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factory 03,200,000. Madison

EVENTS OF 1907. FIRE LOSSES AND CASUALTIES. | Newberry, . C., March 29—Business section Alpena, Mich., Feb. 19–Cement plant burned; loss,

burned; loss, $200,000. $400,000.

Newport, Ky., Jan. 24–Distillery burned; loss, Bangkok, Siam. Jan. 7-Chinese quarter of city

$250,000. burned; loss, $3,000,000.

| New York, N. Y.; April 8–City railway car barns

burned; loss, $1,500,000. Birmingham, Ala.. June 28-Chalifoux building burned; loss, $300,000.

New York, N. Y., July 28—Twenty persons burned Bremen, Germany, May 4-Free Zone warehouse

to death and twenty injured in fire at 222 Chrisdamaged by fire; loss, $1,500,000.

tie street.

New York, N. Y., July 29-Steeplechase park buildChicago, Jan. 15-Donohue printing plant burned; loss, $500,000.

ings on Coney island burned; loss, $1,500,000. Chicago, Jan. 22--Tannery at Elston avenue and

New York, N. Y., Nov. 25—Thirteen lives lost in Blackhawk street damaged by fire; loss, $250,000.

tenement-house fire. Chicago, Jan. 23-Building at 39 Franklin street

Old Orchard, Me., Aug. 16-Many hotels and cotburned; loss, $100.000.

tages burned; two lives lost; property loss,

$800,000. Chicago, Jan. 31-Clark street barn of Union Traction

Philadelphia, Pa., Jan. 29–Baldwin locomotive company burned; loss, $200,000; three men injured. Chicago, Feb. 11-Coliseum annex burned; loss,

works damaged; loss, $1,000,000.

Philadelphia, Pa., Feb. 8-Country home of John Chicago. March 24–A. G, Spalding & Bros. burned

Wanamaker burned; loss, $1,500,000.

Pittsburg, Pa., Feb. 25--Business buildings burned; out; loss, $350.000. Chicago, March 27-Piano factory of the M. Schulz

loss, $350,000. company damaged by fire; loss, $200,000.

Pittsburg. Pa., Aug. 22—Two clothes-pressing es

tablishments burned; loss, $250,000. Chicago, April 10-Hollister block, 256 Madison street, burned; loss, $310,000.

Pullman, Ill., Feb. 18-Lumber yards burned; loss, Chicago, April 22-Giles building, 296 Wabash ave.

$200,000, nue, burned; loss, $150,000.

Richmond, Va., Jan. 23-Williams and other buildChicago, May 1-Lotus lunch club rooms, 155 Wa

ings burned: loss, $295,000. bash avenue, burned out; forty-eight women and

| Rush City, Minn., May 13–City partly destroyed men injured; loss, $45,000

by fire; loss, $200,000 Chicago, May 7–Wollensak building, Canal and

San Francisco, Cal., April 2-Plant of San FranWashington streets, burned; five persons hurt;

cisco Gas and Electric company damaged; loss,

$2,500,000. loss, $275,000. Chicago. June 6–Barrett tar plant burned; loss,

San Francisco, Cal., April 4-Twenty persons $300,000.

burned to death in Italian hotel fire. Chicago, June 14-Olympic theater damaged by

| San Jose, Cal., Oct. 12-Arcade building burned; fire; loss, $150,000.

loss, $300,000. Chicago, Aug. 5-Meyercord plant, Lake street and

Shelton, Wash., Sept. 5-Fifteen lives lost in hotel Willow avenue, burned; loss, $100.000.

fire. Chicago, Aug. 20-Plant of American Corn Milling

South Boston, Va., March 28—Tobacco warehouses company, Wallace and 81st streets, burned; loss,

and other buildings burned; loss, $1,000,000. $200,000.

Superior, Wis., Nov. 8-Elevators and docks burned; Chicago, Aug. 31-Garage at 51 Evanston avenue

loss, $2,500,000. burned: loss, $100,000.

Tokyo, Japan, Jan. 22-Main buildings of departChicago, Oct. 31-Building at 223 State street

ment of_communications burned; loss, $500,000. burned; loss, $500,000.

Victoria, B. C., July 24-Five blocks burned; loss, Chicago,' Nov. 28–Two breweries damaged; loss,

$250,000. $275,000.

Wuchow, China, Sept. 27–One hundred lives lost Cincinnati, O., Aug. 22-Block at Hunt and Broad

and property valued at $250,000 destroyed in fire. way streets burned; loss, $1.000.000. Columbus, O., April 9-Columbus Dispatch plant

STORMS AND FLOODS. burned; loss, $250,000.

Alexandria, La., April 5--Twenty-five persons killed Dover. N. H., Jan. 26–Cocheco mill burned: six

by tornado in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. lives lost; property loss, $500,000.

