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Cartage to public store on merchandise not invoiced to show

contents of each case, must be paid by importer,

T. D. 2,343.
on appraisement packages must be paid by importer,

T. D. 17,569.
Cartmen, licensed, must take oath, T. D. 14,786; will not

be permitted to lease their vehicles to brokers,

importers, or forwarding agents, T. D. 14,876.
Carton pate; papier mache, T. D. 14,561.
Cartons, filled; same rate as merchandise. Sec. III, R.
Cartridge belts, metal chief value; articles of metal, T. D.

shells, empty

15% 346—Cartridges

15% photo films; according to material of chief value,

T. D. 28,361.
391-Carts, in whole or in parts, including repair parts.

Carvene; caraway oil, T. D. 18,144.
Carvol; caraway oil, T. D. 18,144.

Cascarilla bark; drug. 527_Casein

Free. 373—Cases for musical instruments.

35% 360

leather or parchment, not jewelry, permanently fitted

and furnished with traveling, bottle, drinking, din-
ing, luncheon and similar sets..

35% if not so fitted...

30% of all materials regularly used as coverings, pay same

duty as contents. Sec. III, R. Cash boxes, small and cheap; not toys, T. D. 33,511. 441

registers, in whole or in parts, including repair parts.. Free. Cashmere goat hair; as hair of the camel, angora goat,

alpaca, and other like animals, T. D. 23,179. Cashmeres; as wool dress goods, T. D. 8,624. Cashmerettes; wool dress goods, T. D. 25,177.

Cas! carved; are unusual coverings for wine, T. D. 5,346. 171empty

15% 404 - of American manufacture exported empty and returned filled with foreign products..

Free. 404

of American manufacture exported filled with Amer-
ican products

Free. part of American shooks; dutiable, T. D. 16,980. 625—Cassady

Free. Cassava, baked into cakes; is in its crudest form, T. D.

25,443, 33,280. 625--- or cassady

Free. 235-Cassia, cassia buds, and cassia vera, unground.

.1 ct. lb. ground

1 ct. lb. and 20% fistula, drugs.

flowers, pulverized; drug advanced, T. D. 22,653. 46oil, not containing alcohol...

20% saigon; às cassia, T. D. 4,039. Cassie liquid; chemical compound, T. D. 28,910.

631-Cassiterite or black oxide of tin....

When the mines of the United States are producing
1,500 tons of cassiterite and bar, block, and pig tin
per year, the President shall make known this fact
by proclamation, and thereafter a duty of 4 cts. per

pound shall go into effect.
Cassocks; as wearing apparel, T. D. 3,859.

may be regalia, T. D. 7,135.
Castana nuts; chestnuts, nuts not provided for.

Castanets; are not musical instruments, T. D. 2,510, 33,055. 66—Castile soap

10% Casting lines, silkworm gut fishing leaders or snells; fish

ing tackle, T. D. 31,161. 442—Castor

Free. 212beans or seeds, per bushel of 50 lbs..

15 cts, 45– oil

.12 cts. gal. 442—Castoreum

Free. 611-Casts of sculpture for art educational purposes only.

Free. 611— of sculpture for use as models...

Free. Casualty, damage by, under Sec. 2,984, R. S., T. D. 371,

767, 1,653, 2,592, 10,172, 10,195, 3,256, 5,438,

damage by, allowed only on goods in custody of cus-

toms officers, T. D. 13,189.
damage by, bursting of carboy of kirschwasser is not,

T. D. 12,517.
damage by, dampness is not, T. D. 7,835.
damage by, deliquescence of sal-soda causing damage

to tobacco is not, T. D, 17,322.
damage by, freezing is not, T. D. 13,855.
damage by, gnawing of rats and mice is not, T. D.

damage by, heating of fish by natural causes is not,

T. D. 8,296.
damage by, injury by a burglar is not, T. D. 8,539.
damage by, leaky valve on steam pipe is, T. D. 11,137.
damage by, moth in worsted yarn is not, N. Y., Jan.

10, 1890.
damage by, rust on iron is, T. D. 8,272.
damage by, weevil in rice is not, T. D. 3,244.
damage by, wetting by rain is not, T. D. 11,112.

damage by, worm hole in cask is not, T. D. 12,741.
Catalogues, as printed matter, T. D. 16,100.

for free distribution, are dutiable, T. D. 26,802.

lithographic as lithographs, T. D. 17,640. 366—Catgut, manufactures of, including strings for musical instruments, not provided for..

20% 443— unmanufactured

Catheters; according to material, T. D. 28,649.
Cats, for breeding; animals for breeding, T. D. 27,476.

Catsups; sauces of all kinds, T. D. 29,713. 619—Cattle




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Cattle dying while in transit through United States under

transportation and exportation entries; not dutiable,

T. D. 22,465.
dying while in transit through United States under

warehouse and transportation entry or under ware-
house and exportation entry; are dutiable, T. D.

21,956, 22,689.
feed; oat hulls ground and mixed with mill refuse, as

oat hulls, T. D. 25,901.
feed; wheat shorts, manufactured article not

merated, T. D. 26,289. 2884 hair, cloths, not provided for.

25% hair felt; manufactured article not provided for, T. D.

24,510. 348 skin wearing apparel. See Wearing apparel. .

15% spice; medicinal preparation, T. D. 5,370. must be quarantined and examined by a veterinary,

T. D. 10,203. 5034 hair, cleaned or uncleaned, drawn or undrawn, but un. manufactured, not provided for.

Free. 506

hides, raw or uncured, or dry, salted, or pickled. Free. infected; importation of. Sec. IV, H 1, 2, T. D.

