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139-Saws, drag

12% 139 hand

12% 139mill

12% 139—

12% surgical; saws not provided for, T. D. 27,968. Scale bearings, crystal; articles of rock crystal other than

for jewelry, T. D. 16,979 461copper

Free. squeezer, iron waste, as iron scrap, T. D. 18,080. Scales, rolling mill; iron or steel scrap, T. D. 11,650.

small family; are not toys, are articles of metal, T. D.

12,964. 358—Scalloped articles or fabrics, scalloped by hand or machinery 60% 358handkerchiefs. See Handkerchiefs

60% 358 wearing apparel. See Wearing apparel.

Scalloping is not embroidery, T. D. 30,325, 31,707.
Scalpels, veterinarian's; articles of metal, T. D. 27,801.
Scammony resin; alcoholic medicinal preparation, T.

Scapularies; according to material, T. D. 10,930, 11,842.
Scarab, paste; imitation precious stone, T. D. 31,971.
Scarf pins; jewelry, T. D. 33,536.
Scarts, table; according to material, T. D. 12,961, 13,441.

wearing apparel, T. D. 4,523, 27,937.
Scenery, theatrical; as paintings, T. D. 9,161.
Scent bottles, silver; are not jewelry, are manufacture of

silver, T. D. 12,143.
Schaefer salts; coal tar preparation, T. D. 29,790.
312-Schappe silk yarn

35% Schlung; gelatin spangles, T. D. 30,338. School bags, hemp; manufactures of hemp, T. D. 5,834.

Schwartzbeize; coal tar preparation, T. D. 17,755. 573_Scientific apparatus, utensils, instruments, and preparations,

including bottles and boxes containing the same,
imported for the use and by order of any society
or institution. See Philosophical

Free. 128-Scissors, and blades for the same, finished or unfinished. 30%

blades in the rough; are not castings or forgings, but

scissor blades unfinished, T. D. 25,199, 27,801.
cheap, are not toys, T. D. 28,496.
for board of education, for teaching sewing in public

schools, are philosophical apparatus, eta, T. D.

33,668. Appealed, T. D. 33,750.
in metal cases, usual covering, T. D. 32,046.
in metal cases or sheaths, are entireties, T. D. 32,046.
manicure; as scissors, T. D. 17,046.
surgical; as scissors, T. D. 17,847.
with paper sheaths, packed separately are not en-

tireties, T. D. 29,159.
couring brick, pumice ston and clay; manufacture

pumice stone, T. D. 31,589.
330—Scrap albums, wholly or partly manufactured.

25% 143aluminum

.2 cts, ļb, books; scrap albums, T. D, 2,109,

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Scrap, composition metal; as composition metal, copper chief

value, T. D. 23,469.

Dutch metal; Dutch metal clippings, T. D. 4,340. 154

gas mantle, consisting in chief value of metalic

10% German silver; as German silver unmanufactured, T, D.

3,156. 518iron

Free. 1534 lead, fit only to be remanufactured, on the lead contained therein

25% new; is not old junk, T. D. 32,376. or waste from sheets of American manufacture, T. D. 26,865

Free. 578platinum

Free. 513rubber, fit only for remanufacture

Free. 5187 steel

Free. 631tin

Free. 183 tobacco

35 cts. lb. Screen, with painting attached to panels; not an entirety,

each dutiable separately, T. D. 31,543.
Screens; according to material of chief value, T. D. 33,124,

bamboo and beads, more than 2 beads between the

bamboo pieces; as bead articles, if ? beads or less
between bamboo pieces, as bamboo screens, T. D.

barium platinum, for X ray machines; surface coated

paper, T. D. 23,322, 31,207.
cotton, painted; manufacture of cotton, T. D. 33,031,
embroidered or appliqued; as embroidered or appliqued

articles, T. D. 31,941.
175– of bamboo, wood, or straw, or composition of wood not
provided for

20% if stained, dyed, painted, printed, polished, grained, or creosoted

splash, wood; as wood curtains, T. D. 32,984,
with paintings attached; dutiable separately, T. D.

wood and paper, covered with a chemical compound;

as article of surface coated paper, T. D. 24,425. 303

wool. See Wool mats. Screw beads; article of metal, T, D. 8,987. 140-Serews, commonly called wood screws, made of iron or steel

25% Scrim, cotton; is cotton cloth, T. D. 30,601.

flax; woven flax fabric, T. D. 15,231.
Sculpture; articles capable of indefinite reproduction are

not, T. D. 31,616.
baptismal font, not, T. D. 32,681.
bronze and ivory, is, T. D. 32,459.
bronze, unless the professional sculptor has worked

upon the piece after casting, is not sculpture, T. D.

