 1892-3. Dean and Son,

Fleet Street. FISKE, John. The Discovery of America. With some

account of Ancient America and the Spanish Con

quests. Two vols. Macmillan. 188. FORREST, G. W., B.A. The Administration of Warren Hast

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Printing, Calcutta GATES, E. Wilson. Hints to Emigrants. Self-Help

Emigration Society. 3d. GORE-BROWNE, F., and JORDAN, Wm. Joint Stock Com

panies : A handy book on their formation, management, and winding-up. 15th edition, Jordan and Sons, 120, Chancery Lane.



GORE, CHARLES, M.A. Roman Catholic Claims. 4th

edition, with new preface. Longmans. 38. 6d. GOWEN, Rev. H. H. The Paradise of the Pacific. Sketches

of Hawaiian Scenery and Life. Skeffington and Son,

Piccadilly. GOLF. A book for recording matches. Geo. Stuart and

Co., Farringdon Street and Edinburgh. GULLICK, THOMAS J. Oil Painting on Glass, including

mirrors, windows, &c. With remarks upon the principles of painting and decorative art generally. Winsor

and Newton, Rathbone Place, W. Paper covers, 18. Hill, G. BIRKBECK, D.C.L. Letters of Samuel Johnson,

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Press. 28s. HUBBELL, WALTER. Midnight Madness. Bingham Pub

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2nd edition. R. H. Porter, 18, Prince's Street, W.

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los. 6d.


NASMITH, DAVID, Q.C. Makers of Modern Thought; or,

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vols. George Philip, Fleet Street. 128, net. NOBLE, John. Facts for Politicians. A new and revised

edition. Henry Good, Moorgate Street. Paper covers,

18.; cloth, 28. THE NURSING DIRECTORY FOR 1892 (first annual issue).

The Record Press, 376, Strand. 58. ORMOND, GEORGE W. T. The Barton House Conspiracy :

a Tale of 1886. E. and S. Livingstone, Edinburgh.

Cardboard covers, Is.
OUSELEY, Rev. Sir G. The Compositions of the Rev. Sir

F. A. Gore Ouseley, M.A., Mus. Doc. Compiled by
John S. Bumpus. T. B. Bumpus, George Yard,

Lombard Street. Paper covers, 23.
OWEN, J. A. Within an (our of London Town, among

wild birds and their haunts. By “A Son of the

Marshes.” Edited by. Blackwood. PALGRAVE, R. H. I. Dictionary of Political Economy.

Edited by. Second part, Beeke-Chamberlayne. Mac

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Handbook for the Season. Eighth annual edition,

revised and illustrated. Simpkin, Marshall. PAYNE, J. F. Lectures on the History of Education, with

a Visit to German Schools. By the late Joseph Payne. Edited by his son. Vol. II. of the works of Joseph


Council, with full particulars of the polls and portraits.

Pall Mall Gazette Office. Paper covers, 6d. POWELL, J. C. The American Siberia ; or, Fourteen Years'

Experience in a Southern Convict Camp. Gay and

Bird, 27, King William Street, West Strand. 3s. 6d. RIDING: THE USE AND MISUSE OF REINS AND STIRRUPS.

15 illustrations. By a Horseman. Third edition. King,

Booksellers' Row, Strand. Paper covers, 2d. RIMMER, ALFRED. Rambles Round Rugby. With an

introductory chapter by the Rev. W. H. Payne Smith,

M.A. Illustrated by the author. Percival. Roma. Joys and Sorrows; or, Two of Life's Stories.

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Pocket Library of English Literature. Percival and

Co. 38. 6d. SALAMAN, M. C. Woman, through a Man's Eyeglass.

With illustrations by Dudley Hardy. Heinemann.

38. 6d. SAVILE-CLARKE, H. A Little Flutter: Stage, Story, and

Stanza. (The Whitefriars Library of Wit and

Humour.) Henry and Co. 3s. 6d. SAYCE, GEORGE C. Twelve Times Round the World. By

“A Globe Trotter.” Arrowsmith. SCHNEIDER, GEORGE The Book of Choice Ferns. Vol. 1.

Froin Introduction to Athyrium. Illustrated. Upcott

Gill, 170, Strand.

