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•Equitable Fraternal Union—M. L. Campbell, Neenan, Wis.

Famabrosis Society—E. E. Waring, 722 Loan and Trust building, Washington, D. C.

Fellowship of Solidarity—Walter Goody, 18-17 Broadway, New York, N. Y.

•Fraternal Bankers' Reserve Society—R. D. Taylor, Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

•Fraternal Benefit League—Frank- P. Tyler, 95 Crown street. New Haven, Conn.

•Fraternal Censer—R. P. Nichols, Dayton, O.

tFraternal Aid Association—T. J. Edmunds, Lawrence, Kas.

Fraternal Assurance Society of America—Fremont L. Jones, Fort Wayne, Ind.

Fraternal Home—Charles Sanderson, Hamilton, Mo.

Fraternal Life Association—S. C. Heacox, Hastings, Neb.

tFraternal Mystic Circle—F. H. Duckwitz, 1913 Arch street. Philadelphia, Pa.

•Fraternal Reserve Association—C. M. Robinson, Oshkosb, Wis.

Fraternal Reserve Life Association—C. M. Carson, Peoria, 111.

•Fraternal Tribunes—Robert Rexdale, Rock Island, III.

tFraternal Union of America—F. F. Roose, president, 1430 Champa street, Denver, Col.

•German Beneficial Union—Louis Thumm, 422 6th avenue, Pittsburg, Pa.

•Grand Fraternity, The—W. E. Gregg, 1414 Arch street, Philadelphia. Pa.

Gold Reserve Life Association—C. W. Campbell, Mount Pleasant, Mich.

Home Defenders of America—J. A. Thrasher, manager, Brazil, Ind.

•Highland Nobles—J. L. Rose, president, Waterloo, Iowa.

Home Fraternal League—C. J. Kinne, Masonic Temple, Chicago, 111.

•Home Guards of America—J. W. Evans, Van Wert, O.

•Ideal Reserve Association—E. W. Donovan, manager, Majestic building, Detroit, Mich.

tlmproved Order of Heptasophs—S. H. Tattersall, Preston and Cathedral streets. Baltimore, Md.

tlndependent Order of Foresters—Dr. Oronhyatekha, Toronto. Ont.

tlndependent Order of Mutual Aid—C. D. Brainard, Peoria, 111.

Independent Order of Puritans—J. W. Powers, 248 4th avenue. Pittsburg, Pa.

Independent Scandinavians* Workingmen's Association—P. J. Smith, Eau Claire, Wis.

•Knights and Ladies of the Red Cross—Galen Groff, 728 Park building, Pittsburg, Pa.

Knights and Ladies of Honor—George D. Tait, Indianapolis, Ind.

tKnights and Ladies of Security—J. M. Wallace, 701 Kansas avenue, Topeka. Kas.

tKnights of Columbus—Daniel Colwell, 23 Church street, New Haven, Conn.

Knights of Father Mathew—T. S. Bowdern, 1803 Locust street, St. Louis. Mo.

tKnights of Honor—Noah M. Glvau, Odd Fellows' Temple, St.'Louis, Mo.

tKnights of Pythias—Carlos S. Hardy, 1220 Manhattan building, Chicago, 111.

tKnights of Maccabees of the World—L. E. Sissler, Port Huron, Mich.

tKnights of the Modern -Maccabees—N. S. Boynton, president, Port Huron, Mich.

tLadies' Catholic Benefit Association—Mrs. J. A. Rover, 443 11th street. Erie, Pa.

tLadies of the Maccabees of the World—Miss Bina M. West, Port Huron, Mich.

tLadies of the Modern Maccabees—Mrs. Francos E. Burns, president, St. Louis. Mich.

Legion of Honor of Missouri—J. M. Smith. 41) Fullerton building, St. Louis. Mo.

Life and Annuity Association—F. I. Shale, Hiawatha, Kas.

•Lincoln Annuity Union—Ernest Duden, 401 Castro street. San Francisco, Cal.

t Loyal Association—Frank S. Petter, Lincoln Trust building. Jersey City. N. J.

