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horse, knelt in the wet grass and prayed woman with whom he was talking sudaloud. He began, at one time, to ques. denly broke away from him and ran. He tion a young woman about the condition followed her to the house of a neighbor, of her soul. He met with cool answers. and sitting down in a door, would not let

Well," said he at last, “ I'll pray to God her out until she had chosen to serve either to send a fit of sickness upon you, if noth God or Satan for a fortnight. She chose ing else will do, to bring you to good; the latter, saying: "I can't keep the and if you won't repent, to take you out other.” Lorenzo solemnly called on God of the way, so that you shall not hinder to witness, and added : “I'll pray God others."

that you may be taken sick before the “ If you'll pray for such things as this,” fortnight's up.” Before night she grew was her answer, "you can't be the friend uneasy, soon broke her promise, and be. to my soul you pretend to be, and I'll

a convert and a member of the venture all your prayers.”

church. She was angry at first, then grew rest- A man whom he had offended by plain less and uneasy, became troubled in mind, preaching came into church and tried to and finally was one of Dow's most zealous pull his nose. Dow dodged, whereupon converts and friends. He asked another the women arose en masse and put the inwoman to pray. She responded that she truder out of doors. In his diary Lorenzo did not have time. “Then I'll buy your sets down many incidents which show the time,” said Lorenzo, whereupon she peculiar bent of his mind and the tenor of agreed to give one day for a dollar. She his belief. In illustration : supposed he was in jest, but he threw the

A reprobation preacher sought to do us harm, dollar in her lap and went away. She when I publicly besought God, if he was a true mincalled after him 10 take the money, but ister, to bless his labors and make it manifest; but if

he had jumped presumptuousiy into the work that he reiused, and added, “If you go to hell

God would remove him, so that he should not hurt it may follow and enhance your damna- the people. Shortly after he fell into a scandalous tion.” She put off the task for ten days, sin, and so his influence was lost. As I entered when, “her conscience roaring loud,” as

the meeting-house, having an old borrowed great

coat on and two hats, the people were alarmed, and Dow says, “ she took the day and read thought it singular that I did not bow to every pew two chapters in the Bible and retired thrice as I went toward the pulpit, which was the custom to pray to God to show her what she was there. My hat being taken from me without my and what he would have her to be. Be

consent, and iwo others forced upon me, I was carry

ing one to give to a young man. I besought God in fore night she felt distressed on account of public that something awful might happen in the her soul, and before long found the com- neighborhood, if nothing else would do to alarm the forts of religion."

people. A company of young people going to a

tavern one of them said, “I will ride there as Christ One evening when he had a houseful oi

rode into Jerusalem." Instantly his horse started, young men he placed his back against the ran a distance, and threw him against a log. He door so none of them could escape, and spoke no more until he died, which was next morn

ing. In Alford I preached Methodism, inside preached to them with such fervor that

and outside. Many came to hear; one woman some cried aloud for mercy. A young thought I aimed at her dress. The next meeting


she ornamented far more, in order that I might speak answer ! After he had been south some to her.

But I, in my discourse, took no notice of time the family removed to that section, dress, and she went away disgraced and ashamed.

and he was quietly married to Peggy in Lorenzo had determined to marry no

the fall of 1804. woman who would object to his traveling, During the closing months of that year and when he came to his courtship it was and the early ones of 1805 he crossed pursued after his own peculiar plan. One, Ohio and went into the Mississippi valley, S. M., of Western, kept a house for preaching at Pittsburgh, Steubenville and preachers, or “Methodist tavern," as it Wheeling on the way. He makes this was called by the people. When Dow entry: “I have been in each of the sevenpreached in that neighborhood M. asked teen states of the Union.”

. Of Chilli him to come to his house, and added, cothe, then the capital of Ohio, he writes : “My daughter will be glad to see you.” “Stayed with the governor two days. No Lorenzo remained there all night, but not slavery can be introduced here. There a word passed between him and Peggy,

are lands laid off for schools in great magwho was an adopted child. He went to nitude.” Once he traveled all night, until his appointment, and while he was preach- ten o'clock on the following morning, ing he felt "an uncommon exercise" 10 stopped at a place called Bethel, finished run through his mind. He pondered on his sermon, stepped from his pulpit to an it, and before evening he asked M. if he open window, jumped out, mounted his would object to Lorenzo's talking with the horse, rode seventeen miles, making nearly girl about matrimony. The reply was, "I eighty miles of travel and five meetings have nothing to say, only I have requested without sleep. He had been threatened her, if she has any regard for me, not to on one occasion, and thus describes the marry so as to leave my house."

