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Saxe-Altenburg, Princess Mary of (1818), at Gmun

den, Austria, Jan. 9. Staal, Baron de (1822), diplomat, in Paris, Feb. 2 Sully-Prudhomme, Rene F. A. (1839), poet, at

Chatenay, France, Sept. 7. Svampa, Dominic (1851), cardinal, in Rome, Aug. 10. Theuriet. Andre (1833), novelist, in Paris, April 23. Tripepi, Luigi (1836), cardinal, in Rome, Italy,

Dec. 29, 1906. Watson, Dr. John (1850), clergyman and author

widely known as "Ian Maclaren," at Mount

Pleasant, Iowa, May 6. Werder, Bernhard von (1822), diplomat and soldier,

in Berlin, Germany, March 19. Whiteley, William (1831), merchant, in London,

England, Jan. 24. Wilberforce, Ernest R. (1840), bishop of Chichester,

at Bembridge, England, Sept. 9.

CHICAGO Abrahams, Isaac (1833), lawyer, May 24. Adams, A. L. (1843), soldier in civil war, Feb. 7. Adams, Caroline D. (1837), Oct. 30. Alling, John (1868), broker, April 18. Anderson, W. D. S. (1838), former assistant coun

ty treasurer, June 3. Andrews, Joseph H. (1835), business man, Dec. 11,

1906. Angus, John (1845), contractor, Sept. 3. Barney, H. L. (1817), real-estate dealer, Aug. 3. Barrett, Oliver W., superintendent, Jan. 13. Bauer, Frank A., physician, Feb. 4. Beadell, Madison (1844), police officer, March 22. Becker,' Nathan (1821). coal dealer, April 11. Benjamin, Meyer (1809), merchant, May 7. Beuttenmuller, George (1823), gunsmith, Feb. 21. Birkhoff, Mrs. Agatha (1825), Jan. 31. Bletch, Jacob (1834), clergyman, Oct. 1. Bogle, Walter S., Jr. (1879), engineer, Jan. 11. Boughan, Andrew (1830), Sept. 25. Bowen, Ira Pardee, banker. Jan. 25. Boyd, Robert C. (1843), civil-war veteran, July 30. Bradwell, James B. (1828), lawyer, Nov. 29. Brainerd, Edward R., business man, in Washing

ton, D. C., May 13. Brass, Mrs. Julia W. (1818), April 13. Braude, A. S. (1845), rabbi, May 14. Brayton, James H. (1846), school principal, April 11. Briggs, David C. (1848), manufacturer, Oct. 16. Bryant, John A. (1849), merchant, May 11. Buckley, William (1832), police captain, April 26. Buettner, Daniel (1862), member of legislature,

Jan. 16. "Burchmore, John H. (1849), physician, in Evanston,

June 8. Burdette, Mary G. (1841), Sept. 27. Calbick, James A. (1848), president Lumber Car

riers' association, July 10. Callender, Byron M., capitalist, June 27. Campbell, John Lyle (1859), business man, at Lake

Bluff, Ill., Sept. 24. Carney, Thomas M., former alderman, Jan. 26. Carr, Julius (1826). real estate, July 9. Carroll, John M. (1845), merchant, July 6. Carson, Robert B. (1832), insurance man, Sept. 23. Champlin, Alfred H. (1840), physician, June 26. Chandler, Mrs. Levinah K. (1820), Oct. 15. Chapin, Marvin (1821), physician, June 2. Cheney, Augustus J. (1837), book agent, at Oak

Park, Ill., Feb. 27. Chester, Mrs. Mate L. (1855), grand secretary Or

der of Eastern Star, at Peoria, Ill., April 27. Church, Mrs. Jane (1819), Oct. 27. Clancy, P. A, (1869), clergyman, March 27. Clapp. Charles DeWitt (1855), member board of

trade, Feb. 1. Clarke, Stephen G. (1822), merchant, Feb. 20. Clinton, George 0. (1849), contractor, at Wilmette,

Ill., Oct. 23. Conger. John S. (1830), railroad agent, May 22. Conradi, William (1837), music teacher, April 29. Cook, John (1843), civil-war veteran and fireman,

Aug. 6. Cooper, Edward (1870), merchant, in New York,

Feb. 23.
Cooper, John S. (1841). lawyer, Nov. 15.
Corbus, Josephus C. (1842), physician, in Evanston,

June 8.
Darst, John C. (1851), bridge builder, Sept. 5.