Buffalo, N. Y., Jan. 20-21-Storm in city and viEast St. Louis, ill., Nov. 2-office building of Mor

cinity caused several deaths and destroyed propris packing plant burned; loss, $300,000.

erty valued at $2,000,000. Englewood, N. J., March 16—Upton Sinclair's

Caroline Islands, March 28-29—Between 200 and Helicon Hall burned; one man killed and five

300 persons killed by typhoon. injured.

Hongkong, Jan. 28–Fifty Chinese boats sunk by Hakodate, Japan, Aug. 26–Fifteen thousand houses

storm; 100 persons drowned. burned and 60,000 persons made homeless; loss, Illinois, June 8-Thirty persons killed by storm $15.000.000.

in southern Illinois, Indiana and Kentucky; Harrisburg, Pa., Feb. 1-Eight business buildings

twenty-one killed at Gradyville, Ky. burned; loss, $1,000,000.

Kurrachi, India, June 6-Property valued at $3,000,Hutchinson. Kas., March 25—The Morton Salt block

000 destroyed by cyclone. burned; loss, $500,000.

Leeds, Ga., Oct. 8-Fifteen persons killed by torKansas City, Mo., May 8—University building

nado in vicinity of Leeds. burned; loss, $250,000.

Leyte, P. I., Jan. 10-One hundred lives lost in tyLa Crosse, Wis., March 29-Building of La Crosse

phoon. Cracker and Candy company burned; loss, $200,000.

Medicine Lodge, Kas., June 24-Twenty-five houses Lancaster, Pa., Jan. 11-S. R. Moss & Co.'s to

destroyed by tornado; six persons injured. bacco warehouse burned; loss, $1,000,000.

Williston, N.D., July 20—Twenty-five persons inLondon, England, March 16-Three warehouses in

jured in storm. Finsbury district burned; loss, $1,000,000.

Pittsburg. Pa., March 12-15-Fourteen deaths Long Branch, N. J., May 30—Four persons burned

caused by floods; property losses estimated at to death in residence of Walter Schiffer.

$10,000,000. Louisville, Ky., Aug. 30—The Courier-Journal and

Texas, May 7-Nine persons killed by tornado at Evening Times offices burned; loss, $600.000.

Ridgway and Birthright. Manila, P. I., March 28-Stevenson & Co.'s ware. Wisconsin, July 3-Twenty-one persons killed by house burned; loss, $500,000.

tornado in central counties of the state; propManila, P. I., April 20-Eleven hundred houses

erty loss, $100,000. burned; loss, $200,000. Minneapolis, Minn., April 25-Wisconsin Central freight depot burned: loss, $400.000.

RAILROAD WRECKS. Montreal, Que., Feb. 26-Hochelaga school burned; Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe, in Los Angeles, seventeen lives lost.

Cal., March 23-Six killed and seventeen injured. Montreal, Que., April 5-Engineering building at Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe, near Earl, Col., McGill university burned; loss, $750.000,

June 17-Eighteen injured,

Atlantic Coast line, near Yemassee, S. C., Jan. 22

MARINE DISASTERS. -Three killed, seven hurt.

Alexander Nimmick, steamer, lost in Lake Su Baltimore & Ohio, near Washington, D. C., Dec.

perior, Sept. 22—Six men drowned. 30. 1906-Fifty-three killed, fifty injured.

Alfred Erlandsen, steamer, wrecked off Castle Baltimore & Ohio, near Black Lick, 0., Feb. 1 Point, Scotland, Oct. 17-Twenty lives lost. Four killed.

Arcadia, steamer, lost off Pentwater, Mich.. April Baltimore & Ohio, near Indian Creek, Pa., Feb. 23-Sixteen men drowned. 28-One killed, thirty-eight injured.

Berlin, steamer, wrecked at the Hook of Holland. Baltimore & Ohio, at "Rosby's Rock, W. Va., May

Feb. 21-One hundred and thirty-three lives lost. 7-Two killed. Baltimore & Ohio, at Bellaire, O., Sept. 28—Six

Chanzy, French cruiser, wrecked on one of Saddle

islands, May 20-No lives lost. killed, twenty injured.

City of Cleveland, steamer, burned at Detroit, Big Four, near Fowler. Ind., Jan. 19-Twenty-nine killed, thirty-one injured.

Mich., May 13-Loss, $700,000. Boston & Maine, at South River, Mass., Jan. 29–

City of Troy, steamer, burned at Yonkers, N. Y., Four killed, several injured.

April 5—No lives lost. Boston & Maine, near Canaan, Vt.. Sept. 15

Clavering, steamer, wrecked at mouth of the Tees, Twenty-four killed, score injured.

England, Jan. 30-Twelve lives lost. Burlington, in Chicago, May 9-One killed, thirty

Columbia, steamer, lost in collision off Shelter one hurt.

Cove, Cal., July 21-Seventy-two drowned. Burlington, near Manhattan, Mont., May 4-One

Cyprus, ore steamer, foundered in Lake Superior. killed, twenty-five injured.

Oct. 11-Twenty-two drowned. Burlington, near Russell, Iowa, Aug. 15-Eleven

Dakota, steamer, wrecked in Bay of Tokyo, Marcb injured.

