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Attorney-General—Chas. J. Bonaparte (Md.).$12,000

Secretary to Attorney-General—Henry C.
Gauss (Mass.) .' 2,500

Solicitor-General—Henry M. Hoyt (Pa.) 7,500

Assistant to Attorney-General—Milton D.
Purdy (Minn.)' 7,000

Assistant Attorney-General—Edward T. San-
ford (Tenn.) 5,000

Assistant Attorney-General—A. W. Cooley
(N. Y.) 5,000

Assistant Attorney-General—Charles W. Rus-
sell (W. Va.) 5,000

Assistant Attorney-General—John G. Thomp-
son (111.) 5,000

Assistant Attorney-General—Joslah A. Van
Orsdel (Wyo.) 5,000

Assistant Attorney-General (Department of
Interior)—George W. Woodruff (Pa.) 5,000

Assistant Attorney-General (Spanish Treaty
Claims Commission)-jWm. W. Brown (Pa.) 5,000

Solictor for Department of State—James B.
Scott (Cal.) 4,500

Law Clerk and Examiner of Titles—A. J.
Bentley (0.) 2,700

Chief Clerk and Superintendent of Building
—Orin J. Field (Kas.) 3.000

General Agent—Cecil Clay (W. Va.} 4.000

Disbursing Clerk—Alexander C. Caine (O.)... 2.750

Appointment Clerk—Chas. B. Sornborger (Vt.) 2,000

Attorney in Charge of Pardons—James A.
Finch (N. Y.) 2,400

Solicitor of Treasury (Treasury Department)
—Maurice D. O'Connell (Iowa) 4,500

Assistant Solicitor—Felix A. Reeve (Tenn.). 3,000

Chief Clerk Solicitor's Office (Treasury De-
partments—Charles E. Vrooman (Iowa) 2,000

Assistant Attorney in Charge of Dockets—S.
B. Sheihley (Ga.) 2,500

Solicitor (Department Commerce and Labor)
—Charles Earl (Md.) 4.500

Assistant Attorney-General (Postoffice De-
partment)—Russell P. Goodwin (111.) 4,500

Solicitor Internal Revenue—Arthur B. Hayes
(Utah) 4,500


Secretary—James R. Garfield (O.)

First Assistant Secretary—Thos. Ryan (Kas.)
Assistant Secretary—Jesse E. Wilson (Ind.).
Chief Clerk—Edward M. Dawson (Md.)


Commissioner—R. A. Ballinger (Wash.)

Asst. Commissioner—Fred Dennett (N. D.)..


Commissioner—Francis E. Leupp (D. C.)

Assistant Commissioner—Charles F. Larrabee


Superintendent Indian Schools—Miss Estelle

Reel (Wyo.)


Commissioner—Vespasian Warner (111.)

First Deputy Commissioner—J. L. Davenport

(N. H.) „..

Second Deputy Commissioner—Leverett M.

Kellv (111.)

Chief Clerk—Charles C. Stouffer (Pa.)

Medical Referee—Samuel Houston (Pa.)


Commissioner—Edward B. Moore (Mich.)

Assistant Commissioner—Cornelius C. Billings (Vt.)

Chief Clerk—William F. Woolard (III.)

UNITED STATES COINAGE HUNTS AND ASSAY OFFICES. Coinage mints of the United States are located in Philadelphia. Pa.: New Orleans. La.; San Francisco, Cal., and Denver. Col. The government assay offices are in New York. N. Y.; Carson. Nev.; Denver. Col.; Boise, Idaho; Helena, Mont.; Char













Commissioner—Elmer E. Brown (Cal.) $3,500

Chief Clerk—Lovick Pierce (Ga.) 1,800


Director—George Otis Smith (Me.) 6.000

Chief Clerk—Henry C. Rizer (Kas.) 2,500


Director—Frederick H. Newell (Pa.)

Assistant Director—Arthur P. Davis (Kas.).


