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178—Cane sugar, in its natural state, or unmanufactured.......

15% on and after May 1, 1916.....

Canes, bamboo walking; as walking canes, T. D. 27,937.

glass; fusible enamel, T. D. 16,434, 26,637.
sword; swords, T. D. 32,751.
walking, animal integument on a steel core; walking

canes, T. D. 6,600.
containing pipe bowl; smoker's articles, T. D. 3,692.
walking, electric light handles; walkin canes, T. D.

walking, finished or unfinished

30% walking, for whatever purpose used; are walking canes,

T. D. 32,272. 6484 walking, sticks for, of wood, in the rough, or cut into lengths suitable for..

Free. walking, with cigar lighter; walking canes, T. D.

33,088. 210-Canna, bulbs

. $10.00 per 1,000. Cannabis indica, prepared; alcoholic medicinal preparation,

T. D. 24,868.

indica; drug, T. D. 24,868.
Cannetilles; bullions composed in chief value of tinsel wire,

T. D. 25,134.
Cannon, brass, old; article of brass, T. D. 24,549.

bronze, old; article of metal, T. D. 22,019.
Canoe; not household effect, T. D. 30,477.

are personal effects, T. D. 29,464.
Cans, foreign, milk, duty once paid, shipped out to be im-

mediately returned with milk; not dutiable, not an

exportation, T. D. 31,888.
Cantharides; drugs.
Canton flannels; are cotton cloth, T. D. 1,576.
Canvas, cotton; as cotton cloth,

embroidery, jute; double yarns; manufacture of vege

table fiber not provided for, T. D. 14,137.
flax; flax woven fabrics.
flax padding; flax woven fabrics, T. D. 1,714.
flax tow; flax woven fabrics, T. D. 14,056.
jute; jute woven fabrics, T. D. 14,249.
jute padding, plain, single threads; jute woven fab-

rics, T. D. 12,357.
jute, twilled; manufacture of vegetable fiber not pro-

vided for, T. D. 14,249.
pelissier; manufacture of vegetable fiber not provided

for, T. D. 14,249.
Tyne Castle; wall hanging of embossed flax canvas

with layer of paper, flax chief value; manufacture of

flax, T. D. 17,344.
Capadastra; musical instrument, T. D. 8,549.
Capers; natura state, crude vegetable substance, T. D.

packed in salt, manufactured article not provided for,

T. D. 31,496.
pickled or in vinegar, pickles, T. D. 31,496.


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Capers are not vegetables, T. D. 31,215.
Caps; are not bonnets, hats, or hoods, but are wearing ap-

parel, T. D. 10,562. 3464 blasting

.$1.00 per 1,000. 164bottle, metal.

See Bottle caps.
cotton; cotton wearing apparel, T. D. 14,562.
fulminating; as fulminates, T. D. 2,342.

fur; fur wearing apparel, T. D. 22,228. 3464 percussion

rabbit hair; fur wearing apparel, T. D. 10,562.
silk; silk wearing apparel, T. D. 6,044.
Tam O'Shanter, wool; wool knit articles, T. D. 16,954,

wool felt; wool wearing apparel, T. D. 10,860.
wool knit or crocheted; wool knit articles, T. D.

16,954, 16,958.

wool; wool wearing apparel, T. D. 8,506. Capsicene; drug advanced, T. D. 30,048. 235—Capsicum, unground

....1 ct. lb. ground

. 1 ct. lb, and 20% 17—Capsules containing chemicals, drugs, medicinal and similar

substances, whether dutiable or free, not less than.. 25% Car trucks, foreign, on American built cars; dutiable, T. D.

Carafes; are not bottles, T. D. 12,858.
Carat; for pearls and precious stones, is 200 milligrams,

T. D. 33,562.
46—Caraway oil, not containing alcohol.

20% 212— seed

1 ct. lb. 394—Carbazol dyes

Free. 440—Carbide, calcium

Carboleum; acid not provided for, T. D. 22,402.
Carbolineum America; a coal tar oil, not dead oil or creo-

sote oil; coal tar product, T. D. 32,653.
antiseptic; paint, T. D. 26,312.