•Loyal Guard—E. O. Wood. Flint. Mich.

•Loyal Mystic Legion of America—G. A. Wig ton. treasurer, Hastings, Neb.

L'Union St. Jean-Baptisie—J. Ad. Caron. Woonsocket, R. I.

•Locomotive Engineers' M. L. aud A. Insurance Association—W. E. Futch, president, Cleveland. O.

Married Men's League—John A. Sydney, Hannibal, Mo. •Masonic Mutual Relief Association—William

Montgomery, 12th and F streets, Washington.

D. C. Masonic Catholic Order of Foresters—J. J. Leonard, 17 Worcester street. Boston. Mass. •Modern American Fraternal Order—G. M. Le

Crone, Effingham. 111. •Modern Brotherhood of America—E. L. Balz.

Mason City. Iowa. Modern Magi—A. L. Clark, Holmes building,

Galesburg. III. •Modern National Reserve—I. Earl Lee, Charles

City. Iowa. •Modern Order of Praetorians—C. B. Gardner.

Dallas, Tex. •Modern Protective Association—L. W. Dorsett,

Sayre, Pa. tModern Woodmen of America—C. W. Hawes

Rock Island, 111. •Mutual Protective League—J. R. Paisley, Litchfield. 111. •Mystic Toilers—J. F. Taake. Des Moines. Iowa. •Mystic Workers of the World—Edmund Jackson,

Fulton. 111. National Fraternal League—P. G. Wright, Green

Bay. Wis. •National Protective Legion—George A. Scott,

president, Waverly, N. Y. National Provident Union—F. E. Currier. 325

Eagle building, Brooklyn, N. Y. tNational Union—J. W. Myers. Union building.

Toledo. O. tNew England Order of Protection—M. D. Frye,

20 Pemberton square. Boston, Mass. New Era Association—A. M. Webster, 20 Fountain

street, Grand Rapids. Mich. North American Union—G. Langhenry, Railway

Exchange building, Chicago. 111. •North Star Benefit Association—Ellen A. Olson.

Moline, 111. Occidental Mutual Benefit Association—E. A.

Nickleson, Salina, Kas. Order of Canadian Home Circles—J. M. Foster.

Toronto, Ont. tOrder of Columbian Knights—E. D. Peifer, 701

Masonic Temple, Chicago. 111. Order of Home Guardians—L. D. Milne, Mitchell,

S. D. tOrder of Mutual Protection—G. Del Vecchlo.

National Life building. Chicago, 111. Order of Patricians—E. H. Piatt, Toneller building. Benton Harbor, Mic'i. •Order of Pendo—A. P. Tugwell, president, Los

Angeles, Cal. tOrder of Scottish Clans—Peter Kerr. 134 Summer street, Boston, Maps. Order of Select Knights—George K. Staples. 733

Elllcott square. Buffalo. N. Y. Order of Amaranth—Peter J. Jeup. 212 Moran

street. Detroit, Mich. •Order of the Golden Seal—Arthur F. Bounton,

Roxbury, N. Y. Order of Unitv—C. A. Coons. Pittsburg. Pa. •Order of Washington—J. L. Mitchell, Marquam

building, Portland, Ore. Order of the Iroquois—W. A. Rice, 644 EUicott

square, Buffalo. N. Y. „

Order of the White Cross—Elmer S. Grundy, Jo

liet. 111. •Pathfinder, The—George R. McKay, president.

Society for Savings building. Cleveland. O. tProtected Home Circle—The Hon. W. S. Palmer,

Sharon, Pa. _

tPrudent Patricians of rompeii—David Swinton,

Saginaw. Mich. tRoyal Arcanum—W. S. Robson, 40i Shawmut avenue, Bouton, Mass. tRoval Highlanders—F. J. Sharp, Aurora. Neb. fRoyal League—Charles E. Piper. 1G01 M«^"^

Temple, Chicago. 111. +3nyal Neighbors of America—Mre. Winnie Fiw»

jf, Peoria, 111.

Royal Templars of Temperance (Canada)— Dr. C. V. Enn'oy. Hamilton, Out.

