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270-Ramie roving

15% 283shirting cloth

30% 270 sliver

15% strips for making braid; manufacture of ramie, T. D.

32,453. 270


See Flax yarns. 269

threads, twines, or cords, made from yarn not finer
than 5 lea or number..

20% it finer than 5 lea or number..

25% tissue; manufacture of ramie, T. D. 33,758. Ramrods; parts of muzzle loading guns, T. D. 9,869. 595~Rape seeds

Free. 45— Rapeseed oil

6 cts. per gal.
oil; 712 lbs. per gallon, T. D. 9,323.
oil, oxidized, or blown; 8 lbs. per gallon, T. D.

meal; manufactured article not provided for, T. D.

30.099, 33,162.
Rapiers and blades; as swords and blades, T. D. 6,350.
Raspberry cordial; fruit juice, T. D. 31,832.

pulp; fruit preserved in its own juice, T. D. 23,987.
shrub; fruit syrup, T. D. 33.280.
syrup; fruit syrup, T. D. 13,973.

vinegar; fruit juice, T. D. 31,832. 131—Rasps, of all cuts and kinds.

25% Rat virus; manufactured article not provided for, T. D.

28,104. 240_Ratafia, per proof gallon...

$2.60 Rate of duty; fraction of dollar considered in determining,

T. D. 13,483, 32,943.
of duty; value of American shooks not to be added to

value of goods, to determine, T. D. 22,490.
Rats, hair rolls; wearing apparel, T. D. 31,315.
Rattan bags; manufacture of wood, T. D. 31,547.

baskets; wood baskets, T. D. 31,547. 3354 braids, plaits, and laces, for making or ornamenting

hats, etc., not bleached, dyed, colored, or stained.. 15% if bleached, dyed, colored, or stained...

20% See Braids. 335

hats, bonnets, or hoods, wholly or partly manufactured,
but not blocked or trimmed..

if blocked or trimmed, and in chief value of rattan
or such materials

40% See Hats. is wood, not grass, T. D. 31,547. manufactures of; manufactures of wood, T. D. 12,200,

12,948, 16,805, 31,547. 371mats

3 cts. sq. ft. 371matting

.5 cts. sq. yd. piddicks; reeds manufactured from rattans, T. D.


splints; wood unmanufactured, T. D. 12,981. 648

sticks, in the rough, or cut into lengths suitable for

sticks for umbrellas, parasols, sunshades, whips,
fishing rods, or walking canes

Free. 10%


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Rattan, strips of outer cover, split off in process of procuring

reed; rattan unmanufactured, T. D. 32,943.
walking canes; as walking canes, T. D. 12,948.

whipstocks; manufactures of wood, T. D. 16,805. Rattles, children's; toys, T. D. 1,346.

Ravison meal; substance used for manure, T. D. 32,645. 385-Raw or unmanufactured articles, not enumerated

or provided for 600

silk, in skeins reeled from the cocoon, or rereeled, but

not wound, doubled, twisted, or advanced in manu

facture in any way...
Rawhide and metal articles, metal chief value; as articles of

metal, T. D. 29,306.
boots; as manufactured article not provided for, T. D.

29,449, 25,491.
lariats; as hide rope, T. D. 4,751.
is not leather, T. D. 24,946.
manufacture of; manufactured article not provided for,

T. D. 25,491.
slippers; manufactured article not provided for, T. D.

24,946, 25,491.
Ray screens, glass and mica; as optical instruments, T. D.

Razor blades, safety razors, articles of metal, T. D. 32,873.
Razors, corn; are razors, T. D. 30,410.

corn, handles for, as handles for razors, T. D. 30,410.

safety, without blades; as razors, T. D. 33,348. 128

valued not more than $1.00 per doz...
valued at more than $1.00 per doz..
Blades, handles, or other parts of, shall be dutiable

at not less than the rate herein imposed upon the

razors, of which they are parts.
Reappraisements are not allowed unless appeal is taken,

T. D. 11,722.
by local appraisers on retained samples are illegal,

T. D. 6,601, 24,945, 25,128, 25,423, 26,269.
by Board of General Appraisers are final, T. D. 17,704,

may be made without examination of the goods or

certified samples, where no party in interest had
demanded the inspection of the same, and when
they were reasonably accessible for inspection. Sec.

III, Par. M.
cannot be made one year after date of entry, T. D.

17,704, 26,749.
cannot be delayed to suit importer, T. D. 15,649.
delivery of public store packages before completion

of, T. D. 10,355.
General Appraisers need not give reasons for their

action on, T. D. 16,139.
General Appraisers are confined to items covered by

appeal, T. D. 25,336.
Government may demand, T. D. 15,603, 26,749.


35% 55%

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Reappraisements, is not a judicial inquiry to be decided by

preponderance of testimony, T. D. 2,655.
may be ordered after liquidation, T. D. 16,759.
must be decided by Board of General Appraisers,

T. D. 10,217, 11,986, 12,483.
will be made on goods paying specific duties if im-

porter claims they are subject to ad valorem duties,

T. D. 4,232.
verbal request is insufficient, T. D. 16,569.
importer entitled to, even if goods seized, T. D.

14,478, 26,970.
liquidating pending, is void, T. D. 23,723.
only items on invoice which are advanced by ap-

praiser, can be acted on by General Appraiser; if
others are advanced such advance is void, T. D.


regulations, without samples, T. D. 32,781.
391—Reapers, in whole or in parts, including repair parts.
Reciprocal provisions. Sec. IV, Par. A.

provision with Cuba. Sec. IV, Par. B.
Reckoning machine; may be philosophical apparatus, T. D.