3- No lives lost. Burlington, at Weston, Mo., Aug. 16-One killed,

Frithjof, arctic steamer, lost off Iceland, Oct. 5four hurt.

Sixteen lives lost. Canadian Pacific. at Chapleau, Ont., April 10– Gerry, tug, sunk in collision in Patapsco river, Fifteen killed, twenty seriously injured.

Aug. 26- Fivé men drowned. Canadian Pacific, at Horseshoe Curve, Ont., Sept. Henry M. Stanley, river steamer, burned at Gal. 3-Eight killed, fifty-one injured.

lipolis island, Ohio, Sept. 6-No lives lost. Chesapeake & Ohio, near Maysville, Ky., May 22-- Imperatrix, steamer, wrecked near Cape ElaphoOne killed, fifteen hurt.

nisi. Crete, Feb. 22-Forty drowned. Chicago, Indiana & Southern, near Reddick, Ill., Jean Bart, French cruiser, wrecked on Barbary June 4-Three killed, ten injured.

coast, Feb. 12-No lives lost. Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul, in Chicago, Feb. John W. Moore, steamer, sunk in Detroit river. 8-One killed, nineteen injured.

Oct. 13-One life lost. Chicago & Northwestern, at Des Moines, Iowa, Kashima, Japanese battle ship, damaged by exFeb. 4-Six killed, twelve hurt.

plosion, Sept. 9-Twenty seven lives lost. Grand Trunk, near Guelph, Ont., Feb. 26–Three Larchmont, steamer, sunk in collision of Block killed, many injured.

island, R. I., Feb. 11-One hundred and thirty. Great Northern, at Bartlett, N. D., April 15—Five

eight lives lost. killed, score injured.

La Jalouse, steamer, sunk off Barbados, June 7Great Western, at German Valley, Ill., Feb. 7 Twenty-eight drowned. Three killed, three injured.

Lindholmen, mail steamer. burned off Farsund, Nor. Missouri, Kansas & Texas, at Bethel Switch, Tex.,

way, Jan. 4-No lives lost. April 1--Six killed.

Malaga, steamer, lost off Castella mare di Stabia. Mobile & Ohio, near Percy, Ill., May 6-Six injured.

Italy, March 7-Thirty or more lives lost.

Marion, steamer, burned at sea four hours out New York Central, near Albany, N. Y., Jan. 22

from Charleston, S. C.. Feb. 22-Eight lives lost. Five killed, fifteen injured.

Myroneas, schooner, sunk in Long Island sound, New York Central, near 205th street, New York,

Aug. 12-Four lives lost.
N. Y.. Feb. 16-Twenty-two killed, 140 injured. !
New York Central, near Pittsford, N. Y., June 23-

Naomi, steamer, burned on Lake Michigan, May 21

-Five lives lost. Five killed, eight injured. New York, New Haven & Hartford, near Waterbury,

Nicaraguan, steamer, lost at sea in June-Not

heard from. Conn., March 2-Three killed, several injured.

Orlanda, steamer, lost in collision of Cardir. Pennsylvania, near Conemaugh, Pa., Feb. 22

Wales, Feb. 16-Fourteen lives lost. Eighteen-hour train wrecked; fifty-four injured.

Pengwern, steamer, wrecked near Cuxhaven, GerPennsylvania, at Kelly, Pa., Aug. 6-Four killed,

many, Jan. 13-Twenty-four lives lost. twenty injured.

Poitou, steamer, wrecked off Uruguay, May 7-Thir. Pere Marquette, near Salem, Mich., July 20

teen lives lost. Thirty-three killed, seventy injured.

Santiago, steamer, wrecked off Corral, Chile, June Rock Island, near Volland, Kas.. Jan. 2-Thirty

24-Ninety-one lives lost. three killed, fifty-five injured.

Searchlight, steamer, lost off Harbor Beach, Mich., Rock Island, at "Barney. N. M., Jan. 13—Five April 23-Six lives lost. killed, eight hurt.

Suevic, steamer, stranded near the Lizard, Marchi Rock Island, near Norris, Iowa, Sept. 6—Twelve 17-No lives lost. killed, twelve injured.

Tafoo Maru, steamer, burned on Yangtsekiang, St. Louis & San Francisco, near Sapulpa, I. T., China, Sept. 18--One hundred lives lost. Aug. 24-Four killed, thirty injured.

Teutonia, steamer, wrecked on coast of Arabia, Southern, near Johnson City, Tenn., July 14-Six

July 20—Sixteen drowned. killed, twenty injured.

Timaru, steamer, lost off coast of Jutland, Feb. Southern, near Ryan's siding, Va., Sept. 22—Thirty

22-Eighteen drowned. two injured.

Valdivia, steamerdamaged by explosion at ses Southern Pacific, at Colton, Cal., March 28

Feb. 14--Seven men killed. Twenty-six killed, fifty injured.

