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15-25 Whitehall St.

New York

P. B. Vandegrift & Company, Foreign Express. We mere GENERAL EXPRESS TARIFF FROM NEW YORK TO ALL PARTS OF THE WORLD.

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On Pareols, Packages, Bortes, Boles, Ele

When the value of any Merchandise Shipment, including Jewelry Paroels, acceeda 150


additional charge must be made on value

3314317110 18 20 25 30 35 40 45 80 85 | 80 | 08


he GREAT BRITAIX, Liverpool

05 00 80 100 London. All other placu Regland, Scotland, Irelas

70 71 001 and Wales.........

75 80 100/1 21 Boll 753 00/2 25/2 YRANCE, Mavro..


AS! 401
Paris .......


5 3 8012 All other place.....

252 803 758 0018
GERMANY-Hamburg aad Bremen

All other places ...........

dam, Rotterdam and Antwerp

All other places....
SWITZERLAND, an place..
SWEDEN, all placca

85 65 75
ITALY, Genoa

60 70 75 1 251 251 601 0013

153253 All other place .....

70. TS. 85. 85! 001 801 0013 20 2 153
"NPAIN AND PORTUGAL all places... 86/1 001 201 01 soli 76 2003 25 3 80 753 00 3 253 60 3 78

Mediterranean Lalanda-Principal Cities 1 451 501 75 2003 a 50 a 75|3 80 400.454B04 785 00588057
NORTH AFRICA, Ports of Morocco,

Algeria, Tunis Tripoll and Epp
(Alexandria and Cairo).

170375/2002 253 02 00's 3 cols sol col 24 sol 75/300

108 602 0376 80013

80,00 501 55 55 50 5756 06 AFRICA-All Mouthern Ports Cape

Town, Liberia, Cape Colony, Port
Natal ..........
2003 2002 78 a cola 33 0 3 784 00 Bols cossos 78

JAPAN, JAVA, SINGAPORE-Port of a 0 a 2 a 60 a 78 a cofa ss's sols 754 004 so soos ass sols 75 ods

11 2010 2009
OCEANICA-Ports of Australia. New

Zealand, Tasmania and Phipinen, via England (a sa soja 75 008 : 70.00 60 5 203 sss sols to co • 10 .

10 00 10 0 U 0011 100 300 "SOUTH AMERICA-RIO Janeiro, Bue nos Ayers, Monte Video and other Easil

Ports "VALPARAISO, CALLAO, LIMA, SAN 2009 sa soja 75 was so 004 755 356 30 s 756 60


730 T7 TR 800
Wai Coast Ports

14804 104 764 105 cols us to ms estas medaram taruvata rai on In
Colon and Panama....*********...

1 601 651 80 1 90 200 250 303 004 004 04 806 20 d.o.o.80 700.00 380 200 2001 2000
Belize (Honduras), Greytowa (Nicaragua).
Port Limon Costa Rica), and Baran

gailla (Columbia) an East Coast.............. a 50 a 75S 003 253 603 854 355 cos 756 507 257 008 008 3800 1000 1000 W US LS 00 18 3
Pantarenas (Costa Rica), Corinto Nica

ragua), Amapola (Honduras), La Union,
La Libertad, Acrjutla (Salvador), Nad|
Jove de Guatemala and Champerico
(Guatemala), on West Coast .....

s 005 236 605 788 006 406 807 207 008 008 608 809 20'000 10 su uso 1200 1300 1300 13 50 14 00 20 0 0 0 0
Havana and Santiago
4o. & 50 55 60 65 70 20:001 ! ! ! zo

All other points to Cuba.

301 001 101 20 1 801 451 501 75I 86 a 202 02 08 803 od 3
Ports on the Islands of Bahamas,
Caracoa, Hayıl, San Domlago and

1 01 751 902 10 2 212 40' 0 2 953 203 654 00 435 470 500 5

75 85 95 1051151 301 501 753 002 BERMUDA, Hamilton......

50 55 60 66 70 80 100 i 15 i 25 i
•PORTO RICO-San Juan, Ponce

Arecibo, Mayngens.
Ports of AntiRUR, Barbadocs. Gand.
sloupe, Martinique, Montserrat
38 Groix, St. Kiita, SL Lueta, SL
Thomas, St. Vincent, etc...... hi 2!1 soli 501 61 78/1 80 2 0 2 182 35 3 0 2 603 65/2 762 o 3 od 8 15 8 1 8 40 8 601 861 8 TS 830 .00 18
Noti-rom faterior cine add expressage to New York for through rate

Hon.The rate this Tarif Sheet are based upon s cuble fortschre pour pound
All placas means at the railroad station Place parked must have expressage prepaid.
Drafts, bills and are collected in all parts of the world

to each cuble fool. We reserve the right to lacrear ou charge propordoendyshe

the cubical measurement of goods exceed the above bala, Barrels containing apples, poultry, game, oyster, vegetables, four, beef, pork, hams, ,