33,560. 611casts of, for art educational purposes only.

Free. 611casts of, for use as models...


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Sculpture, commercial statuary is not, T. D. 32,905.

in mezzo relievo, is, T. D. 32,396.
includes bas relief, T. D. 30,273.
lamp shade; not; T. D. 32,681.
metal statuette with marble base, is, T. D. 32,046.
metal, must be wrought by hand from metal, but not

necessarily carved or cut, T. D. 32,751.
not confined to a representation of human or animal

figures, T. D. 32,381.
statue and base is an entirety, T. D. 32,297.
vase for front of building, is not, T. D. 32,507.
vase with frieze å series of statues in high relief, is,

T. D. 32,052. 376-Sculptures, or copies, replicas, or reproductions thereof. 15% 652

original, including not more than two replicas or re-
productions of the same..

For definition of, see Par. 652.
Scythe stones, artificial; whet stones, T. D. 8,786.

stones, as whet stones, T. D. 28,889. 372-Sea grass, if manufactured or dyed..

grass; vegetable substance, crude, T. D. 24,788.
moss, boiled and canned; prepared vegetable, T. D.

moss; crude moss, T. D. 21,626.
moss, dyed; as dyed moss, T. D. 27,670.

root; crude vegetable substance, T. D. 2,793. 44-Seal oil

..3 cts. gal. skins, fur, in any condition, from waters of Pacific

Ocean north of 35°, including Bering and Okhotsk
seas, not including Pribilof islands, prohibited Act
Dec. 29, 1897, T. D. 18,718; from within the
limits of Alaska, prohibited Act April 21, 1910,
T. D. 30,682; includes skins taken by Indians in
Alaskan waters, T. D. 22,824, and skins caught in

Japan Sea, T. D. 24,141.
skins, fur, and garments of, regulations as to impor-

tation of, T. D. 21,774.
skin, fur, clippings: large enough for caps, gloves,

and repairs to garments, are dressed furs, and not
subject to Act Dec. 29, 1897, and regulations in
T. D. 21,774, D. L., May 23, 1910; if large enough
for jackets are subject to Act Dec. 29, 1897, and

regulations in T. D. 21,774, D. L., May 23, 1910.
skin, fur, waste or clippings, if not large enough for

use as furs, are dutiable as waste not provided for,
and are not subject to Act Dec. 29, 1897, and

regulations in T. D. 21,774, T. D. 19,048, 20,282.
skins, hair; are not fur or wool seal skins, T. D.


splits, tanned; leather not provided for, T. D. 31,977.
Sealing wax; a manufactured article not provided for, T. D.

Seals, of imitation semi precious stone; are articles of

mineral substance, T. D. 26,649.


Sea stores of ships (not for sale and not merchandise, T. D.

8,314, 22,433. stores; in order to ascertain what articles ought to be

exempt from duty as the sea stores of a vessel, the master shall particularly specify the articles, in the report or manifest to be by him made, designating them as the sea stores of such vessel; and in the path to be taken by such master, on making such report, he shall declare that the articles so specified as sea stores are truly such, and are not intended by way of merchandise or for sale; whereupon the articles shall be free from duty.

Sec. 2,795, R. S., T. D. 18,351. stores cannot be transferred from one vessel to another

without payment of duty, except between vessels of same line, delayed in port for any cause, T. D.