Violette, schooner, sunk off the coast of Iceland ir Southern Pacific, at Honda, Cal., May 12–Thirty, June-Nineteen lives lost. one killed, many injured.

Silverlip, steamer, destroyed by explosion, May 1, Southern Pacific, at West Glendale, Cal., May 22

on Bay of Biscay-Five killed. -One killed, twenty-two hurt.

Wettern and Jorgensen, steamers, sunk in collision Soo line, at Enderlin, N. D., Dec. 23, 1906—Nine on North sea, March 9-Thirty-four lives lost.

killed, thirty-seven injured. Texas & Pacific, at Cheneyville, La., April 14– Three killed.

MINING DISASTERS. England-Nineteen killed and thirty-nine injured Clinton. Ind.. Jan. 14–Eight men killed by ex. at Shrewsbury, Oct. 15.

plosion in mine. Germany-Twenty killed in wreck near Posen, Fayetteville, W. Va.. Jan. 29-Eighty men killed Aug. 7.

by explosion in Stuart mine. France-Forty-five killed near Angers Aug. 4; train Johannesburg, Transvaal, May 6-Eighteen men went into river.

killed by explosion in Modder Fontein gold mine.

Johnson City, Ill., Jan, 30-Five men killed in coal Chicago, May 23-Four men killed by ammonia mine.

explosion at stockyards. Kleinrosseln, Germany, March 15—Sixty-five men Chicago, June 25-Twenty-one hurt in street-car killed by explosion in coal mine.

collision at Ogden avenue and W. Adams street. La Esperanza, Mexico, Feb. 19-One hundred and Chicago. Aug. 16-Five killed by blowing down of twenty-three men killed by gas explosion in house at 55 Fry street. coal mine.

Debreczin, Hungary, June 22-Thirteen men killed Lorentz. W. Va.. Jan. 26-Twelve men killed by L in balloon accident. explosion in coal mine.

Duluth, Minn., Aug. 10—Seven men in rowboat run

down by tug and drowned. Negaunee, Mich., Sept. 20—Fourteen men killed by

Elyria, O., May 31-Four persons killed and thirfall of cage in mine.

teen injured in trolley-car collision. Priceburg, Pa., June 18-Seven men killed by gas

Essex, Ont., Aug. 10-Two killed and many hurt explosion in mine.

by explosion of car of nitroglycerin, Primero, Col., Jan. 23—Twenty men killed by ex

Fontanet, Ind.. Oct. 15-Thirty-three killed and plosion in mine.

more than 600 injured by explosion of powder Riddlesburg. Pa., May 3—Three miners killed by mills. fall of truck.

Houston, Va., June 26–Eight men killed by dynaSaarlouis, Prussia, March 16—Twenty-two miners

mite explosion. killed in Gebhard coal mine.

Indianapolis, Ind., Nov. 7-One killed and thirty. Saarbrucken, Prussia, Jan. 28—Many miners killed

four hurt in trolley accident. by explosion of fire damp in coal mine.

Jackson, Mich., Aug. 2–Three killed in trolley-car

collision. Sonman, Pa., Aug. 17-Five men killed by fall of

Joliet, Ill., Aug. 16–Five men drowned by capcage.

sizing of a boat. Thomas, W. Va., Feb. 4-Twenty-five miners killed

London, Aug. 20—John Golden, steeplejack, falls by explosion.

from top of tower 448 feet high. Toyooka, Japan, July 20—More than 400 miners Mattoon, ill., Aug. 30–Fifteen killed and fifty-two killed by explosion.

injured in trolley-car collision near Charleston, Velardena, Mex., May 10—Ninety men killed as Ili. result of fire in mine.

Pearisburg, Va., Jan. 26—Nine men killed by dyna

mite explosion on railroad. MISCELLANEOUS CASUALTIES.

Pittsburg. Pa., Jan. 9-Twenty-seven men killed Baltimore, Ma., April 27-Eight workmen drowned

by molten metal at steel plant.

Pleasant Prairie, Wis., Jan. 5-Five men killed by collapse of new pier.

and three injured by explosion of powder works. Boulder, Col., Aug. 10-Four killed by dynamite

Quebec, Que., Aug. 29-Unfinished cantalever bridge explosion at fire. Butler, Pa.. Oct. 6-Four men killed by accident

over St. Lawrence river collapsed; seventy-eight

lives lost. in steel mill.

Strassburg, Germany, Jan. 11-Twenty killed in Canton, China, May 3-Many lives lost by powder explosion and fire. explosion.

Toronto, Ont., July 25—Nine men drowned by Chicago, Jan. 28–Five men killed and many in capsizing of launch.

jured by ammonia explosion at stockyards; sey Wilmington, Ill., Jan. 11-Two killed and a dozen eral of injured died later.

| injured by explosion in gas plant.


From Dec. 1. 1906, to Dec. 1, 1907.

Carter, John (1819), actor, in Philadelphia, June 16.

Casarin, Alexander (1850), artist, in New York, Aldrich, Thoinas Bailey (1836), poet, in Boston, Casarin: Matx 25.