Select Knights and Ladies—Ed. II. Wheeler, Gil Minnesota avenue. Kansas Cit;.. Ku^.

*Soclete des Artisans Cam..iens Francais—Germaine Beaulieu, 115 ltue St. Francois Xaviei', Montreal. Canada.

Sons and Daughters of Justice—W. W. Walker, Minneapolis, lias.

tSupreme Tribe of Ben-IIur—D. W. Gerard, president, Crawfordsville, lnd.

Toilers' Fraternity—Z. T. Trumbo. 217 East Prairie street, Pontiae, 111.

•Triple Tie Benefit Association—G. M. Stratum, Clay Center, Kas.

Union Fraternal League—James F. Reynolds. 185 Summer street, Boston, Mass.

United Aid of Cheboygan—E. A. Hlckey. Cheboygan, Mich.

•United American Mechanics' Junior Order Benefit Degree—S. Collins, 4:>2 Diamond street, Pittsburg. Pa. , ,

United Artisans—C. L. McKenna. Commercial building, Portland, Ore.

tUnited Order of the Golden Cross—W. R. Cooper, Knoxville, Tent).

tl'nited Order of Pilgrim Fathers—Na.han Cary, Lawrence, Mass.''

•United Presbyterian Mutual Benefit Association— Hugh It. Moffett, Monmouth, 111.

Vesta Circle—Frank II. Knapp, 1019 Masonic Temple, Chicago, 111.

Western Catholic Union—John Schauf, Quiucy, 111.

fWomen of Woodcraft—J. L. Wright, Leadville. Col.

Woodmen's Protective Association—W. A. Northcott, president, Springfield, 111.

•Woodmen of the World (sovereign jurisdiction)— J. C. Root, Omaha. Neb.

tWoodmen of the World (Pacific jurisdiction)—I. A. Boak, 1447 Tiemont street, Denver, Col.

Woodmen of the World (Canadian jurisdiction)— W. C. Fitzgerald, London, Ont.

Workmen's Benefit Association—James H. Cutten, 74 Boylston street, Boston, Mass.

•Yeomen of America—F. S. Silshee, president, Oregon, 111.

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'Average import price per pound. tConsumption per capita based on net imports. GREAT FLOOD IN PITTSBURG,

During the week of March 11-16, 1907, ten square miles of the city of Pittsburg, Ph., were submerged by n flood in the Monongnhola, Allegheny and Ohio rivers. The water reached the highest stage ever known, which was thirty-seven feet at Market street. Fourteen persons lost their lives, hundreds were made homeless and 100,000

were thrown out of employment. The property loss in Pittsburg and vicinity was estimated at more than $10,000,000. Much damage was also by high water at Parkersburg and Wheeling. W. Va., and Marietta. Mingo, Athens and Nelsonville, O. In all, fifty-one lives were lost.



First post organized at Decatur, 111., April 6, I860.


Commander In Chief—Chas. G. Burton, Nevada, Mo.

Senior Vice-Commander—Lewis G. Groffltu, Troy, N. Y.

.luuior Vice-Commander—William M. Scott, Atlanta, Ga.

Surgeon-General—Dr. Lane Taneyhill, Baltimore, Md.

Chaplain—Bishop Samuel Fallows, Chicago.


Adjutant-General—Jere T. Dowe, Kansas City, Mo.

Assistant Adjutant-General—Joseph Shaw, Zanesville, O.

Quartermaster-General—Charles Burrows, Rutherford, N. J.

Assistant Quartermaster-General—J. Henry Holcomb, Philadelphia, Pa.

Chief of Staff—J, C. WInans, Toledo, O.

Judge-Advocate General—L. W. Collins, Minneapolis, Minn.

Council of Administration—Frank M. Sterrett. St. Louis; Thomas W. Scott, Springfield, 111.; William Armstrong, Indianapolis; Philip Cheek. Baraboo. Wis.; William J. Patterson. Pittsburg; Samuel J. Lawrence, Northville, Mich.; Janus Owens, New York city.

