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taken and acknowledged at the Town of Southampton, before C. D. Esq: Mayor of the same Town; and before Ē. L. Erg; alfigned Clerk for the taking of Recognizances for Debts, within the said Town and Borough of, doc. according to the form of Statutes-Merchant, ftandeth bound unto the said T. L, in the Sum of, 6c. payable as by the said Recognizance, or Writing Obligatory, may appear.

Whereas the faid A, B. in and by one another of the Statute-Merchant, bearing Date, oc, and some. acknowledged before C. D. Esq; Mayor of the City of, &c. and Keeper of the greater part of the Seal of the Statutes-Merchant, within the said City; and E. L. Gent. Clerk there, and Keeper of the lefser part of the Seal of the Statutes Merchant there appoin. ted,

is become bound unto the said T. L. in the Sum of gool. payable on, &c. as in and by the said Statute-Merchant more fully may appear.

Whereas heretofore( that is to say) in Recital of a Hillary-Term, in the 12th Year of the Reign Judgment. of our late Soveraign Lady Queen Anne, &c. the said X. by the Name of A, B, in Her then Majefty's Court of Queen's-Bench, Weftminster, did obtain and recover against the said C. D. one Judgment for 1000 l. Debt, besides Costs of Suit, as by the Records of the said Court may appear. Whereas the faid A. B. deceas'd, in his Recitalof

serueLife-time (that is to say ) in Michaelmas- ral Judgments. Term, in the Year of the Reign, &c. did in Her Majefty's Court of Queen's-Bench at Weftminfter, obtain and recover against C. D.


Gent: the several Judgments following, for
che Recovery of the several Sums of Money
herein-after expreffed ; ( that is to say) One
Judgment for sool. Debt, besides Costs of
Suic ; one Judgment for 2001. Debt, besidest
Costs of Suit; and one Judgment for, orc.
as by the Records of the faid Court of

King's-Bench may more fully appear.
Recital of an And whereas afterwards the said A. Bu
Extent and In- sued out an Extent on the

said Recognizance, quifition.

directed to the Sheriff of, &c. bearing Date, dic, whereby the said Sheriff was. commanded that all the Lands and Tenements in his Bailiwick, whereof the said C. D. was at the time of entring into the faid Recognizance, or at any time after, feized, should be inquired into, and the Values ascertain'd, and should cause the same to be delivered to the said A. B. at a reafonable Price and Extent: To hold to him the faid A. B. and his Afligns, as his Freehold, according to the Form of the Statute in that Cafe made and provided, until his said Debt; together with his Damages and Costs, should be fully levied; as by the said

Extent, duly filed, may appear. inquifition. And whereas upon an Inquisition, taken

at, doc. on, &c. it was ( amongft other things ) found that the said C. D. was seized in his Demefne as of Fee, at the time of the entring into the said Recognizance, and at the time of taking the said Inquisition, of and in one Meffuage, doc. with the Appurtenances, ficuate in, &c. then or then late in the Tenure or Occupation of, &c. of the clear yearly Value above Reprizes


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of, &c. And also of and in one Piece or Parcel of Ground in, c. then or then late in the Poffeffion of, &c. Which faid Mefsuage, Lands and Premisses, the faid Sheriff, on the Day of taking the faid Inquisition, caused to be delivered to the said A B. by virtue of the said recited Extent and Inquifition; To hold to the faid A. B. and his Assigns, as his Freehold, according to the Form of the Statute in that case made and provided, until his said Debt and Damages, together with the Costs and Charges, Lhould i 117.% be fully levied.

Whereas the King's Majesty's Commission Recital of a under the Great Seal of Great Britain, Commission of grounded upon the several Statutes made Bankrups. concerning Bankrupts, bearing Date, duca hath been awarded against X. B. of, dec. Merchant, and directed to the faid G. F. T.O. H. F. &c. thereby giving full Power and Authority unto the said Commissioners, or three of them, whereof the faid G. 7. or 1.0. to be one, to execute the fame; as by the said Commission, relation being thereunto had, the fame doth and may more fully appears in

And whereas the said Commissioners having begun to put the said Commission in Execution, upon the Examination of Witnesses, and ocher good Proofs upon Oath before them taken, have found and disco. vered that the faid A. B: 'ac the time, and since he became a Bankrupt, as aforesaid, was pofseffed of, or interested in, or welí intitled to, divers Goods, Wares, Merchandizes, Houshold-stuff, do. mentioned

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in the Schedule indented, hereto annexed.
And whereas the faid Commiffioniers do
further find, that there are divers Debts,
Sum and Sums of Money, due and owing
to the said A. B. and his Eftate, by and from
feveral Persons; the Particulars of which
faid Debes, and the several and respective
Persons Names, that do severally and re-
fpe&tively owe the fame, are also mentioned,
set down, and expressed in the said Sche-

dule hereunto annexed.
Recital of * Whereas the said. A. B. by his Writing,
Letter of Ato under Hand and Seal, or Letter of Actor-
vi ve Rm...ney, bearing Date,


. hath made, constituted and appointed the said C. D. his law. .30ci si ful Attorney, to demand, recover, and re

ceive, in the Name and to the Use of the faid A. B. by all lawful Ways and Means whac. foever, of and from all and every Person and Persons, whom it doth or may concern, all such Rents, and Arrearages of Rents, and Sums of Money, as are due and payable unto the said A. B. for all and every his Messuages, d'c. fituate, &c. with such further Powers and Authorities, as are need ful and convenient for the recovering and receiving the same; as in and by the faid Letter of Attorney more at large may appear. I

:) Recital of an

Whereas the abovebound A. B. by Inden.
Indenture of ture of Apprenticeship, bearing Date, orci
Apprenticeship. hach put himself Apprentice unto, dic with

him to dwell and serve as his Apprentice,
from, &c. unto the full End and Term'of,
&c. from thence next enfuing, and fully

be compleat and ended, as by the fame In-


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denture of Apprenticeship, more at large

Whereas the faid A. B. in and by one Recital of 4
Paper-Writing, or Deed-Poll, bearing Bargain and
Date, &c. did Grant, Bargain and Sell, Sole of Goods.
unco the faid C. D. his Executors, Admi-
nistrators and Assigns, to hold as his and
their own proper Goods for ever, all and
singular the Goods, Implements, and Uten
fils of Houshold, &c. then remaining and
being in a certain Messuage, dc. called, &c.
situate, &c. and particularly mention'd in
the Schedule annexed to the said Deed-Poll;
and also the Schedule annexed to these Pre.
sents, as may appear.

Whereas A. B. late of, &c. Esq; deceas’d, apore Recital Father of the said A. B. in his Life-time, in of Chatsele and by one Indenture, bearing Date, bc. Lenfe. for the Confiderations therein mention's, did Demise, Grant and to Farm letun. to C. D. of, &c. all that Messuage, &-c. situs ate, &c. with the Appurtenances: To hold to the said C. D. for the Term of 99 Years, if, doc. or any of either of them, should happen so long to live. Whereas A. B. of, doc. Esq; by his

Inden- Another of the ture of Lease, bearing Date, &c. for the same. Considerations therein mention'd, hach demised and granted unto the said C. D. his Executors, Administrators and Alligns, all that Messuage, dic. To hold from the Day of the Date of the said Indenture, for and during and unto the full End' and Term 'of 99 Years, if he the said C. D. &c. or any or either of them, shall so long live; at and under che yearly Rent of, &c. as in



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