Mass., March 19.
Alger, Russell A. (1836), United States senator from

Cassatt, Alexander J. (1839), railroad president, in

Philadelphia, Pa., Dec. 28, 1906.
Michigan, in Washington, D. C., Jan. 24.
Atwater, Wilbur 0. (1844), chemist, in Middleton,

Chadwick, Mrs. Cassie, at Columbus, O., Oct. 10.

Clark, Horace S. (1840), lawyer, soldier in civil Conn., Sept. 22.

war, at Mattoon, ill., April 11. Ayers, Hiram J. (1823), inventor of giant powder,

Clews, John H. (1856), banker, in New York, N. at Akron, O., July 2.

Y., April 10. Babbitt, Clinton (1832), ex-congressman, at Beloit, Condon, Thomas (1832), geologist, at Eugene, Ore., Wis., March 11.

Feb. 11. Barney, Charles T. (1851), banker, in New York, Conger, Edwin H. (1843), diplomat, at Pasadena, Nov. 14.

Cal., May 18. Barth, Paul C., ex-mayor, at Louisville,

Converse. F. B. (1836), editor, at Louisville, Ky., Barton, Chauncey H. (1825), lumberman,

Sept. 29. Bend, Ind., May 29.

Conway. Moncure D. (1832), author, in Paris, Bell, George A. (1828), brigadier-general, U. S. A., France, Nov. 16. retired, in Washington, D. C., Jan. 2.

Creighton, John A. (1832), capitalist, in Omaha, Bernard, Charles (1823), Mexican war veteran, at Neb., Feb. 7. Madison, Wis., Feb. 19.

Curtin, Jeremiah (1840), author, at Bristol, Vt., Birney. William (1819), general, U. S. A., retired, Dec. 14, 1906. Aug. 14.

Curtis, Charles A. (1837), captain, U. S. A., retired, Bishop, Charles A. (1854), judge, at Sycamore, Ill., at Madison, Wis., May 26. Aug. 26.

Deere, Charles H. (1837), Moline manufacturer, in Blair, David W.. civil war veteran, Oct. 12.

Chicago, Oct. 29. Bothne, Thrond (1835), educator and journalist, at Dill, J." H. C. (1842), prominent Mason, at BloomDecorah, Iowa, May 28.

ington, Ill., Aug. 3. Bowen, Thomas M. (1835), former U. S. senator, at Dodă, s. C. F. (1834), attorney, at Pinehurst, N. Pueblo, Col., Dec. 30, 1906.

C.. Jan. 30. Bradley, Robert (1835), horseman, on farm in Donohue, Francis C., newspaper man, at FreeCharles City county, Va.

port, Ill., June 7. Brown, Arthur, former United States senator from Duffield, William W. (1823), civil engineer, in Utah, in Washington, D. C., Dec. 12, 1906.

Washington, D. C., June 23. Bryant. George E. (1832), general in civil war, at Eckels, James S. (1827), lawyer, at Princeton, Ill., Madison, Wis., Feb. 16.

Feb. 23. Bullock, Rufus B. (1834), former governor of Geor Edward, William H. (1844), pugilist, in New York, gia, at Albion, N. Y., April 27.

N. Y., Aug. 12. Caffery, D. R. (1835), former United States sena- | Ellsworth, Eugene E. (1848), capitalist, in Iowa tor, at New Orleans, La., Dec. 30, 1906.

Falls, Iowa, Feb. 15.

Farquhar, Norman von H. (1840), rear-admiral, U. Magruder, Julia (1856), novelist, in Richmond, Va., S. N., retired, at Newport, R. I., July 3.

June 9. Ferry, D. M. (1833), seed man, in Detroit, Mich., Mansfield. Richard (1857), actor, at New London, Nov. 11.

Conn., Aug. 30. Field, Henry M. (1822), minister, editor and author, Marshall, Samuel (1820), banker, in Milwaukee, at Stockbridge, Mass., Jan. 26.

Wis.. Sept. 1. Figyelmessy, Philip (1822), soldier, in Philadel Miller, John H., ex-speaker of the Illinois assem. phia, Pa., July 26,

bly, in St. Louis, Mo., Aug. 20. Fitzgerald, Edward (1833), Roman catholic bishop.' Miller, Willoughby D., dentist, at Alexandria, N., at Hot Springs, Ark., Feb. 21.

July 29. Fitzgerald, James N. (1837), M. E. bishop, in Montgomery, George (1847), archbishop, in San Hongkong, China, April 4.

Francisco, Cal., Jan. 10. Flack, William H. (1861), congressman, at Ma Morgan, John Tyler (1824), United States senator lone, N. Y., Feb. 2.

from Alabama, in Washington, D. C., June 11. Foster, Emory, journalist. in New York, June 23. Morrison, Thomas (1824), philanthropist in St. Fowler, Mark D., postmaster, at St. Paul, Feb. 3. Louis, Mo., Aug. 1. Fry, Lewis Cass (1853), "general" in Coxey's Murphy, Francis (1836), temperance orator, in Los army, at Brice, Mo., Aug. 19.

