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199501 Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1914, by

CENTRAL LAW JOURNAL COMPANY, In the Office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington.


Who Disobey the Injunction Orders of Its

Courts? By A. H. Robbins, 220.

No. 17. Killing by Influence on


Vo. 1. What Constitutes an Accident Under

the Workmen's Compensation Laws? By

C. P. Berry, 4.

By W. M.

No. 2. Justice of Peace's Court.

Rockel, 23.

No. 3. Purpresture. By W. W. Herron, 40.

No. 4. When an Accident Arises "Out of and

in the Course of the Employment.” Ву

C. P. Berry, 57.

No. 5. The Constitutionality of Ordinances

Passed by Municipal Corporations imposing

Penalties for Offenses Already Deciareu

Punishable by Staie Laws. By F. Beecher,

Alone. By W. A. Coutts, 291.


Judgments Non Obstante Veredicto. By

Axel Teisen, 78.

No. 6. Electric Po

Rights on the Public

Lands. By Chas. E. George, 93.

Action by Depositor for Wrongful Dis-

honor of Check. By Clyde McElmore, yi.

No. 18. Priorities Versus Liens in Bank-

ruptcy. By Jesse L. Hogan, 313.

No. 19. Holding Public Meetings in the

Street. By W. W. Thornton, 327.

No. 20. Who Are "Workmen" Under the

Workmen's Compensation Laws. By C. P.

Berry, 345.

No. 21. Revocation by Foreign Corporation

of Appointment of Agent to Accept Ser-

vice of Process. By N. C. Collier, 364.

No. 22. Liabilities and Duties of Street Rail.

way Companies Where Children are on or

Near Tracks. By Howard C. Joyce, 382.

Solving the Problem of Reform in Legal

Procedure. By A. H. Robbins, 385.

Arguments of Hon. Wm. H. Taft and

Hon. Alton B. Parker in Support of the

American Bar Association's Program for

Reforming Federal Procedure on the Law

Side, 387.


No. 7. The Meaning of “Presence" in Attesta-

tion of Witnesses to a Will. By N. C. Col-

lier, 111.

No. 8. The Negotiable Instruments Law in

the Courts of Louisiana-An Illustration

as to What is Happening in Other States.

By Amasa M. Eaton, 130.

No. 9. Atlanta's New Municipal Court.

W. T. Waters, 147.

Wrecking the Eternal Principles of Jus-

tice. By A. H. Robbins, 151.

No. 10. Requirements as to Notice of Injury


the Workmen's Compensation

Laws. By C. P. Berry, 166.

No. 11. Jury Trials in Contesipt Cases. By

A. E. Cheney, 183.

No. 12. Observations on Reform of the Law

and the Courts. By J. D. Gustin, 200.

No. 13. Shall the United States Government

Through Its Own Officers Institute Pro-

ceedings to Punish for Contempt Parties

No. 23. Legal Ethics-Part 1.-The Source

and Formulation of Ethical Precepts. By

Charles A. Boston, 400.

No. 24. Legal Ethics-Part II.-The Duty of

a Lawyer to the Court. By Charles A. Bos-
ton, 417.

No. 25. The Defense of “Serious and Wilful

Misconduct," Under the Workman's Com-

pensation Laws. By C. P. Berry, 436.

This list includes only those cases comme nted upon editorially or in our Notes of Impor-
tant Decisions, or in full annotated. The abbreviation Ed., indicates editorially--R. D., cases
commented upon in our Notes of Important Decisions, and ann. case, annotated case.

Abby Dodge v. United States (U. S, S. C.) Juris-

diction of State Board in Fixing Rates Be-
tween Two Ports in a State Where Route

is Over the High Seas, Ed. 199.

Alabama G. S. R. Co. v. Knox (Alabama S. C.)

The Ancient Rule that Baggage is Not

Such Unless it Accompanies a Passenger,

Ed. 55.

Alemandrolli v. Arborgast (U. S. D. C.) Statute

of Limitations-Amending Petition to
Capacity in Which Plaintiff Sues in Statu-

tory Action for Death, R. D. 218.
Anderson v. Louisville & N. R. Co. (Ú. s. C. C.

