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attends, the ceremonial is punctiliously lish peer may have danced at the Riperformed, and Monsieur and Madame dotto this evening, may be practising are made happy.

the art of 6 ways and means” on the Still the failure of the advertisement public purse at the theatre the next; system has arisen rather from the and that where every human being, proverbial fallacy of its statements from the prince to the peasant, plays than from the original deficiency of at the same hazard-table, the lower its means. They have aimed too race quickly adopt the style of the much at eloquence, they have rivalled superior, and raise swindling to the too ardently the Packwood razor- dignity of a profession. strop, and the Warren's liquid black- Some time since, an extremely ing style. The marriage garden has clever thing of this species was done been so teeming with imaginary in Vienna. A young count, with flowers, so redolent of sweets on paper, some prodigiously high-blood name, that disappointment was the irresis- an officer in the Imperial Hulans, was tible consequence. But we give one sitting on his horse, waiting outside advertisement, which appeared a short the gate of the cathedral for the return time since in the papers, and which of their Majesties. A watch set with from its touching the true string, brilliants, which he took out from neither fearfully repulsive nor im- time to time, showed that he was possibly rapturous, was formed to suc- weary of the ceremony. A vastly ceed. We have no doubt that its sparkling snuff-box, to which he frehonest writer has already found a quently applied, showed that he remate to his mind.

quired a stimulus : in fact, the hand“I hereby give notice to all unmar- some Hulan was evidently falling ried women, that I, John Hobnail, am asleep. He was roused by a wellat this writing five-and-forty, a widow dressed person's making his way to er, and in want of a wife. As I wish him, and with a very low bow begging no one to be mistaken, I have a good of him “ to preserve that attitude." cottage, with a couple of acres of He explained this odd request, by say. land, for which I pay L.2 a-year. I ing, that one of the archduchesses was have five children, four of them old desperately smitten with him, and enough to be in employment; three desired to have his picture ; but that, sides of bacon, and some pigs ready no opportunity having hitherto occurfor market. I should like to have a red, and etiquette being altogether woman fit to take care of her house against her asking it in person, she when I am out. I want no second had employed an eminent artist to family. She may be between forty sketch his likeness as he mounted and fifty, if she likes. A good stirring guard. The count, notorious for a woman would be preferred, who could good opinion of his own charms, was take care of the pigs.”

infinitely delighted ; but he affected We give this as a specimen of the to laugh at the idea, and threw himtrue style. It lias no affected ele- self into an attitude which he conceivgance, it puzzles none by prodigality ed to be much more captivating. His of promises. The dairymaid who friend in the mob again begged of him reads may run, and probably will to to remain steady for a moment, and the threshold of Hobnail, and if that pointed out to him, in an opposite man dies a widower we shall abandon window, an artist busy in sketching a our faith in the power of the pen. crayon drawing. The man's eyes

were fixed on him. It was undeniable Knavery, like snow, condenses in that he was sketching the count, and our streets on the coming of winter, the handsome Hulan was too generous and scarcely a day passes in which the to make an archduchess wretched for little Magisterial Courts do not give want of his picture. Two or three their tribute to the genius of the picke slight changes of attitude were repocket mind. But our affairs of this quired to complete the performance ; kind are vulgar. It is on the Conti- they were gently recommended by the nent that the pickpocket studies the count's new friend, and approved of picturesque. The reason of this dif- by the nod of the artist in the window. ference is simply that the trade there At length the operation was complet. is in higher hands that the Exquisite ed. The artist made a low bow, and with whom the daughter of an Eng- retired from the window. His friend on the paré did the same. The count often said, that he was unconscious of was enchanted with having captivated the chances which the Revolution opena princess. But what was the time ed before him. His nature was to which this interesting performance love power ; his spirit was to scorn had occupied ? He felt for his watch rivalry; and his ambition was to be at -no watch was there ; for his snuff- the head of the country. A man of box-it had disappeared. His purse his penetration must have known that had followed them. He was now the time of public confusion was the thoroughly awake. The worst of the time for his obscure but powerful famatter was, that the unkind pickpock- culties to rise. A man of his educaets were so proud of their having tion must have known the historic plucked the young dupe, that they examples of ancient and modern Retold the story at the first roulette-table publicanism. And from the moment they came to. Thence, of course, it when the sword was drawn by the spread like wild-fire through the Parliament, he must have felt that the Court, the capital, and the country. first soldier of the country might be.