Angeles, Cal., June 30. Gallinger, Mrs. Jacob H., in Washington, Feb. 2. McCabe, Charles C. (1836). methodist bishop, in Goode, Henry W. (1861), president Portland (Ore.)

New York, N. Y., Dec. 19, 1906. exposition, at Atlantic City, N. J., March 31.

McConnell, John S. (1854),' theater manager, at Goodrich, John R. (1827), business man, in Mil

Detroit, Mich., March 22. waukee, Wis., Aug. 31.

McGranahan, James (1840), hymn writer, at KinsGougar, Helen M. (1837), temperance leader, at man, O., July 9. Lafayette, Ind., June 6.

McKinley. Ida Saxton (1847), widow of President Granbery, John Č. (1831), bishop, in Ashland, Va., William McKinley, at Canton, O., May 26.

McMillan, William C. (1861), business man, in DeGriffith, "David (1872), mayor of Springfield, Ill.,

troit, Mich., Feb. 21. near that city, June 12.

McNeil, Mrs. Esther (1813), temperance worker, at Grow, Galusha A. (1823), former congressman. at 1 Fredonia, N. Y., April 20. Glenwood, Pa., March 31.

Olcott, Henry S. (1832), theosophist, at Adyar, InGunter, Archibald C. (1847), author, in New York, dia, Feb. 17. N. Y., Feb. 24.

Patton, John (1850), former United States senator, Hamlin, Teunis S. (1847), clergyman, in New York,

in Grand Rapids, Mich., May 24. N. Y., April 17.

Payne, William H. (1836), educator, at Ann Arbor, Haskell. Harriett' n. (1835), educator, at Godfrey,

Mich., June 18.
Ill., May 6.
Haswell, Charles H. (1809), naval engineer, in New

Pentecost, Hugh (1847), minister, lawyer and edu

cator, in New York, N. Y., Feb. 2. York, N. Y., May 13.

Perkins, Charles E. (1840), railroad president, in Hays, William s. (1837), song writer and poet, at Boston, Mass., Nov. 8. Louisville, Ky., July 23.

Pettus, Edmund W. (1821). United States senator Hearne, Frank J. (1847), president Colorado Fuel

from Alabama, at Hot Springs, N. C., July 27. and Iron Co., in Denver, Col., Feb. 25.

Pingree, Mrs. Hazen s. (1840), in Detroit, July 21. Heilprin, Angelo (1853), scientist and explorer, in

Pinkerton, Robert A. (1848). detective,' at sea, Philadelphia, Pa., July 17.

Aug. 12. Higgins, Frank W. (1856). ex-governor, at Olean, Porter, Pleasant (1841), chief of Creek Indian DaN. Y., Feb. 12.

tion at Vinita, Okla., Sept. 3. Hogan, Denis J. (1857), member of state board of

Powell, Charles F. (1844), brigadier-general, U. S. arbitration, at Geneva, Ill., Oct. 27.

A., retired, in St. Paul, Minn., July 30. Holabird, Samuel B. (1826), brigadier-general, U.

Proctor, William A. (1835), manufacturer, in Cins. A., retired, in Washington, D. C.. Feb. 2.

cinnati, O., March 28. Holmes, Mrs. Mary Jane (1828), novelist, at Brock Pugh, James L. (1820), ex-United States senator port, N. Y., Oct. 6.

from Alabama, in Washington, D. C., March 9. Howard, Ada L. (1829), educator, in Brooklyn, N. Y.. March 4.

Rixey, John F. (1854), congressman from Virginia, Hudson, Gen. Joseph K. (1840), soldier, at Topeka,

in Washington, D. C.. Feb. 9. Kas., May 5.

Rogers, James C. soldier in civil war, at Sandy Hughes, Charles H. (1840). banker, at Excelsior

Hill, N. Y., Feb. 10. Springs, Mo., May 12.

Root, Oren (1838), educator, at Clinton, N. Y., Jackson, John J. (1824), jurist, at Atlantic City,

Aug. 26. N. J., Sept. 2.

Ross, Edmund G. (1826), former United States serJeanes, Anna T. (1822), philanthropist, in Phila

ator from Kansas, at Albuquerque, N. M., May 8. delphia, Pa., Sept. 24.

Ruger. Thomas H. (1833), general in U. S. A.. reJester, Alexander, defendant in noted murder trial,

tired, at Stamford, Conn.. June 3. at Shawnee, Okla., (about) Aug. 15.

St. Gaudens, Augustus (1848), sculptor, at Cornish,

N. H.. Aug. 3. Kautz, Albert, rear-admiral, U, S. n., retired, in Scheel, Fritz, musician, at Philadelphia, March 13. Florence, Italy, Feb. 6.

Scott, John W. A. (1815), artist, in Cambridge, Kearney, Denis,' "sand-lot” orator, at Alameda, Mass., March 4. Cal., April 24.