Daube, Aaron H. (1832), beef packer, July 25. Davenport, Benjamin F. (1847), engineer, in Ne

braska, March 18. David, Cyrenus A. (1845), surgeon, June 11. Delano. Edward C. (1833). district superintendent

of schools, June 7. Despres, Samuel (1849), business man, Dec. 21, 1906. Devin-Duvivier, A., musician, Aug. 9. Dicker, Osmond (1846), retired business man, Sept. 16. Didier, Louis T. (1835), retired business man,

March 28. | Dillingham, Edwin R., Jr. (1854), writer, at Flint,

Mich., Aug. 11. Doyle, Patrick J., Chicago lumberman, at Lake

Geneva, Wis., April 9. Dowie, John Alexander (1847), founder of the Chris

tian catholic church, at Zion City, Ill., March 9. Driscoll, Frederick D. (1834), commissioner of

American Newspaper Publishers' association,

March 23. Dorgan, James (1821), Sept. 24. Dupee, Mary E. (1832), July 27. DuPlessis, Charles O. (1854), physician, April 11. Durand, John M. (1827), retired business man, in

Pasadena, Cal., Nov. 13. Dwight, John H. (1835), banker, at Pasadena, Cal.,

June 5. Dye, Mary Irene Clark (1837), Feb. 22. Eckels, James H. (1858). banker and ex-comptroller

of the treasury, April 14. Eisenstaedt, Solomon H. (1850), merchant, May 31. Eppstein, Mrs. Hauche (1844). Aug. 30. Ewing, J. E. (1842), publisher, in Chicago, Feb. 25. Falkenau, Harry (1864), music critic, at Coloma,

Mich., Jan. 22. Farnum, Ithiel P. (1825). merchant, July 31. Ferguson, Charles (1858), musician, July 24. Finn, Patrick (1832), lake captain, May 26. Fischer, Siegfried M. (1847), merchant, March 20. Fish, Joel W. (1817), clergyman, in Evanston, Ill.,

May 23. Fisher, Edward A. (1847), lawyer, Aug. 14. Fisher, Francis P. (1828), insurance underwriter,

Jan. 4. Fitch, Julian R. (1837), engineer, in Evanston,

Ill.. Aug. 11. Fitzgerald, John (1860), justice, May 28. Fitzgerald, John J., assistant fire marshal, Aug. 31 Flannigan, Patrick M. (1838), priest. Aug. 29 Fleetwood, Charles (1840), retired business man,

Feb. 22." Foss, Charles E. (1829). Chicago commission mer

chant, at San Diego, Cal., Aug. 18. Fuchs, Wolfram C. (1866), X-ray expert, April 24. Gage, Mrs. Betsy W. (1817). Feb. 27. Gale, Thomas H. (1866), real-estate dealer, in Oak

Park, Ill., March 20. Gates, 'Ralph I. (64), 4457 Ellis avenue; born at

Sag, ill., 1842; died Jan. 16. Gibbon, W. A. L. (1839), hatter, at Oak Park, Ill.,

AU. 18. Gibbs, Orlando F. (1826), real-estate dealar, in

Evanston, Ill., March 20. Gibbs, Mrs. Orlando F. (1826), in Evanston, Ii.,

March 19. Gillespie, John (1843), newspaper man, Dec. 24, 1906. Gilson, Mrs. Catherine E. (1837), June 23. Goodman, James B. (1841), lumber dealer, April 3. Goold, Ellison T. (1844), court clerk, May 14. Goudie. David R. (1845), international peace ad

vocate, Jan. 22. Graham, J. H. (1847), steamship owner. Jan. 8. Grammer, George J. (1843), railroad official, Feb. 4. Graves, Mrs. Mary (1816), Sept. 3. Green, Oliver B. (1826), engineer, Dec. 30, 1906. Groves, Denison F. (1824), lumber merchant, Oct. 22. Hahn, Henry S. (1825), former city physician.