Inspector-General—Col. D. R. Stowltz, Buffalo, N. Y.

General Headquarters—Zanesvllle, O.


Alabama—W. M. Campbell Florence

C. C. Chapin Birmingham

Arizona—N. S. Fulmer Tucson

W. F. R. Schindler Phoenix

Arkansas—C. Altenberg Little Rock

A. Walrath Little Rock

California and Nevada—

Wm. G. Waters San Francisco

John H. Roberts Sun Francisco

Colorado and Wyoming—

R. H. Melette Harris, Col.

W. W. Ferguson Denver. Col.

Connecticut—Chas. A. Appel Middletown

WTliliam E. Morgan New Haven

Delaware—Je3se Hellings Dover

J. Shitzenburg Wilmington

Florida—Samuel W. Fox Jacksonville

Charles M. Ellis Jacksonville

Georgia and South Carolina—

O. P. Webster Fitzgerald, Ga.

S. C. Brown Fitzgerald, Ga.

Idaho—A. M. Rowe Pavette

H. M. Barber. Boise

Illinois—A. C. Matthews Pittstield

Charles A. Partridge Chicago

Indiana—Wm. A. Ketcham Indianapolis

John R. Fcsler Indianapolis

Indian Territory—A. G. Crutcluner Okmulgee

Samuel II. Smith Muskogee

Iowa—David J. Palmer D»'s Moines

George A. Newman Des Moines

Kansas—R. A. Campbell Hutchinson

J. M. Miller Topeka

Kentucky—Le Vant Dodge Berea

M. J. Gabbard Berea

Louisiana and Mississippi—

P. H. Boyle New Orleans

M, A. C. Hussey New Orleans

Maine—Frank F. Coss Auburn

George F. Gifford Auburn

Maryland—Fred C. Tarr Baltimore

Robert C. Sunstrom Baltimore

Massachusetts—D. Hi L. Gleason Natick

Wilfred A. Wetherbee Boston

Michigan—William Jlbb Adrian

Fayette Wyekoff Lansing

Minnesota—George A. Whitney Wadena

Orron S. Clark Minneapolis

Missouri—T. D. Kimball St. Louis

Thomas. B. Rodgers St. Louis

Montana—B. N. Beebe Butte

R. G. Huston Butte

Nebraska—Thomas A. Crelgb Omaha

A. M. Trimble Lincoln

New Hampshire—Wm. S. Pillsbury.. .Londonderry

Frank Battles Concord

New Jersey—Arthur W. French Forest Hill

W. H. Van Jderstine Newark

New Mexico—W. W. McDonald Albuquerque

J. G. Caldwell Albuquerque

North Dakota—S. J. Hill Fargo

E. C. Gearey Fargo

Ohio—W. S. Rogers Cleveland

Charles Griswold Cleveland

Oklahoma,—Wm. H. Hornaday Lawton

M. M. Duncan Lawton

Oregon—S. F. Blythe Hood River

C. A. Williams Portland

Pennsylvania—Wm. T. Powell Pittsburg

Chas. Suyuum Philadelphia

Potomac—Newton Ferree Washington

James A. Allen Washington

Rhode Island—Ed. Wilson Providence

Philip S. Chase Providence

South Dakota—T. C. DeJean 1'lunkinton

W. G. Andrews Plankiuton

Tennessee—Will A. SicTeer Maysville

B' u A. Hamilton Knoxville

Texas—L. L. Whittaker San Antonio

John H. Bolton San Antonio

I'tah—Alfred Kent Salt Lake City

R. G. Sleater Salt Lake City

Vermont—A. C. Brown Montpeller

Ed Baker Montpelier

Virginia and North Carolina—

A. A. Hagar...National Soldiers' Home, Virginia

John G. Sprague— Nat. Soldiers' Home, Virginia Washingtrn and Alaska—

W. H. Mock Bellingham Wash.

M. C. Cole Bellingham. Wash.

West Virginia—J. M. Adams Uavenswood

A. J. Charter Ravenswood

Wisconsin—John C. Martin Mineral Point

W. W. Williams Mineral Point


