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“Listen! Listen!” cries the little mouse. “I can help you, kind lion.” “What can you do ?” roars the lion. “I can bite your ropes in two,” it says. See the brave little mouse! She has bitten the ropes in two! “ Thank you, little mouse,” says the lion.

“I am glad I was kind to you.”

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A long time ago birds did not build nests.
Just one bird could build a nest.
That was Magpie. She could build

a fine one.
“How do you make a nest?" asked

the birds.


“This is the way,” said she. “I take

some mud and make a little cake." “I see," said the Thrush, and flew away. Did you ever see a thrush's nest ? It is

just a little cake of mud. Then,” went on Magpie, “I take some

sticks and lay them over the mud.” “I can make a nest, too,” said Blackbird,

and away he flew. Blackbirds to this very day make nests

of mud and sticks. Then Magpie put mud on top of the sticks. “ Ha! Ha!” cried Owl, “I see how you do

it.” And that is the kind of nest

the owl can make.

But Magpie went on. She got some

wool and sticks to line the nest.

The Dove sat by till the last.
But she did not listen.
Take two, Tootsy, take two!” said she.
This made Magpie angry and she cried,
« one, I tell you; just one!”
But the Dove did not listen. She flew

away saying, “Take two, Tootsy,

take two!' I hope you listen to what is said to you.

Monday's child is fair of face,
Tuesday's child is full of grace,
Wednesday's child is full of woe,
Thursday's child has far to go,
Friday's child is loving and giving,
Saturday's child works hard for its living;
And a child that is born on Christmas Day
Is fair and wise, good and gay.


The North Wind makes us cold.

The Sun makes us hot.

The North Wind does not like the Sun. One day the North Wind said, “Let us

see which is the stronger.” “Very well,” said the Sun, “I am sure

I am the stronger. How shall we

do it?" “Let us make that man take off his coat,"

said the North Wind. “Good!” cried the Sun. “See if you can

make him take it off.” The North Wind blew a long, long time. He could not make the man take

off his coat.

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