April 17. Hale. Frank E. (1845). merchant, Jan. 10. Haskell, Edwin B. (1837), newspaper owner, at

Auburndale, Mass., March 25. Hcbel. Louis A. (1834), business man, Sept. 11. Hefter, Charles B. (1837), detective sergeant, April 4. Heinzman, George (1841), police drillmaster, Jan. 21. Henrotin, Fernand (1847), physician, Dec. 9. 1906. Herrick, O. W., banker, at Oak Park, Ill., Jan. 7. Higbee, Charles E. (1837), lumberman, March 30. Higgie, William H. (1846), lake captain, Nov. 2. Hildreth, Edward (1833), clergyman, in Los An

geles, Cal., June 23.

Hill, Daniel O., silk expert, March 31.
Hipp. William H. (1864), physician, Dec.
Hitchcock, Sarah A. (1831), Feb. 23.
Hofmann, Valentine S. (1857), brewer, Aug. 15.
Hogan, Michael W. (1835), lawyer, Aug. 17.
Holbrook, Graves (1839), department manager, in

Oak Park, Ill., Oct. 26.
Holden, James E. (1856), manager, Dec. 28, 1906.
Holladay, Jesse (1825), California pioneer, Oct. 15.
Hoover, George H. (1842), clergyman, Jan. 6.
Hornstein, John (1847), printer, Sept. 8.
Hotchkiss, William Dye (1857), engineer, June 2.
Hulbert. Eri B. (1841). theologian, Feb. 17.
Hutchinson, Charles G. (1847). inventor, Feb. 25.
Jackman, Wilbur S. (1855), educator, Jan. 28.
Jackson, John B. (1823), clergyman. Jan. 28.
Jansen, Mrs. Mary L. B. (1836), widow of E. L.

F. Jansen, founder of firm of A. C. McClurg & Co., at Winnetka, Sept. 8. Jenkins, Robert E. (1846), lawyer, March 5. Jenney, W. L. B. (1832), Chicago architect, in Los

Angeles, Cal., June 15. Johnson, A. P. (1835), manufacturer, July 3. Johnson, Mrs. Catherine H., Sept. 26. Johnston, William, printer, May 27. Jones, William, retired business man, Jan, 5. Karpen, Julius (1874), credit man, April 1. Keen, George (1860). real estate, Aug. 13. Keeney, James F. (1840), real-estate dealer, in

Pasadena, Cal., July 2. Kennedy, Sylvester (1844), police sergeant, Sept. 15. Kimbali, Samuel B. (1834), at Winnetka, 1:1.,

Sept. 25. King. Edward, four dealer, at Oak Park, Ill.,

Feb. 27. Kirk, James S. (1840), manufacturer, at Hartland,

Wis., Feb. 22. Kessack, John C. (1855), manufacturer, April 2. Klee, Abraham (1847), horse dealer, June 4. Kochersperger, D. H. (1851), former county treas.

urer, April 9. Kneale, John C. (1838), manufacturer, Feb. 20. Krebs, William S. (1854), agent, May 24. Koslowski, Anthony (1857), bishop, Jan. 14. Krembs, Moritz (1838), chemist. May 15. Laffin, Albert S. (1861), capitalist, in Nice, France,

April 17. Landin, John W. (1837), transfer agent, April 25. Lane, John J. (1855), newspaper writer, in St.

Louis, Mo., Aug. 10. Lang. Rosa C., educator, July 10. Langdon. Richard B. (1842), paymaster, Jan. 15. Larson, John A. (1854), ex-alderman, March 1. Laurence, W. J. (1824), dentist, April 11. Learned, Clare s., physician. Jan. 9. Lebolt, Lazarus E. (1832), jeweler, Jan. 4. Lee, E. W. (1840), physician, Aug. 11. Lee, Vernon, M. (1852), broker, Jan. 14. Lindblom, Robert (1844), board of trade operator,

Feb. 15. Loring. Mark A. (1845), hotel man, April 24. Ludlam, Edward M. P. (1839), physician, Feb. 9. MacChesney, Mrs. Alfred B., Sept. 26. MacPherson, Malcolm (1846), war correspondent,

Feb. 24. Magili, Henry W., insurance man, at Pasadena.