A., 6th Cir.) Federal Employers' Liability
Act-Right of Action in Personal Repre-

sentative, R. D. 290.

Atlantic C. L. R. Co. v. Jones (Alabama C. A.)

Joinder of Causes of Action Arising Under

Federal and State Law, Ed. 91.

Barstow et al. v. City Trust Co. (Massachusetts)

Corporations-Certificates of Stock, ann.,

case, 281.

Beardsley Co. v. Ashdown & Co. (West Virginia

S. C. A.) Custodia Legis Existing Though

Jurisdiction is Non-existent, Ed. 109.

Bethea V. Western Union Telegraph ('o. (S.

Carolina S. C.) Damages-Punitive Dam-

ages, ann. case, 425.
Binns v. Vitagraph Co. (New York C. A.) Pri.

vacy Right to Recover Damages for Viola:

tion of Right of, R. D. 310.

Blackstone v. Everybody's Store (l'. S. (. C. A.,

1st Cir.) Bankruptcy-Jurisdiction in Bank-

ruptcy Dependent l'pon Whether Convey.

ance to Alleged Bankrupt is a Preference,

R. D. 3.

ity for Interest Accruing on Judgment 1

firmed by Appellate Tribunal Though De

yond Amount of Indemnity, Ed. 181,

Christilly Warner (Connecticut S. C. E.)

Comity-Recovery of Penalty in Actior

for Death, R. D. 56.
Commonwealth v. Libbey (Massachusetts) Con-

stitutional Law-Right to Require Adver.
tisements for Labor to State Existence of a

Strike, R. D. 272.
Cook v. Gust (Wisconsin S. C.) Libel and Slan.

der-Privilege Extended According to Cus.

tom in Course of Business, R. D. 344.
Delaware L. & W. R. Co. v. United States (l'.

S. C. C.) Commerce-Inhibition on Inter.
state Railroad Transporting Its Own Com-

modities, R. D. 39.
Derrick v. Wallace (U. S. S. C. A.) Witnesses-

Corroboration, ann, case, 369.
Duckworth V. Apportalis (U. S. D.

C.) Inr:

keeper-Liability to Guest for Assault by

Servant Known to Be Quarrelsome, R. D.


Eberhard v. Northwestern Mutual Life Ins. ('o.

(l'. S. D. (.) Foreign Corporations--Local
Suits Interfering with Internal Manage

ment, R. D. 273.
Echols et al. v. Speake (Alabama) Guardian and

Ward, ann case, 353.
Eytinge & Co., Inc., v. Atlantic Transport Co.

(l'. S. S. C. A.) Bailment- Estoppel, Inn

(ase, 406.

Felton v. So. Flour & Grain Co. (Georgia C. A.)

l'niform Sales Act--Notice of Intention to
Resell on Purchaser's Default, R. D. 39.

Boos v. State (Indiana S. C.) Motion in Arrest

Because of Impossible Future Date in In.
dictment, Ed. 433.

Harley v. City of Malden (U. S. S. C.) Consti-

tutional Law-Taxation of Shares in For-
eign Corporation, R. D. 129.

Liability for Wilful and Malicious injury
to the Property of Another, R. D. 237.

Harris V. Nashville Trust Co. (Tennessee S.

C.) Libelous Statement on the Face of a
Will, Ed. 271.

Kennedy v. Benson (New York S. C. A.) Hus-

band and Wife-Surgical Operation on Wife
not Requested but Passively Accepted, R.
D. 183.

Hartley Inhabitants of Granville (Massa-

chusetts) Rewards—Limitation on Rule
Against Peace Officers Earning Additional
Compensation in Performance of Regular

Duties, R. D. 22.
Helm v. Cincinnati (Kentucky C. A.) The Mean-

ing of "Negligence" in the Federal Em-

ployers' Liability Act, Ed. 109.
Hess v. Methodist Book Concern (New York)

Appeal and Error—Modifying Judgment
by Reducing it Because of Admission of Il-

legal Evidence, R. D. 254.

