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2Bodyo practical Divinity,

Consisting of above One Hundred and seventy fix SERMONS



Composed by the Reverend

Adembly of Divines


W E S T M 1 N S T E R.


A Supplement of some SERMONS on several Texts of SCRIPTURE.

To which is added, The ART OF DIVINE CONTENTMENT; Recommended to the Pu

BLISHERS, and never before Printed (except once) in the former EDITIONS of this BOOK, altho' Printed Twenty Times by itself

By THOMAS WATSO N, formerly Minister at St. Sthephens Walbrook, London. Recommended by several Ministers to Masters of Families and others. The FOURTH EDITION, Corrected and Amended. .

H€ B. xii. 4. He being dead yet speaketh.






HISI Cateechetical Lectures of the late Reverend Mr. Thomas Watson, al but one, curitten with his own Hand, I have read over, together with some Sermons annexed

10 them; and fince my Testimony is desired concerning them, I do hereby declare, Tharttho I will not undertake to justify every Expresion or Sentence in them, or in ann Human Writing, yet) I find them in the Main, agreeable to the Doctrinal Articles of the Church of England, and unto the Westminster Alembly's Confesion of Faith and Catechisms: And, I believe, that, tbrough the Blessing of God, they may be profitable unto the Edificetion of all that read them with an honest Desire to know and do the Will of God; for cersairly there are many excellent Things in them, which if they meet with a weú disposed serious Mind, are very apt to have a good Efect upon it, and if it prove otherwise with 'any that bappen to read this Book, it will be their own Fault more than the Book's. Most Writers have different Stiles, and it is well known that Mr. Watson bad one peculiar to timself, which yet bath found good Acceptance, with, and has been usefub unto serious Peopke; and I hope this (by Reason of the great Variety of excellent Matter) may be more generally useful than any other Thing ke ever wrote. I little doubt but every fõber Christian will be of this Mind, after he has read his Lectures on God's Attributes, the. Ten Commardments, Lord's Prayer, &c. I sincerely profess, I have no other End in giving this Testimony of this Book, but thereby to serve the common Good of Christ's Church, and not the private Interest of any Person or Party in the World: If my Conscience did not bear me Witness that this Book may be useful to that excellent End, wo Man Mould ever have prevailed with me, thus to prefix my Testimony and Name to it. Moreover, I do not doubt but every intelligent and candid Reader will consider, that this is a pofthunrous Work, and on that Account wiil make some Allowance for any small Fault that may be in it, as also for che Errors of the Press. That it may answer the main End for which it was first written by the Author, (whom I always took to be a grave, serious, modest, good Man) and fos. which, I kope, it is now published, to wit, the Elification of the Church of Christ in Faith, Holiress and Comfort, is ihe bearig Desire of one of the meanest Servants of our most Blefed LORD JESUS.


E whose Names are subscribed, having seen the Testimony of our worthy Brother,

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to many; as the former Writings of Mr. Thomas Watson have been; and, with that Defire and Hope, we recommend it to Masters of Families and others.

William Bates,

Richard Adams, Mattbew Barker, Richard Steel, Folin Howie,

Samuel Stancliff, Matthew Mead, John Raynolds, Edvard Lawrance, Nathaniel Vincent, Samuel Slater, John Hughes, Richard Mayo,

Matthew Sylvester,

Joseph Read,
Daniel Burgess.
Abraham Hume,
Foseph Cawthorne,
Richard Stretton,
Daniel Williams,

Richard Wavel,
Foln Shower,
Timothy Cruso,
Francis Glascock,
Timothy Rogers,
Nathaniel Old ield.

A short


. A short Account of the Author's Life

and Character.



T is sufficiently known to all that have any Acquaintance with the Histories of the Church, that many valuable and useful Minifters were ejected for Nonconformity, by the Act of Uniformity in the Reign of King Charles II. which took place August 24. 1662. Among others, the Reverend Mr. Thomas Watson was ejected from his Charge at St Stephens Walbrook, London ; whofe Character is given by the Reverend

Dr. Edmond Calamy, in his Abridgements, Vol. 2. p. 37. and is as follows. “ From St. Stephens Walbrook. Mr. Thomas Watson, he was of Emanuel College in Cam" bridge, where he was noted for being an hard Student; one fo well known in the City, viz. « London, for his Piety and Clefulnets, that, tho’ he was fingled out by the Friendly Debate, " he yet carried a general Respect for all over Perfons, along with him to his Grave. A meu inorable Passage, which I have from good Hands, must not be pass’d by; When Mr. Watson “ was in the Pulpit on a Lecture-Day, before the Bartholomeru Adi tonk Place, among « other Hearers, there came in that Reverend and learned! Prelate, Bishop Richardson, « who was so well pleased with his Sermon, but especially with his Prayer after it, that he

followed him Home to give him Thanks, and earnestly defired a Copy of his Prayer : A

las, taid Mr. Watson, that is what I cannot give, for I do not use to pen my Prayers; it was « no studied Thing, but uttered as God enabled me from the Abundance of my Heart and Af« fections, pro re nata. Upon which the good Bishop went away, wondring that any Man « could


in that Manner, ex tempore. After his Ejectment, he continued in the Exercise “ of the Ministry in the City, as Providence gave Opportunity, for many Years: But his « Strength wearing away, he retired into Ejjex, and there died suddenly in his Closet at “ Prayer.