Cal., Dec. 12, 1906. Mahon, Helene, labor organizer, Feb. 25. Marguerat, E. (1829), physician, March 7. Markely, William A. (1822), merchant, Feb. 20. Marlow, Charles F. (1864), traction official, in

Evanston, Ill., Aug. 20. Martens, Henry C. (1825), grocer, at Franklin Park,

June 6. Matthews, Paschal P. (1819), retired business man,

in Hinsdale, Ill., March 25. May, Mrs. Horatio N., March 20. Mayer, Solomon (1846), banker, June 24. Merrick, George H. (1849), business man, in Syra

cuse, N. Y., Sept. 28. Miller, Charles S. (1832), lawyer, June 29. Montgomery, John A. (1839), clergy man, June 4. Montgomery, William (1848), member of state leg.

islature, at Moro, Ill., Sept. 5. Morrell, Charles H. (1839). thirty-third degree Ma

son, Oct. 25. Morris, Nelson (1840), packer, Aug. 27. Mueller, Adolph (1837), ex-deputy sheriff, March 5. Munn, Orson D. (1824), publisher, in New York,

N. Y., Feb. 28.

Murphy, Richard J. (1872), clergyman, Oct. 24. Musham, Wm. H. (1839), ex-fire marshal, Feb. 23. McCarthy, Dennis (1843), retired business man, at

Green Lake, Wis., Sept. 1. McClellan, John J. (1833), attorney, May 3. McClintock, Wm. (1847), real-estate owner, May 17. McConnell, Luther w. (1851), credit man, Jan. 14. McDonald, Michael C. (1839), former gambling

house owner, Aug. 9. McDonough, Daniel v. (1869), member of legis.

lature, March 22. McEachron, Julia P. (1855), teacher, April 19. McEwen, Arthur, journalist, at Hamilton, Ber

muda, April 30. McKee, George W. (1842), cashier, May 16. McLennan, Alexander S. (1835), physician, Sept. 23. McNally, Frederick G. (1865), publisher, Sept. 16. McWade, John E., singer, Feb. 15. Newcomer, Mrs. Catherine (1839), May 13. Newton, George W. (1860), physician, Feb. 9 Nichols, Edward C. (1870), elevated road malliager,

at Maywood, Ill., March 28. Nicholson. Duke (1837), Chicago railroad man, iu

Los Angeles, Cal., March 18. Norden, Julius (1853), writer, June 11. O'Brien, John (1847), lumberman, Feb. 25. O'Connor, Daniel J. (1837), school principal, May 2. O'Gorman, James S. (1849). inventor, July 19. Ohlander, Nels T., postoffice employe, Jan. 31, 1906. Ostrander, Dempster (1834), lawyer, June 27. Otis, Mrs. E. T. (1828). March 8. Otley, Samuel (1844), manufacturer, at Granil

Haven, Mich., Aug. 26. Parker, Henry Orlando (1854), grain broker, at

Wheaton, Ill., June 20. Parsons, Harlan E. (1839), retired business man.

April 11. Payne, James (1837), banker, June 28. Peabody, Hiram B. (1841), capitalist, Aug. 1. Peacock, William H. (1845), merchant, March 10. Peirce, Alden P. (1822), police magistrate, at Blue

Island, Ill., July 31. Philpot, Adaline D. (1827), at Slingerlands, N. Y.,

Aug. 11. Pomy, Herman (1842), restaurateur. Feb. 18. Potter, Orrin W. (1836), retired steel manufac

turer, May 17. Preston, Herbert, prominent Mason, July 28. Prime, Samuel T. K. (1832), crop reporter, April 26. Prince, William H. (1820), veteran of civil war.