Recoil pads, rubber, for guns; manufacture of india rubber,

• T. D. 27,100.
357-Reconstructed pearls and parts thereof.
357— precious stones

Records, master, for phonograph or gramophone; according

to material, T. D. 31,351.
phonograph or gramophone; parts of phonographs or

gramophones, T. D. 32,779.
Red, carmine; a stain, T. D. 28,833.
15— chalk
554 Indian


oil, acid not provided for, T. D. 27,747. 55

Venetian 59—Reds, vermilion, containing quicksilver, dry or ground in

oil or water
594 vermilion, when not containing quicksilver but made

of lead or containing red.
Reed piddicks; reeds manufactured from rattan, T. D.

173—Reeds, chair, wrought or manufactured from rattans or

clarinet, cut into lengths for transportation only;

reeds unmanufactured, T. D. 28,351.
false; articles of coated wire, T. D. 31,708.
for clarionets; parts of musical instruments; T. D.

for whips, 7 millimeters and over in diameter; reeds

unmanufactured, T. D. 22,533.
less 7 millimeters in diameter; reeds unmanufactured,

T. D. 33,362. Appealed, 33,596.

20% 20% 20%

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25% 10% 25%












Reeds, split, and prepared for brooms; as reeds unmanufac-

tured, T. D. 32,943. 648

unmanufactured, in the rough, or cut into lengths

suitable for sticks for umbrellas, parasols, sunshades,

whips, fishing rods, or walking canes....

whip stocks; manufacture of wood, T. D. 16,805. 136—Reels, fishing Refuse, camphor; unmanufactured article not provided for,

T. D. 23,116. 464

cork, of all kinds 153

lead, old, run into blocks and bars, on the lead con

tained therein
Reflectors, enameled steel; hollow ware of steel enameled,

T. D. 30,825.
for Christmas trees; toys, T. D. 3,797.
glass, silvered, etc.; articles of glass silvered, T. D.

611–Regalia, where specially imported in good faith for the use

and by order of any society incorporated or estab-
lished solely for religious, philosophical, educational,
scientific, or literary purposes, or for the encourage-
ment of the fine arts, or for the use and by order
of any college, academy, school, seminary of learn-
ing, orphan asylum, or public hospital in the United
States, or any State or public library, and not for
sale, subject to such regulations as the Secretary
of the Treasury shall prescribe; but the term
“regalia' as herein used shall be held to embrace
only such insignia of rank or office or emblems as
may be worn upon the person or borne in the hand
during public exercises of the society or institution,
and shall not include articles of

furniture or
fixtures, or of regular wearing apparel, nor personal

property of individuals
wearing apparel in the nature of, is not personal

effects, T. D. 11,075.
oath required by customs regulations may be fur-

nished at any time prior to liquidation, T. D.

not as above, according to materials, T. D. 12,387,

The following articles have been held to be regalia:

Alms basin, T. D. 6,849.
Altar çards, T. D. 30,186.
Candlesticks, T. D. 7,712, 32,396.
Cassocks for choirs, T. D. 3,859, 7,135.
Communion service, T. D. 8,049.
Military uniforms with swords, accouterments, and

hats and caps, T. D. 8,765.
Ostensorium, T. D. 12,096.
Wooden 'cross to be carried in hand during cere-

monies, T. D. 12,628.
Cinctures and side rosaries, T. D. 2,617, 8,920.

Free. Par.

Silver crosses worn on person in a convent, T. D.

Cover for parchment rolls of Old Testament, T. D.

Monstrance, T. D. 3,745.
Pocket communion service, T. D. 7,106.
Funeral palls, T. D. 2,230.
Banners, T. D. 2,956, 7,343.
Surplices, T. D. 13,489.
Communion sets, T. D. 31,813.
Priest's coat, T. D. 31,236.
Canterbury cap, T. D. 31,236.
Missal stand, T. D. 31,624.
Holy water stoup, T. D. 27,475.
Flags of different countries with C. E. for Christian

Endeavor, T. D. 27,018.
Altar cross to be carried, T. D. 28,036.
Chasuble, T. D. 27,363.
Canopy, carried, T. D. 27,824.
Benetier, T. D. 31,832.
Censer, T. D. 31,832.
Burettes, T. D. 31,832.
Urn, carried, T. D. 31,832.
Painting, carried, T. D. 29,449.
Pillow, embroidered, for church, T. D. 33,668.

Rosaries, T. D. 2,617.
The following articles have been held not to be regalia:
Altars, pulpits, confessionals, communion rails, choir

stalls, T. D. 11,123.
Oxford caps with tassels, T. D. 21,026.
Carpets for churches, T. D. 8,346.
A Chinese joss, a figure of a dragon about 150 feet

long, composed of paper, silk, metal, glass,
feathers, tinsel goat hair, etc., for use during re-

ligious festivals, T. D. 8,133, 8,548.
Glass mosaic pictures, T. D. 9,777.
Silk gloves and hose, T. D. 9,197.
A sacred image, being a fixture of a church, T. D.

Materials not made up into articles, T. D. 2,180,

2,939, 7,303, 7,357, 7,649, 8,765, 9,356, 10,685.
Wax lay figures, T. D. 2,956.
Costumes for Mardi Gras, T. D. 9,551.
Missal stand, T. D. 12,096.
Altar cloth, T. D. January 12, 1867.
Candelabra, T. D. 2,005, 7,712, 8,514, 12,097.
Chandeliers, T. D. 7,712, 8,514.
Masks, draperies, etc., for street processions, T. D.

2,677, 14,608.
Antependia, T. D. 6,984.
Woven crosses for chasubles, T. D. 9,664.
Altars and altar vases, T. D. 1,867, 2,649, 2,805,

Brass lecturn, T. D. 1,826, 2,127, 7,229.

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