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25% Free.

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Pudding, blood; prepared meat, T. D. 32,987. 194-Puddings, by whatever name known, containing chocolate,

nuts, fruit, or confectionery of any kind, and with.

out regard to the component material of chief value.
Puddle ducks, manufacture of wool, are not toys, T. D.

Pueraria roots; Chinese edible vegetable, T. D. 29,664.
Puff boxes, small, gold, worn on chains; jewelry, T. D.

Pulp beer mats; manufactures of pulp, T. D. 29,159.

blue; manufactured article not provided for, T. D.

4,089. 320

board in rolls, not laminated..

flax; as rag pulp, T. D. 31,235. 355

manufactures of, not provided for. 649–

straw, bleached; as manufactured article not provided

for, T. D. 12,356.
wood; from wood cut on Canadian crown lands under

special agreement or grant of Canadian Government
removing all restrictions, not subject to counter-

vailing duty, T. D. 33,707.
wood; invoices of must show sworn statement of

country of origin, T. D. 30,859, 31,286, 31,879.
and such statement or certificate must be filed at

time of entry, T. D. 33,291.
wood; made from wood cut on private and on crown

lands, invoice must show the percentage of each,

T. D. 31,879;
if not so shown, dutiable as if all cut on crown lands,

T. D. 33,244;
but the collector may separate for dutiable purposes,

if capable of separation by testimony, T. D. 33,141.
wood; made in part from wood subject to counter-

vailing duty, if such part can be ascertained, 60
much thereof only, is subject to countervailing duty,

T. D. 31,879.
649_ wood, chemical, unbleached or bleached.
6494 wood, mechanically ground

wood; subject to countervailing duty, if imported from:

Portugal, T. D. 33,684.
Newfoundland, T. D. 31,783.
Finland, T. D. 31,286.
Quebec, Ontario, and New Brunswick, if from wood

cut on crown lands only, T. D. 29,968, 30,045,

30,591, 30,699, 31,772, 31,890, 32,117. 6474 woods, not provided for Pulpit, carved, with wooden statues; manufacture of wood,

T. D. 12,254.

is not regalia, T. D. 11,123. Pulque; manufactured article not provided for, T. D. 20,385. 583—Pulu Pumice stone and clay scouring brick; manufacture of

pumice stone, T. D. 31,589.





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Pumice stone, artificial, or composition; article of earthy or

mineral substance, T. D. 19,354.
stone, filed and shaped for use; pumice stone partly

manufactured, T. D. 31,053.
stone, filed or rolled, to smooth off edges; pumice

stone partly manufactured, T. D. 33,408.
stone, in lumps; pumice stone unmanufactured, T. D.

stone, manufactured and manufactures of, are not

synonymous terms, T. D. 10,927.
stone, powdered; pumice stone partly manufactured,

T. D. 25,538.
754 stone, manufactures of, or of which pumice stone

is the component material of chief value, not pro-
vided for

25% 75 stone, unmanufactured

5% 75stone, wholly or partially manufactured.

14 ct. lb. Pumpkin; cooked in sweet liquid, drained, and dried; comfit,

T. D. 29,974.

shredded, preserved in sugar; comit, T. D. 30,048. Pumps, magnesia; article of earthy or mineral substance,

T. D. 32,094.
Punch, cream; spirituous beverage, T. D. 31,987.
358-Punched work, fabrics or articles of, with threads introduced

after weaving, forming figures or designs, not in-
cluding straight hemstitching, of whatever yarns,
threads, or filaments composed.

60% Punk, an article used as and known as joss stick or joss

light; as joss stick, T. D. 28,805, 29,817.
an article used to light fire works; manufactured article

not provided for, T. D. 28,805, 32,699.
incense powder or sticks, fly incense; manufactured

article not provided for, T. D. 32,699.
Puppy cake; biscuit, T. D. 33,106.
Puree, color; a color not provided for, T. D. 8,705.
Purge trimmings, steel; are not jewelry, T. D. 10,914.
Purses may not be jewelry, T. D. 25,499.

beaded, brass chief value; purses of metal, T. D.


leather; manufacture of leather, T. D. 6,245. 3564 mesh, metal. See Jewelry ...