Secretary—James Wilson (Iowa) $12,000

Assistant Secretary—W. M. Hayes (Minn.)... 5,000

Chief Clerk—Sylvester R. Bur eh (Kas.) 2.5O0

Appointment Clerk—J. B. Bennett (Wis.) 2,000

Private Secretary to Secretary of Agricul-
ture—Jasper Wilson (Iowa) 2,500

Chief of Weather Bureau—W. L. Moore (111.) 5.000
Chief, of Bureau of Animal Industry—Alonzo

D. Melvin (111.) :.. 5,000

Statistician—Victor H. Olmsted (N. C.) 3,500

Chief of Section of Foreign Markets—George

K. Holmes (Mass.) 2.750

Chemist—H. W. Wiley (Ind.) 5.000

Entomologist—L. O. Howard (N. Y.) 3,250

Chief of Biological Survey—C. Hart Merriam

(N. Y.) 3,000

Chief of Forest Service—Gifford Pinchot

(N. Y.) 5,000

Chief of Bureau of Soils—Milton Whitney

(Md.) 3,500

Director Office of Experiment Stations—A. C.

True (Conn.) 3,500

Chief Division of Accounts and Disbursements—A. Zappone (D. C.) 2,750

Editor—George William Hill (Minn.) 3,000

Chief Bureau of Plant Industry (in charge of

Seed Distribution)—B. T. Galloway (Mo.).. 5,000

Botanist—F. D. Coville (N. Y.) 3.000

Pomologist—G. B. Brackett (Iowa) 3,000

Agrostologlst—William J. Spillman (Wash.). 3,500
Plant Pathologist and Physiologist—A. F.

Woods (Neb.) 3.500

Director of Public Roads—L. W. Page (Mass.) 2.750



Public Printer—Charles A. sailings (Mass.). $5,500

Chief Clerk—Frank C. Wallace 2.750

Foreman of Printing—Chas. E. Young (Neb.) 2\500
Assistant Foreman of Printing (In charge of
Typographical Division)—J. M. A. Spotts-

wood (Pa.) 2,250

Mechanical Supervisor—H. P. McFarland

(Ind.) 2.250

Acting Foreman of Binding—Peter Traub 2,100


Commissioners—John C. Black (111.), John A.

Mcllheny (La.). H. F. Greene (Minn.) 3,500

Chief Examiner—Frank M. Kiggins (Ky.) 3,000

Secretary—John T. Doyle (N. Y.) 2,500


Chairman—Martin A. Knapp (N. Y.) 10,000

Judson C. Clements (Ga.) 10,000

Charles A. Prouty (Vt.) 10,000

Francis M. Cockrell (Mo.) 10,000

Franklin K. Lane (Cal.) 10,000

Edgar E. Clark (Iowa) 10,000

James S. Harlan (111.) 10.000

Secretary—Edward A. Moseley (Mass.) ... 3,500

lotte. N. C.; St. Louis, Mo.; Deadwood. S. D.. and Seattle. Wash. The mint in Philadelphia was established in 1792 and the others as follows: New Orleans, 1838; San Francisco, 1852, and Denver. 1904.

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SUPREME GOTTBT. Chief Justice—Melville W. Fuller, Illinois, 1888.

Justices—John M. Harlan. Kentucky 1S77

Oliver W. Holmes, Massachusetts... 1902

David J. Brewer. Kansas 1889

William R. Day. Ohio 1903

Edward D. White, Louisiana 1894

Rufus W. Peckham, New York 1895

Joseph McKenna. California 1898

William H. Moodv. Massachusetts 1906

Clerk^J. H. McKenney, D. C 1880

Salaries: Chief justice. $13,000; justices, $12,500;

clerk. $6,000.

Marshal—J. M. Wright, Kentucky $3,500

Reporter—C. H. Butler. New York $4,500


First Ctbcuit—Judges: Mr. Justice Oliver W.

Holmes; circuit judges, Le Baron B. Colt. W.

L. Putnam. Francis C. Lowell; district judges.

Clarence Hale. Arthur L. Brown, Edgar Aldrich,

Frederick Dodge. Clerk, J. G. Stetson, Boston,

Mass. Second Cibcuit—Judges: Mr. Justice Rufus W.

Peckham; circuit judges, William J. Wallace,

E. H; Lacomhe. William K. Townsend. Alfred C. Coxe; district judges, Hoyt H. Wheeler. James P. Piatt. Edward B. Thomas. George B. Adams, George C. Holt, George W. Ray, John R. Hazel. Clerk, William Parkins, New York, N. Y.