come the sovereign. “But the pear Secretary King, in his Memoirs, was not ripe." If after the most celesays, that having had opportunities of brated of his early histories he had sceing a good deal of all the most re- openly aimed at the supremacy, he markable men of his time, he had come must have been crushed. The power to the conclusion, that presence of of the Parliament was still in its viinind, implying quick decision, was gour. It was not till the palpable sucthe rarest, as it is undoubtedly the cess of the struggle, and the returning most important quality in the emer security of the popular cause had.engencies of public life. It was for this abled the people to turn their eyes on quality that Themistocles was cele. the Parliament, that the public disbrated by the historian as the most contents had time to grow, that Parextraordinary man of his time-_" That liament fell into disrepute, that the no man of all the Greeks saw so ra- contest seemed to be carried on for pidly where the difficulty lay, or was nothing but the aggrandizement of the so quick in discovering the way out of House of Commons, and finally, that it." A large part of this fine quality the nation felt eager to change the depends on the avoidance of haste- oligarchy, whom they began to despise, on the sober view of events as they for any form of government which are, and on waiting till things are promised novelty. The pear was then ripe. William the First, Prince of ripening. But a single premature Orange, was memorable for this fa- step even then would have sent Cromculty, and it conducted him in triumph well to the scaffold. The army at to the freedom of Holland. If, in the length assumed the power. The pear earlier years of those perpetual provo. was then ripe. And Cromwell, never cations which he suffered from the in more imminent danger than at the Spanish viceroys of the Netherlands, moment when his foot was about to and the still more stimulating demands ascend the throne, left London in the of the people to place himself at their critical instant, and was dictator. head, he had raised the standard, he Napoleon's early career was marked must have been crushed. “ But the by this memorable sagacity. No man pear was not ripe." Though one of was nearer perishing in its commencethe bravest men alive, and resolved on ment. If he had joined Robespierre finally hazarding life and fortune in in Paris, there can scarcely be a doubt the cause, he waited until he saw the that he would have been joined with Continent prepared to take a direct him at the guillotine. The offer was interest in the war- the German made to him to take the command of princes outraged, and cager for the the garrison of Paris. Nothing could fall of the Spanish domination, and be more tempting to a young officer, the people of the Netherlands, roused poor, conscious of talent, and encumby the double sense of persecuted re- bered with a crowd of brothers and ligion and insulted freedom, to strike sisters, who all seem to have looked up the blow with all their strength, and to him for a place in society, if not for be successful, or be undone.

bread. Robespierre at that hour was This was the great quality of Crom- virtual monarch of France. All the well. It is idle to say, as has been so parties of the Legislature had openly succumbed to him. There was no ap. I support that man? No, never. I pearance of the growth of any rival know how useful I should be to him in power. Finally, he fell by one of replacing his simpleton of a commanthose caprices of cruelty which be- dant of Paris. But it is what I will longed less to the necessities of his not be. It is not yet the time. (The position than the rabidness of his tiger pear was not ripe). • There is no place heart. At a loss for employment, he honourable for me at present but the had determined to begin a new course army. We must have patience. I shall of public remedies. The victims got command Paris hereafier.' notice of his intention, and surprised “Such were the words of Napoleon. the tiger in his den. It has been ar. He then expressed to us his indignagued, that if Napoleon had joined him, tion against the Reign of Terror ; of the ability of the young commandant which he announced the approaching of Paris might have saved the tyrant dounfall. He finished by repeating from the catastrophe. Possibly it several times, half gloomy, half smilmight for the moment. But the love ing, "What should I do in that galof blood was innate in Robespierre; ley?' The younger Robespierre soliand supreme power, instead of huma- cited in vain. A few weeks after, the nizing, would only have prompted him 9th Thermidor arrived, to deliver to more comprehensive cruelties. Even France, and justify the foresight of the France would have grown weary of General. If Napoleon had taken the the hideous homicide; he must hare command of Henriot, on which side perished, and all his tools with him. would have been the victory?"