60% small and cheap, toys, T. D. 30,027. 569—Purple, London

Free. ore, or “blue billy”; residuum of burnt pyrites, T. D.

14,385. 60—Putty

15% powder; a polishing powder, T. D. 18,521.

red; a polishing powder, T. D. 11,246. Putz kalk; chemical mixture, T. D. 12,810.

pomade or paste, preparat for polishing, T. D

pulver; material used for making polishing powder;

wrought earth, T. D. 12,963.
Puzzles, are not necessarily toys, T. D. 30,333.



Pyoktannin; coal tar color, T. D. 13,597.
Pyrethrum; drug, T. D. 23,387.
Pyridin, from bone oil; chemical compound, T. D. 25,972.

from coal tar; coal tar preparation, T. D. 28,910.
518–Pyrites, burnt, dross or residuum from.

or sulphuret of iron in its natural state, containing

in excess of 25% of sulphur. 25-Pyroxylin, articles of. See Collodion. 25

compounds of, or liquid solutions of. See Collodion.


Free. 40%

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Free. 10%


Quads; type, T. D. 13,228.
Quarantine, of animals, T. D. 28,212.

of dogs, T. D. 31,151.
Quarls; fire brick, T. D. 25,581.
72–Quarry tiles
Quartz articles; are manufactures of rock crystal, T. D.

ground; manufactured mineral substance partially man-

ufactured, T. D. 31,616.
Quassia; drug, T. D. 32,455.
624—Quebracho, extract of, not containing alcoho

and not pro-
vided for
Quercitron extract; extract of oak bark used in dyeing, T. D.

404-Quicksilver flasks or bottles of American manufacture...

The flasks, bottles, or other vessels in which quicksilver

is imported shall be subject to the same rate of
duty as they would be subjected to if imported

Quillaya, or soap bark; drug, T. D. 32,767.
Quill feathers; crude feathers, T. D. 30,944.

tooth picks; manufacture of quills, T. D. 30,685.
floats; fishing tackle, T. D. 26,790.
penholders; as penholders, T. D. 13,424.
tooth picks, with metal holders, metal chief value;

articles of metal, T. D. 25,499.

pens; manufactures of quills, T. D. 10,394. 358-Quillings, of whatever yarns, threads or filaments composed,

and articles made in whole or in part of.. Quills, crude; as feathers crude, T. D. 14,738. 368

manufacture of, not provided for 347— of wild birds, either raw or manufactured, except for

scientific or educational purposes, prohibited. Quilts, cotton, in the piece; cotton cloth, T. D. 32,073. 264

cotton, not embroidered or in part of lace.
cotton or silk, and down; according to material of

chief value, T. D. 8,850.

embroidered; as embroidered articles, T. D. 12,426. 347

of down
Quince meat or paste; fruit preserved in its own juice, T. D.





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Quince seeds, non-germinating; drug, or seeds of morbid

growth, T. D. 14,152.
211- stocks, cuttings, or seedlings, 3 years old or less...

$1.00 per 1,000. 217—Quinces, green or ripe, per bushel of 50 lbs.

10 cts. 584—Quinia, and sulphate of

Quinine and urea dehydrochlorate; salt of cinchona bark,

T. D. 32,529.
ether salicylate; salt of cinchona bark, T. D. 29,834.
ethyl carbonate; salt of cinchona bark, T. D. 29,834.

pills; pills, T. D. 28,536.
Quinodin; medicinal preparation, T. D. 2,603.
Quinolin; medicinal preparation, T. D. 25,067.
Quinosol; medicinal preparation, T. D. 20,655.

Quinquinia bardinet or dubonnet; still wine, T. D. 25,554. 470-Quoits

Free. Quotations; as type, T. D. 13,228.