Hinely v. Gollnick (Minnesota S. C.) Divine Di-

rection to Break Promise of Marriage,

Ed. 37.

Hocking Valley R. Co. v. t'nited States (U. S.

C. C. A., 6th. Cir.) Criminal Law-Right to,
Appeal from Plea of Nolo Contendere, R.

D. 291.

Holden v. McGillicuddy (Massachusetts). High-

ways--Unregistered Automobile, ann. case,


[blocks in formation]

McConnell v. Express Co. (Michigan S. C.) Loss

of Social Enjoyment Arising Out of Breach

of Contract as Special Damages in Con-

templation of Parties, Ed. 325.

Molin v. Wisconsin Land & Lumber Co. (Mich-

igan S. C.) Action-Statutory Duty, ann.

case, 28.

Morris V. State (Arkansas) Libel and Slander

-Charging White Man with Being a Negro,

R. D. 74.

Mutual Life Ins. Co. v. Board Armstrong & Co.

(Virginia S. C. A.) Insurance Insurable In-
terest of a Corporation in Life of Its Of-

ficer, R. D. 218,
National City Bank of New York v. Hotchkiss

(l'. S. S. C.) Two Lessons in Clearance
Loans, Ed. 1.

Oliver Co. v. Louisville Realty Co. (Kentucky

C. A.) Stare Decisis-The Rule Cannot be

Invoked but by a Law Observing Party,

R. D. 93.

Paine Lumber Co. v. Neal (New York) Injunc-

tion by Private Party Against Conspiracy
to Bar the Use and Sale of Non-Union Made

Goods, Ed. 20.
Pangborn v. Buick Motor Co, et al. (New York

C. A.) Suing Master and Servant in Same
Action and Exempting Servant from Liabil-

ity, Ed. 379.

Patsone v. Pennsylvania (U. S. S. C.) Discrimi-

nation Between Citizens and Aliens as to

Enforcement of a State's Game Laws, Ed.


Pennsylvania Mut. Life Ins. Co. V. City of

Philadelphia, (Pa.), Public Use in Exercise

of Right of Eminent Domain



tinguished from Public Utility or Advan:

tage, Ed. 1.

People, ex rel., Van Buren & N. Y, Bill Posting

Co. (New York S. C.) Municipal Corporations

-Bill Boards as Structures Within a Fire

Limits Ordinance, R. D. 237.

People v. Becker (New York C. A.) The Becker

Case as Suggesting Certain Reforms in

Criminal Procedure, Ed. 307.
Peters v. Detroit & M. Ry. Co. (Massachusetts

S. J. C.) Landlord and Tenant-Joint Lia-
bility of Carriers Using a Passenger Sta-

tion in Common, R. D. 111.
Peterson v. Locomotive Engineers Mut. Life

& Accident Assn. (Minnesota S. C.) Acci-
dent Insurance--Visible Marks of Injury,

ann, case, 138.
Powell et al. v. Pangborn et al. (U. S. S. C.

A.) Process-Attending Judicial Proceed-

ings, ann, case, 390.
Rapalee et al. v. John Malmquist & Son et al.

(Iowa S. C.) Good Will-Sale of Business,

ann, case, 210.

Raymond v. Leishman (Pennsylvania s. C.) At-

tachment-Liability of an Ambassador to

Writ as Non-Resident, R. D. 255.

Riley v. Hopkinson (New Jersey Ch.) Usury-

Using Straw Mortgage in Avoidance of

Statute, R. D. 146.

St. Louis I. M. & S. Ry. Co. v. Josephs (Arkansas

S. C.) Carrier-Baggage, ann, case, 263.

Schaeffer v. Schaeffer (New York S. C. A.)

Marriage-Untruthful Protestations of Af-
fection as Ground for Annulment, R. D.

Schenck et al. v. Hirshfeld (California, 2nd D.

C. A.) Gaming-Withdrawal from Stake-

holder, ann. case, 173.