Sells. Lewis (1841). showman, at Columbus, Sept. 5. Keeler, Charles B. (1852), railroad solicitor, at Seymour, George F. (1829). bishop, at Springfield, Spokane, Wash., Aug. 12.

Ill., Dec. 8. 1906. Keep, Albert (1826), former president of the Chi Shakespeare, William, soldier in civil war, at cago & Northwestern railroad, May 11.

Kalamazoo, Mich., Jan. 31. Kemeys, Edward (1843), sculptor, at Washington, Sheahan, Daniel (1827), railroad man, at Wheaton, D. C., May 10.

Ill., April 18. Kerrick, Leonidas H. (1846), stockman, at Bloom Sheffield, William P. (1820), ex-United States senington, Ill., March 13.

ator, at Newport, R. I., June 2. King, James M. (1839), clergyman, in Philadelphia, Shumway, J. C. N. (1850), former state senator, Pa.. Oct. 3.

at Taylorville, Ill., Sept. 22. Krause, Ernest G. (1855), capitalist, at Cleveland, Slemp, Campbell (1839), congressman, at Big Stone _0., Feb. 1.

Gap, Va., Oct. 13.
Kuhi, George H. (1862), turfman, in Pueblo, Col.,
Oct. 15.

Sloan, Samuel (1827), capitalist, at Garrison, N. Y.,

Sept. 22. Leslie, Preston H. (1819), former governor, at Smith, A. Coke (1849), bishop, at Asheville, N. C., Helena, Mont., Feb. 7.

Dec. 28, 1906. Lozier, John Hogarth (1829), war chaplain, at Smith, Alonzo G., ex-lieutenant-governor, in InMount Vernon, Iowa, Aug. 6.

dianapolis, Ind., Aug. 5. Lucas, Daniel R. (1840). past department com Smith, James Henry. New York capitalist, in

mander G. A. R., in Indiana polis, Ind., Nov. 2.1 Tokyo, Japan, March 27.


Lonormes. in Vienna

Smith, Samuel (1809), Illinois pioneer, in St. Clair Carducci, Giosue (1836), poet, in Bologna, Italy, county, Ill., April 2.

Feb. 15. Somers, E. L. (1849), railroad man, at New Haven, Casimir-Perier, Jean Paul Pierre (1847), ex-presi. Conn., April 20.

dent of France, in Paris, March 12. Stang. William, Roman catholic bishop of Fall Cavagnis, Felice (1841), cardinal, in Rome, Italy, River, Mass., at Rochester, Minn., Feb. 2.

Dec. 29, 1906. Stoeckel, Gustav J. (1819), emeritus professor at Clementine, Princess, of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, in Yale, at Norfolk, Conn., May 17.

Vienna, Feb. 16. Stub, H. A. (1822), clergyman, at Hamline, Minn. Davis, James ("Owen Hall'). dramatist, ip LonJune 27.

don, England, April 10. Swayne, Charles (1842), Jurist, in Philadelphia, Dunmore, Earl of (1841), at Trimley Manor, Eng. Pa., July 5.

land, Aug. 26. Sydenham. Moses H. (1827), pioneer, at Kearney, Fayrer, Sir Joseph (1824), physician, at Falmouth, Neb., Feb. 3.

England, May 21.
Taylor, Daniel M., colonel, U. S. A., in Augusta, Frederick, Grand Duke (1826), ruler of Baden, in
Ga., March 26.

Karlsruhe, Germany, Sept. 28.
Taylor, James H., clergyman, at Clinton, N. Y., Goldschmidt, Otto (1829), musician, Feb. 24.
Oct. 12.

Goschen, George J. (1831), former chancellor of the Terhune, Edward P. (1830), clergyman, in New exchequer, at Sea cox Heath, England, Feb. 7. York, N. Y., May 25.

Grau, Maurice (1849), impresario, in Paris, France, Thurber, Francis B. (1842). lawyer and publicist,

March 14. in New York, N, Y., July 4.

Grieg, Edward H. (1843), composer, in Bergen, Tilton, Ralph (1870), art editor, in New York, N. Norway, Sept. 4. Y., Feb. 16.

Haliburton, Lord A. L. (1832), former under secreTilton, Theodore (1835), author, in Paris, France, tary for war, in London, England, April 21. May 25.

Hall, Sir John (1824), former premier, at WellingTownsend, William (1849), judge, at New Haven, ton, New Zealand, June 25. Conn., June 2.

Hartel, Wilhelm von, educator, in Vienna, Austria, Turner,'_Josiah (1811), jurist, at Owosso, Mich., Jan, 14. April 7.

Hatton, Joseph (1841), author, in London, July 31. Tyler, Alfred Lee (1834), capitalist, in New York,

Hawkins, Henry (Lord Brampton; 1817), lawyer. N. Y., June 2.

in London, England, Oct. 6. Urquhart, Isabella (1865), actress, at Rochester, Hegner, Otto (1876), pianist, in Hamburg, Ger. N. Y., Feb. 7.

many, Feb. 27. Van Cleave, Mrs. Charlotte (1819), first white child

Herschel, Alexander .s., astronomer, at Slough, born in Wiseonsin, in Minneapolis, Minn., April 4.