Rabbit fur, undressed, clippings; as furs undressed, T. D.

hair yarn; manufacture of fur, T. D. 11,084.
skin combings; waste, T. D. 27,971.
skins, dressed, cuttings; waste not provided for, T. D.


skins, dressed; fur skins, dressed, T. D. 6,394. 603— skins, undressed

skins, undressed, cuttings; glue stock, T. D. 10,014.
Rabbits, dead; as other game, T. D. 26,330.

dressed; as other game, T. D. 26,330.
hair; hatters' fur, not on the skin, T. D. 13,313.

pickled in vinegar; prepared meat, T. D. 7,244.
Racing shells, brought temporarily into the United States

by non residents, for touring purposes, or for the
purpose of taking part in races or other specific
contests, and not for sale or for sale on approval,
may be imported under six months' bond. Sec. 4,
Par. J, Sub Sec. 4..

Rack chains; not saddlery, articles of metal, T. D. 31,593.

Raddle; unwrought earth, T. D. 11,857. 585_Radioactive substitutes

Free. 212-Radish seed

.3 cts. lb. 585_Radium, and salts of

Raffia braids; as braids, T. D. 24,435.

cloth; manufacture of palm leaf, T. D. 24,435.
crude vegetable fiber, T. D. 15,579.

strips; manufacture of palm leaf, T. D. 32,681. 649—Rag pulp

Free. pulp, in sheets or boards; as rag pulp, T. D. 31,235,

32,093. Rags, must be disinfected, T. D. 22,037. 5864 not otherwise provided for.

Free. 566 used chiefly for paper making.


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Rags, satinet; are not wool, T. D. 25,526. 264

wash, cotton, not embroidered nor in part lace...... 25%

wool, carbonized; is shoddy, T. D. 18,151.
Rail ends, fit only for remanufacture; as scrap steel, T. D.

ends, selected and cut into short pieces; as ingots,

steel, T. D. 9,358.
Rails, old, fit only for remanufacture; as scrap steel, T. D.

5874 flat, iron or steel, punched..

Free. 587T

Railroad crossings, cast steel; as steel, castings, T. D.

tickets, used or unused; printed matter, T. D. 2,965,


10% ties, steel; articles of metal, T. D. 31,180. 587-Railway bars, in part steel.

Free. 587bars, iron or steel...

Free. 108 fish plates, iron or steel.

10% 142tires, iron or steel

20% 142 wheels, iron or steel.

20% switches, articles of metal, T. D. 29,262. Raincoats; wearing apparel, T. D. 33,378. 218-Raisins and other dried grapes.

2 cts. lb. 391–Rakes, horse, in whole or in parts, including repair parts... Free. 284-Ramie, all woven articles, finished or unfinished, of flax,

hemp, ramie, or other vegetable fiber, or of which
these substances or any of them is the component
material of chief value, not provided for..........

35% braids, for hats or otherwise; as braids, T. D. 27,033.

32,560. 271– gill nettings, nets, webs, and seines. See Ramie gill nettings

25% 334hat braids, manufactures of

50% 334hat braids

40% 282

handkerchiefs. See Handkerchiefs, flax. 274— hydraulic or flume hose...

7 cts. lb. 284

manufactures of flax, hemp, ramie or other vegetable

fiber, or of which these substances or any other of
them is the component material of chief value, not
provided for

35% mufflers; wearing apparel, T. D. 10,864.

noils; textile grass not manufactured, T. D. 27,591. 278— or ramie and india rubber, bands, bandings, belts,

beltings, bindings, cords, ribbons, tapes, webs and
webbings, not otherwise provided for...

80% 278 ramie and india rubber wearing apparel...

40% 280_ pile fabrics, whether or not the pile covers the entire

surface, and all articles manufactured from such
fabrics, not provided for..

40% 283

plain woven fabrics, not including articles, finished or

unfinished, or of which ramie is the component
material of chief value...



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