Third CircuIt—Judges: Mr. Justice William H. Moody; circuit judges, G. M. Dallas, George Gray, Joseph Buffington; district judges, John B. Mcpherson. Robert W. Archbald, Edward G. Bradford. William M. Lanning. Joseph Cross, James

B. Holland, Nathaniel Ewlng. Clerk, W. V. Williamson, Philadelphia, Pa.

Fourth Circuit—Judges: Mr. Chief Justice Melville W. Fuller, chief justice United States; circuit judges, Jeter C. Pritchard. Nathan Goff; district judges. Benjamin F. Kellar, Thomas R. I'urnell, James E, Bovd, W. H. Brawley, T. J. Morris, Edmund Waddill. Jr.. H. Clay McDowell, Alston G. Dayton. Clerk, H. T. Meloney, Richmond, Va.

Fifth Circuit—Judges: Mr. Justice E. D. White; circuit judges. D. A. Pardee. A. P. McCormick, David D. Shelby; district judges, W. T. Newman, Emory Speer, Charles Swayne, J. W. Locke, Thomas G. Jones, H. T. Toulmin, H. C. Niles, Charles Parlange, Aleck Boarman, Edward R. Meek, D. E. Bryant, T. S. Maxey. Waller T. Burns. Clerk. Jas. M. McKee, New Orleans, La.

Sixth Circuit—Judges: Mr. Justice John. M. Harlan; circuit Judges. Henry F. Severens. H. H. Lurton, John K. Richards; district judges, Albert

C. Thompson, A. J. Ricks, H. H. Swan, Walter Evans, C. D. Clark, A. M. J. Cochran, Robert W. Taylor. John E. McCall. Clerk, Frank O. Loveland. Cincinnati; O.

Seventh Circuit—Judges: Mr. Justice William R. Day; circuit judges. P. S. Grosscup, Francis E. Baker. William H. Seaman, C. C. Kohlsaat: district judges, Albert B. Anderson. J. Otis Humphrey. Solomon H. Bethea. K. M. Landis. Joseph V. Quarles, A. L. Sanborn. Clerk, Edward M. Holloway, Chicago, 111.

EiGnTH Circuit—Judges: Mr. Justice D. J. Brewer; circuit judges, Willis Van Devanter, W. H. Sanborn. William C. Hook, Elmer, B. Adams; district judges. William II. Mungcr. Smith Mcpherson, William Loehren, Page Morris, J. F. Phillips, Jacob Trieber. J. A. Riner, John H. Rogers, Charles F. Amidon. John E. Garland, Jonathan A. Marshall. Joseph A. Gill. William H. H. Clayton, Hosea Townsend, William J. Mills. Henry T. Reed. J. C. Pollock. G. A. Flnkolnburg. W. R. Lawrence. Louts Sulzbacher, T. C. Humphrey, J. T. Diekerson. J. R. McFie,

F. W. Parker. W. H. Pope. E. A. Mann. Ira A. Abbott. C. F. Irwin. B. F. Burwell. B. T. Halner, J. L. Pancoast. Frank E. Gillette. R. E. Lewis. L. F. Parker, J. H. Burford. M. C. Garber. Clerk, J. D. Jordan, St. Louis, Mo.

Ninth Circuit—Judges: Mr. Justice Joseph McKenna; circuit judges, E. M. Ross, William B. Gilbert. W. W. Morrow; district judges, James H. Beatty, J. J. DeHaven. O. Wellborn, C. H. Hanford, James Wickersham. Sanford B. Dole, Edward Kent, William II. Hunt, Edward Whitson. R. A. Gunnison, A. S. Moore. F. M. Doan, R. E. Sloan. J. H. Campbell. A. S. Hartwell. A. A. Wilder. John T. De Bolt. A. Lindsay, Jr.. W. J. Robinson, A. N. Kepaikal. J. A. Matthewman, C. F. Parsons. J. Hardy. C. E. Wolverton. F. S. Nave. Clerk, F, D. Monckton, San Francisco, Cal.


