A General History of Scotland: From the Earliest Accounts to the Present Time, Volumen8


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Página 208 - After our hearty commendations ; we find by speech lately uttered by her Majesty, that she doth note in you both a lack of that care and zeal for her service, that she looketh for at your hands ; in that you have not in all this time (of yourselves without other provocation) found out some way to shorten the [life of *] that Queen ; considering the great peril she is hourly subject to, so long as the said Queen shall live.
Página 227 - Paris) at the time of his execution, took it upon his death, as he fhould anfwer before God, that he never carried any fuch letter, nor that the queen was participant, nor of council in the caufef...
Página 194 - June, in the twenty-seventh year of her majesty's reign, and before the date of the commission, divers matters have been compassed and imagined within this realm of England by Anthony Babington and others, with the privity of the said Mary, pretending a title to the crown of this realm of England, tending to the hurt, death, and destruction of the royal person of our...
Página 170 - Let repentance take place, and let not the fiend possess her, so as her better part may not be lost, for which I pray, with hands lifted up to Him that may both save and spill. " With my most loving adieu and prayer for thy long life, your most assured and loving sovereign, as thereby by good deserts induced.
Página 219 - Dei about her neck, a crucifix in her hand, a pair of beads at her girdle, with a golden cross at the end of them, a veil of lawn fastened to her...
Página 371 - ... observed, that while they were upon him, his wound, whereof he died, bled not; but incontinent after the taking of them away, the blood gushed out in great abundance, to the great admiration of all the beholders...
Página 375 - Matters or Andrew Henderfons riding to Falkland ; and after Andrews returne from Falkland upon the morrow, howbeit he did fee him booted, yet he knew not that he was come from Falkland. Depones, that my Lord being at dinner when the Mafter came in, the deponer heard my Lord fay to the Mafter, ' Is the King in the Jullic ?' and with that he did rife, and faide,
Página 377 - Majefties chamber. And that my lord directed him to go vp to the gallery to his brother ; and immediately my lord followed vp, and commanded the deponer to bide there with his brother, and to do any thing that he bade him : The deponer inquired at the Maifter, ' What have ye to do, sir ?' The Maifter anfwered, < Ye muft go in heere, and tarry untill I come backe ; for I will take the key with me.
Página 375 - Maiefty came forward with them : and that this conference betwixt the deponer and Andrew Ruthven was in the yard, when my lord was there. And Andrew Ruthven fhewed to the deponer, that Andrew Henderfon was directed by the Maifter, to fhew my lord that his Maieftie was comming.
Página 374 - Latine are my lords owne hand-writing; but he knowee not if the Hebrew characters were written by my lord. Depones further, that when my lord would change his clothes, the deponer would take the characters out of my lords pocket, and would fay to my lord, ' Wherefore ferves thefe ?' And my lord would anfwer, < Can you not let them be ? they do you no evil!.

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