July 7. Proctor, David R. (1826), inventor, Oct. 15. Race, Eugene C. (1845), restaurateur, Jan. 21. Rafferty, John T., politician, July 31. Rapp, William (1828), editor, Feb. 28. Rasmussen, Nels (1852), insurance agent, Aug. 22. Raymond, James H. (1851), lawyer, Jan. 11. Reddick, James (1867), public administrator and

political leader, Oct. 27. Reed, Frank E. (1861), business man, at Lake

Geneva, Ill., Sept. 3. Rice, William H. (1821), civil-war veteran, July 30. Ripley, William (1819), business man, Jan. 9. Rising. Charles L. (1841), railroad official, in

Evanston, Ill., July 10. Roler, O. F. (1833), physician. April 18. Rollins, Mrs. Ella C. (1849), at Biloxi, Miss., April 30. Roney, J. W. (1840), manager, Jan. 5. Rosenthal, Isador (1831), merchant, Aug. 28. Ross, George B. (1863). hotel man, July 24. Ryerson, Mrs. Martin (1829), at Pasadena, Cal.,

Jan. 9. Sager, Nelson A. (1854), civil engineer, Aug. 30. Sanders, Edgar (1827), florist, Sept. 29. Scanlan, James F. (1857), government employe,

July 27. Schoenhoefen, Mrs. Elise, widow of Peter Schoen

hoefen, in Baden Baden, Germany, March 2. Schwab, Dr. Isaac (1840). rabbi, Feb. 4. Seeboeck, William C. E. (1860), composer and pian

ist, June 2. Shaffer, Henry R. (1838), contractor, Jan. 4. Shaw, Mrs. Sarah E. (1839). April 9. Shaw, Theodore A. (1836). merchant, Dec. 5, 1906. Sheridan, William A. (1838), attorney, at Oak Park,

Ill., Jan. 9. Singer, Walter H. (1857), business man, at Hough

ton, Mich., Aug. 24. Sittig, Eugene A. (1847), publisher, June 6, Skelly, Mrs. Catherine M. (1872), April 10.

Slaughter, A. 0. (1840), board of trade broker, at

San Antonio, Tex., Jan. 22.
Small, Archibald R. (1851), physician, June 21.
Smith, Shea, business man, April 1.
Smith. William L. (1862), railroad official, drowned

in Menasha lake, Arkansas, Feb. 22.
Sontag, Frederick (1846), hotel manager, Dec. 17,

Spangler, William, salesman, Feb. 11.
Sproehnle. William (1833), postoffice employe and

civil-war veteran, May 25.
Stanley, John M. (1853), agent, Sept. 23.
Stark, M. E. (1851), railway conductor, Feb. 2.
Staver, Henry C. (1844), business man, Nov. 11.
Stevens, Walter A, (1830). dentist, April 15.
Stickney. Joseph L. (1848), journalist, at Dewey
• Lake, Mich., May 25.
Stiles, George N. (1853), member Chicago board of

trade, at Kenosha, Wis., April 11.
Stockton, Joseph (1833). general in civil war and

retired business man, March 17.
Stone, Carl D. (1872), physician, July 18.
Strain, James C. (1848). politician, May 5.
Strong, George A. (1864), secretary, Oct. 30.
Sweeney, John (1850). former alderman, July 1.
Swern, William C. (1861), architect. June 21.
Taft, Don Carlos (1827), geologist, April 1.
Teall, Edward M. (1839). insurance underwriter,

Jan. 27.
Tebbetts. Walter G. (1840). civil-war veteran,

March 29.
Tennerry, Florence E., teacher, May 2.
Thiel, Gustavus H. (1842), detective, July 24.
Thrall, William A. (1835), railroad passenger agent,

Feb. 19.
Thurn, John L. (1841). real-estate dealer, Feb. 23.
Todd, William (1834), civil-war veteran, Aug. 14.
Tolman, John A. (1838). wholesale grocer, at Lake

Geneva, Wis., July 18.
Tousley, M. G. (1832), editor, April 26.
Tucker, William S. S. (1839), merchant, Sept. 4.
Tuller, William M., physician, at Carlsbad, N. M.,
May 1.