Salaries of judges, $6,000 each; chief justice, $6,500. Chief Justice—S. J. Peelle, Indiana, 1906.

Judges—Fenton W. Booth. Illinois 1905

Samuel S. Barney, Wisconsin 1906

C. B. Howry. Mississippi 1897

George W. Atkinson, West Virginia 1905

Chief Clerk—Archibald Hopkins, Massachusetts, 1S73, $3,500.


Salaries of circuit judges, $7,000 each.

First Judicial Circuit—Mr. Justice Holmes. Boston, Mass. Districts of Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island. Circuit judges, Le Baron B. Colt. Bristol, R. I., July 5, 1884; W. L. Putnam. Portland, Me., March 17, 1892; Fra"ncis C. Lowell. Boston, Mass.. Feb. 23. 1905.

Second Judicial Circuit—Mr. Justice Peckham. Districts of Vermont, Connecticut, New York. Circuit judges, William J. Wallace, Albanv. N. Y.. April 6, 1882; E. H. Lacomhe, New York. May 26, 1887; William K. Townsend, New Haven. Conn., March 23, 1902; Alfred C. Coxe. Utica, N. Y., June 3, 1902.

Third Judicial Circuit—Mr. Justice Moody. Districts of New Jersey, Pennsylvania. Delaware. Circuit judges, Joseph Buffington, Pittsburg, Pa.. Sept. 25. 1906; George M. Dallas, Philadelphia. Pa., March 17. 1892; George Gray, Wilmington. Del., March 29, 1899.

Fourth Judicial Circuit—Mr. Chief Justice Fuller, Washington, D. C. Districts of Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina. South Carolina. Circuit judges, Nathan Goff, Clarksburg. W. Va., March 17, 1892: Jeter C. Pritchard, Ashevllle. N. C, April 27. 1904.

Fifth Judicial Circuit—Mr. Justice White. Districts of Georgia, Florida, Alabama. Mississippi. Louisiana, Texas. Circuit judges, Don A. Pardee, Atlanta. Ga., May 13, 1881; A. P. McCormick, Dallas. Tex., March 17. 1892; D. D. Shelbv. Huntsville, Ala.. March 2, 1899.

Sixth Judicial Circuit—Mr. Justice Harlan. Districts of Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky, Tennessee. Circuit judges, Henry F. Severens. Kalamazoo, Mich., March 16. 1900: H. II. Lurton. Nashville. ■ Tenn.. March 27, 1893: John K. Richards, Cincinnati, O.. Feb. 25. 1903.

Seventh Judicial Circuit—Mr.- Justice Day. Districts of IRdiana. Illinois. Wisconsin. Circuit judges. Peter S. Grosscup. Chicago, 111., Jan. 23. 1899; Francis E. Baker (Indiana), Jan. 21, 1902; William H. Seaman, Sheboygan. Wis., March 1. 1905: Christian C. Kohlsaat. Chicago, III., March 18. 1905.

Eighth Judicial Circuit—Mr. Justice Brewer. Leavenworth. Kas. Districts of Minnesota. North Dakota, South Dakota. Wyoming. Iowa. Missouri. Kansas, Arkansas, Nebraska. Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, Oklahoma. Circuit Judges, W. H. Sanborn. St. Paul. Minn.. March 17. 1892; Willis Van Devanter. Cheyenne. Wyo., Feb. 18. 1903: William C. Hook. Leavenworth, Kas., 1903; Elmer B. Adams. St. Louis. Mo.. Mav 20. 1905.

Ninth Judicial Circuit—Mr. Justice McKenna. Districts of California, Montana. Washington. Idaho. Oregon, Nevada, Alaska. Arizona. Hawaii. Circuit judges, E. M. Ross. Los Angeles, Cal.. Feb. 22. 1895: W. B. Gilbert. Portland, Ore., March 18, 1892: William W. Morrow, San Francisco, Cal., May 20. 1897.


With date of commission. Salaries, $6,000 each.

