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Ashland block, 7th floor.

Main Court Judges— Fran pis Adams, D.; Jesse Holdom, R.; Edward O. Brown. D.

Branch Court Judges—Frederick A. Smith, It.; Henry V. Freeman. R.: Frank Baker, D.

Clerk—A. R. Porter. R.: deputy clerk. John L. Bingham. R.

Jurisdiction—The Appellate court has jurisdiction of all matters of appeal or writs of error from the Superior, Circuit and County courts, and from city courts, except in criminal cases and those affecting a franchise or freehold or the validity of a statute. Decisions In cases involving less than $1,000 are final.

Terms of Court—First Tuesdays In March and
October of each year.

Courthouse, 8th floor.

Judges—Theodore Brentano, R.. term expires 1909; Arthur H. Chetlain. R.. 1910; Henry V. Freeman. R.. 1910; Marcus Kavanagh. R.. 1910; Axel Cliy traus. R., 1910; Jesse Holdom. R., 1910; W. M. McEwen. R.. 1911; Farlin Q. Ball. R.. 1911; Albert C. Barnes, R.. 1910; George A. Dupuy, R., 1910; Ben M. Smith, R.. 1911.

Clerk—Charles W. Vail, R.; Courthouse, 4th floor, south end.

Jurisdiction—The Superior court has concurrent jurisdiction with the Circuit court in all cases of law and equity and in appeals from inferior courts.

Terms of Court—Begin on the first Monday of every month.


Courthouse, 7th floor.
(Terms of judges all expire in June, 1909.)

Judges—George A. Carpenter, R.; Thomas G.
Wlndes. D.; Merritt W. Plnckney, R.; R. S.
Tuthill, R.; Frank Baker. D.; Francis Adams.
D.; Richard W. Clifford. D.; John Gibbons, K.;
C. M. Walker, D.; Lockwood Honore, D.; Julian
W. Mack. D.; E. O. Brown. D.; George Kersten.
D.; Frederick A. Smith. R.

Clerk—Joseph E. Bidwill. Jr.; chief deputy, Charles H. Bradley, R.; fourth floor, north end.

Jurisdiction—Same as that of the Superior court.

Terms of Court—Begin on the third Monday of every month.

603 courthouse.

Judge—Lewis Rinaker, R., term expires in December, 1910.

Clerk—Joseph F. Haas, R.; 600 courthouse.

Jurisdiction—The County court has concurrent Jurisdiction with the Circuit courts in all cases of appeal from justices of the peace and police magistrates and in all common-law matters where the value of property does not exceed $1,000; concurrent jurisdiction with courts of record in condemnation and special assessment proceedings; exclusive jurisdiction in voluntary assignments, release of insolvent debtors, trials of the right of property, commitment of insane and the support of paupers by their relatives; objections to the sale of real estate for nonpayment of general or special taxes are heard in the County court and all inheritance taxes are levied and collected under its direction; the official bonds of most county and township officers and the yearly reports of clerks, justices of the peace and state's attorneys and other officers of fees collected are subject to the approval of that court; the County court in Cook county has entire management and control of all elections In Chicago.


Criminal court building, Michigan street and Dearborn avenue.

Judges—Judges of the Superior and Circuit courts alternate In presiding over the Criminal court.

Clerk—A. J. Harris, R.; office in Criminal court building.

Jurisdiction—The Criminal court of Cook county has original jurisdiction of all criminal offenseexcept such as is conferred upon justices of the peace, and appellate jurisdiction from justices of the peace.

Terms of Court—Begin on the first Monday of every month.


Courthouse. 6th floor.

Judge—Charles S. Cutting, R.; term expires In 1910.

Assistants—Neil J. Shannon. A. A. Rolf and N. IIWelch.

Clerk—Guy Guernsey, R.

Public Administrator—John F. Devlne, R.

Public Guardian—Mary M. Bartelme.

Jurisdiction—The Probate court has original jurisdiction In all matters of probate, the settlement of estates of deceased persons, the appointment of guardians and conservators and settlement of their accounts, and in all matters relating to apprentices, and In cases of sales of real estate of deceased persons for the payment of debts.

Terms of Court—Begin on the first Monday of every month.