Urgos, Francesco (1832), soldier, Sept. 12.
Van Arsdale. W. W. (1845), church worker, Oct. 30.
Vierling, Frank C. (1851), former alderman, Feb. 3.
Vocke, William (1839), lawyer, May 13.
Wallin. Thomas S., leather merchant, at Phenix,

Ariz., May 13.
Waterbury, Daniel V. (1825), retired business man,

Sept. 25.
Webb. Henry E. (1857), salesman, Aug. 19.
Weigley, Frank S. (1854), lawyer, at Tama, Iowa,

April 18.
Weiner, Albert (1834), musician, March 7.
Weir, John M., Sr., (1845), golf expert. March 7.
White, Andrew B. (1844), in railway mail service,

in Austin, Ill., March 4.
Whitehead, Elisha P. (1846), capitalist, Dec. 20,

Whitfield, Samuel A. (1834), manufacturer, May 25.
Wiles, Robert Hall (1850), patent expert, March 29.
Will, Charles J. C. (1831), business man, April 25.
Will, Kate (1842), writer, Aug. 16.
Willett, James R., architect, May 10.
Williams, George B., jeweler, April 2.
Williams, Jennie A. (1873). writer, March 8.
Wilson, Frederick R. (1824), real-estate dealer,

Jan, 9.
Wolfsohn, Carl (1834), pianist, at West End, N. J.,

July 30.
Wood, John H. (1836), live-stock dealer, Dec. 19,

Wool. William (1840), business man, May 20.
Wright, Perry L. (1859), business manager, June 22.
Wyman, Edward F. (1850), business man, in New

York, N. Y., Nov. 2.
Young, Caryl (1837), business man, March 22.
Young, George W. (1843), railway postal service

chief, Jan. 20.
Young. James N. (1847), contractor, in San Diego,

Cal., March 22.
Ziemsen, Paul (1840). grocer, Feb. _20.
Zollman, Gustav (1817), preacher, Jan. 2.


American Association of Law Libraries-President, Flint; superintendent and treasurer, Dr. Wilbur

A. J. Small, Des Moines, Iowa; vice-president, F. Crafts; devoted to suppression of intemper-
Andrew H. Mettee, Baltimore, Md.; secretary, ance, impurity, sabbath breaking, gambling and
Franklin 0. Poole, 42 W. 44th street, New York kindred evils.

League of American Municipalities-President, J. American Bankers' Association-President, J. D. Barry Mahool, mayor of Baltimore, Md.; secre.

Powers, Louisville, Ky.; secretary, F. E. Farns tary-treasurer, John MacVickar, Des Moines, worth, Detroit, Mich.

Iowa. American Hospital Association-President, Dr. S. National Association of Amateur Photographers

S. Goldwater, New York, N. Y.; secretary, W. President. Nick Bruehl, Sherwood, Wis.; secreL. Babcock, Detroit, Mich.

tary, Harry Noerteman, St. Louis, Mo. American Newspaper Publishers' Association National Civic Federation-President, Nicholas

President, Herman Ridder, New York, N. Y.; Murray Butler, New York, N. Y.; permanent secsecretary, Elbert H. Baker, Plain Dealer, Cleve retary, James B. Reynolds, New York, N. Y. land, 0.

National Conference of Charities and CorrectionsAmerican National Red Cross Society-President, President, Thomas M. Mulry, New York, N. Y.; William H. Taft. Washington, D. C.

secretary. Alexander Johnson, Indianapolis, Ind. American Press Humorists-President, Frank T. National Prison Association-President, Rev. John

Seabright, Los Angeles, Cal.; secretary-treasurer, L. Milligan. Allegheny. Pa.; secretary, Amos W. Jud L. Lewis, Houston, Tex.

Butler, Indianapolis, Ind. General Federation of Women's Clubs-President, National Woman's Suffrage Association-President,

Mrs. Sarah Platt Decker, Denver, Col.; recording Anna Howard Shaw. Swarthmore, Pa.: corre

secretary, Mrs. Mary B. K. Sherman. Chicago. sponding secretary, Kate M. Gordon, New OrIndian Rights Association--Corresponding secre. leans, La.

tary, Herbert Welsh, 708-709 Provident building, National Woman's Christian Temperance UnionPhiladelphia, Pa.

