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647—Flour, wood, not provided for..

Free. 595-Flower seeds

Free. 484 waters containing no alcohol, not provided for...... 20% Flowers, acacia, or cassia, pulverized; drug advanced, T. D.

22,653. 544althea, natural or unmanufactured

Free. 347— artificial and ornamental and stems or parts thereof,

of whatever materials composed, and articles com-
posed wholly or in chief value of....

artificial, beads; artificial flowers, T. D. 30,691.
artificial, earthenware; artificial flowers, T. D. 30,585.
artificial, in iron wire baskets; as artificial flowers,

T. D. 6,230.
artificial, material for parts of; according to mate-

rial, T. D. 14,928.
artificial, of soap, unfit for use as soap; as artificial

flowers, T. D. 25,968.
artificial, spangled; artificial flowers, T. D, 28,710.
bleached or dyed; as ornamental flowers, T. D. 33,064.
celluloid; artificial flowers, T. D. 30,382.

crystallized; confectionery, T. D. 30,234. 2104 cut, preserved or fresh...

dried, used for food; vegetables, T, D. 25,526,
enameled silver; is jewelry, T. D. 6,222.
glass; artificial flowers, T. D. 12,702.
Japanese, small artificial, opening when put in water;

toys, T. D. 29,618.
immortelles, bleached or dyed; as ornamental flowers,

T. D. 31,524.
immortelles, natural, dried; cut flowers, preserved, T.

D. 31,524.

lily, edible; as vegetable, T. D. 27,019. 5444 marshmallow, natural or unmanufactured

metal Christmas tree ornaments; toys, T. D. 25,508.
natural, dipped in chemicals to preserve; cut flowers

preserved, T. D. 32,560.
See Drugs.
wax, in glass case; artificial flowers, T. D. 1,651,

127--Flues, iron or steel. See Iron or steel flues..

20% 127

made from plate metal, and corrugated, ribbed, or

otherwise reenforced against collapsing pressure.. 20% Purves ribbed steel boiler; flues reenforced, T. D.

29,007. 274—Flume hose, made in whole or in part of cotton, flax, hemp, ramie, or jute

7 cts. Ib. Fluor spar, ground; as fluor spar, T. D. 32,995. 76– spar

. $1.50 ton. including the weight of the casks or other con

Fluorate of anilin, an anilin salt, T. D. 15,129.
Fluorin, anilin; anilin salt, T. D. 15,129.

chromium; chemical salt, T. D. 13,602.
Fluosilicate of sodium; chemical compound, T. D. 30,382.

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60% 15%


Fluss, gold; imitation precious stone, T. D. 26,555.
Flutes fit only to amuse children; toys, T. D. 1,821.

musical instruments, T. D. 11,562.
Flutes of decorated earthenware; are not toys nor musical

instruments, but decorated earthenware, T. D.

26,875. Flutinas; musical instruments, T. D. 11,353. 358--Flutings, of whatever yarns, threads or filaments composed,

and articles made in whole or in part of...
63—Fluxes, ceramic and glass....
Fly incense; manufactured article not provided for, T. D.

Foamine, extract of horse chestnuts; manufactured article

not provided for, T. D. 26,902.
Fob chains, antimony; jewelry, T. D. 27,163.
Fobs, bone; manufacture of bone, T. D. 32,794.
Foil, metal; article or ware of metal, T. D. 27,318.
Foils and foil blades; as swords and sword blades, T. D.

oeser, color foils; metal chief value; articles of metal,

T. D. 32,333.
Foliage, natural, preserved or prepared; ornamental leaves,

T. D. 30,277.
Fooklen; drugs, T. D. 31,380.
Foot muffs; are not wearing apparel, are dutiable accord-

ing to material of chief value, T. D. 33,761.
muffs or foot warmers; are not wearing apparel, are

dutiable at rate of material of chief value, T. D.


shampoo; is a medicinal preparation, T, D. 31,757. Forceps; may be philosophical apparatus, T. D. 8,605. Foreign articles, personal or household effects, duty paid;

may be registered and exported and returned free,

T. D. 23,923, 23,951. 610

government stamped post cards bearing no other print

ing than the official imprint thereon....
merchandise, not personal household effects;

dutiable every time imported, Art. 216, Cust. Regs.,
except animals and articles exported for exhibition,

which may be returned free. Act May 18, 1896. 610— postage or revenue stamps; canceled or uncanceled.. Forfeiture does not apply to wearing apparel and personal

effects in which smuggled goods are found, T. D.

does not apply to other articles found in packages

containing liquors which are forfeitable under Sec.

