A Short Account of the Hartford Convention, Taken from Official Documents, and Addressed to the Fair Minded and the Well Disposed: To which is Added an Attested Copy of the Secret Journal of that Body

O. Everett, 1823 - 36 páginas

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Página 11 - The proceedings for Friday, December 10, 1813, for example, show : On motion of Mr. HEMPSTEAD, ******* Resolved, That the Committee on the Judiciary be instructed to inquire into the expediency of making provision, by law, for the appointment of an additional Judge of the Supreme Court, in the Territory of Missouri, exclusively for the District of Arkansas, with leave to report by bill or otherwise.
Página 16 - ... of their territory against the enemy; and a reasonable portion of the taxes, collected within said States, may be paid into the respective treasuries thereof, and appropriated to the payment of the balance due said states, and to the future defence of the same. The amount so paid into the said treasuries to be credited, and the disbursements made as aforesaid to be charged to the United States.
Página 25 - ... the states into the service of the United States ; and the dividing the United States into military districts, with an officer of the army in each thereof, with discretionary authority from the executive of the United States, to call for the militia to be under the command of such officer. The refusal of the executive of the United States to supply, or pay the militia of certain states, called out for their...
Página 13 - The committee entertain a high sense of the wisdom and ability with which this convention have discharged their arduous trust ; and while they maintain the principle of State sovereignty, and of the duties which citizens owe to their respective State governments, they give the most satisfactory proofs of attachment to the Constitution of the United States and to the national Union.
Página 30 - that it is expedient to attempt to make provision for restraining Congress in the exercise of an unlimited power to make new states, and admitting them into the Union.
Página 16 - AD one thousand eight hundred and fifteen, and in the thirtyninth year of the Independence of the United States of America. " By His Excellency the Governor, "ALDEN BRADFORD, " Secretary of the Commonwealth.
Página 13 - Island ; the Counties of Cheshire and Grafton, in the State of New Hampshire; and the County of Windham, in the State of Vermont; Convened at Hartford, in the State of Connecticut, December 15, 1814.
Página 14 - Resolved, That it be and hereby is recommended to the said legislatures, to authorize an immediate, and earnest application to be made to the government of the United States...
Página 23 - Elections, to consist of five members, be chosen by ballot, whose duty shall be to examine and report upon the credentials of the members returned to serve in the convention, and to take into consideration all such matters as shall or may be referred to them, touching returns and elections, and to report their proceedings, with their opinion thereon, to the convention.
Página 30 - States, with a view to some arrangement whereby the States may be enabled to retain a portion of the taxes levied by Congress for the purposes of self-defence, and for the reimbursement of expenses already incurred on account of the United States.

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