Presented at the Lyceum Theatre by Henry Irving,
Jan. 5, 1892. Illustrated by J. Bernard Partridge,
W. Telbin, J. Harker, and Hawes Craven. Black and
White Publishing Company. 18.


map engraved expressly for this work. Kelly and Co.,

Great Queen Street, W.C. 36s. KZNNEDY, E. S. A Tramp to Brighton. Simpkin,

Marshall. KENNEDY, H. A. The Sunday Afternoon Song-Book : for

" Pleasant Sunday Afternoons” and other gatherings.

Compiled by. James Clarke and Co. 2d. Knox-LITTLE, W. J., M.A. Sketches in Sunshine and

Storm, a collection of miscellaneous essays and notes of

travels. Longmans. 78. 6d. LANIN, E. B. Russian Characteristics. Reprinted, with

revisions from the Fortnighty Review. Chapman

and Hall. 148. LEE, SIDNEY. Dictionary of National Biography. Edited

by. Vol. XXX., Johnes-Kenneth. Smith Eider. LERMOLIEFF, Ivan. Italian Painters : Critical Studies of

their Works. The Borghese and Doria-Pamfili Galleries in Rome. Translated from the German by Constance Jocelyn Ffoulkes, with an introduction by Sir A. H. Layard, G.C.B., D.C.L. John Murray.

158. “MAC AND O!." The Parnell Leadership and Home Rule,

from an historical, ethical, and ethnological point of

view. Gill and Son, Dublin. Paper covers, 6d. MACDONELL, A. A. Camping Out. George Bell and

Sons. MACKENZIE, W. M. The Poor Law Guardian; his powers

and duties in the right execution of his office. Third

edition. Shaw, Fetter Lane. THE MAKING of Italy. By The O'Clery of the Middle

Temple. Kegan Paul. THE MEDIGAL REGISTER, 1892: and The DENTISTS RE

GISTER. Spottiswoode, Gracechurch Street, E.C. Mivart, St. GEORGE. Essays and Criticisms. Two vols.

Osgood, Mellvaine, and Co. 328. NANSEN, FRIDTJO. The First Crossing of Greenland.

Translated from the Norwegian by 8. M. Gepp, B.A. A new edition, unabridged. With illustrations and map. Longmans. 78. 61.


STABLES, GORDON, M.D. Our Humble Friends and Fellow

Mortals. Vol. I. of Homestead and Farm. Vol. II.
of Hearth and Home. Vol. III. In Wood and Field.
With illustrations by Harrison Weir. Simpkin,

The Cruise of the Land Yacht “ Wanderer," or “ Thirteen Hundred Miles in my Caravan.” With illustrations. Popular edition. Hodder and Stoughton.

58. STAXTON, ALBERT J. Foot-and-Mouth Disease: Symptoms

and Treatment and Outbreaks in Great Britain. E. W.

Allen, Ave Maria Lane. Paper covers, 6d. STANTON, STEPHEN B. The Behring Sea Controversy.

Brentano's, Agar Street, Strand. STRAY THOUGHTS. From the Note Books of Rowland

Williams, D.D. Edited by his widow. New edition.

Fisher Unwin. 3s. 6d. STUART, J. S. S., and Stuart, Charles, E. The Costume

of the Clans, with observations upon the literature, arts, manufactures, and commerce of the Highlands and Western Isles during the Middle Ages, and on the influence of the 16th, 17th, and 18th centuries upon the present condition. With 37 full-page plates, illustrating the history, antiquities, and dress of the Highland clans, copied from authentic originals, and biographical introduction. John Grant, Edinburgh.

(Bernard Quaritch, London.) WALLACE, ALFRED R. Island Life. Second and Revised

edition. Macmillan, 6s. WHYMPER, EDWARD. Travels Amongst the Great Andes

of the Equator. With maps and illustrations. Also a supplementary appendix to the same, with contribu

tions from various sources. John Murray. Williamson, William. Horticultural Exhibitor's Hand

book. Revised by Malcolm Dunn, gardener to the

Duke of Buccleuch. William Blackwood. Wright, WILLIAM Aldis. The Works of William Shake

speare. Edited by. In nine volumes. Volume VI.

Macmillan. WRIGHTSON, John. Live Stock. Agricultural Text-books

series. Cassell.

Gulkison, ELIZABETH. The Story of a Struggle: a Ro

mance of the Grampians. A. and C. Black. GRAVENHILL, Guy. Horsley Grange. A sporting story.