1,955, R. S., T. D. 7,717.
for violations of customs laws applies to goods which

have passed into the possession of an innocent pur

chaser, T. D. 2,863.
of goods liable to deterioration. Sale may be made

within one week, T. D. 7,446.






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Forfeiture of vessel and cargo for violation of navigation laws

it remitted enables importer to enter merchandise on

payment of regular duties, T. D. 3,480.
under Sec. 28, Sub Sec. 9, does not depend upon loss

of duty by the U. S., T. D. 14,497.
when seizure to be made, T. D. 28,328.
Dist. Courts only courts to bring action, T. D. 23,749.
and sale, not a bar to collection of regular and ad-

tional duty, T. D. 23,749.
121–Forgings for axles. See Iron or steel axle forgings..

10% 106iron or steel. See Iron or steel forgings.

12% 130—Forks, finished or unfinished, without handles.

25% with handles

30% 3734 tuning

35% 32—Formaldehyde solution containing not more than 40% of formaldehyde

1 ct. lb. 32-Formaline

1 ct. lb. Forman; alcoholic medicinal preparation, T. D. 25,239. 612—Forms, steel, engraved, for bonds, debentures, stock certificates, negotiable receipts, notes and other securities.

Free. Fossil flour or meal; is tripoli, T. D. 19,980.

meal, mixed with hair and moss; wrought earth, T.

D. 7,290. wax;

mineral wax, T. D. 6,258. 487-Fossils

Foule serge; wool dress goods.
Fountain pen, incomplete, point not attached; is not a

fountain pen, but manufacture of hard rubber, T.

D. 33,373.

pen parts; manufacture of hard rubber, T. D. 32,169. 157 pens

25% Fowl, game, if from a country where they are not found in

a wild state, are poultry, T. D. 28,652. 416—Fowls, land and water, not provided for...

Fox skins, with head; manufacture of fur, T. D. 15,817.

tails, imitation; manufactures of fur, T. D. 22,519.
Foxes, flying; importation prohibited, T. D. 22,309.
Foxglove; drugs.
Frames, gold or silver, set with precious stones; are not

jewelry, T. D. 28,282.
on paintings; invoice description "painting" covers

frame, and its value is included in that of the

painting, T. D. 28,537.
on paintings; not subject to separate duty if entered

under special bond for exhibition, T. D. 28,074.
on paintings or pictures; are subject to a separate

duty from the painting or picture, T. D. 22,060, 32,297.
on pictures, are not works of art, T. D. 33,219.

on pictures or paintings; are not containers, T. D. 33,668. Frankfurter sausage; prepared meat, D. 28,775.

Frankincense, drug, T. D. 10,232. 99-Freestone. See Stone. 614unmanufactured. See Stone

Free, Freezing; is a casualty, T. D. 7,968.

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621—French chalk, crude and unground....

Free. 545—Fresh beef, veal, mutton, lamb, and pork.

Free. Fresnel lenses; as lenses, T. D. 27,669. 345—Friction matches, in boxes of not more than 100 matches..

3 cts. per gross boxes. otherwise than in boxes of not more than 100 matches. See Matches.

38 ct. per 1,000 matches. 72--Friezes, composed wholly or in chief value of earthenware tiles or tiling

Frillings; are rufflings, T. 16,567.
Fringe; is not lace, T. D. 15,472.
Fringes; are not included in the measurement of fabrics or

articles, T. D. 18,979, 25,195.
ball; are trimmings, T. D. 12,553.
glass beads; bead articles, T. D. 30,802.

metal; articles of tinsel wire, T. D. 6,149.
Fringes on floor mattings of straw, etc., not included in

measurement, T. D. 18,979, 25,195.
Frizzes, human hair; manufacture of human hair, T. D.

