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655—Pictorial paintings on glass, imported expressly for presen-

tation to a national institution or to any State or
municipal corporation or incorporated religious
society, college, or other public institution; but
such exemption shall be subject to such regulations

as the Secretary of the Treasury may prescribe....
Pictures entered for exhibition, frames on are not dutiable,

T. D. 28,074, 33,728.
film, of prize fights prohibited, T. D. 32,754.
frames on, dutiable separately, T. D. 22,060, 32,297.

on glass; articles of glass printed, T. D. 12,105. 653

photographic, brought by professional artists, lec

turers, or scientists, for use temporarily for exhibi

tion, under bond. See Art, works of....
printed, in wooden frames; each dutiable separately,

T. D. 32,297.
with bead frame, beads chief value; as entirety; bead

article, T. D. 31,967.
Piddicks, rattan or reed; reeds manufactured from rattan,

T. D. 9,779, 19,261.
Pie knives; not cutlery, but article of metal, T. D. 31,358.

plant roots for propagation; nursery stock, not pro

vided for, T. D. 30,585.
Pigeons, homing, to be released for fight; as live poultry,

or free as animals brought in temporarily for ex

hibition or competition, T. D. 82,026.

wild, dead, dressed; game birds dressed, T. D. 25,360. 518—Pig iron 53— Pigments, black. See Black pigments.. 56

containing lead. See Lead, pigments. 61

containing zinc. See Zinc, pigments. 63

not provided for 461-Pigs, copper, not manufactured or provided for 1534 lead, on the lead contained therein. 155--- nickel 631

tin in. See Tin.. 163

Pike poles; as hop poles, T. D. 27,348.

Pilchards; fish, T. D. 32,914.
309--Pile fabrics, alpaca, hair, and articles made of.....

fabrics, Angora goat hair, and articles made of.. 257

fabrics, cotton or other vegetable fiber, except flax,

hemp, or ramie, and articles or manufactures of... 2804 fabrics, flax, and articles manufactured from, not pro

vided for. See Flax pile fabrics.... 2804 fabrics, hemp, and articles manufactured from, not

provided for. See Hemp pile fabrics.. 280

fabrics, ramie, and articles manufactured from, not

provided for. See Ramie pile fabrics.. 314

fabrics, silk 288

fabrics, wool, and articles made from. See Wool

plushes 264–Pillow cases, cotton, not embroidered nor in part of lace...

embroidered, for church; may be regalia, T. D. 33,668.

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15% Free. 25% 10% Free. 15%

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40% 50%




Pillow shams, cotton; manufacture of cotton, T. D. 14,157.

shams, cotton net, plain, bound with tape; articles

made from net, T. D. 16,298.
shams, made on Nottingham lace machine, scalloped;

articles scalloped, T. D. 31,866. 265

shams, Nottingham. See Cotton lace window cur

shams, silk; manufacture of silk, T. D. 15,214.

shams, tamboured; articles tamboured, T. D. 17,488.
Pillows, feather; manufacture of feathers not for millinery

purposes, T. D. 22,219 79-Pill tiles. See Earthenware, 17-Pills containing chemicals, drugs, medicinal and similar

substances, whether dutiable or free, not less than. 25%

quinine; pills, T. D. 28,536.
Pilocarpine, muriate or nitrate of; alcoholic medicinal prep-

aration, T. D. 13,058.
Pimento, alcoholic extract of; as spirituous bitters, T. D.

liquid; alcoholic extract; spirituous bitters, T. D.

25,513. 235unground

34 ct. lb. ground

34 ct. lb, and 20% 648

wood sticks, in the rough, or cut into lengths suitable

for sticks for umbrellas, parasols, sunshades, whips,
fishing rods, or walking canes.

Pimenton; paprika with oil; red pepper, T. D. 32,031.
Pimiento; red peppers in tins; prepared vegetables, T. D.

