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Lands held by Whereas the said A. B. and C. D. by vir 1900, as Tenants tue of one Indenture of Leafe, bearing in Common,

Dare; oe made and granted by, duci do hold and enjoy a Messuage or Tenement, and divers Lands, with the Appurtenances in, &c. aforesaid, for the Remainder of a Term of, &c. Years, as Tenants in Common. * di.

SP Lands defcen- Whereas the said A. B. was in his Lifededin-Fer, &c. tüne seized in Fee, or some other Estate of

Inheritance, of and in all that Meffuage or Tenement, duco with the Appurtenances, lying and being in, etc. which said Mef. suage and Premisses, with the Appurtenances, by the Death of the said A. B. are descended and come unto che said E. Wife of the said T. C. as fole Daughter and Heir of the said A. B.

Asi Seized in De. Whereas the faid A. B. in his Life-time, mefue. and at the time of his Decease, was seized

in his Demefne as of Fee Simple, of and in all that Messuage, dui. ficuate, doc. with the Appurtenances; and of and in diversi other Lands, Tenements and Heredita ments, within, &c. And of and in the Rents, Reversions and Services of all and

singular the faid Premiffes. 3.11 A Marriage,

Whereas a Marriage is intended shortly I and Jointure to be had and solemnized, between A. B. 30. be made of Son and Heir - Apparent of the said T. B. Lands

and the faid E. c. and upon the Contra& of the said Marriage, it is agreed, That the said E. c. Thall after the Decease of the said AB. if she shall happen to furvive him, be provided of a competent Income and Maintenance, in lieu and recompence of her

.5")*70 l Jointure

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Jointure and Dower, of land in the Lands, I

Tenements, and Hereditaments, whereoft : et M.**
the said A. B. fhall hereafter happen to be
seized during the Coverture between him
and the said ..C.SI,

Whereas a Marriage is intended shortly to AMarriage inbe had and solemnized between the said Sended, and A. B. and C. D. upon which said Marriage fled to a Fera

Hesband intia he the said A. B. will be entitled to, and is reme. to receive of and from the said T. D. the Sum of sool. or the value thereof, as and for the Marriage-Portion of the faid C. De : 3

Whereas a Marriage is intended fhortly The same in to be had and folemnized between the above Bond. named A. B. and C. D. Daughter of their above bound T. D. and 'in cafe the same takes Effe&t, the said T. D. is to pay to the said A. Bi the Sum of sool. 'as and for a cat. bavi Marriage-Portion with the faid c. his said Daughter, on certain Days or I imes now to come.

Whereas a Marriage is intended (by Another, with God's Permiflion) fhortly to be had and Recital of in. foleminized between the above bound A. B. Sended Settleand E. C. Daughter of the above named ment of Money, T. C. with whom the faid A. B. is to receive Childrex.. as' a' Marriage-Portion, the Sum of sool.

si in Money, or the value thereof in Goods, or other Effe&ts. And in Consideration of the said Marriage and Marriage-Portion, he the faid A. B. hath agreed to leave to the said E. C. and her Children to be by him begotten, the Sum of sook to be paid and applied in manner herein-after meno tioned.

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Recital of being Whereas the said A. B. uponi án Accompt indebted to * now made up between him and the faid C.D. Person, on mar stands justly indebted unto him the

said C.D. king aSecuriry.

in the Sum of 300 l, for Balance of the same Accompt, over and besides all Money by him received, or to him secured by any other Security already made or given to

him. Indebted by Whereas the said A. Bu stands, justly inMortgage. debted to the said.C. D. in the Sum of 1ooo l.