To be nearer to Napoleon," says It has again been argued, that NaLucien, “my family established them- poleon's readiness to accept the comselves at the Chateau Sallé, near An- mand under the Directory, but a year tibes, only a few leagues from the head- later, showed that his reluctance arose quarters. I had left St Maximin, to from no scruple of conscience. But pass a few days with my family and the parties were different, Robespierre my brother. We were all assembled and Barras were the antipodes of each there, and the General gave us every other except in ambition. The one a moment that was at his disposal. He monster of blood, the other a showy, arrived one day more thoughtful than festive prodigal. The one a cold usual, and while walking between villain, who loved power for its indul. Joseph and me said, that it depended gence of his cruelty. The other a gay on himself to set out for Paris next day, man of the world, who loved power for and to be in a position in which he could its indulgence of his passions. No establish us all advantageously.' Lu- man can fairly place the character of cien was the shortsighted one on this the Government, when Napoleon was occasion, and would probably have led taken into its service, in comparison the way of the whole family to the Con- with the horrid atrocity which raised ciergerie. Napoleon preserved his sa- the universal voice of Europe against gacity and his line. “ For my part," Robespierre. says Lucien, in the true vein of a pro- That Napoleon was unsparing of vincial Frenchman, to whose imagina blood in the field is sufficiently well tion Paris is considerably above a Ma- known. But he was no butcher on hometan paradise," the news enchant- the scaffold. The death of the Due ed me. To go to the great capital ap. d'Enghien was the act of an assassin, peared to me a height of felicity, that but an act to which he was urged by nothing could overweigh. "They offer its connexion with his tyrannical sysme,' said Napoleon, 'the place of Hen- tem of polity. It was almost a soli. riot (the commandant of Paris). I am tary act. And there are few things to give my answer this evening. Well, more remarkable in the history of this what do you say to it?' We hesitated stern, fierce, and implacable mind than a moment. Eh, eh,' rejoined the Ge- the rareness of public executions under neral, but it is worth considering. his resistless reign. It is not a case to be enthusiastic upon. Another evidence of the sagacity of It is not so easy to save one's head at waiting was exhibited on his return Paris as at St Maximin. The from the Italian campaign of 1798. younger Robespierre is an honest fel. All France resounded with his name. low; but his brother is not to be The Directory were sinking before the trified with. He will be obeyed. Can eye. The army was rapidly identifying itself with sovereignty in planation, by the movement of the France. He was the hero of France. sun, and the heat which he propagates Strong suggestions, too, were made to in his course. But what accounts for him on all sides to seize the supre- years of mist, rain, and tempest ? macy. His answer was, “ It is not Why have we for five years scarcely time yet. The public mind is not known the existence of snow to be decided. I should experience unex- overwhelmed with it in the sixth ? pected difficulties. I shall return from The cometary influence has been often Egypt, and find all those difficulties assigned, and laughed at, yet, there is extinguished by the lapse of time. I scarcely an instance of a comet's having leave the Directory behind me. They come down towards the earth's orbit, will at once do my work and their without its being followed by some own. The pear is not ripe." The remarkable change in the temperature oracle was true. He left France to of the year. In some instances the writhe under the loss of her Italian most delightful serenity, in others, the conquests; the Directory to sink into whole season, or whole year chill and popular scorn by the proof of their comfortless. If we are to be told, incapacity; the army to see its laurels that there are thousands of comets, torn away, and think of the distant and that therefore they must be conchieftain by whom they had been stantly acting upon the atmosphere, if planted. And when the name of they act at all, may we not ask, are all Bonaparte was not only in the mouths comets necessarily the same in their but in the hearts of the people; when purposes or properties? May they his presence was felt to be less a not be as different as there are different pledge of national fame, than a protec. objects for them to fulfil ? May there tion against national ruin, he came, not be some of those thousands which and at one bound seized the throne. exclusively affect the earth, and its The pear was ripe!

seasons, while some may be adminis

tering salutary change to other globes, Among the results to which the and some may be solely conduits of light new experiments on conveyance to the exhausted energies of the sun ? through the air may give rise, the During the last two months we most advantageous would be some in- have had the severest weather expecreased attention to the study of me- rienced in England since 1814. The teorology. When it shall have be- whole year had been rough, wet, and come important to investigate the cur- uncertain. A state of things which rents and changes of the air, we shall the towns and bathing places on the enter upon a science almost totally sea-coast felt heavily in their finance, new, yet of the very first interest, and for they were nearly deserted by the probably opening the widest remain- landowners, who felt no great satisfacing avenue to the command of nature. tion in travelling fifty or a hundred We have largely investigated, and in miles to face premature winter, in the consequence largely mastered three of little hovels for which the conscience the elements. The earth and water of the landlords of Brighton, Worthare nearly our slaves. But the air has ing, and the other summer camps of hitherto almost wholly escaped man's citizenship charge so rapaciously. dominion. The few general notions But on the 9th of November, the war which we have adopted on the subject of elements began. Storm swept the of its matter, operation, and impulses, whole coast of England and the wesare wholly inadequate to explain, and, tern shores of the continent; the sea what is of still higher importance, to was covered with wrecks, and the enable man to anticipate its chief shore with corpses. But it was on the phenomena.