2 vols. Chapman and Hall. Geirfith, DURHAN. An Arctic Eden. A tale of Norway.

Skeffington. Paper covers, 18. HATTON, JOSEPH. The Princess Mazaroff: a Romance of

the Day. Hutchinson. 38. 6d. HENNIKER, FLORENCE. Bid me Good-bye. Bentley. HOPE, ANTHONY. Mr. Witt's Widow. A Frivolous Tale.

A. D. Innes and Co., Bedford Street, W.C. 6s. HORNUNG, F. W. Under Two Skies, a collection of stories.

A. and C. Black, HUMPHREYS, JENNETT. Some Little Britons in Brittany:

a Seaside Story. Sampson Low. HUNTINGDON, E. M., and A. The Squire's Nieces. Samp

son Low. LACH-Szirma, Rev. W. Under Other Conditions. A

Tale. A. and C, Black. LINDSAY, LADY. The Philosopher's Window and other

Stories. A. and C. Black. LOVETT-CAMERON, MRs. A Daughter's IIcart. A Norel.

F. V. White. LOWRY, JAMES W. The Doll's Garden Party. Illustrated

by J. B. Clark. The Leadenhall Press. MAARTENS, MAARTEN. A Question of Taste: Novel.

Heinemann, 5s. PHILLPOTTS, EDEN. A Tiger's Cub. Arrowsmith. 38. 6d. Robinson, F. W. A Very Strange Family. Heinemann. SPENCE, EDWARD F. A Freak of Fate: a Novel. Henry

and Co., Bouverie Street. Picture boards, 2s. V. Betsy. Osgood, M.Ilvaine and Co. 38. 6d. VILLARS, P. The Escapes of Casanova and Latude from

Prison, edited, with an introduction. Illustrated Ad

venture Series. Fisher Unwin. 5s. WHITE, Roma. Punchinello's Romance. A. D. Innes,

Bedford Street, Strand. 6s. Wiggin, K. D. Timothy's Quest. Gay and Bird. 38. 6d. WINTER, JOHN STRANGE. Only Human. A Novel. In

2 vols. F. V. White.

28. 6d.

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Fiction. A COVENANT WITH THE DEAD. A Novel. By the author

of “ A Harvest of Weeds." 3 vols. Griffith, Farran.

319. 6d. AÏDÉ, HAMILTON. A Voyage of Discovery: a Novel of

American Society. 2 vols. Osgood, MʻIlvaine, and

Poetry and the Drama. ALFRED, LORD TENNYSOx. The Foresters : Robin Hood

and Maid Marian. Macmillan. 6s. DENNIS, John. The Poetical Works of Sir Walter Scott,

Edited, with memoir, by. In 5 vols. Volume IV.

Aldine Edition. George Bell. DUBOURG, A. W. Angelica : Romantic Drama in Four

Acts. Bentley. Paper covers. FRENCH POETRY FOR CHILDREN. Selected by François

Louis. Sixth edition. Franz Thimm, Brook Street,

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HALL, J. LESSLIE. Beowulf: an Anglo-Saxon epic poem.


Baxos, J. KENDRICK. Tiddledywink Tales. Griffith,

Farran, and Co.
BLACK, WILLIAM. In Silk Attire. New and revised
edition. Sampson Low.

28. 6d.
BIANCH, J. TEMPEST. Our Hands Have Met." 3s, 6d.
COLMORE, G. A Valley of Shadows. 2 vols. Chatto and

CRAWFORD, F. Marion. The Three Fates. 3 vols.

CURTIS, GEORGE WILLIAM. From the Easy Chair. Os-

good, MʻIlvaine, and ('o. 38. 6d.
DAUDET, ALPHONSE. Rose and Ninette: a Story of the

Morals and Manners of the Day. Translated by Mary

J. Serrano. Fisher Unwin.
Doxovan, Dick. In the Grip of the Law. Chatto and


319, 60,

Translated from the Heyne-Socin text by. Heath,

Boston, U.S.A.
KIPLING, RUDYARD. Barrack Room Ballads. Methuen.
Low, C. RATHBONE. Cressy to Tel-el-Kebir. A parrative

poem descriptive of the deeds of the British Army,
Mitchell and ('o., ('raig's Court, S.W.