1,156, 3,501, 17,870. stores; coal is not, T. D. 28,855. stores; collector and naval officer are sole judges of

what are excessive, T. D. 1,120, 4,130. stores; whenever it appears to the collector to whom

a report and manifest of sea stores are delivered, together with the naval officer, where there is one, or alone, where there is no naval officer, that the quantities of the articles, or any part thereof, reported as sea stores, are excessive, the collector, jointly with the naval officer, or alone, as the case may be, may in his discretion estimate the amount of the duty on such excess, which shall be forthwith paid by the master, to the collector, on pain of forfeiting the value of such excess. Sec.

2,796, R. S. stores; if any other or greater quantity of articles are

found on board such vessel as sea stores than are specified in an entry of sea stores, or if any of the articles are landed without a ermit first obtained from the collector, and naval officer, if any, for that purpose, all such articles as are not included in the report or manifest by the master, and all which are landed without a permit, shall be for. feited, and may be seized; and the master shall moreover be liable to a penalty of treble the value

of the articles omitted or landed. Sec. 2,797, R. S. stores for Am. vessels must be withdrawn in entire

packages, T. D. 15,613. stores, if in excess, dutiable as merchandise, T. D.

4,438, 9,897, 9,927, 11,301, 22,012. stores, no invoice required for surplus, T. D. 16,458. stores of vessel changing from foreign to coastwise

trade are dutiable, T. D. 4,420. stores of vessels of regular lines may be transferred,

T. D. 17,870. stores saved from a foreign wreck are not dutiable,

T. D. 566.

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Sea water absorbed on voyage of importation, allowance

for weight of will be made it abnormal, T. D.

Sealing and cording of merchandise must be done by cus-

toms officers without charge, T. D. 2,292, 2,359,

2,876, 17,689.
Seaweed, dried, and cut; seaweed crude, T. D. 30,615.

dried, in sheets; seaweed crude, T. D. 30,615.
in brine; vegetable in brine, T. D. 30,069.

in cakes, crude; seaweed crude, T. D. 31,624.
552—Seaweeds, crude or unmanufactured, not otherwise provided

Free. 372 manufactured or dyed

10% 577-Seed cane, imported by the Department of Agriculture or the United States Botanic Garden ...

Free. 595-Seedlings, coniferous evergreen

Free. 211of all fruit and ornamental trees.

15% of all fruit trees, grafted; as nursery stock, not pro

vided for, T. D. 31,540. 211of apple, 3 years old or less..

. $1.00 per 1,000. 211of briar rose, 3 years old or less..

. $1.00 per 1,000. 211of Mahaleb or Mazzard cherry, 3 years old or less....

$1.00 per 1,000. 211

of Manetti multiflora, 3 years old or less. $1.00 per 1,000. 211

of Myrobolan plum, 3 years old or less. $1.00 per 1,000. 211 of pear, 3 years old or less....

$1.00 per 1,000. 211 of quince, 3 years old or less..

. $1.00 per 1,000. 211

of Rosa Rugosa, 3 years old or less. $1.00 per 1,000. 211

of Saint Julien plum, 3 years old or less. $1.00 per 1,000. Seeds, adulterated, certain grass, grain, etc., importation

prohibited, T. D. 33,175, 33,294. 212 anise

2 cts. Ib. alligator pear; seeds not provided for, T. D. 32,4 24.

anthosanthum odorata; grass seed, T. D. 10,949. 27aromatic, not garden, not edible, and not crude.

10% 477aromatic, not garden, not edible, crude..

Free. articles made from; manufactured article not pro

vided for, T. D. 27,257.
asparagus, for medicinal purposes; seeds not provided

for, T. D. 30,645.
asparagus; seeds not provided for, T. D. 27,636.
asparagus, wild; seeds not provided for, T. D. 26,694.
Australian salt bush, seeds not provided for, T. D.

balm; seeds not provided for, T. D. 26,735.
basil; seeds not provided for, T. D. 26,735.
beaded articles of; manufactured article not provided

for, T. D. 27,257.
beet (except sugar beet)

3 cts. lb. 595beet, sugar

Free. bene; seeds not provided for, T. D. 26,735. black medic; grass seed, T. D. 27,602.

borage; seeds not provided for, T. D. 26,735. 212cabbage

.....6 cts. Ib.

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