29th of the same month that the most As to the changes of the air from tremendous tempest swept up from calm to tempest, the principal agency the Atlantic, and moving north-east, is doubtless caloric. The rush of the devastated all within its vast expanse, cold air to supply the place of the up probably to the pole. The wind heated is the well-known origin of the raged for three days with fearful fury, tempest. But, what is the agency houses were blown down, mail-coaches which influences the caloric itself? hurried away, waggons overturned by

The periodical storms and rains of the the force of the blast, and though tropics admit of something like an ex- these may seem trivial instances of its

mischief, they give an extraordinary tle but resistless chemistry by which conception of the power of the wind. the impalpable element was turned inThe loss of shipping and life was de- to a material of a totally different form plorable. The year closed with the and qualities, and that material fabrigreat snow-storm. A slight fall on cated in a quantity sufficient to sheet the night of the 24th of December millions of miles, are contemplations seemed only to attire Christmas in his made to elevate our minds beyond the ancient robe, and the sight of the snow world. was almost welcomed.

But, combined with these conBut on Christmas night down came ceptions, there is one which most painthe whole weight of the vast fall. Be- fully brings us to this world again. fore daybreak the entire face of Eng. On the 24th the battle raged round land was a bed of snow. All the Bilboa. While the majesty of nature mails and conveyances of every kind was covering the land with its high were stopped at once, as the snow had evidence of power, man was slaying drifted in some places from ten to and being slain; thousands and tens twenty feet deep. The few carriages of thousands of the same soil, kindred, which ventured out were buried in the and tongue, were slaughtering each drifts, and were either left where they other from sunset to sunrise. When had sunk, or with infinite difficulty were Christmas morning, the day of peace, dragged back to the towns from which came, it was to wretched Spain a day they had travelled. This state of of havoc; thousands were staining the things continued for nearly a week. snows . with their blood, exposed The single night's fall had the effect through the storm to all the tortures of impeding almost the entire machin- of the freezing wind. shelterlese, ery of commerce and public communi. naked, stiffening in their gore, and cation. Great efforts were made to dying in agonies. clear the roads, the peasantry were put in motion by hundreds or thou- The value of the Canadas to Great sinds, but the task frequently baffled Britain as a territory for the efflux of them, and some of the mails were four her superabundant population, as a days due. The snow was so deep on customer for her manufactures, and as the Kent road, that all intercourse was a balance for the naval ambition of the suspended until nearly the close of the United States, is well known to Euroweek, though the pioneers of Woolpean statesmen. But it has a higher wich and Chatham were employed to value still, of which the generality of open the line ; the foreign mails were statesmen are careless or unconscious. sent by steam-boats to Dover. This It supplies the means for an illustrious sudden stoppage of all intercourse pro- experiment of civilisation. It affords duced great inconvenience, if not great the noble opportunity of filling an alevil, in the commercial world. Re- most boundless extent of empire with mittances delayed shook the credit of the laws, the knowledge, and above the merchant, and perhaps another all, the religion of England. Whether night's fall of snow would have been the Canadas are to remain united with little short of striking a blow at the England by Government; or finally, commercial credit of the nation. to form an independent authority, this

But from what source did this in- at least will have been done. A space calculable fall come? What mighty but little less than Europe will have agency could have at a moment com- been traversed by the steps of order, manded the mass that covered the the wilderness will have heard the 60,000 square miles of England; voice of morals, and the haunts of the covered the whole north of France, wolf and the bear, or of men more Holland, and Germany in a few hours? savage than the wolf and the bear,

The millions of tons must have been will have been reclaimed into the gebeyond all count. And yet the oper- neral and genial inheritance of society. ation was as sudden as it was power. Under these aspects all that conful. No symptom of it was given in cerns the Canadas becomes of singuthe hue, the chill, or the tumult of the lar importance to this country ; and air. Perhaps no act of nature gives we have read with interest, arising so high a conception of a more than from this source, the details given in mortal hand. The rapidity of its effect, the late publication of Washington the immensity of its product, the sub, Irving relative to the trade and con

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