ROSETTI. DANTE G. Dante and His Circle, with the Italian

poets preceding him (1100-1200-1300). A collection of lyrics translated in the original metres by. A new edition, with preface by W. M. Rosetti. Ellis and

Elvey. 6s. SMITH, G. BARNETT. Illustrated British Ballads-Old and

New. Selected and edited by. Part I. To be com

pleted in 24. Cassell. Paper covers, 7d. STEVENSON, R. L. A Child's Garland of Song, gathered

from a Child's Garden of Verses. Music by Dr. C.

Villiers Stanford. Longmans. Paper covers, 28. Wilson, JAMES H. Zalmoxis, and other Poems. Elliot

THE Works OF HEINRICH HEINE, translated from the

German by C. G. Leland (Hans Breitmann). Volumes
V. and Vi. Germany. Heinemann. 53. each.

HEWITT, Thomas. A Treatise on the Law relating to

Corporation Daty, or the Duty on the Income of the
Propery of Bodies Corporate and Uncorporate.

Butterworth, Fleet Street.
HEYWOOD, Judge. Courts Practice, 1892. Two vols.

25s. Sweet and Maxwell. MACLACHLAN, David. A Treatise on the Law of Merchant

Shipping. Fourth edition. 21. 2s. PATERSON, James. The Intoxicating Liquor Licensing

Acts, 1872, 1874, with introduction, notes, and index.

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English, aud other Diversions. Macmillan. 3s. 6d. RICKARDS, A. G., anil SAUNDERS, R. C. Locus Standi

Reports : Cases decided by the Court of Referees on Private Bills in Parliament during the Sessions 1890 and 1891. (Iu continuation of Rickards and Michael's and Clifford and Rickards's reports.) Butterworth

and Co., Fleet Street. Royal 8vo., 18s. WHITEHEAD, BENJAMIN. Church Law. A concise dic..

tionary of statutes, canons, regulations, and decided cases affecting the clergy and laity. Stevens and Sons.

ios, 6d. Williams, JAMES, B.C.L. Education ; a Manual of

Practical Law. Adam and Charles Black.

Educational. ARNOLD-FORSTER, H. 0. The Laws of Every-day Life,

for the use of schools. Cassell. 28. Ashford, CONSTANCE M. Latin Dialogues for School

Representation. Swann Sonnenschein. ATLAS OF PHYSICAL GEOGRAPHY. New, revised, and

enlarged edition. W. and A. K. Johnston. GAMBARO, PROFESSOR R. Lessons in Commerce: a text

book for students. Revised and edited by James

Gault, of the Middle Temple. Crosby Lockwood. HAY, W. Shorthand Simplified and improved. Swann

Sonnenschein. lloylr, W. T. Mental Arithmetic Problems. Standards

1. to VII. 2d. or 3d. a volume. Answers to the same,

4d. W. H. Allen and Co. Lund, H. “A Practical and Easy Method of Learning the

Danish and Norwegian Languages." Eighth improved edition. Corrected according to the new Danish and

Norwegian orthography. Franz Thimm and Co. 45. REGULATIONS FOR MUSKETRY INSTRUCTION, 1892. Lee

Metford Rifle. Eyre and Spottiswoode. 15. Royal UNIVERSITY OF IRELAND: Examination Papers,

1891. Longmans. SAVILL, STANLEY. The Civil Service Coach. New edition,

revised. Crosby Lockwood. SCHOFIELD, A. T. Physiology for Schools. Cassell.

18. gd. SHALER, N. S. The Story of our Continent, a reader in

the Geography and Geology of North America, for the

use of Schools. E. Arnold. 38. 6d. SWEET, HENRY, M.A. A New English Gramm:ır, Logical

and Historical. Part 1. Introduction, Phonology,

and Accidence. Clarendon Press. 1os. 6d. TATHAM, M. T. Homer for Beginners. Iliad. Book III.

Edited, with introduction and notes, by. Clarendon

Press. 18. 6d. TOLMAN, H. C. A Grammar of the Old Persian Language.