Schloendorf v. The Society of the New York

Hospital (New York C. A.) Hospitals-Non-

Liability for Acts of Physicians and Nurses,

R. D. 326.

John H. Schroeder Wine & Liquor Co. v. Willis

Coal M. Co. (Missouri) The Rule of
Comity Applied in Behalf of Exemption

Laws of a Sister State, Ed. 163.

Smith v. Board of Examiners of Feeble-Minded

(New Jersey S. C.) Constitutional Law

Sterilization, ann. case 117.

Smith v. Smith (Minnesota S. C.) Partnership

-Accounting Under Constructive Service,

R. D. 110.

Southern Coal & Coke Co. v. Randall (Georgia

S. C.) Statute of Frauds-Original Promise,

ann, case, 46.
Southern Ry. Co. v. Grubbs (Virginia) Punitive

Damages-Ratification by Refusal to Dis-

charge an Employe, R. D. 291.

Spellman v. Delano (Missouri) Bailment- -Con-

tributory Negligence by Gratuitous Bailee

Imputable to Bailor, R. D. 345.

State, ex rel., United Rys. Co. V. Reynolds

(Missouri S. C.) Certiorari-Superintending

Jurisdiction of Supreme Court, R. D. 399.

State v. Bird (Missouri S. C.) Guardian and

Ward-Limitation on Appointment by Pro-

bate Court, R. D. 237.
State v. Curry (Maryland C. A.) Municipal Cor-

porations-Ordinance as to Segregation of
Races Unreasonable

Regards Vested

Rights. 2.

State v. O'Kelley and Fitch (Missouri S. C.)

Failure of the Record in a Criminal Case

to Show that Defendant was Arraigned and

Pleaded Not Guilty, Ed. 253.

State v. Seaton (N. Carolina S. C.) Criminal

Law-Presumption of Coercion by Hus-

band Where Crime is Committed by Wife in

His Presence, R. D. 417.

Stix, Baer & Fuller D. G. Co. v. American Piano

Co. (U. S. C. C., 8th Cir.) A Trade Mark in

a Family Name, Ed. 343.

Straus v. American Publishers' Assn. (U. S. S.

C.) Monopoly-Agreements Between Deal-

er's in Copyrighted Books Condemned by

the Sherman Act, R. D. 75.

Tennessee Coal & C. Co. (U. S. S. C.) Courts-

Venue of Transitory Actions, R. D. 380.

Thomas v. Matthieson (U. S. S. C.) Foreign

Corporation-Liability of Stockholder Ac-

cording to Statute Where it Carries on its

Business, R. D. 165.

Thurston v. Fritz (Kansas S. C.) Evidence-Ad-

missibility of Dying Declarations in Other

Than Capital Cases, R. D. 254.

Underwriters at Lloyd's Ins. Co. v. Vicksburg

Traction Co. (Mississippi S. C.) Action-

Splitting Cause of, ann. case, 66.

Union Pacific Ry. Co. v. Belek (U. S. D. C.) Ex-

tradition-Fugitive from Justice May be

Held Reasonable Time Without Warrant, R.

D. 363.

United States v. Burdick & Curtin (U. S. D.

C.) Pardon-- Unaccepted Toll Privilege

Against Incrimination, R. D. 200.

l'nited States v. Regan (U. S. S. C.) Preponder-

ance of Proof in Action for Penalty, Ed.


United States v. Sprague (U. S. D. C.) Meaning

of "Adulteration" in the Pure Food and

Drugs Act, Ed. 91.

United States v. Whitridge (U. S. S. C.) Cor-

poration Tax as Applied to Receivership.

Ed. 19.

Vide Kemple v. Schafer (Iowa) Injunction

Against Roving Chickens, Ed. 19.

W'etopsky V. New Haven Gas Light Co. (Con-

necticut S. C. E.) Statutes of Frauds, ann.

case, 336.

Wheeler v. Ballard (Kansas S. C.) Quieting Ti-

tle-Decree For, ann. case, 224.

Wheeler v. Sohmer (U. S. S. C.) The Presence

in a State of Evidences of Debt as Making

Them Property Subject to Inheritance Tax,

Ed. 361.

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