1866—Indianapolis; "S. A. Hurlbut, Illinois. 1808—Philadelphia; John A. Logan. Illinois. 1869—Cincinnati; John A. Logan, Illinois. 1870—Washington; John A. Logan, Illinois. 1871—Boston; A. E. Burnside, Rhode Island. 1872—Cleveland: A. E. Burnside. Rhode Island. 1878—New Haven; C. Devens, Jr., Massachusetts. 1874—Harrisburg; C. Devens, Jr., Massachusetts. 1875—Chicago; J. F. Hartranft, Pennsylvania. 1876—Philadelphia; J. F. Hartranft. Pennsylvania. 1877—Providence; J. C. Robinson, New York. 1878—Springfield; J. C. Robinson, New York. 1879—Albany; William Earnshaw, Ohio. 1880—Dayton, O.; Louis Wagner. Pennsylvania. 1881—Indianapolis; G. S. Merrill. Massachusetts. 1882— Baltimore; P. Vandervoort. Nebraska. 1883—Denver; R. B. Beath, Pennsylvania. 1884—Minneapolis; John S. Kountz", Ohio, 1885—Portland, Me.; S. S. Burdette, Washington,

D. C. 1886—San Francisco; L. Falrchild. Wisconsin. 1887—St. Louis; John P. Rea, Minnesota. 1S8M—Columbus. O.; Win. Warner, Missouri. 188!)—Milwaukee; Russell A. Alger. Detroit. 1890—Boston; W. G. Veazey, Rutland, Vt. 1891—Detroit: John Palmer. Albany. 1892—Washington; A. G. Weissert, Wisconsin. 1893—Indiannpolis: J. G. B. Adams. Massachusetts, 1894—Pittsburg; T. G. Lawler, Illinois. 1895—Louisvillo; I. N. Walker, Indiana. 1896—St. Paul; T. S. Clarkfcon. Omaha. Neb. 1897—Buffalo; J. P. S. Gobin, Lebanon, Pa. 189S—Cincinnati: James A. Sexton. Chicago. 1899—Philadelphia; Albert D. Shaw. N. Y. 1900—Chicago: Leo Rnssieur, St. Louis. 1901—Cleveland; Ell Torrance, Minneapolis. 1902— Washington; T. J. Stewart, Pennsylvania. ]9n:j—San Francisco; J. C. Black, Illinois. 1904—Boston; W. W. Blackmar. Boston. 1905—Denver; James Tanner, Washington. 1906—Minneapolis; Robert B. Brown. Ohio. 1907—Saratoga—Chas. G. Burton. Missouri.

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....8,383 ....7,994 ....7,790 ....8.166 ....8,299 ....8,366 ....9,029

1905* 9.152

1905T 9,205

1906 9,052


2.41 2.7S 2.80 3.02

3.60 3.90 3.90 3.83

1879 44,752

1880 60.634

1881 85,856

1882 134.701

1883 215,446

1884 273.168

1885 294.7S7

1886... 323.571

1887 355.916

1888 372,960

1889 397,774

1890 409.489

1891.: 407.781

1892 399.880

1893 397,223


No. Pet.

1888 4,433 1.18 1S98

1889 4.696 1.18 1899

1890 5,476 1.33 1900

1891 5.965 1.46 1901

1892 ......6,404 1.61 1902

•1893 7.002 1.78 1903.

1894 7,283 2.97 1904.

1895 7,368 2.06

1896 7.293 2.21

1897 7,515 2.35

•June 30. tDec. 31. By a new rule the statistics

are made to cover the calendar year.

Total expended for relief during year ended Dec 31, 1906, $95,314.81.

WOMAN'S RELIEF CORPS. Organized at Denver, Col., July, 1883. President—Kate E. Jones, Ilion N Y Senior Vice-President—Ida K. Martin, Minneapolis Minn. v

Junior Vice-President-Kate G. Vallandighnm, Valley City, N. D.' Treasurer—Charlotte E. Wright. New Haven, Conn Chaplain—Mary E. Hartwell, Los Angeles Cnl' Secretary—Elizabeth Brown Daggett, Attleboro.