Pincushions; appliqued or lace trimmed; articles appliqued,

or of lace, T. D. 29,464.
artificial fruit; as artificial fruit, T. D. 27,892.
form artificial vegetables; according to material of

chief value, T. D. 27,280.
form fruit, crude; according to material of chief value,

T. D. 30,048.
Pine cones, with nuts or seeds; dutiable as nuts not pro-

vided for, T. D. 31,616; upon total weight of cones

and nuts, T. D. 31,854.
tree seedlings; coniferous evergreen seedlings, T. D.

Pineapple juice, carbonated; non-alcoholic beverage similar

to ginger ale, T. D. 32,031.

juice; fruit juice, T. D. 16,360. 222-Pineapples, in barrels or other packages, per cubic foot of the capacity of the barrels or packages...

6 cts. 222in bulk

$5.00 per 1,000. in packages, decayed; allow on the percentage which

the decayed part bears to the cubical capacity of

the containers, T. D. 32,570.
preserved, containing 15310% or less of sugar,

pineapples preserved in own juice; containing more
than 15310% of sugar, as fruit preserved in sugar,
T. D. 31,467.









217-Pineapples, preserved in their own juice.
Pines, five leafed, from Europe and Asia; importation pro-

hibited, T. D. 33,469.

Isle of; is in Cuba, T. D. 27,523.
Ping pin; a drug, T. D. 31,255.
Pinning, wood, with wire teeth; according to material of

chief value, T. D. 29,442.
Pins, bar; ás jewelry, T. D. 33,536.

base metal and paste, not over 7 marks per gross;

toys, T. D. 31,786.

bone; manufacture of bone, T. D. 32,794. 1584 bonnet, base metal

breast; are jewelry, T. D. 32,572.
celluloid; articles composed of collodion or pyroxylin,

T. D. 16,216.
chatelaine; are jewelry, T. D. 33,536.
collar; are jewelry, T. D. 33,536.

glass headed; are not jewelry, T. D. 10,686. 158— hair, base metal

hair and other; dutiable separately and not as en

tirety, T. D. 31,624.
hair or safety, plated with gold; articles plated with

old, T. D. 32,530.
hair or safety, plated with tin or nickel; articles of

metal, T. D. 32,530.

hair. See Hair pins. 158

hat, base metal
hat; are jewelry, T. D. 33,536.
iron or steel, glass heads; manufacture of glass, T. D.


lace; are commonly known as jewelry, T. N. 33,367. 356

metal. See Jewelry.

rose, celluloid; artificial flowers, T. D. 31,956. 158

safety, base metal
Salvation Army; as jewelry, T. D. 27,729.
sash, rubber; manufacture of rubber, T. D. 32,073.

scarf; are jewelry, T. D. 33,536. 1584 shawl, base metal

souvenir, 242 cents each; are not jewelry, T. D.

stick; are jewelry, T. D. 32,642, 33,536.
upholstery; manufacture of round steel wire, T. D.

veil; are lace pins, are jewelry, T. D. 33,536.
with gold plated heads; articles plated with gold, T.

D. 31,380. 158

with solid heads, without ornamentation, composed

wholly of brass, copper, iron, steel, or other base
metal, not plated with gold or silver, and not

commonly known as jewelry..
Pipe blocks, of briar wood; briar wood, cut into blocks,

T. D. 7,366. 381

bowls, common tobacco made wholly of clay.. 381

bowls, other, of whatever material composed.


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Pipe cases, leather, with or without pipes; smokers' arti-

cles, T. D. 32,111.
1254 cast iron, of every description...

10% clay, cakes for whitening leather; as clay wrought,

T. D. 21,639.
copper and iron; articles of metal, T. D. 4,844.
ferrules, are not smokers' articles, but material for;

articles of metal, T. D. 33,695.

fixtures, of all kinds; smokers' articles, T. D. 9,725. 1534 lead, on the lead contained therein....