My goode, such as bicycie, bicycle stans, tres, crared Runne sederha goda :) at special raica

velahe and large bulk, will be changed a one and half or double ries, or the mine Above ale are given as close proximation to govern transient business for large lote

by cubical measurement, which will be furnished an application special rates will be made to regular shippens allra posible competition will be met

the event of relem by the coastanesbippers will save to pay adagol.coonboted Mange Inwa Marea rates and certificates sued ilega Bure of ladins lowed to all part of the world

with the admin 1 Nis is one of the conditions under which the good wooded

probable Goede met be prepaid mert nepplication to all polo menos de

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To or from Europe and other Foreign countries Will be quoted by this Company on receipt of the infor

mation designated below: 1. Number of pieces. 2. Kind of goods. 3. Total number of cubic feet, exactly or approximately. 4. Total weight, exactly or approximately. 5. Whether by fast or slow steamer. 6. Destination vi shipment. 7. Date goods are to be shipped. 8. Amount of Marine Insurance, if wanted. 9. Whether charges are to be prepaid or collect.

CUBIC MEASUREMENT. To ascertain the exact cubical measurement of an article, multiply the length by the width and the product thus obtained by the height, reducing such measurement to inches. EXAMPLE: A box 2 feet 4 inches long, 3 feet 8 inches wide and i foot 7 inches high (reduced to inches) is figured as follows: 24'' or 28" multiplied by 3'5" or 44" is 1,232 inches, multiplied again by 1'7" or 19" gives 23,408 cubic inches, which when divided by the number of cubic inches in 1 cubic foot, or 1,728, gives 13,944– 1,738 cubic feet. Charge for 14 cubic feet.

In ascertaining cubical measurement of boxes, etc., of irregular shapes, or those having projecting parts, it is the rule of the Steamship Companies to exact measurements of the largest side. When measurements, as made by shippers or agents, do not agree with those made by Steamship Companies, the latter will prevail.

THROUGH NEGOTIABLE BILLS OF LADING for bank. ing purposes are issued by us for HEAVY GOODS to all foreign places, with or without Marine Insurance.

RATES ON BONDS, PRECIOUS STONES, Etc., quoted on application.

DRAYAGE. We attend to all kinds of cartage work. Packages called for and delivered from railroad stations, steamship piers, warehouses, etc., in any quantity and on every class of merchandise at the customary rates charged by truckmen generally.

CUSTOM HOUSE ENTRIES promptly attended to on all import shipments.

DRAWBACK COLLECTED on export shipments manufactured in whole or in part from imported materials.

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Chicago, 315 Dearborn St.


Rates of duty are frequently exacted by Collectors in liquidations of entries on duty of merchandise, which the owners or Importers of the merchandise consider erroneous. We make a specialty of these cases, and if there appears to be a good claim we carry the matter before the Board of General Appraisers, and if necessary appeal to the Courts. We make no charge unless Sucessful in obtaining a refund of excessive duties.


Invoice values are advanced by the Appraiser when they aro below wholesale market price at the time of shipment. Import ors may appeal to a General Appraiser, and if dissatisfied with Eile decision, to a board of three General Appraisers. We represent the importer in such cases, and present his claims.


By communicating with us in advance, importers can arrango for the payment of duties at any of the ports of entry in the United States or in the Dominion of Canada.

Nhen goods are consigned to us for importers located at places which are not ports of entry, duty will be paid by us at port of arrival and charged forward against the goods.

Goods may be warehoused or forwarded in bond, without paymunt of duties, either to interior port or export port.

Goods warehoused in United States must have duty paid or exported within three years from date of arrival. whole shipment or any number of packages, but nothing less than a package can be withdrawn at one time.

Either the


We receive and deliver according to instructions goods for Import or Export, but we never purchase for our own account or receive on consignment for sale.

(Note.- Accuracy and precision in customs proceedings are so essential to the interests of importers that the services of a competent broker are usually worth vastly more than the small cost of such services.)

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1. Each package must be fully addressed or have a shipping mark, and the name of the country of origin.

2. Every package for delivery at an interior city must be marked “in bond to

" (Here give name of city.)

3. Make out four invoices if goods are for an interior port; it for a seaboard port, three copies will suffice; if valued over one bundred dollars, have same certified by United States Consol. If under one hundred dollars, the invoice need not be certified. Mail two copies to F. B. Vandegrift & Co., New York.

4. Instruct forwarding agent at point of shipment to consign goods to F. B. Vandegrift & Co., and mail them bill of lading by steamer not later than the one carrying the goods.

6. If goods are for an interior port see that the bill of lading is made out F. B. Vandegrift & Co., New York, in bond to

(Here give name of city.)

6. If invoice and bill of lading do not reach F. B. Vandegrift & Co., New York, by the time the goods do, expensive general order charges may be incurred.

(Note.- Accuracy and precision in customs proceedings are so essential to the interests of importers that the services of a competent broker are usually worth vastly more than the small cost of such services.)

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