Avenarius; a coal tar distillate, T. D. 32,751.
Carbolized cotton; as medicinal preparation, T. D. 4,987,

12,644, 22,759. 423_-Carbon, animal

Free. battery rods; manufacture of carbon, T. D. 33,197. bisulphate and bisulphide; chemical compound, T. D.

11,416. 81 brushes

25% 81disks

25% 81— electrodes for electric furnaces, electrolytic and bat

tery purposes, composed wholly or in chief value of

25% gas retort, ground; mineral substance partially manu

factured, T. D. 28,967.
granular; carbon unmanufactured, T. D. 27,384.

is a mineral, T. D. 18,023.
manufactures of, not provided for...

20% marble; coal tar preparation, T. D. 13,571. 81 plates


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82—Carbon pots, porous, for electric batteries ...

15% powdered; manufactured article not provided for, T.

D. 26,837.
slake, ground retort carbon; mineral substance partially

manufactured, T. D. 28,252.

sticks; manufactures of carbon, T. D. 27,281. 19 tetrachloride

1 ct. Ib. 81unmanufactured, not provided for

15% Carbonado; miners' diamonds, T. D. 29,649. 7-Carbonate of ammonia..

34 ct. lb. 10 of barium, precipitated

15% 42of magnesia, precipitated.

142 cts. Ib. 580— of potash

Free. 67of soda, crystal.

18 ct. lb. 615of strontia, mineral

Free. Carbonic acid gas; acid not provided for, T. D. 22,402. 651—Carbonized noils, wool

Free. 651— wool

Free. 82–Carbons for electric lighting, wholly or partly finished, made

entirely from petroleum coke... .....15 cts. per 100 feet. composed chiefly of lampblack or retort carbon..

40 cts. per 100 feet. 82for flaming arc lamps, not provided for...

30% Carboys, foreign, exported filled, and returned empty;

dutiable, T. D. 11,505.

glass. See Glass bottles. 404

of American manufacture exported empty and re-
turned filled with foreign products.

Free. 404

of American manufacture exported filled with Amer-
ican products

Free. 328—Cardboard

25% boxes, other than surface coated paper; manufacture

of paper, T. D. 29,516. 332

cut, die cut, or stamped into designs or shapes, such

as initials, monograms, lace, borders, or other

25% perforated strips of, used in musical instruments;

parts of musical instruments, T. D. 24,803.

sheets, perforated; cardboard, T. D. 24,426. 360—Card cases, leather or parchment, not jewelry.

30% 3564 cases, metal. See jewelry...

60% clothing, if imported with, and proper quantity for a

machine, dutiable with the machine as entirety

even though packed separately, T. D. 28,802. 124

clothing not actually and permanently fitted to and

attached to carding machines or to parts thereof
at the time of importation when manufactured with
round iron or untempered round steel wire..... 10%
when manufactured with tempered round steel wire. 35%
or with plated wire

35% or other than round iron or steel wire.

35% or with felt face

35% or wool face

35% or rubber face cloth containing wool..



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Card clothing; steel pins in wooden strips, are, T. D. 29,119.

games; manufacture of paper, T. D. 31,708.

teeth; articles of wire, T. D. 23,587. 651

waste, wool Cardamom, oil of; essential oil, T. D. 33,377. 595– seeds Cards, celluloid; manufacture of pyroxylin, T. D. 15,127.

drawing, of leather and metal; are not card clothing,

T. D. 30,224.
iron show; article of metal, T. D. 6,141.

lithographic. See Lithographic prints. 831

6104 post, foreign government stamped, bearing no other

printing than the official imprint thereon...
printed; printed matter, T. D. 8,984.
printed with lines only; printed matter, T. D. 4,991.
silk chief value; manufacture of silk, T. D. 7,432.
Sunday school; as lithographic prints, T. D. 12,573.