Principal Money, secured by one Indenture, bearing Date, &c. and made between the said A. B. of the one Part; and the said C. D. of the other Parts and payable at the End of lix Months, from the Date thereof,

with lawful Interest for the same. Indebted by Whereas the faid A. B. is and standeth Bond, and sp-justly indebted unto the said C. D. in several on ** Accompt Sums of Money, amounting in the whole

to 250l partly upon a Bond entered into by the said A. B. to the said C. D. wich Con: ditions for the Payment of, &c. on, bic. And partly upon an Accompt made up bee tween the said. A. B. and C. D. of and for Goods-fold, and Money paid and laid our

by the faid C.. D. for the said A. B. 1:1, 2:1 Suoms in a Sches Whereas the said A. B. is -and standeth, dule.

indebted unto us severally in the feveral Sums of Money in the Schedule, hereunto annexed, particularly mention'd, and let's down, which Money he is not at prefent: able to pay us, CC) ! !"...

..9 Recital of a Whereas A. B and C. D. by, their Bond,

or Obligationi, bearing Date, & c. are become.bound unto the said T. B. in the penal Sum of sool, for the Payment of the


made up.


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Sum of 250 l. with lawful Interest at certain Days' or Times therein - mention'd, now past.

Whereas A. B. of, &c. in and by one Bond, Bond, wherein or Obligation, bearing even Date 'with another joined these Presents, is become bound with the « Surety. said C. D. as his Surety unto T. L. of, c. in the penal Sum of, &c. with Conditions there under written, to be void on Payment to the said T. L. of the Sum of, dc. on, &c. next coming, as by the said Bond may appear.

Whereas A. B. of, &c. and C. D. of, dcWhere. Serveral in and by one Bond or Obligation, bearing are bound Date, &c. became jointly and severally bound to E. F. of, dc. in the penal Sum of, cc. conditioned for the Payment of, &c. and Interest at a Day long since past, as by the said Bond, and Condition thereof, may appear.!

Whereas A. B. of, &c. by his Writing Recital of . Obligatory, under his Hand and Seal, bea- Bord to perring Date, &c. which was in the Year of form Coveour Lord, doc. became and yet ftandech Bents, bound to the said C. D. in the penal Sum of 300 l. with Condition there under written, for the observing, performing, fulfilling, and keeping by him the said A. B. his Heirs, Executors, Administrators, and Assigns, of all and singular the Covenants, Conditions, Claufes, Articles and Agreements, comprized in one Indenturë of Leafe, bearing even Date with the same Obligation; fand in the fame Condition mentioned to 2012 apyt be made between the faid A.B. of the one and 1. Part, and the faid C. D. of the other. Part )


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which on the part and behalf of him the faid A. B. his Heirs, Executors, Administrators and Alligns, or any of them, were, or ought to be observed, performed, fulfilled and kept, according to the crue intent and meaning of the same Indenture in the said reciced Condition mentioned; as in and by the said recited Obligation, and the Condition thereof, more fully and at

large it dotli and may appear. Recital of a

Whereas the said. A. B. in and by one Bond to apply Bond or Obligation, bearing Date, &-c. be: nefes in Man came bound unto the said C. D. in the penal riage Articles. Sum of soo la conditioned for the Payment

of 250 l. with usual Interest, unto the said C. D. in and upon, doc. next ensuing the Date thereof; to be applied and disposed to, for and upon such Ends, Intents, Trusts, and Purposes, as were agreed and declared in and by certain Articles of Agreement, bedring Date, &c. then last past; and made between, &c. as by the said Obligation, and the Condition chereof, may more fully

appear. Recital of a Whereas A. B. and C. D. both of, orci Statute-Staple. Merchant-Taylors, in and by one Recog.

nizance, in the Nature of a Scatute-Staple, bearing Date, doc. taken and acknowledged before Sir T. P. Knt. Chief Justice of the Court of Commor.Pleas at Westminster, are and stand bound unto E. F. Citizen and Merchant-Taylor of London, in the Sum of 1000 l.

of, doc. Recitplof asta.

Whereas the faid A.B. by one Recognituto-Merchont. Zance, or Writing Obligatory, in nature of à Scature-Merchant, bearing Date, bt.


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