202 Ewlng street.

Judge—Richard S. Tuthill.

Jurisdiction—The Juvenile court hears and disposes of cases brought before it under the act to regulate the treatment and control of dependent, neglected and delinquent children.


Federal building, 6th floor.

Judges—Peter S. Grosscup. Francis E. Baker, William H. Seaman. Christian C. Kohlsaat.

Clerk—Henry S. Stoddard.

Salaries of judges, $7f000 each per year; of clerk. $3,000.

Jurisdiction—The United States Circuit courts have jurisdiction of suits of a civil nature at common law or in equity where the matter in dispute exceeds in value $2,500. where an alien is a party to litigation or the suit is between a citizen of the state where the suit is brought and a citizen of another state; of suits where the United States or officers thereof are plaintiffs, and of cases involving patent, copyright, national banking and bankruptcy laws. etc.

Federal building, 6th floor.

Judges—Solomon H. Bethea, Kenesaw M. Landis

Clerk—T. C. Mae Millan.

Salary of Judges, $6,000 a year; of clerk, $3,000.

Jurisdiction—United States District courts have jurisdiction of crimes and offenses cognizable under the authority of the United States where the punishment is not capital; of suits relating to debts by or to the United States; of admiralty and maritime cases, and of suits arising under the postal laws, etc.


Circuit Court—William F. Cooper, M. H. Guerin. Edward B. Esher. AU»ert W. Brickwood. Granville W. Browning, Stillman S. Davieson, Rosweli B. Mason, M. J. Moran. John' E. Owens, George Mills Rogers. Thomas Taylor. Jr., Horatio L. Wait. Slgmund Zeisler. Public guardian, Mary M. Bartelme.

Superior Court—Hiram Barber, George F. Barrett. John F. Holland. Wirt E. Humphrey. John E. Hunt. Joseph Weissenbach. Charles B. Abbev, Lewis Rinaker. George T. Kelly, David F. Matchett, James V. O'Donnell. Frank P. Schmltt. Alex. F. Stevenson.

United States Circuit Court—Henry W. Bishop. Hervey W. Booth, James S. Hopkins, Elijah B Sherman.




President, per year $7,000.00

14 commissioners, each 300.00

Attorney 300.00

Auditor 250.00

Secretary to president 233.33

Committee clerk 208.33

Clerk 150.«o

CLEBK COUNTY BOARD. Deputy comptroller $300.00

Monthly except where otherwise specified.

Chief clerk.