outcome: “A chump of wood being On reaching the house Dow abruptly thrown in through the window, I leaped asked the wife what they had been doing out after the man. He ran and I after in his absence. She told him, and added him, crying 'Run! Run! Old Sam (Satan) that Peggy was resolved that she would is after you !' He did run as for his life, never marry, except to a preacher, and and, leaping over a fence, hid among the that he must keep on traveling. Just then bushes. Next morning I cut Old Sam's Peggy came into the room. Lorenzo re- name on the wood, nailed it to a tree, and peated this remark, and asked her if she called it Old Sam's monument.” One had made it. She answered in the affirm- young man who had led in the attack had, ative, whereupon Lorenzo said : “Do according to Lorenzo, the end of his nose you think you could accept of such an bitten off; another was ilung from his object as me?” She made no answer, horse and killed, while several others were but retired from the room. He went “ remarked to be followed with chastiseaway, but returned in a few days, when he ment from the Lord.” told her he would be back again “in a In recording his experiences in Engyear and a half or so" and receive her land, he gives a view of the religious divis

ions of the day. There were seven varie. people were dilatory at night and morning ties of Methodists alone, saying nothing in coming to meeting, but on the opposite of other denominations ; one, Old Society; side (Ohio) the thing was quite different. two, Kilhamites ; three, Quaker Method- The only thing as a reason that I can asists; four, Whitefield's Methodists; five, sign for this is slavery." Revivalists or Free Gospelers ; six, Welsh The concluding entries in his diary are Methodists, conimonly called “ Jumpers ;” as follows: “In a few weeks I expect to seven, Church Methodists. He tells of start for the west again, but where I may one Margaret Keen, who had "accurately be this time twelvemonth is very uncertain dreamed of Bonaparte's disaster" before to me; whether in England, Sierra Leone, it occurred. Of Pittsburgh even in that in Africa, West Indies or New England, early day he says: “ Pittsburgh has become or eternity ; but the controversy with the famous in the New World, and by nature nations is not over, nor will it be until the combining with art promises to be one of divine government be reverentially acthe great manufacturing towns in America. knowledged by the human family." His Seven or eight glass works in the neigh- troubled and remarkable career came to an borhood, and as many places of worship.” end at Washington, D. C., on February 2, "One thing is observable, that for hun- 1834. dreds of miles on the Kentucky side the



There never was in the history of Europe, when Pope Alexander VI conman, and there never can be again, so firmed it by special decree. With De important a geographical event as the Soto in Florida and upon the broad discovery, conquest and settlement of Mississippi, Cortez in Mexico, and Pithe American continent; and could the zarro in Peru, Spain indeed made a story be told with such fullness as all secure and profitable foothold upon the the detailed incidents in each of the new land her adventurous adopted son

of approach could furnish, had discovered. But the prize was not nothing more marvelous in romance or to be drawn home and divided without more thrilling in the wars and conquests claimants. Quoting from Mr. Drake of the dark ages, could be found and in the admirable work mentioned bewritten to the edification and instruc- low: “The newly awakened spirit of tion of mankind. One indeed needs an discovery would not down at the bidelevation from which to view all the ding of prince or pontiff, let him be roads leading across ocean to America so great or powerful. Once before he can gain the faintest idea of aroused it was sure to find ways by the grand events that commenced in which some part of the benefits to acthe sixteenth century, and have had crue to mankind from this grand distheir continuance on into the present. covery should not be monopolized by Columbus merely touched the outer a single nation. We might even say shore, and sailed back to Spain to find that all the nations of Europe instincthat Diaz, the Portuguese mariner, had tively felt this to be their opportunityfound the Cape of Good Hope. Great the opportunity of the human race.” events these-and greater still in their France was not last in the field, and effect upon Spain and Portugal, whose when Jacques Cartier raised the cross and monarchs cooly proceeded to divide the banner of France over the new land, between themselves "all the unknown and took possession of it in the name lands and seas to the east and to the of his king, there was another strong west of a meridian line which should and courageous claimant upon the soil. be drawn from pole to pole, one hun- England was not far behind, while the dred and seventy leagues west of the lesser nations of the old world made Azores;" a partition which received such ventures and laid such claims as the sanction of the greatest power in their courage would permit or their The struggle of the three great na- quoted, as we have never seen it told tions for supremacy, and the evolution before. It is not so much a history as



'The Making of the Great West : 1512-1883.' means of defense allow them to make By Samuel Adams Drake. Published by Charles Scribner's Sons, New York.


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-or perhaps fore-ordination-by which a bird's-eye view; and it is to commend America became a people, is told and encourage historical narration of by Mr. Drake, in the book already that character that this brief sketch is

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