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ENTERED, according to Act of Congress, in the year 1849, by

In the Clerk's Office of the District Court of Massachusetts.

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THE author presents to the public the following treatise, as exhibiting in his view the correct principles of English grammar, and the proper method of teaching them. There are Several considerations which have induced him to attempt a work necessarily attended with so many difficulties, and requiring so much labor and careful investigation to render it in any degree useful to the cause of education. Having devoted several years to the business of teaching, he has had a favorable opportunity to examine with care most of the grammars now in use, and to know their excellencies and defects So far as he is able to judge correctly with respect to them. The views he has entertained upon the subject of grammar are in some respects essentially different from those exhibited in any treatise with which the author is acquainted. In teaching this science, he has, therefore, been obliged to adopt text-books which, in his opinion, contained many erroneous principles, tending in many cases to mislead and perplex the young student, instead of making his path clear and easy. But the student is not the only sufferer. By such text-books the teacher is subjected to a serious inconvenience. He is compelled to teach what he believes to be false, or disprove what is inculcated in the text-book, and communicate his own views either in verbal or written lectures.

The author has preferred the latter course; and the approbation with which his views and mode of teaching have met, both on the part of his pupils and the visitors of the Seminary with which he is connected; and the repeated requests that

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