President, Mrs. Lillian M. N. Stevens, Portland, International Juvenile Court Society--President, Me.; "corresponding secretary, Mrs. Susanna M.

Judge Ben B. Lindsey, Denver, Col.; secretary, D. Fry, Evanston, Ill.
Edward W. Frost, Milwaukee, Wis.

Playground Association of America-President, Dr. International Reform Bureau-206 Pennsylvania ave: Luther Gulick, New York, N. Y.; secretary, Hen. nue, Washington, D. C.; president, Col. Weston ry S. Curtis, Washington, D. C.


A world's fair to celebrate the tercentennial of the founding of Jamestown, Va., was held in that city from April 26 to Nov. 30, 1907. While a success in some respects, it was a failure financially, the attendance falling far below the expected fig. ure. Its most striking feature was the presence in Hampton roads of warships representing all the leading powers of the world. The president

of the exposition was Harry St. George Tucker and the director-general Alvah H. Martin

World's fairs have been held since 1876 as follows: 1876-Philadelphia, Pa 1904–St. Louis, Mo. 1878-Paris, France. 1905–Portland, Ore. 1889-Paris, France. 1907-Dublin, Ireland. 1893—Chicago, Ill.

1907–Jamestown, Va. 1900–Paris, France.



BAILEY, Joseph Weldon-Born in Copiah county, | BRIGGS, Frank 0.-Born in Concord, N. H., Aug. Tennessee, Oct. 6, 1863;

12, 1850; educated at admitted to bar in 1883;

Phillips Exeter academy removed to Texas in

and West Point military 1885, making Gainesville

academy, graduating in his home; democratic in

1872; served in 2d Unitpolitics; elected to the

ed States cavalry until 52, 53, 54th, 55th and

1877, when he resigned 56th congresses, becom

to enter service of John ing leader on democratic

A. Roebling & Sons in side; elected United

Trenton, N. J., as enStates senator in 1901 to

gineer; republican in succeed Horace Chilton;

politics; appointed state re-elected in January,

treasurer of New Jersey 1907, in the face of very

in 1902; elected United strong opposition.

States senator, 1907.


BALLINGER, Richard A.-Born in Boonesborough, | BROWN, Norris-Born in Jackson county, Iowa, in Iowa, July 9, 1858; edu

1863; graduated froin cated at State Universi

University of Iowa in ty of Kansas, Washburn

1883 and practiced law college, Topeka, Kas.,

at Perry, Iowa, until and Williams college,

1888, when he moved to Massachusetts; practiced

Kearney, Neb.; elected law; judge of Superior

attorney of Buffalo councourt, Port Townsend,

ty in 1893, serving four Wash., 1894-1898; mayor

years; deputy attorney. of Seattle, 1904-1906; ap

general and attorney. pointed commissioner of

general of Nebraska from the general land office

1901 to 1906; elected and began duties March

United States senator in 4, 1907; author of Com

1907, to succeed J. H. munity Property and Copyright Moon-Wills, Seattle, 1907. Codes of Washington.

Millard; is republican.


BANKHEAD, John Hollis-Born in Moscow, Ala..

Sept. 13, 1842; self-edu-
cated; engaged in farm-
ing: served four years
in confederate army, be-
ing wounded three times;
member of state assem-
bly, 1865-1867, and of
state senate, 1876-1877:
democrat; penitentiary
warden, 1881-1885; mem-
ber of 50th, 51st, 520,
53d, 54th, 55th, 56th, 57th
58th and 59th congresses:
elected United States
senator, 1907.

BURNHAM, Henry Eben-Born in Dunbarton, N.

H., Nov. 8, 1844; graduated from Dartmouth college in 1865; admit ted to the bar in 1868 and practiced in Manchester, N. H.; judge of probate for Hillsboro county in 1876 1879; in state legislature 18731874; member of constitutional convention in 1889; republican in politics; elected United States senator in 1901 and re-elected in 1907.