ALABAMA—Northern and Middle Districts ThomasGoodeJones Montgomery Dec. 17,1901

Southern District H. T. Toulmin Mobile Jan. 18. 1887

ALASKA—First District R. A. Gunnison Juneau Dec. 12.1904

Second District Alfred 8. Moore Nome May 27,1902

'Third District James Wickersham Eagle City June 6.1900

ARKANSAS—Eastern District Jacob Trieber Little Rock Jan. 9. 1901

Western District John II. Rogers Fort Smith Nov. 27, 1K96

ARIZONA Edward Kent. Ch. J Phoenix Mar. 21,1902

CALIFORNIA—Northern District John J. De Haven San Francisco June 8, 1897

Southern District Olin Wellborn Los Angeles Mar. 1,1895

CHINA L. R. Willley Shanghai 1906

COLORADO Robert E. Lewis Denver Apr. 10, 1906

CONNECTICUT JameS P. Piatt. Hartford Mar. 23.1902

DELAWARE Edward G. Bradford Wilmington May 11, 1897

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA Seth Shepard, Ch. J Washington Jan. 5.1905

FLORID A—Northern District Charles Swayne Pensacola M ay 17, 1889

Southern District James W. Locke Jacksonville Feb. 1.1872

GEORGIA—Northern District William T. Newman Atlanta Aug. 13.1886

Southern District Emory Speer Macon Feb. 18,1885

HAWAII W. F. Frear. Ch.J Honolulu Dec. 12. 1904

IDAHO James H. Beatty Boise Feb. 4, 1892

ILLINOIS—Northern District Solomon H. Bethea Chicago Mar. 18.1905

Kenesaw M. Landis Chicago Mar. 18,1905

Eastern District Francis M. Wright Urbana Mar. 17. 1905

Southern District J. Otis Humphrey Springfield Mar. 8,1901

INDIANA A. B.Anderson Indianapolis Dec. 8. 1902

INDIAN TERRITORY—Northern District Joseph A.Gill Vinita Dec. 18, 1903

L. F. Parker Vinita Jan. 15. 191)6

Western District W. R. Lawrence Muskogee Dec. 19,1905

Louis Sulzbacher Okmulgee Apr. 28,1904

Central District William H. Clay ton South McAlester .. Dec. 17. 1901

Thomas C. Humphrey Atoka. Apr. 28, 1904

Southern District Hosea Townsend Ardmore Jan. 10,1902

Joseph T. Dlckerson Chickasha Apr. 28,1904

IOWA—Northern District Henry T. Reed Cresco Mar. 7,1904

Southern District Smith McPherson Red Oak May 7.1900

KANSAS John C. Pollock Topeka Dec. 1,1901

KENTUCKY—Eastern District A. M. J. Cochran Maysville Dec. 17,1901

Western District Waiter Evans Louisville Mar. 8.1899

LOUISIANA—Eastern District E. D.Saunders New Orleans Feb. 20. 1907

Western District Aleck Boarman Shreveport May 18,1881

MAINE Clarence Hale Portland July 1,1902

MARYLAND Thomas J. Morris Baltimore July 1, 1879

MASSACHUSETTS Frederick Dodge Boston Feb. 23. 1905

MICHIGAN—Eastern District Henry H. Swan Detroit Jan. 19,1891

Western District L. E.Knappen Grand Rapids 1906

MINNESOTA William Lochren Minneapolis May 18,1898

Page Morris Duluth July 1,1903

MISSISSIPPI—Two Districts HenryC. Niles Kosciusko Jan. 11.1902

MISSOURI—Eastern District David P. Dyer St. Louis Mar. 1,1907

Western District John F. Philips Kansas City June 25. WiS

MONTANA W.H.Hunt Helena Apr. 19. 1904

NEBRASKA William H. Munger Omaha Feb. 18, 1897

T. C. Munger Omaha Mar. 1, 1907

NEVADA E. S. Farrington Carson Jan. 10.1907

NEW HAMPSHIRE Kdgar Aldrich.... Littleton Feb. 20, 1S91

NEW JERSEY William M. Lanriing Trenton Dec. 13, 1904

JosephCross Elizabeth Mar. 17.1905

NEW MEXICO William J. Mills, Ch.J.... Las Vegas Jan. 31,1898

N E W YORK—Northern District George W. Ray Norwich Dec. 8,1902

Southern District George B. Adams New York city Deo. 17,1902

GeorgeC.Holt NewYorkcity ■ . 1901

Eastern District Charles M. Hough..., NewYorkcity June 27. 1908

Western District John R. Hazel Buffalo June 5, 1900

NORTH CAROLINA—Eastern District Thomas R. Purnell Raleigh .-,..May 5,1897

Western District James E. Boyd Greensboro Jan. 9. 1901

NORTH DAKOTA Charles F. Amidon Fargo Feb. 18, 1897

OHIO—Northern District Augustus J. Ricks Cleveland Ian. 16, 18'.K)