A Catalogue of what Books Mr. Thomas Watson published. HRDE Treatises, 1. The Christian's Charter, A Sermon preached July 2. at the Olave Jury, London. T of . ; : Art of Divine Contentment. 3. A Discourse of The Doctrine of Repentance, useful for those Times. Meditation : To which is added several Sermons Religion our true Intereft; or practical Notes upon preached occafonally.

the third Chapter of Malachy, the 16, 17, and The Beatitudes; or a Díscourse upon Part of Christ's 18 Verfes. famous Sermon on the Mount Whereunto is ad- The Mischief of Sin, it brings a Person low. ded, Chrift's various Fulness; The Preciousness A Divine Cordial ; or, The transcendant Privilege of the Soul; The Soul's Malady and Cure; of those that love God, and are savingly called. The Beauty of Grace; The spiritual Watch; The Holy Eucharift; or the Myftery of the Lord's The heavenly Race; The sacred Anchor; The

Supper, briefly explained. Trees of Righteoufness; The Perfume of Love; A Plea for the Godly; wherein is Thewn the ExThe good Practitioner.

cellency of a righteous Person. The Godly Man's Character.

The Duty of Self-denial briefly opened and urged.
A Word of Comfort to the Church of God, in a Heaven taken by Srorm.
Ee mon

The Saints Delight.
The Crown of Righteousness ; Occasionally. The Privilege of such as love God


LIST of the Subscribers Names



Mr. Henry Barton in Rainow
RS. Anderson Reliet of George An- William Baxter Merchant in Greenock

derfon Merchant in Glasgow. John Bryden Storemafter in Bliekhope

William Auchinclofs Merchant there John Buchanan Weaver in Glasgow half a Dcz. Alexander Allison of Over-Lethem

Thomas Brunton Sen. George Anderson Freeholder in Glantown Thomas Brunton Jun. Merchants in Peebles Whittingham.

James Brunton
David Anderton in Rockshill, Old Monkland James Buchanan Sugar-refiner in Glasgow

John Buchanan Veaver in Glasgow
James Allan Weaver in Dykehead, faid Parish Thomas Barton Gardner there
Thomas Abernethie Tennant in Grotonlie, James Bell of Westerhoute
Lafwede Parith

George Burn in Greenlide, Ingram Parish William Allan Farmer in Carluke

William Burn Merchant in Montelburgh John Anderson in Shields, Govan Parih James Browning in Knowhead, Gawlton Par. John Anderson Cordiner in Peebles

James Brown in Watthall Thomas Archer Tobacconift in Hexam. William Brown Tennant in Dunsyre Mill James Anderson Tennant in South-halls James Brown Mealmaker in Milnholm, CockMatthew Anderson in Martinholm, Evandale


Parish Parish

William Bartram Merchant in Broughton John Allison in Carnduff

John Brotherstones in Weft-maines of wirkurd Thomas Auchinleck in Weft-Priesthill, Muir. Adam Brotherstones there kirk Parish

Andrew Brownlie in Snab, Evandale Parish John Anderson in Craighead

John Buchanan in Dalkeith
James Aitkin Taylor in Biggings

John Brown Farmer in Skiprigg
William Auld Farmer in Cameron, Monkland Robert Brunton Tennant in Cabersttoun

James Blackie Temant in Alhielhield
John Aitkin in Spath

Alexander Baptie Farmer in Peel
James Aitkin Farmer in Greens, Carnwath James Brown Farmer in Old-Monkland

James Bruce Farmer in Morningside
William Anderson in Westdykes, there Thomas Brownlie Farmer in Hartwood, Shotts
William Allan Farmer in Meikle-Yarnock. Parish
Robert Arnot Muleturer of Kinross Mill James Baird in Shieldflatt, New-Monkland P.
William Aitkin Gardner in Glasgow

William Bell Farmer in Newbigging, AppleThomas Anderson Servant in Hollingslie. girth Parish James Allan Servant in Hawkwood.

Robert Burgess in Broombank, said Parish Hugh Aird Schoolmaster, and John Aird Elizabeth Bell in Howdale, Tunnergirth bis Brother

James Brown Farmer in East/hield, Carnwath Robert Adam in Hardhill, Louding par. Parish B

James Black Farmer in Calaw there John Barry Bookseller in Glasgow, a Doz. Matthew Bell Dyfter in Peelswakemiln, AMr. James Bennet of Gaimniebridge.

lington Parish Hugh Braying in Dindonald P. : C:pies


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