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He had lost his wife and his dear little

daughter. His daughter Sophy had died in his arms. He had loved her so much that he was

Very sad.

One day he was in a town where there

was a circus.

There was a little girl with the circus,

and she was deaf and dumb. The circus people were not kind to her. Doctor Marigold said he would take her

for his daughter. The circus people were glad to let her go. Doctor Marigold called her Sophy,

for his daughter. Sophy soon found out how kind he was.

While she could not hear what he said,

yet she could understand him. One day he began to teach her to read.

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V-A-N in large letters on the cart. Then he made her understand that

VAN was the name of the cart.

Then he wrote Doctor Marigold on

a card.
He pinned the card on himself.
How funny he looked !
This was a good way to teach Sophy.

She could read very soon.


After a while Sophy became a big

girl. She cooked the meals and kept the van

neat and clean.

She was the happiest girl you ever saw. I can not tell you how happy she made While Sophy was at school Doctor

Doctor Marigold. He sent her to a school for the deaf

and dumb.

She was there for two years.

Marigold got a large yellow van. He made a pretty room in it for Sophy. Then he put in many books. He wrote

one book for her himself. When she came back from school she

knew as much as any one. She could talk with her hands. You may be sure Doctor Marigold could

soon talk with his hands, too. Then what fine times they had! How it pays to be kind!



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Dick Whittington was very poor.
He had no home. His father and mother

had died when he was little. He was often very hungry. Sometimes

he had only one meal a day. Dick was a bright boy. He listened to what people said. In this way he heard many strange things

about London. Some people said the streets were paved

with gold.
Surely he could get food and lodging!
He was soon walking along the road.
It was a long, long way to London.
At last he got there, very tired indeed.

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