E. Arnold. 45. 6d.

Science. CURTIS, CHARLES E., F.S.I. The Manifestation of Disease

in Forest Trees; the Causes and Remedies. Horace

Cox, the Field Office, Bream's Buildings, E.C. 18. GREENE, PROFESSOR DASCOM. Introduction to Spherical

and Practical Astronomy. E. Arnold. 78. 6d. KNEIPP, SEBASTIAN. My Water Cure, tested for more

than 35 years, and published for the Cure of Diseases and the Preservation of Realth. Translated from the 36th German edition. II. Grevel and Co., 33, King

Street, Covent Garden.
NEUMANN, L. G. A Treatise on the Parasites and Parasitic

Diseases of the Domesticated Animals. Translated
and edited by George Fleming, C.B., LL.D.,
F.R.C.V.S., late principal veterinary surgeon of the
British Army. Baillière, Tindall, and Cox, King William

Street, Strand. 253.
SEMPLE, C. E. A. Elements of Materia Medica and

Therapeutics. Longmans. 1os. 6d. WORMELL, RICHARD, D.Sc. Mensuration, Lectures or

Sound, and Lectures on Light ; elementary text-books for Students. E. Arnold. 18. each.

Parliamentary Papers. Correspondence relating to the Relief of Agricultural

Distress in India in 1891-92 (2d.). Copy of the Report of the Committee on Grants to University Colleges in Great Britain (ıd.). Descriptive List of Standards of Weight and Measure deposited with the Board of Trade and of the Instrumental Equipment of the Standards Office(2d.). Return as to Canals and Navigations under the Railway and Canal Traffic Act, 1888 (id.). Return as to Shipments of Coal, Cinders, &c. (id.). Treasury Minute relating to Army Votes (d.). Report on the " Abyssinia ” Fire (1}d.). Ordinances by the Scottish Universities Commissioners as to the Graduation and Instruction of Women (id.). And as


edition. Simpkin, Marshall. 18. net.


to Assistants and Lecturers (id.). Emigrants’ Information Circulars for Canada, Australasia, and South Africa ; Reports to the Board of Agriculture on the Plague of Field Mice or Voles in the South of Scotland. Telegraphic Correspondence respecting Seal Fishing in Behring Sea during the season of 1892 (2d.). Copy of a Despatch from Her Majesty's Minister at Washington, enclosing a Treaty between Great Britain and the United States for Arbitration concerning the Seal Fisheries in Behring Sea (id.). Minutes of Evidence taken before the Royal Commission on the Redemption of Tithe Rentcharge in England and Wales (18. 6d.). Rule made by the Secretary of State for the Dietaries of the Prisons in England and Wales (bd.). Copies of Reports by the Board of Trade upon the Birmingham Corporation and Swansea Corporation Water Bills (zd. each). Poor Relief, England and Wales, Amount expended during the half-year ended Lady-day, 1891 (3d.). Comparative Statement of Pauperism for January (11d). Rule by the Board of Trade under the Railway and Canal Traffic Act, 1888 (ld.). Statement as to Sales and Leases of Foreshores by the Crown (2 d.). Annual Accounts of the Royal Army Clothing Factory for 1890-91 (9fd.). First Report from the Committee of Public Accounts (2 d.). Irish Land CommissionRules issued in August, 1891 (6d.). Annual Returns of the Volunteer Corps of Great Britain for 1891 (3}d.). Census of Ireland, Part I., Vol. III., Ulster, No. 6, Fermanagh, 6d. Declarations made by Great Britain with Belgium respecting North Sea Fisheries, and with France for the Regulation of the Telephonic Service; Treaty with Spain for the Suppression of the African Slave Trade ; Protocol with Uruguay for the Mutual Extradition of Fugitive Criminals ; Agreement with Tonga as to the Trial of British Subjects, and with Persia as to Telegraphic Communication between Europe and India (zd. each). Agricultural Produce Statistics of Great Britain, 1891 (4d.). Return showing the working of the regulations made in 1886 for carrying out the Prosecution of Offences Acts, 1879 and 1884 (18.). Special Report from the Select Committee on Railway Servants' Hours of Labour, with proceedings of the Committee and minutes of evidence, (18. od.). Further Correspondence respecting the Behring Sea Seal Fisheries (1s. 10}d.). Irish Land Commission, Return of proceedings during January (id.). Report of the Intermediate Education Board for Ireland for 1891 (4d.). Census of Ireland, Part I., Vol. III. Ulster, No. 3, Cavan (6d.). Naval Defence Act, 1889. Accounts, 1890-91 (2.). Return as to Laws or Regulations affecting the Hours of Adult Labour in the Colonies, with particulars as to hours and wages in various industries (7d.). Correspondence respecting Commercial Treaties and Tariffs 43. 3d. Report of Mr. W. Beattie Scott, Inspector of Mines for the South Staffordshire district under the Coal Mines Regulation Act, 1887, the Metalliferous Mines Regulation Acts, 1872 and 1875, and the Slate Mines (Gunpowder) Act, 1882, for the year 1891 (3d.). Census of Ireland, 1891, Part I., area, houses, population, &c.; Vol. II., Province of Munster, No. 6. County and City of Waterford (78.). Memorandum on the Proposed Grant for Higher Education (id.). Diplomatic and Consular Reports : - (1) Russia: Agriculture of the Consular District of Tagaprog (id.). (2) France : The Trade of Bordeaux (2 d.); (3) Austria - Hungary: Vine Culture in Bosnia and Herzegovina (1d.). Accounts relating to Trade and Navigation of the United