England, June 18.

Heyden, Count Peter (1847), member of first douVan Dusen, Frank (1847), railway passenger agent,

ma, in Moscow, Russia, June 28. at Pittsburg, Pa., March 4. Varicle, Antony, inventor and explorer, in Seattle,

Hook, James Clark (1819), artist, in London, Eng

land, April 15. Wash., July 26.

Hughes, Clovis (1851), editor, in Paris, June 11. Walker, John G. (1835), rear-admiral, U. S. N., re Jackman, Arthur (1843), arctic navigator, at St. tired, at York Cliffs, Me., Sept. 16.

John's, Newfoundland, Feb. 1. Walter, Alfred (1851), railroad president, in New

Joachim, Joseph (1831), violinist, in Berlin, GerYork, N. Y., Feb. 12.

many, Aug. 15. Whitcomb, Isaac A. (1837), president tourist agency,

Julian, Rodolphe (1841), art school director, in at Somerville, Mass., April 16.

Paris, France, Feb. 12. Whittemore, Floyd K. (1845), former state treas

Lamsdorf, Count Vladimir N. (1845), Russian dipurer, at Springfield, Ill., March 4.

lomat, at San Remo, Italy, March 19. Wicker, Henry C. (1829), railroad man, at Glen Cove, L. I., Sept. 20.

Liverpool, Earl of (1847), at Kirkham Abbey, Eng.

land, March 23. Wilkin, Jacob W. (1837), justice of the Illinois

Lloyd, Arthur T. (1844), bishop of Newcastle, at Supreme court, at Danville, Ill., April 3.

South Kensington, England, May 29. Willard, Josiah Flynt (1869), author, in Chicago,

Loewy, Maurice (1813), astronomer, in Paris, Ill.. Jan. 20. Willcox, David (1849), railroad president, at sea,

France, Oct. 15. April - 24.

Macchi, Luigi (1832), cardinal, in Rome, March 29, Willcox, Orlando B. (1823), brigadier-general, U.

Mallot, Hector Henri (1830), novelist, in Paris, S. A., retired, at Cobourg, Ont., May 10.

France, July 18. Williams, John J. (1822), archbishop, in Boston,

Masson, David (1822), historian, in Edinburgh, Mass., Aug. 30.

Scotland, Oct. 7. Wint, Theodore J. (1845), brigadier-general, U. S.

Mendeleff, Dimitri (1834), chemist, in St. PetersA., in Philadelphia, Pa., March 21.

burg, Russia, Feb. 2. Wormser, Isidor (1830), banker, in New York, 1

Murray, David C. (1847), author, in London, Aug. 1. Y., June 21.

Muzaffereddin (1853), shah of Persia, at Teheran,

Jan. 8.

Nigra, Count Constantine (1828), diplomat, in Rome, . FOREIGN.

Italy, July 1. Ardagh, John Charles (1840), soldier, in London, Oronhyatekha, Acland (1841), supreme chief ranger England, Oct. 1.

Independent Order of Foresters, at Savannah, Arenberg. ' Prince Francois de (1849), near Crefeld, Ga., March 3. Germany, March 25.

Osiris, Daniel, philanthropist, in Paris, Feb. 4. Armstrong. Sir George (1836). soldier and pub Paget, Florence Cecilia, marchioness of Hastings, lisher, in London, April 20.

(1842), at Windsor, England, Feb. 3. Babcock, Alexander R. (1844), soldier, in London, Palmer, Sir Charles M. (1822), naval constructor, England, March 23.

in London, England, June 4. Bergmann, Ernst von (1836), noted surgeon, at Paton, J. G. (1824), missionary, at Canterbury, Wiesbaden, Germany, March 25.

Australia, Jan. 29.
Berthelot, M. (1827), statesman, in Paris, France, Pekoff, M., premier of Bulgaria, March 11.
March 18.

Penrhyn, Lord (1836), in London, England, March 11. Blind, Kari (1826), German patriot, in London, Perkin, William H. (1860), chemist, in London, England, May 31.

England, July 14. Bonaparte, Princess Christina Ruspoli

Plunkett, Sir Francis (1835), British diplomat, in Rome, Italy, Feb. 13.

Paris, France, Feb. 28. Bostrom. Erik G. B. (1842), former premier, in | Pobiedonostseff, M. (1827), ex-procurator general of Stockholm, Sweden, Feb. 21.

the holy synod, in St. Petersburg, March 23. Bugge. Sophus (1835), philologist, at Christiania, Ros, Baron de (1827), premier baron of England, in Norway, July 8.

County Down, Ireland, April 29. Burdett-Coutts, Baroness (1814), in London, Eng. Russell, William H. (1820), war correspondent, land, Dec. 30, 1906.

known as “Bull Run" Russell, in London, Feb. 10.

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