25% sewer; article composed of earthy or mineral sub

stance, T. D. 23,765.
stems, clay, broken; articles composed of earthy or

mineral substance, T. D. 17,151.
stems, pieces of rubber for making; manufacture of

rubber, T. D. 32,396.

stems; smokers' articles, T. D. 27,769.
Piperazin; medicinal preparation, T. D. 25,000.
Pipes, all parts of, are smokers' articles, T. D. 27,889.

cane; as pipes other than clay, T. D. 3,692.
“church wardens”; common clay pipes, T. D.

hollow rollers, are not, T. D. 21,656.
clay not chief value; as pipes other than clay, T. D.

common tobacco, made wholly of clay.

25% 147— copper

5% French clay; are not common clay, but other pipes,

T. D. 13,893. 127— iron or steel. See Iron or steel pipes..

20% leather cases for; smokers' articles, T. D. 12,131.

meerschaum; smokers' articles, T. D. 33,368. 381other, of whatever material composed..

50% 3734 pitch

35% Vienna meerschaum; as pipes other than clay, T. D.

wood stem, clay bowl, stem chief value; as pipes

other than common clay, T. D. 26,966.
wood stems, clay bowls, invoiced and packed sep-

arately; are dutiable as entireties, T. D. 26,966.
wood stems, clay bowls, bowls chief value; as other

clay pipes, T. D. 30,165.
Pipettes; manufacture of blown glass, T. D. 31,832.
Piping, india rubber; manufacture of india rubber, T. D.

210—Pips, lily of the valley..

- $1.00 per 1,000. Piquets, grass; ornamental grass, T. D. 30,277.

metal; artificial flowers, T. D. 14,722.
Pistoles in sugar; fruit preserved in sugar, T. D. 4,793.
Pistols may be household effects, T. D. 24,679.

not provided for, are side arms, T. D. 24,261.
1334 whether automatic, magazine, or revolving, or parts
thereof and fittings therefor...

35% Pitch, brown coal tar; as coal tar pitch, T. D. 31,813.




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437—Pitch, Burgundy

coal tar, from brown coal; is coal tar pitch, T. D.

cotton seed; manufactured article not provided for,

T. D. 27,674.
gutta percha; manufactured article not provided for,

T. D. 27,348.

hard; acid not provided for, T. D. 30,335. 452

of coal tar 6264 of wood

palm; manufactured article not provided for, T. D.

6,286. 373

resin or rosin; a mixture of oxidized resin and veg-

etable oils; manufactured article not provided for,

T. D. 29,516.
stearin; manufactured article not provided for, T. D.

Pith hats; wearing apparel, T. D. 4,874.
139-Pit sawg

Pizzles; glue stock, T. D. 2,623.
Plain woven fabrics; meaning of, T. D. 27,632, 31,588,

32,054, 32,488.
335—Plaits, of straw, chip, grass, palm leaf, willow, osier, rattan,

real horse hair, cuba bark, or manila hemp, for
making or ornamenting hats, etc., not bleached,
dyed, colored, or stained......
if bleached, dyed, colored, or stained.

See Braids.
Planit packing; shavings of tin and lead; articles of metal,

T. D. 31,429.
647—Planking, ship, not provided for...
647—Planks, sawed, not further manufactured than sawed, planed,

and tongued and grooved, not provided for.. 169

sawed, of cedar commercially known as Spanish cedar,

lignum vitae, lancewood, ebony, box, granadilla,

mahogany, rosewood, and satinwood..
Plans, architectural, pen and ink; as pen and ink sketches

or drawings, T. D. 27,545.
92—Plano or coquill glasses, ground and polished, wholly or

partly manufactured
Plant quarantine act; if merchandise is rejected under, and

is exported or destroyed, duty on same refunded,

T. D. 33,205.
quarantine act; regulations, T. D. 32,863, 32,935,

33,071, 33,314, 33,356.
211-Plants, commonly known as nursery or greenhouse stock,

not provided for 489

fruit, tropical and semi tropical, for the purpose of

propagation or cultivation

herbaceous; are nursery stock, T. D. 33,325. 577

imported by the Department of Agriculture or the

United States Botanic Garden...

15% 20%








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