Kingdom for March (6d.). Memorandum under the Naval Defence Act, 1889 (d.). Account relating National Debt Annuities (£d.). Seventh Report of the Trade and Treaties Committee, containing Translation of the French Customs Tariff Law of January 11, 1892, showing the duties now leviable under the new General and Minimum Tariffs of 1892 and those leviable under the Conventional Tariff of 1882 (6d.). Ninth Report of the Trade and Treaties Committee, containing Translation of the Tariffs Annexed to the Treaties between Various Central European Powers, with a comparison between the old and the new rates leviable on importations from the United Kingdom (7}d.). Report from the Select Committee on the Plumbers' Registration Bill (1d.). Pauperism (England and Wales) Return (A), Comparative Statement (11d.). Diplomatic and Consular Reports on Trade and Finance (1) United States : the Trade of Baltimore and District in 1891 (19d.); (2) Russia : the Trade of Riga in 1891 (2d.) ; (3) The Netherlands: the Finances of Netherlands-India (1}d.); (4) Paraguay: Finances and General State of the Republic (1 d.). Annual Accounts of the Ordnance Factories for 1890-91, with Report of the Comptroller and Auditor-General thereon (18. 8 d.). Irish Land Commission-Return of Proceedings during February (1d.). Return of Proceedings under the Lord Chancellor's Augmentation Act from February 21, 1890, to February 18, 1892 (d.). Foreign Office Annual Series-Report for 1891 on the Agriculture of the Consular District of New Orleans (iod.). Diplomatic and Consular Reports—(1) Finances of Turkey and the Administration of the Ottoman Public Debt (1 d.); (2) the Foreign Trade of Italy for 1891 (id.). Alien Immigration Return for March. Pier and Harbour Provisional Orders. Monthly List of Parliamentary Papers. Correspondence respecting the Revolution in Chili (28. 3 d.). Further Correspondence respecting the Condition of the Populations in Asiatic Turkey (od.). National Debt (Savings Banks and Friendly Societies) Accounts (2d.). Terms and Conditions of Service in the Army-Minutes of Evidence taken before Committee (5.s. 6d.). Notes exchanged between England and France for the renewal of the Modus Vivendi in Newfoundland (£d.). Reports on the Cultivation of the Spanish Chestnut. Copy of the Annual Report of the Director of the National Gallery to the Treasury for the year 1891. Return of all Loans raised in England chargeable on the Revenues of India, outstanding at the cùmmencement of the halfyear ended March 31, 1892. Return-County Courts Sittings (England and Wales) (13.9 d.). Memorandum on the proposed Grant for Higher Education in Scotland (id.). Government Insurances and Annuities, Accounts made during the year ended December, 1891 (id.) Order of the Board of Trade creating the Milford Haven Sea Fisheries District (id.). Copy of the Report by Major Marindin on the Fatal Accident on October 16 at Weyhill Station, on the Midland and South-Western Junction Railway, and upon the Hours of Duty of the Company's Servants (3 d.). Report of Board of Trade Inquiry into Complaints against the Great Northern (Ireland) Railway (ld.). Return, Railways, Trains Passing over Single Lines (jd.). Return as to Agrarian Offences in Ireland in 1891 (1}d.). Board of Trade Order creating the Devon Sea Fisheries District (1d.). Report on Mines in West Scotland District (No. 2) for 1891 (9 d.). Foreign Office Annual Series--Report on the Financial Condition of the Argentine Republic (6d.)-Eyre and Spottiswoode.

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