visiting; printed matter, T. D. 6,925, 32,681.
Carica papaya, powder, if made without alcohol; as drug

advanced, T. D. 23,178, 32,614.
papaya, powder, if made with alcohol; an alcoholic

medicinal preparation, T. D. 32,614.
Carlsbad salt crist; sulphate of sodium, T. D. 27,734.
Carlsbaden salts; mineral salts obtained by evaporation

from a mineral spring, T. D. 9,715.
Caramel, used with coffee; manufactured article not pro-

vided for, T. D. 30,099.
Carmelite ware; enameled earthenware, T. D. 31,683.
Carmel malz, barley malt used to color beer; barley malt,

T. D. 33,271.
Carmelian; a semi precious stone, T. D. 25,525.
Carminamide; chemical compound, T. D. 11,535.
Carmine red; a stain, T. D. 28,833.
Caroid; vegetable pepsin, a medicinal preparation, T. D.

13,581, 17,613.
Carpet, Byzantine; as Brussels carpet, T. D. 6,538.

cork, figured or plain.....
felt; carpeting of wool not provided for, T. D. 21,982.
horsehair and cotton, horsehair chief value; as carpet

in part of cotton, T. D. 13,673.
lining; paper not provided for, T. D. 28,653.
mosaic velvet; as velvet carpet, T. D. 13,803.
patent velvet, for carriage lining; as pile fabric of

wool, T. D. 9,850, 11,345.
plush; as wool carpet not provided for, T. D. 4,720.
shoe and slipper, wool; manufacture of wool, T. D.

table, jute; manufacture of jute, T. D. 14,072.

Weardale; two ply ingrain, T. D. 7,474.
298—Carpets, all-chain Venetian
2734 and carpeting, made of flax, hemp, jute, or other

vegetable iber (except cotton).





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293—Carpets, Aubusson, Axminster, moquette, and chenille,

figured or plain, and all carpets or carpeting of
like character or description..

35% 293 Axminster. See Carpets, Aubusson.

35% broche; as Brussels carpets, T. D. 7,894. 295– Brussels, figured or plain, and all carpets or carpeting of like character or description.

25% 297— Brussels tapestry. See Carpets, tapestry, Brussels... 20% 293chenille. See Carpets, Aubusson....

35% Dranich; as wool carpeting not provided for, T. D.

horsehair and cotton, horsehair chief value; carpets

not provided for, T. D. 13,673.
kalmuc; wool carpets not provided for, T. D. 10,038.
Madras; of jute, and not known as Brussels, as jute

carpet; if known as Brussels, as Brussels carpet; if
with a substantial admixture of cotton, as cotton

carpet, T. D. 7,548.
2934 moquette. See Carpets, Aubusson..

35% 300of every description woven whole for rooms.

50% 302

or carpeting of wool, or cotton, or composed in part
of either of them, not provided for.....

20% 294

Saxony, Wilton, and Tournay velvet, figured or plain,

and all carpets or carpeting of like character or

30% 297 tapestry Brussels, figured or plain, and all carpets or

carpeting of like character or description, printed
on the warp or otherwise..

20% 296tapestry velvet. See Carpets, velvet.

30% 2984 three ply

20% 294 Tournay velvet. See Carpets, Saxony.

30% 298treble ingrain

20% 299 two ply ingrain

20% 2964 velvet and tapestry velvet, figured or plain, printed on

the warp or otherwise, and all carpets or carpeting
of like character or description....

30% 294 velvet, Tournay. See Carpets, Saxony.

30% 2944 Wilton. See Carpets, Saxony.

30% 299wool, Dutch

20% Carriage aprons; waterproofed wool cloth, as wool cloth,

T. D. 13,754.
bolts and steps, combined; article of metal, T. D.

is not personal effects, T. D. 11,021.

not a household effect, T. D. 30,162.
laces. See Laces ...

60% Carriages, and parts; according to material, T. D. 13,354. 212_Carrot seed

3 cts. Ib. Cars, material for repairing foreign; dutiable, T. D. 12,279.

used in traffic between Canada and United States,

free, T. D. 5,093.
Cartage may be a part of dutiable value, T. D. 13,072.

on I. T. goods must be paid by importer, T. D. 16,787.
how and by whom paid, T. D. 18,769, 28,306.

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