Robert W.Taylor Cleveland Feb. 1.1905

OHIO—Southern District Albert C. Thompson Cincinnati Dec. 20,1898

OKLAHOMA-E»stern District Ralph E. Campbell Muscogee , 1907

Western District John H. Cotterall Guthrie . 1907

OREGON C. E. Wolverton Portland- Jan. 10, l'JOti

PENNSYLVANIA—Eastern District Jas. B. Holland Philadelphia Apr. 19.1904

John B. McPherson Philadelphia Mar. 2,1899

Middle District Robt. W. Archbald Scranton Mar. "29,1901

Western District Nat. Ewing Pittsburg Feb. 2.!, 1908

PORTO RICO Jose 8. Quinones San Juan June 6, 1900

RHODE ISLAND Arthur L. Brown Providence Oct. 15.1896

SOUTH CAROLINA W. H. Brawley Charleston Jan. 18.1894

SOUTH DAKOTA John E. Carland Sioux Falls Aug. 81, 18%

TENNESSEE—Eastern and Middle Disls Charles D. Clark Chattanooga Jan. 21,16815

Western District John E. McCall Memphis Jan. 17,1905

TEX AS-Eastern District David E. Bryant Sherman May 27,1890

Western District Thomas 8. Maxey Austin June 25.188S

Northern District Edw. R.Meek Fort Worth Feb. 15. 1899

Southern District Waller T. Burns Houston July 1,1902

UTAH John A.Marshall Salt Lake City Feb. 4.1S96

VERMONT Jas. L. Martin Brattleboro Mar. 16,1906

VIRGINIA—Eastern District Edmund Waddill.Jr Richmond Mar. 22, 1899

Western District H. Clay McDowell Bigstone Gap Dec. 18.19U1 WASHINGTON—Eastern District C. H. Hanford Seattle Feb. 25,1890

Western District Edward Whitson Spokane Mar. 14. 1905

WEST VIRGINIA—Northern District Alston G. Dayton Phlltppi Mar. 14,1905

Southern District Benjamin P. Kellar Bramwell July 1,1901

WISCONSIN—Eastern District Joseph V. Quarles Milwaukee Mar. 6,1905

Western District A. L.Sanborn Madison Jan. 9, 1905

WYOMING John A. Riner Cheyenne Sept. 22, 1890


ALAB AM A—Northern District ThomaB H. Roulhac Birmingham.

Middle District Erastus J. Parsons Montgomery.

Southern District T William H. Ambrecht Mobile.

ALASKA—First District John J. Boyce Juneau.

Second District Henry M. Hoyt Nome.

Third District Nathan V. Harlan Eagle City.

ARIZONA J. L. B. Alexander Phcenix.

ARKANSAS-Eastern District William U. Whipple Little Rock.

Western District James K. Barnes Fort Smith.

CALIFORNIA—Northern District Robert T. Devlin San Francisco.

Southern District Oscar Lawler Los Angeles.

CHINA A. Bassett: Shanghai.

COLORADO Earl M. Cranston Denver.

CONNECTICUT < Francis II. Parker Hartford.

DELAWARE John P. Nields Wilmington.

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA Daniel W. Baker Washington.

FLORIDA—Northern District William B. Sheppard Pensacola.

Southern District John M. Cheney Jacksonville.

GEORGIA—Northern District Farish C. Tate Atlanta.

Southern District Marion Erwin Macon.

HAWAII Robert W. Breckons Honolulu.

IDAHO Norman M. Ruick Boise.

ILLINOIS—Northern District Edwin W.Sims Chicago.