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BORAH, William E.-Born at Fairfield, Ill., June | BURTON. Charles G.-Born in Cleveland, O., 1846; 29, 1865; educated in the

entered union army at public schools and at

age of 15 in 1861; after the University of Kan

the war studied law and sas; engaged in the prac.

was admitted to the bar tice of law and settled

at Warren, 0.; then at Boise, Idaho; was re

went to Missouri, makpublican candidate for

ing his home at Nevada; United States senator

was successively circuit before the legislature

attorney, prosecuting atin January, 1903, receiv

torney and judge of the ing twenty-two votes, or

25th district; elected to four less than required:

54th congress as repubelected United States

lican; elected commandsenator, 1907, to succeed

er Grand Army of the Frederick T. Dubois.

Republic in 1907.

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DOLLIVER-Jonathan Prentiss-Born near King.

wood, W. Va., Feb. 6, 1858; graduated in 1875 from West Virginia university; admitted to the bar in 1878; republican in politics; elected to 51st congress from the 10th Iowa district and reelected to 520, 530, 54th, 55th and 56th congresses; appointed United States senator to fill vacancy in 1900; elected to same office in 1902 and re

elected in 1907; chairman of committee on education and labor.

CULLOM. Shelby Moore-Born in Wayne county,

Kentucky, Nov. 22, 1829; received an academic education; studied law and practiced in Springfield, ill., his home since 1853; member of legislature three terms; governor of Illinois, 1876-1883; republican in politics; elected United States senator in 1883 to succeed David Davis and in 1889, 1895 and 1901, and re-elected in 1907; chairman of sen

ate committee on foreign relations of the United States. CURTIS. Charles-Born in North Topeka, Kas..

Jan. 25, 1860; educated in common schools; admitted to the bar in 1881; elected county attorney of Shawnee county in 1884 and re-elected in 1886; republican in politics; elected to the 53d, 54th, 55th, 56th, 57th, 58th, 59th and 60th congresses; elected United States senator in January, 1907, to succeed Alfred W. Benson, who

succeeded J. R. Burton; Senator Curtis' residence is in Topeka, Kas.


EGAN, Maurice Francis-Born in Philadelphia, Pa.,

May 24, 1852; educated at Georgetown (D. C.) col. lege; editor Freeman's Journal; professor of English literature in University of Notre Dame and later of same branch in the Catholic university at Washington, D. C.: author of numerous essays, lectures, poems and stories; made minister plenipotentiary of the United States to

Denmark in 1907 to succeed Thomas J. O'Brien, transferred to Japan.



ELKINS, Stephen Benton-Born at Perry, O., Sept.,

26, 1841; educated in University of Missouri and admitted to bar in 1863; member of New Mexico territorial legislature, 1864-1865; delegate to congress, 1873-1877; moved to West Virginia: secretary of war, 18911893; United States senator since 1895; re-elected in 1907; republican in politics; chairman of committee on interstate

commerce; author of the well-known Elkins rebate law.

DAVIS, Jefferson-Born in Little River county,

Arkansas, June 27, 1862; educated at Russellville, Ark., and at Vanderbilt university law department; admitted to the bar, 1884; prosecuting attorney, 5th judicial district, 1892; attorneygeneral of Arkansas, in 1898; governor from 1898 to 1907; democrat in pol itics; elected United States senator in 1907 to succeed James H. Berrs;

term expires in 1913; residence in Little Rock, Ark. DICKINSON, Jacob McGavock-Born at Columbus,

Miss.. Jan. 30, 1851; graduated from University of Nashville, 1971; studied law in Columbia college, New York, University of Leipzig and in Paris; admitted to the bar, 1874, practicing in Tennessee; assistant attorney-general of United States, 1895-1897; removed to Chicago; one of counsel for United States in Alaska boundary case;

elected president of American Bar association in 1907.


FRYE. William Pierce-Born at Lewiston, Me..

Sept. 2, 1831; graduated at Bowdoin college, 1850; studied and practiced law; member of state legislature, 1861, 1862 and 1867; state attorney-general, 1867-1870; republican in politics; elected to the 42, 43, 44th, 45th, 46th and 47th congresses: elected United States senator in 1881 and reelected in 1883, 1888, 1895, 1901 and 1907; was cho

sen and served as presiding officer of the senate, 1896 and 1901.

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