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Fellow of Pembroke-Hall, Cambridge.

-nonumque prematur in annum.


Printed for the AUTHOR, by W. STRAHAN;
And sold by J. NEWBERY, at the Bible and Sun, in St. Paul's Church-yard.


Grignun jiuly.

To the Right HONOURABLE the


T HE Critics will, undoubtedly, expect,
I when they see your Name prefixed to

this Volume, that I should address your Lordship, as the Judge of Science, and the hereditary Patron of learned Men; but I shall take the Liberty of disappointing them, having, as I presume, a stronger and more natural Claim to your Protection from a lucky Accident, than from any real Excellence I can pretend to, either as a Writer or a Scholar.

This lucky Accident, my Lord, is the Honour (I had almost said Merit) of being born within a few Miles of your Lordship; and tho’ I have too much Diffidence to ask your Pa

tronage tronage as a Poet, I have Assurance enough to demand it as a Man of Kent.

I shall not imitate, in this Dedication (if such an homely Epistle may aspire to so polite a Name) the Conduct of most modern Authors, who are always particularly fulsome, at the very Time they, with the utmost Solemnity, protest against Flattery-----What I sincerely believe of you I have said already, and you will find it in the introductory Ode on Good-nature, which I beg Leave, in an efpecial Manner, not only to infcribe, but to apply to the Earl of Middlesex.

I am,

my Lord, with the utmost respect, Your Lordships most obedient, and most obliged humble Servant,




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Constantine Baily, Esq;
CIR John Abdy, Bart.

Benjamin Bailey, Esq;
Sir Jacob Ashley, Bart.

Thomas Baker, Esq;
Nathanial Acton, Esq;

Mr. Baker, of Pembroke Hall Mrs. Acworth

The Rev. Mr. Baldwin The Rev. Mr. Addison, of Knaton in The Rev. Dr Banson Yorkshire.

Mr. Barber, Bookseller, at Newcastle Mr. Henry Allcraft

Mr. Barlow Mr. Richard Alderson

Mr. Barnes The Rev. Mr. Allen, of Mary-Hall, Dr. Barrowby Oxford.

Mr. Bartman Rev. Mr. Allot

The Rev. Mr. Barton, A. M. Fellow of Thomas Anguish, Esq; 2 Books

New-College, Oxon The Rev. Mr. Anonymous

Mr. Joseph Batch The Rev. Mr. Anonymous

Charles Bate, Esq;
Thomas Anfel, Esq;

John Battie, Erq;
Edward Archer, M. D. of London Mr. Bayntun, of Gray's-Inn
Mr. Arne

The Rev. Mr. Beaumont of Trinity-Halli
Ceryl Arthington, Esq;

Dr. Bedford Edward Ashly, Esq;

The Rev. Mr. Bedford, Sen. 2 Books Mr. Ashly, Trinity College, Cambridge The Rev. Mr. Bedford, jun. Fellow of Dr. Askew

Henry Askew, Esq;

Miss Christian Bedingfield
Adam Askew, M. D). of Newcastle Mr. Beevor, M. B.
Anthony Askew, M. D. R. S. S. of Lon- The Rev. Mr. Bell, of Sydney-College,
don, 4 Books

A. M.
The Rev. Mr. Askew, A. M. of St. Ed. Henry Bell, Erq;
mund's-Hall in Oxford

Mr. Bening Mr. Henry Askew of Emmanuel-College Mr. James Bennet, Master of the Gramin Cambridge

mar School, Hoddesdon. Mr. John Askew of Rotterdam

Mr. Bennet The Rev. Mr. Atkin, A. M.

James Best, Esq;
Dr. Avery

Thomas Best, Esq;
Mr. Charles Avison of Newcastle, 2 Books The Rev. Mr. Bickham, A. M. Fellow
Edward Auftin, Esq;

of Emanuel-College

The Rev. Mr. Bill

Mr. Binckes
The Right Honourable the Lord Boyle

Mr. Bird Sir Philip Boteler, Bart.

Captain Blackerby The Lady Boteler

The Rev. Mr. Henry Blackett, A. M. John Bagnall, Fra;

Mr. Henry Blencoe John Baily, Esq;

George Blundel, Efg;


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