Frog skins, tanned; manufactured article not provided for,

T. D. 28,141.
legs, dressed; unmanufactured article not provided for,

T. D. 26,190. 63—-Frostings

15% Fruit, artificial; articles to be dutiable as, must simulate

natural, and not be a crude representation, T. D.

artificial, glass Christmas tree ornaments; toys, T. D.

artificial, pincushions or needle sharpeners; dutiable

according to material, 30,048.

bats; importation prohibited, T. D. 22,309. 172

boxes, containing. If the thin wood sides, tops, and

bottoms are of the growth and manufacture of the
United States

See Oranges, boxes, etc.
boxes representing natural; as artificial fruit, T. D.

butter; fruit preserved in its own juice, T. D. 25,174.
candy, Chinese; comfits, T. D. 33,560.
chow chow; sweetmeats, T. D. 30,123.
condemned by health board; no allowance on fruit

received by importer and then condemned, T. D.

T. D. 32,531.
condemned by health board, within 10 days; allow-

ance for, even though not destroyed within that

time, T. D. 32,270.
condemned by health officer, importer must notify

collector in writing within 24 hours after con

demnation, to procure allowance. Sec. III, Par. X.
cooked in water, without sugar; is fruit prepared, not

fruit preserved, T. D. 27,795.
cooked whole with sugar; is fruit preserved, T. D.


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Fruit cooked without sugar, in hermetically sealed tins;

fruit preserved in its own juice, T. D. 31,832.
crushed; fruit preserved in its own juice, T. D. 32,565.
decayed; no allowance without examination, T. D.

(except lemons in cases) decayed on voyage of impor-

tation, importer must apply in writing to collector
for allowance within 48 hours, general order time,
after arrival of the vessel, Sec. III, Par. X, T. D.
30,023, but importer may abandon same within ten
days after entry, provided it amounts to 10% of
the value of the contents of any box, package, or
other container, or if in bulk, to 10% or more of
the total value or quantity of the invoice. Sec.

III, Par. X.

drops; confectionery, T. D. 5,562. 46– essences, and combinations of, not provided for, and not containing alcohol

20% 46— ethers, and combinations of, not provided for, and not containing alcohol

glace; fruit preserved, T. D. 28,833.
glass, for bonnet trimming; artificial fruit, T. D.

glass, for Christmas trees; toys, T. D. 31,070.
hermetically sealed; is preserved, T. D. 30,252,

if not entered within 48 hours after arrival of vessel,

treated as unclaimed and sold, T. D. 30,082.
imitation of, soap; artificial fruit, T. D. 26,708.
in a weak solution of salt water; is not in brine, is

preserved, T. D. 29,482, 30,878, 32,631, 33,372.
in bulk, decayed; assess duty on quantity actually de-

livered, treat remainder as non importation, T. D.

in maraschino; fruit preserved in sugar, T. D. 32,540.
in salt; fruits preserved, T. D. 33,304.
in syrup; is preserved in sugar, T. D. 31,322.
jams; sweetmeats, T. D. 31,188.
juice, 35% alcohol; is a cordial, T. D. 28,910.
juice, carbonated; beverage not provided for, containing

not more than 2% alcohol, T. D. 32,031.
juice, concentrated; is fruit juice, T. D. 29,812.

juice, medicated; medicinal preparation, T. D. 6,418. 247

juices, and fruit syrup, not provided for, containing

no alcohol or not more than 18% of alcohol...,70 cts. gal,
if containing more than 18% of alcohol. .70 cts. gal.
and in addition thereto, on the alcohol contained
therein, per proof gal...

$2.07 marmalade; sweetmeats, T. D. 31,188. 553myrobolans

Free. 464

oils, and combinations of, not provided for, and not
containing alcohol

20% perishable; permit for immediate landing and delivery

issued in advance of arrival of importing vessel, on


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