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We are the only regularly Appointed
Railroad Custom House Brokers

Delaware, Lackawanna and

Western Railroad Co.
Over Which Operate the Following

Lackawanna Line
Lackawanna Grand Trunk Line

Wabash and Lackawanna Despatch

Lackawanna Transportation Co.
Lackawanna Green Bay Line

Northern Steamship Co.
Minneapolis, St. Paul & Buffalo S. S. Co.
Port Huron & Duluth Steamship Co.

Union Transit Co.
Wabash Lake Line
Detroit & Buffalo Steamboat Co.

Cleveland & Buffalo Transit Co.

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We also operate out of Philadelphia over the Philadelphia & Reading Railway Co., and out of Boston over the Boston & Maine Railroad.

On application, we will quote you rates. Correspondence invited on all questions. Through Bills of Lading issued by our Foreign Agents.


New York, 15-25 Whitehall Street

315 Dearborn Street

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Drawback collected on all exported articles entitled to same, manufactured from imported materials


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7. 8. DRIFT & go.

Foreign Express TO ALL PARTS OF THE WORLD. 15-25 Whitehall St., New York. 315 Dearborn St., Chicago.

Rates on Small Packages of Merchandise from New York.

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Baltimore, Ma..... 25 25 30

City, Mont.. 23 30 451 60
Loston, Mass...... 25 25 30 30
Chicago, Ill....... 25 30 45 50
Columid:8, Ohio... 25 25 40
Qincinnati, Ohie..25 25 40 45
Seveland, Ohio... 25 25 35 40
Denver, Co...... 25 30 45
Des Moines, Iowa. 25 30 45 60
Pedroit, Mich.....25 25 40 45
Galveston, Tex... 25 30 45 60
indianapolis, mma. 25 30 45 50
Kessas City, Mo... 25 30 45 60
Louisville, Ky..... 25 30 45 50
Memphig, Tens... 25 30 45 60
Minnuppsta, Minn. 25 30
Mexico City, Mex. 50 60 901
Nerak, N.I..... 25 25 25

be, Wis... 25 30 45
New Orleans, La.. 25 30 46
Cgden, Utah...... 25 30 45/ 60
Philadelphia, Pa. 25 25 25 30
Omaha, Neb...... 25 30 45
Pittsburgh, Pa....25 25 30 35
Portland, Ore..... 35 40 50
Pocicosr, N.Y... 25 25 30 30
86 Joseph, Mo...:) 25 50 451 60
Et. Innis, Mo..... 25 30 45 55
St. Psul, Mian.... 25 30 45 60
Ealt Lake City, Ut'h 25 30 45 60
Bun Francisco, Cal. 35 40 50 65
Seattle, Wash..... 35 40 50 65
Fopeka, Kan...... 25 30 45
Toronto, Ort...... 24 25 40
Washington, D.C. 25 25 310

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Geaeral Instructions and Information Relatiog to

Shipments to Europe and other Foreign Points


Packages must be carefully packed with regard to contents and distance and in such manner as to facilitate Custom House examination,

While F. B. Vandegrist & Co. will exercise the greatest care, we cannot accept responsibility for damages to goods from careless handling in the Custom House.

Shipments must be legibly addressed in English, and street and number given on packages for cities or large towns.

The name and address of shipper must appear on every package, to

insure reports of refused or undelivered goods. II.-DESCRIPTION OF CONTENTS AND VALUE.-Con

tents and value must be fully marked on each package or an invoice or detailed memorandum of the nature and value of the contents of each package must accompany goods.

Shipper will be held liable for any fines, extra duties or expense in. curred by reason of alleged false or inaccurate representation of what.

soever nature. III.-MARINE INSURANCE.-Shipments for foreign countries are

not insured by F. B. Vandegrift & Co. against losses arising from perils

of the sea, unless Marine Insurance is desired and charged for. IV.-FOREIGN CUSTOM HOUSE CHARGES, dues and other

Governmental expenses are not included in any rates given; they must be guaranteed by shippers. A deposit sufficient to cover these expenses (known or estimated) will be required where absolutely free delivery to

consignce is desired, V.-PREPAYMENT OF CHARGES is compulsory to Spain, Por.

tugal, Africa, China, Japan, the Mediterranean Levant, Central and South America and West Indies, and on samples and packages of nomi

nal value to all points. VI.-LIVE ANIMALS will not be received for shipment to Europe until

after special arrangement has been made with us at New York. VII.-TOBACCO FÖR ENGLAND, IRELAND, SCOTLAND

AND WALES will not be accepted in packages less than eighty Ibs, net; except that samples of tobacco under four lbs., if so marked on face of package and prepaid at double rates, will be taken.

Tobacco must never be packed with other articles for shipment to any



Fresh fruits for Germany.
Gunpowder, oils, Acids, or any other articles of a com-
bustible or an explosive character, or Petroleum, Essential
Oils or other liquids which, by leakage, are liable to cause injury to
other goods.

Medicine for Norway, Sweden, Russia, Franco,
Austria and Hungary.

Roses for Holland.
Plants with roots for France and Germany.

Potatoes to Germany, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, or Austria.

Reprints of Works by English authors of English copyright songs for England.

Packages for Russia unless packed in wooden boxes, otherwise they are liable to seizure as improper importations.

Vegetables and Live and Cat Plants, Bulbs and Roots

to Italy. IX.-Whiskey, Wine, Beer and liquors generally, including any prepa

ration, whether medicinal, toilet or otherwise, in which Alcohol is used, also Tea and Coffee destined to Great Britain and Ireland will not be received unless the exact contents are plainly

marked on face of packages X.-LETTERS must not be enclosed in foreign packages. XI.-BULKY or UNWIELDY PACKAGES will be charged for

at one and a half or double rates, according to size. Bicycles charged double rates, except for quantities of three or more wheels, when special

rates will be furnished upon application to us at New York. XII.-PURCHASES IN EUROPE will be made at regular commission


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