Mass. Counselor—Flo Jamison Miller. Wilmington 111 Inspector—Sarah E. Putnam, Dixfield, Me' Installing Officer—Ada G. Mohr. Brooklyn N Y Press Correspondent—Georgia W. MeCl'ell'an,'De'n

nison, Iowa. Patriotic Instructor—Lois M. Knauff. Cleveland, O Chief of Staff—Belle C. Harris, Emporia, Kas. Membership, about 150,000.



Organized in Chicago, September, 18R6.

President—Clara N. Sawyer, South Portland Me

Senior Vico-President-VIrginia McClure, Peoria, 111.

Junior Vice-President—Susan James, Jacksonville,

Fla. Secretary—Florence M. Wallace, China, Me. Treasurer—Catherine Ross, Denver, Col. Chaplain—Katheryn Fairback, St. Louis, Mo. Counselor—Elma B. Dalton, Winfield, Kas. National Inspector—Genevieve H. Longneld, 219

Walnut street. Chicago, 111. Headquarters—South Portland, Me. Membership, about 45,000.


President—Miss C. Millie Leighton, Clinton, Mass.

Senior Vice-President—Mrs. Nettie Fox, Massillon, Ohio.

Junior Vice-President—Miss Clara F. Hoover, Chi cago, 111.

Treasurer—Miss Agnes I. McCoy, SomervIUe, Mass.

Chaplain—Mrs. Sarah B. Danford, Concord, N. H.

Inspector—Miss Anna M. Kelley, Pueblo, Col.

Patriotic Instructor— airs. George E. Wilson, Portland, Me.

Secretary—Miss M. Althea Field, 35 Cedar street,
Clinton, Mass.

Organized June 10, 1889.


General Commanding—Gen. Stephen D. Lee, Columbus, Miss.

Adj.-Gen. and Chief of Staff-Maj.-Gen. William E. Mickle. New Orleans, La.

Army of Northern Virginia Dept.—Commander, Lieut.-Geu. C. I. Walker, Charleston, S. C.; Adj.Gen. and Chief of Staff; Brig.-Gen. Richard i$. Davis, Petersburg, Va.

South Carolina Div.—Commander. Maj.-Gen. T. W Carwilc, Edgefield. S. C; Adj.-Gen. and Chief of Staff, Col. J. M. Jordan, Greenville, S. C.

North Carolina Div.—Commander, Maj.-Gen Julian S. Carr, Durham, N. C.; Adj-Gen. and Chief of Staff, Col. H. A. London, Pittsboro, N. C.

Virginia Div.—Commander, Maj.-Gen. S. Boiling. Petersburg; Adj.-Gen. and Chief of Staff, Col. Wm. M. Evans, Petersburg.

West Virginia Div.—Commander. Maj.-Gen. Robert White. Wheeling, W. Va.; Adj.-Gen. and Chief of Staff. Col. A. C. L. Gatewood. Linwood.

Marvland Div.—Commander, Maj.-Gen. A. C. Trippe, Baltimore, Md.; Adj.-Gen. and Chief of Staff, Col. D. S. Briscoe, Baltimore.

Army of Tennessee Dept.—Commander, Lieut.Gen. Clement A. Evans, Atlanta, Ga.; Adj.-Gen. and Chief of Staff, Brig.-Gen. E. T. Sykes, Columbus, Miss.

Louisiana Div.—Commander. Maj.-Gen. J. A. Prud

'homme, Bermuda; Adj.-Gen. and Chief of Staff, Col. T. W. Castleman, New Orleans.

Tennessee Div.—Commander, Maj-Gen. G. W. Gordon, Memphis, Tenn.: Adj.-Gen. and Chief of Staff, Col. J. P. Hickman. Nashville.

Florida Div.—Commander, Maj.-Gen. William H. Jewell. Orlando; Adj.-Gen. and Chief of Staff, Col. Robert J. Magill, Jacksonville.

