Statutes of Alberta

Queen's Printer for Alberta, 1926
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An Act to amend The Public Works Department
An Act to amend The Boilers
An Act for the Protection of Persons Employed in Factories Shops and Office Buildings
An Act to provide for the Settlement of Labour Disputes
An Act to amend The Corporations Taxation
An Act to amend The Vehicles and Highway Traffic Act 1924
An Act to amend The Department of Education
An Act to amend The School
An Act to amend The School Assessment
An Act to amend The School Grants
An Act respecting The Alberta and Great Waterways Railway Com pany
An Act respecting The Edmonton Dunvegan and British Columbia Railway and The Central Canada Railway
An Act to authorize the Construction of The Pembina Valley Railway
An Act respecting The Lacombe and NorthWestern Railway
An Act to amend The Telephone and Telegraph
An Act to amend The Lethbridge Northern Colonization
An Act respecting Rate Enforcement in the Lethbridge Northern Irrigation District
An Act to amend The Irrigation Districts
An Act to amend The Drainage Districts Act 1921
An Act respecting the Transfer to the Province of the Public Lands therein
An Act to amend The Pipe Line
An Act respecting Stock Yards
An Act to amend The Alberta Pharmaceutical Association Act No
An Act respecting Holograph Wills
An Act to amend An Act to Incorporate The Calgary and South Western Railway Company
An Act to amend the Acts and Ordinances Constituting the Charter of the City of Calgary
An Act to amend the Acts constituting The Edmonton Charter and to Validate Certain Local Improvement and other Bylaws of the City of Edmonton
An Act to amend The Lethbridge Charter
An Act to amend the Acts and Ordinances relating to the City of Red Deer
An Act to Incorporate St Josephs College
An Act to amend Chapter 41 of The Statutes of Alberta 1910 Sec ond Session being an Act to Incorporate the Calgary Young Womens Christian Ass...

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