Giraldus Odonis O. F. M.: Opera Philosophica, De Intentionibus

BRILL, 2005 - 898 páginas
This volume contains the first critical edition of Girald Odonis (d. 1349), "De intentionibus," in which the author deals with the multifarious problems around conceptualization with which philosophers and theologians from around 1300 were faced when attempting to bridge the gap between thought and reality. Girald appears to have been an unyielding defender of the 'realistic' position, holding that our variously articulated concepts ("intentiones") are representative of as many distinctions in Reality. The main target of his severe criticism upon contemporaneous views of the matter is Herve de Nedellec, who was the first to write a monograph "De intentionibus," which betrays his adherence to a moderate realism. The editor's extensive study of the intentionality debate of those years focusses on the development of the cognition theory in the period between Thomas Aquinas and Peter Auriol (d. 1322).

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Chapter I Preliminary Matters
Chapter II The Common Doctrine of Cognition ca 1260
Chapter III The Epistemological Turn around 1270
Chapter IV The Intentionality Issue before Faversham and Radulphus Brito
Chapter V Simon of Faversham on Second Intentions
Chapter VI Radulphus Brito on Intentionality
Chapter VIII Giraldus Odoniss Treatise De intentionibus
Chapter IX Conclusion
List of Manuscripts Referred to
Text of De intentionibus
Derechos de autor

Chapter VII Hervaeus Nataliss Treatise De secundis intentionibus

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Acerca del autor (2005)

L.M. de Rijk, Ph.D. (1952) in Classical Philology (Utrecht), is Emeritus Professor of Ancient and Medieval Philosophy (Leiden) and Honorary Professor at the University of Maastricht. He is the author of a large number of publications on ancient and medieval philosophy, including Abailard's "Dialectica" (1956), a work on terminist logic, "Logica Modernorum" (1962-67), Peter of Spain's "Summulae logicales" (1972), "La philosophie au moyen age" (Brill, 1985), "The Letters of Nicolas of Autrecourt" (Brill, 1994), Girald Odonis, "Logica" (Brill, 1997), and Aristotle "Semantics and Ontology" (2 vols. Brill, 2002).

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