Alabama Div.—Commander, Maj.-Gen. G. P. Harrison. Opelika; Adj.-Gen. and Chief of Staff, Col. II. E. Jones, Montgomery.

Mississippi Div.—Commander, Maj.-Gen. Robert I.owry, Jackson; Adj.-Gen. and Chief of Staff, Col. J. L. McCaskill, Brandon.

Georgia Div.—Commander, Maj.-Gen. A. J. West, Atlanta; Adj.-Gen. and Chief of Staff, Col. J. C. Lynos, Atlanta.

Kentucky Div.—Commander, Maj.-Gen. Bennett H. Young, Louisville, Ky.; Adj.-Gen. and Chief of Staff, Col. W. A. Milton, Louisville.

Trans-Mississipni Dent.—Commander. Lieut.-Gen. W. L. Cabell, Dallas; Adi.-Gen. and Chief of Staff, Brig.-Gen. A. T. Watts, Beaumont. Tex.

Texas Div.—Commander, Maj.-Gen. K. M. Van Zant, Fort Worth; Adj.-Gen. and Chief of Staff. Col. George Jackson, Fort Worth,

Missouri Div.—Commander. Maj.-Gen. John B. Stone. Kansas City; Adj.-Gen. and Chief of Staff, John C. Moore, Kansas City.

Arkansas Div.—Commander. Brig.-Gen. James H. Berry, Pine Bluff; Adj.-(Jen. and Chief of StafT, Col. W. M. Watkins. Little Kock.

Oklahoma Div.—Commander, Maj.-Gen. John Threadgill. Oklahoma City; Adj.-Gen. and Chief of Staff. William M. Cross, Oklahoma City.

Northwest Div.—Commander, Maj.-Gen. Paul A. Fhsz, Philipsfurg, Mont.; Adj.-Gen. and Chief of Staff, Col. Wm. Kay, Philipsburg, Mont.

Pacific Div.—Commander, Maj.-Gen. William C. Harrison, M. D., Los Angeles; Adj. -Gen. and Chief of Staff, Louis Tienian. Tiemau, Cal.

Membership, about 60,000; camps. 1.300.

The purpose of the society Is strictly social, literary, historical and benevolent.

UNION VETERANS' UNION. Commander in Chief— W. L. Dickey, Lowell. Mass. First Deputy Commander in Chief—Patrick Hayes,

Maine. Surgeon-General—W. S. Norcross, Maine. Chaplain—L. H. Little, Massachusetts. Adjutant-General—John Munroe, Haverhill. Mass. Assistant Adjutant-General—D. B. H. Bartlett,

Lowell, Mass. Quartermaster—Gen. Fred J. Lufler, Haverhill.

Executive Committee—F. L. Van Auken, Washington; A. W. Moore, Now York; E, N. Rose, Minnesota; Fred S. Snow, Connecticut; George W. Wentworth. Massachusetts; \V. S. Oakman, Maine; James Dammers, Massachusetts.


National Commander— W. II. R. Neal, Philadelphia, Pa.

Senior Vice-Commander—Jacob B. Smith, Wilmington, Del.

Junior Vice -Commander—J. S. Duschane, Newcastle. Pa.

Quartermaster-General—J. N. Keiser, Pittsburg, Pa.

Surgeon-General—G. W. Born. Buffalo, N. Y.

Chaplain—N. H. Holmes, Pittsburg, Pa.



Incorporated by special act of congress.


Commander—Joseph B. Morton, Washington, D. C.

Senior Vice Commander—James I'. Lock wood, Chicago, III.

Adjutant-General—Daniel O. Drennan, Washington, D. C.

Paymaster-General—John G. Maynard, Washington. D. C.

Quartermaster-General—W. R. Melcher, Washington, D. C.

Special Inspector-General-^J. M. Campbell, 61 Washlngton-st., Chicago, 111.

Assistant Inspector-General—William Stein, Chicago, 111.

Headquarters—Washington, D. C.

General Phil H. Sheridan Garrison No. 31, Chicago, meets the 2d and 4th Mondays in each month In Memorial hall, public library building. Commander, James P. Lock wood; adjutant, C. J. S. Arey.

