To-day in Ireland [by E.E. Crowe].

Charles Knight, 1825 - 921 páginas

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Página 269 - we must flit; let it be the next day ?" " Well be it so," said M c Loughlin; " but one day more I will not wait, for all the powers of Galway or of Connaught!" " Would you marry me by force, Sir ?" said Agatha, getting really alarmed. " By my soul, and that I would !—sure it's always
Página 175 - the ruddy visage of John Bull that declares, in a circular space resembling the puff of a tobacco-pipe, I pay. Now Dick should be the sixth all, next in rank to John, not that he pays for all or any; that, for some reason or other, not being his forte; but this being his superscription,
Página 162 - were not for these, and for the few masts that congregate in her river for the purposes of a scanty commerce, the discovery ships of China, if we can imagine the Celestial Empire to undertake such an enterprise, might visit the bay, without entertaining any suspicion of a city lurking at its extremity. So much
Página 191 - and other heads of cattle. But this was not the fair side of that sweet town, so I must defer my description. Welcome was the sight of the town to Dick, and the ivy-grown ruins that skirt the bridge: they might pass for the remains of an ancient palace, or castle, tenanted by Ollum
Página 232 - Faith, then, since you have not a son, it's full time for you to be thinking o' one, my old boy." " I had a son," replied the host, tragically, prompted at once to frankness and pathos by what he called the factitious youth of Innishowen. " Indeed!" said the astonished courtier.
Página 123 - all present; by the lingering pleas of the lawyer, scrupulous that not an iota in his favour should be slurred over; and by that peculiar look of affected indecision that jurymen assume, as they really approach decision. The young prisoner at the bar became himself extremely .agitated; and he regretted mortally not having disclosed, in time,
Página 121 - G a more sanguinary set, by G—! a thousand times, than the prisoner, who was a mild and gentle youth, and not the worse shot for all that. All knowledge of Murtagh's purposes was of course denied, as well as any intimacy of the kind on the part of the prisoner with
Página 255 - Petition !—is it with a couple of ounces of cold lead in their bodies ?—Besides, who ever heard of a Galwegian seeking redress out of his own county ?" " And suppose yourself, Mr. M c Loughlin, the gentleman supplied with this cold lead ?" " And suppose it again—what properer death can a Galwegian die
Página 183 - passage of the bridge was to be effected, and disguise seemed the only means. " I must invint," said Dick, tapping his forehead in the style of Kean; " Barney, get me a bottle of the mountain-daisy. And as to the coffin, you 'd better leave it where it is, or send it on
Página 67 - ?—how intrude his unlucky and unfortunate presence on the mistress, whom he had deprived of a father?—or how aspire, degraded as he was by prison and suspicions, in addition to his former crimes of poverty and Catholicism, to the hand of a proud and high-born lady ? Then occurred the desperate thought of

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