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Translated by the Rev. Mr. FAWKES, A. M.


T TNDE labor novus hic menti? Quæ cura quietam

Sollicitat, rapiensque extra confinia terræ,

Cæleftes fine more jubet volitare per ignes ?
Scilicet impatien's angusto hoc orbe teneri,
Fontinelle, tuos audax imitarier ausus

.5 Gestio, & infolitas fpirant præcordia flammas.

Fallor, an ipfe venit ? Delapfus ab æthere summo Pegason urget eques, laterique flagellifer instat : Me vocat; & duris desiste laboribus, inquit, “ Me duce, carpe viam facilem, tibi fingula clarè 10 Expediam, tibi cernere erit, quos fidera nôrunt, “ Indigenas cultusque virûm, moresque docebo.” Nec mora, pennipedem confcendo juffus, ovansque (Quanquam animus secum volvens exempla priorum Bellerophonteæ pallet dispendia famæ)




Translated by the Rev. Mr. F A W KES, A. M.

M AY, what uncommon cares disturb my rest,

And kindle raptures foreign to my breast ?

From earth's low confines lift my mind on high,
To trace new worlds revolving in the sky?
Yes---- I'm impatient of this orb of clay,
And boldly dare to meditate my way,
Where Fontinelle first saw the planets roll,
And all the God tumultuous shakes my soul.


'Tis He ! He comes! and thro' the fun-bright skies Drives foaming Pegasus, and thus he cries :

10 « Cease, cease, dear youth, too studiously employ'd, " And wing with me the unrefifting void ; “ 'Tis thine with me round other worlds to foar, “ And visit kingdoms never known before; “ While I succinctly shew each various race, 15 « The manners and the genius of the place.” 1 (tho’my mind with lively horror fraught, Thinks on Bellerophon, and shudders at the thought)


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Post equitem sedeo, liquidumque per aëra labor.
----Mercurium petimus primum : Dux talibus infit,
« Afpicias vanæ malesana negotia gentis,
“ Quam mens destituit Titane exufta propinquo.
~ Stramineis viden’? Hic velatus tempora sertis
“ Emicat, & folos reges crepat atque tetrarchas.
« Ille suam carbone Chloen d pingit amator
“ Infelix, ægram rudia indigestaque mentem

Carmina demulcent, indoctaque tibia musas. “ En ! sedet incomptus crines barbataque menta 25 “ Astrologus, nova qui venatur fidera, solus “ Semper in obscuro penetrali; multaque muros « Linea nigrantes, & multa triangula pingunt. “ Ecce ! sed interea curru flamante propinquat « Titan.---Clamo, O me! gelidâ fub rupe, sub'umbrâ “ Siste precor : tantos nequeo perferre calores.” 31

Pegason inde tuo genius felicior astro
Appulit, alma Venus. Spirant quam molliter aura !


Mount quick the winged steed; he springs, he flies, Shoots thro' the yielding air, and cleaves the liquid skies ! ----First, swift Cylienius, circling round the sun, We reach, when thus my friendly guide begun : “ Mark well the genius of this fiery place, “ The wild amusements of the brainfick race, " Whose minds the beams of Titan, too intense, 25 “ Affect with frenzy, and distract the sense. “ A monarch here gives subject princes law, “ A mighty monarch, with a crown of straw. “ There sits a lover, fad in pensive air, « And like the dismal image of despair, “ With charcoal paints his Chloe heav'nly fair. « In fadly-soothing strain rude notes he sings, « And strikes harsh numbers from the jarring strings. « Lo! an astrologer, with filth besmear’d, “ Rough and neglected, with a length of beard, 35 « Pores round his cell for undiscover'd stars, “ And decks the wall with triangles and squares. " Lol---But the radiant car of Phæbus nigh “ Glows with red ardour, and inflames the sky--“ Oh! waft me, hide me in some cool retreat;

- 40 « I faint, I ficken with the fervent heat.”


Thence to that milder orb we wing our way, Where Venus governs with an easy sway:


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