Eastern District Wi lliam E. Trautmann Danville.

Southern District William A. Northcott Springfield.

INDIANA Joseph B. Kealing Indianapolis.

INDIAN TERRITORY-Northern District Wade 8. Stanneld. Vlnita.

Western District William M. Mellette Muskogee.

Central District Thomas B. Latham South McAlester.

Southern District George R. Walker Ardmore.

IOWA—Northern District Horace G. McMillan Cedar Rapids.

Southern District Lewis Miles Corydon.

KANSAS Harry J. Bone Topeka.

KENTUCKY—Western District. George Du Relle Louisville.

Eastern District James H. Tinsley Covington.

LOUISIANA—Eastern District William W. Howe New Orleans.

Western District V Milton C. Elstner Shreveport.

MAINE R.T. Wbitehouse Portland.

M AltYLAND John C. Rose Baltimore.

MASSACHUSETTS : Asa B. French '. Boston.

MICHIGAN—Eastern District Frank H. Watson Detroit.

Western District George,G. Covell Grand Rapids.

MINNESOTA Charles C. Houpt St. Paul.

MISSISSIPPI—Northern District William D. Frazee Oxford.

Southern District Robert C. Lee Vicksburg.

MISSOURI-Eastern District David Patterson 8t. Louis.

Western District A. S. Van Valkenburgh Kansas City.

MONTANA Charles Rascb Helena.

NEBRASKA Charles A. Goss Omaha.

NEVADA Samuel Plait Carson City.

NEW HAMPSHIRE Charles J. Hamblett Concord.

NEW JERSEY John B. Vreeland Newark.

NEW MEXICO W. H.H.Llewellyn Las Cruces.

NEW YORK—Northern District George B. Curtis Blnghamton.

Southern District Henry L. Stlmson New York city.

Eastern District William J. Youngs Brooklyn.

Western District L. M. Bass BufTalo.

BOKTH CAKOLIXA-Easteru District Harry Skinner Raleigh.

Western District Alfred E. Holton Winston.

NORTH DAKOTA Patrick H. Rourke Fargo.

OHIO—Northern District John J. Sullivan Cleveland.

Southern District Sherman T. McPherson Cincinnati.

OKLAHOMA—Eastern District William Gregg Muscogee

Western District John Embry Guthrie.

OREGON William C. Bristol Portland.

PENNSYLVANIA—Eastern District J. W. Thompson Philadelphia.

Middle District 8. J. McCarrell Harrisburg.

Western District John W. Dunkle Pittsburg.

PORTO RICO J.R. F. Savage San Juan

RHODE ISLAND Charles A. Wilson Providence.

SOUTH CAROLINA Ernest F. Cochran Charleston.

SOUTH DAKOTA James D. Elliott Sioux Falls.

TENNESSEE—Eastern District JamesR. Penland Knoxville.

Middle District Abram M. Tillman Nashville.

Western District George Randolph Memphis.

TEXAS—Eastern District James W. Ownby Paris.

Northern District William H. Atwell Dallas.

Western District Charles A. Boynton Waco.

Southern District Marcus C. McLcmore Galveston.

UTAH Hiram E. Booth Salt Lake City..

VERMONT Alex. Dunnett Burlington.

VIRGINIA—Eastern District Lunsford L. Lewis Richmond.

Western District Thomas L. Moore Roanoke.


WASHINGTON—We stern District P. C. Sullivan Seattle.

Eastern District . .' A. George Avery Spokane.

WEST VIRGINIA—Northern District Reese Blizzard Parkersburg.

Southern District Elliott Northcott Huntington.

WISCONSIN—Eastern District Henry K. Butterfleld Milwaukee.

Western District William G. Wheeler Madison.

WYOMING B. M. Ausherman Cheyenne.


ALABAMA—Northern District Pope M. Long Birmingham.

Middle District James H. Judkins Montgomery.

Southern District Gilbert IJ. Deans Mobile.

ALASKA—First District James M. Skoup Juneau.

Second District Thomas C. Powell Nome.

Third District G. G. Perry Eagle City.

ARIZONA Benjamin F. Daniels Tucson.

ARKANSAS—Eastern District H. L. Remmel Little Rock.