Organized April 19. 1904.


Commander in Chief—Walter S. Hale. California.

Senior Vice-Commander—Henry W. Busch, Michigan.

Junior Vice-Commander—John J. Caris, Illinois,

Judge-Advocate General—John J. McGrath, Massachusetts.

Surgeon-General—John H. Grant. M. D., New York.

Paymaster-General—Frank C. Jones, Pennsylvania.

Commissary-General—Calvin Welvin, Washington.

Chief Mustering Officer—Wm. H. Lyons. Kentucky.

National Historian—J. W. Mitchell, Washington, D. C. •

President Ladles' Auxiliary—Mrs. Elizabeth McNamara. Massachusetts.


Commander—John R. Powers, Elgin.

Senior Vice-Commander—Oliver D. Steele, Chicago.

Junior Vice-Commander—Emery F. Marshall, Chi

Inspector—John Holslag, Aurora.
Judge Advocate—F. W. Latimer, Galesburg.
Adjutant—Martin Sipple, Elgin.



Commander in Chief—Capt. Taylor E. Brown, U. S.

V., Chicago, 111. Senior Vice-Commander in Chief—Maj. Felix Rosenberg, U. S. V., Cleveland, O. Junior Vice-Commander in Chief—Lieut. John S.

Muckle, U. S. N., Philadelphia, Pa. Recorder in Chief—Maj. Frank Keck, U. S. V., 78

Broad street, New York, N. Y. Registrar in Chief—Maj. Samuel T. Armstrong, U.

S. V., 78 Broad street. New York, N. Y. Treasurer in Chief—Capt. John T. Hilton, U. S. V.,

78 Broad street. New York. N. Y. Chaplain in Chief—Rev. H. A. Hoyt, U. S. V.,

Cynwyd, Pa.


Commander—Col. Edward C. Young, U. S. V„ Chicago.

Recorder—Lieut. Gordon Strong, U. S. V., 209 State street, Chicago.

Treasurer—Lieut. Chesley R. Perry, U. S. V., 189 LaSalle street. Chicago.

Registrar—Ensign Warren F. Purdy, late U. S. N,, Chicago.

SOCIETY OF THE ARMY OF THE PHILIPPINES. Commander in Chief— H. A. Crow, Connellsville, Pa. Vice-Commander—B. J. H. Farrell, Chicago, 111. First Junior Commander—Maj.-Gen. J. Franklin

Judge-Advocate General—J. II. Fraine, Grafton,

N. D.
Meeting place in 1908. Galesburg, 111.

ROUGH RIDERS' ASSOCIATION. President—C. E. Hunter, Oklahoma City. Okla. Vice-President—David Goodrich. New York, N. Y. Sec re t a ry-Treasurer—B. H. Colbert, Tishimingo. Okla.


Organized at New York city Nov. 25, 1790. Commandant and Ex-Oflieio President—The Rev.

Morgan Dix. D. D. (Oxon.). LL. D., D, C. L. Vice-Commandant and Ex-Olficio Vice-President—

The Hon. Asa Bird Gardiner, LL. D., L. H. D. Adjutant—Howland Pell, 102 Front street. New

York, N. Y.
Quartermaster—Frederick A. Schermerhorn.
Paymaster—Charles Isham.

Chaplain—The Rev. Frank L. Humphreys, S. T. D.
Surgeon—Malcolm McLean, M. D.
Commissary—Morris Patterson Ferris.

This independent military organization of the state of New York was organized under the militia law of congress. It also constitutes the Military Society of the War of 1812.

It was originally organized by officers and soldiers of the war of the revolution, principally trom the continental .?orps of artillery, and served in the war of 1812 in June and July, 1812, and then for six months in United States service from Sept. 2, 1814. Afterward It was recruited from officers and soldiers of the war of 1812 of honorable records. The present membership is 135.


Organized by Gen. George Washington and his officers May 10. 1783, at the cantonments of American army on the Hudson river. New York.


President-General—Winslow Warren, Massachusetts.

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