24,953, 27,014. 595-Cauliflower seeds

Free Cauliflowers in salt or brine; vegetables in salt or brine,

T. D. 31,141. Caustic potash; hydrate of potash, T. D. 29,644. 67soda

44 ct. lb. 216-Caviar

30% in tins; caviar, T. D. 31,636. 235-Cayenne pepper, unground..

1 ct. lb. ground

1 ct. Ib. and 20% Cedar clapboards; clapboards, T. D. 17,185. 169

commercially known as Spanish cedar, when sawed

into boards, planks, deals, or other forms, and not
provided for

10% for wharves; timber, round, unmanufactured, D.

11,861. 6484 in the log, rough, or hewn only.

Free. 6484 red (Juniperus Virginiana) timber, hewn, sided, squared, or round

Free. 648Spanish; in the log, rough or hewn only...

Free. telephone poles; are peeled or scored for cross arms,

T. D. 31,940, 33,857. 46—Cedrat oil, not containing alcohol..

Celadonite; wrought earth, T. D. 25,462.
Celluloid and paper, printed; articles of collodion, T. D.

boutonnieres; artificial flowers, T. D. 31,956.
cards; articles of collodion, T. D. 15,127.
comb blanks; partly finished articles of collodion, T.

D. 17,839.
crochet needles; crochet needles, T. D. 32,149.
hairpins; articles of collodion, T. D. 17,809.


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Celluloid knitting needles; knitting needles, T. D. 32,149.

pipe stems; smoker's articles, T. D. 27,769. 254 See Collodion.

scrap or waste from sheets of American manufacture;

free, T. D. 26,865.
toilet cases; pocket mirrors, T. D. 13,814.
tooth picks; articles of collodion, T. D. 33,362.

toys; toys, T. D. 26,657.
Celery salt; manufactured article not provided for, T. D.

33,263. 5954 seeds

Cellafine, thin, transparent sheets; as gelatin in sheets by

assimilation, T. D. 33,320.
Cellon; thin, transparent sheets; as gelatin in sheets by

assimilation, T. D. 33,317.
Cellophane, thin, transparent sheet; as gelatin in sheets by

assimilation, T. D. 33,320.
Cells, asphaltum; article composed of mineral substance,

T. D. 12,244.
porous; earthenware composed of a non vitrified ab-

sorbent body, not decorated, T. D. 10,396. 25—Cellulose, and cellulose esters. See Collodion.

pack; wrapping paper not provided for, T. D. 31,595.
thin, transparent sheet; as gelatin in sheets by as-

similation, T. D. 33,320.
watte; article made of absorbent crepe paper, T. D.

Cement, bicycle; manufacture india rubber, as all other

cement, T. D. 19,350.
Brazilian; manufactured article not provided for, T. D.

27,714. 461— copper

Free. dentist's; all other cement, etc., T. D. 23,489.

india rubber; all other cement, etc., T. D. 13,769. 444— hydraulic, other

Free. 744 Keene's

10% lime, for mending crockery; all other cement, T. D.

magnesite, calcined and ground, for lining furnaces;

as all other cement, T. D. 16,851.
74– other, of which gypsum is the component material of
chief value

10% partly or semi hydraulic; as all other cement, T. D.

29,877. 4444 Portland

Free. powder, dental cement; all other cement, T. D. 28,889. 444Roman

Free. Statuettes; article of earth substance, T. D. 14,860. 724 tiles. See Tiles.....

5 ots. sq. ft. 744 white, non-staining Portland

10% Winkelman's fire; as other cement, T. D. 17,837. 744 all other not provided for.

10% Cerates; medicinal preparations. 63-Ceramic fluxes



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72-Ceramic mosaic tiles. See Tiles.

.5 cts. sq. ft. Ceresia or ceresin; fossil wax, as mineral wax, T. D. 6,258. Cerisette; manufactured article not provided for, T. D.

17,566. 445—Cerite

Free. 445.—Cerium

Free. and iron, alloy of; metal unwrought, T. D. 30,754. 445—

oxalate; medicinal preparation, T. D. 25,000.
Certificates, artists', not required when works imported for

exhibition, T. D. 18,700.
foreign customs not required, case of American goods

returned, declaration before U. S. consul sufficient,

T. D. 18,702.
of export may be forwarded on written application in

absence of applicant, T. D. 11,286.
of export of American shooks may be furnished im-

porter, T. D. 14,012.
of export of canned goods in sealed cans may be fur-

nished by officer at frontier port, T. D. 14,431.
of landing domestic merchandise, subject to internal

revenue tax, may be made by steamship agent, T.

D. 13,719.
of landing of goods consigned to an agent may be

made by an agent, T. D. 11,669.
of landing, one may cover several shipments, T. D.

of receipt of I. T. goods should be issued as soon

as goods are received, whether entered or not, T. D.

of stock sent here to be signed; dutiable, T. D. 28,224.
subsidy, of foreign government; are not merchandise,

same as internal revenue stamps, T. D. 8,665.
Certified statements, payments will not be made on, to

parties indebted to the Government, T. D. 8,932. statements must be made for all refunds paid at

ports where there is no naval officer, T. D. 2,715,

statements for refunds on goods under bond, trans-

ferred by original importer, may be made in name

of transferee, T. D. 9,489.
Cerulein; coal tar color, T. D. 15,983.
Cervelat sausage; prepared meat, T. D. 28,351.
Ceylon oil; essential oil, T. D. 33,117.
Chaff, oat; oat hulls, T. D. 16,288.
Chalcedony, manufactures of; manufacture of semi precious

stone, T. D. 28,960. 15-Chalk, billiard

25% 4464 crude, not ground, bolted, precipitated, or otherwise manufactured

Free. 621French, crude and unground.....

Free. 69French, cut, powdered, washed, or pulverized

15% 604 ground or bolted

. 10 ct. Ib.

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