Western District John F. Mayes Fort Smith.

CALIFORNIA-Northern District Charles T. Elliott San Francisco.

Southern District L. V. Youngworth Los Angeles.

CHINA : O. R.Leonard Shanghai.

COLORADO Dewey C. Bailey Denver.

CONNECTICUT Edson S. Bishop New Haven

DELAWARE William R. Flinn Wilmington.

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA Aulick Palmer Washington.

FLORIDA—Northern District Thomas F. McGourin Pensacola.

Southern District John F. Horr Tampa.

GEORGIA—Northern District Walter H. Johnson Atlanta.

Southern District George F. White Macon.

H AW AH E. R. Hendry Honolulu.

IDAHO Ruel Rounds Boise.

ILLINOIS-Northern District Luruan T. Hoy Chicago.

Eastern District Charles P. Hitch Danville.

Southern District Leon A. Townsend Springtield

INDIANA H. C. Pettet Indianapolis.

IN IRAN TEURITORY-Northern District William H. Darrough Vlnita.

Central District George K. Pritchard South McAleeter.

Southern District G. A. Porter Ardmore.

Western District Leo F. Bennett Muskogee.

IOWA—Northern District Edward Knott Dubuque.

Southern District George M. Christian Des Moines.

KANSAS '. William H.Mackey,Jr Topeka.

KENTUCKY—Western District George W. Long Louisville.

Eastern District S. G. Sharpe Covington

LOU I SI AN A— Eastern District Victor Loisel New Orleans.

Western District A. C. Lea Shreveport.

MAINE Henry W. Mayo Portland.

MARYLAND John F. Langhammer Baltimore,

MASSACHUSETTS Charles K. Darling Boston.

MICHIGAN—Eastern District M. D. Campbell Detroit.

Western District Frank W. wait Grand Rapids.

MINNESOTA William H. Grimshaw St. Paul.

MISSISSIPPI—Northern District James A. Toler Oxford.

Southern District Edgar S. Wilson Jackson.

MISSOURI-Eastern District William L. Morsey St. Louis.

Western District Edwin R. Durham Kansas City.

MONTANA A.W.Merritleld Helena.

NEBRASKA William P.Warner Omaha.

NEVADA RobertGrimmon Carson City.

NEW HAMPSHIRE Eugene P. Nute Concord.

NEW JKRSEY ThomasJ. Alcott Trenton.

NEW MEXICO Creighton M. Foraker Albuquerque.

NEW YORK-Northeru District Clinton D. MacDougall Auburn.

Southern District William Henkel New York city.

Eastern District, Charles J. Haubert Brooklyn.

Western District William R. Compton ., Elmira.

NORTH CAROLINA-Eastern District Claudius Dockery Raleigh.

Western District James M. Millikan Greensboro.

NORTH DAKOTA James F. Shea Fargo.

OHIO—Northern District Frank M. Chandler Cleveland.

Southern District Eugene L. Lewis Cincinnati.

OKLAHOMA-Western District lohn R.Abernathy Guthrie.

Eastern District Grove A. Porter Museogee.

OREGON Charles J. Reed Portland.

PENNSYLVANIA—Eastern District John B. Robinson Philadelphia.

Middle District Charles B. Wltiner Scranton.

Western District Stephen P. Stone Pittsburg.

PORTO RICO Harry 8. Hubbard San Juan.

RHODE ISLAND Daniel R. Ballou Providence.

SOUTH CAROLINA J. Duncan Adams Charleston.

SOUTH 1 )AKOTA Seth Bullock Sioux Falls.

TENNESSEE-Kustern District William A. Dunlap Knoxville.

Middle District John W. Overall NaBhvllle.

Western District Franks. Elgin Memphis.

TEXAS—Eastern District Andrew J. Houston Knoxville.

Northern District George H. Green Dallas.

Western District Eugene Nolte San Antonio.

Southern District CG. Brewster Galveston.

UTAH William Sprv Salt Lake City

VERMONT Horace W. Bailey Rutland.

V1RG INI A— Eastern District Morgan Treat Richmond.

Western District ,,..., S. Brown Allen , Harrisonburg.

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