250.00 166.66 150.00

2 clerks, each 150.00

2 clerks, each 125.00


Sheriff, per year $6,000.00

Assistant sheriff 300.00

Chief deputy 300.0o

Jailer 200.00

2 chief bailiffs, each 200.00

28 deputies, each 166.66

2 bldg. custodians, each.. 150.00

2 engineers, each 150.00

13 clerks, each, $83.33 to 150.00

102 bailiffs, each 105.00

Stenographer 100.00

48 jail guards, each 83.33

Teacher 83.33

12 watchmen, each 65.00

10 elevator men, each.:... 65.00

10 janitors, each 60.00

22 janitresses. each 45.00

SUP'T PUBLIC SERVICE. Superintendent, per year.$4,500.00

Chief clerk 183.33

Bookkeeper 166.66

3 clerks, each 125.00

Stenographer '.... 85.00

Porter 75.00

Head electrician 150.00


2 commissioners, each $166.66

1 commissioner 125.00

Stenographer 100.00

STATE'S ATTORNEY. State's atty., per year..$9,600.00

4 assistants, each 500.00

1 assistant 416.66

2 assistants, each 333.33

6 assistants, each 291.60

3 assistants, each 250.00

8 assistants, each 200.00

3 assistants, each 150.00

Clerk 125.00

Stenographer 125.00

2 clerks, each 100.00

COUNTY ATTORNEY. County atty., per year...$4,200.00 Assistant i 275.00

2 assistants, each 200.00

1 assistant 150.00

Tax expert 200.00

Clerk 125.00

Stenographer 83.33


3 commissioners, ea., vr.$2,500.00 Chief clerk, per year..... 4,000.00


Treasurer, per year.. $4,000.00

Assistant 300.00

Chief clerk 300.00

Auditor 250.00

Clerk 250.00

Bookkeeper 250.00

Cashier 225.00

Assistant cashier 175.00

2 clerks, each 200.00

1 clerk • 208.33

3 bookkeepers, each 150.00

15 clerks, each 150.00



3 commissioners, each.... $125.00 Clerk 150.00

4 assistants, each 100.00

2 assistants, each 91.68

4 assistants, each 83.33


Superintendent, per year.$3,240.00

Business manager 208.33

Psychopatbologlst 200.00

5 physicians, each 150.00

Chief engineer 125.00

Record clerk 100.00

Storekeeper 91.66

Druggist 75.00

Supt. of nurses 83.33

6 head nurses, each 50.00

190 attendants and nurses.

each. $30 to 50.00

Other employes, such as cooks, bakers, laundry men, teamsters, etc., get from $20 to $75 each. Internes are not paid, but get their board, lodging and laundry service free.

COUNTY AGENT. County agent, per year.. .$2,000.00

Assistant 166.66

Clerk branch office 150.0o

Special investigator 125.00

Bookkeeper 100.00

Stenographer 70.00

Clerks and visitors $3 per day. COUNTY HOSPITAL.

Warden, per year $3,240.00

County physician 166.66

Assistant warden 150.00

Resident pathologist 150.00

Chief engineer 125.00

X-ray operator 75.00

Druggist 85.00

Custodian 80.00

Statistician 70.00

Attendants, each 50.00

Domestics, each, $18 to.. 35.00

Laborers, each. $40 to 45.00

Cooks get from $35 to $80 each; housekeepers, $40; seamstresses and laundresses. $40. and messengers, $45 to $50.


Clerk County court $166.66

Chief clerk 208.33

Assistant to judge 208.33

Cashier 166.66

2 clerks, each 150.00

2 clerks, each 125.00

Record writer 150.00

Assistant record writer... 125.00

Minute clerk 137.50

2 minute clerks, each 117.50


Clerk Superior court $416.66

Chief clerk 208.33

Cashier , 250.00

Bookkeeper 200.00

2 execution clerks, each.. 150.00 6-record writers, each.... 150.00

5 clerks, each 125.00

6 record writers, each 125.00

2 clerks, each 110.00

8 minute clerks, each 110.00

7 clerks, each 100.00

8 clerks, each 83.33


Clerk Criminal court $416.66

Chief clerk 208.33

Cashier 166.66

2 record writers, each 166.66

3 record writers, each 150.00

Clerk 150.00

3 clerks, each 137.50

[blocks in formation]

IN COURTHOUSE. Board of Assessors—Third floor, north end. Board of Review—Third floor, south end. County Commissioners—Room 531. Committee Clerk—Room 527. County Treasurer—First and second floors, i

County Clerk—Second floor, south end.
County Court—Room 603.
County Court Clerk—Room 600.
County Comptroller—Room 611.
County Attorney—Room 507.
-County Superintendent of Schools—Room 546.
County Surveyor—Room 426.
Custodian—Room 226.
Coroner—Room 500.

Civil-Service Commissioners—Room 545.
Circuit Court—Seventh floor.
Circuit Court Clerk—Fourth floor, north end.
Jury Commissioners—Room 824.
President County Bonrd—Room 523.
Probate Court—Sixth floor.
Probate Court Clerk—Sixth floor.
Sheriff—Fourth floor, center.
Superior Court—Eighth floor. ■
Superior Court Clerk—Fourth floor, south end.
Superintendent of Public Service—Room 519.


Criminal Court Clerk—First floor.

Criminal Courts—Third, fourth and fifth floors.

Sheriff (Bailiffs) in Charge of Criminal Court—First

floor. Grand Jury Assembly Room—Second floor. State's Attorney—Second floor.


Courthouse—Clark street, between Washington and Randolph: south side.

County Jail—Dearborn avenue and Illinois street; north side.

Criminal Court building—Michigan street and Dearl>orn avenue; north side.

Children's Hospital—Wood street, near Polk; west side.

County Hospital—Harrison and Honore streets; west side.

County Morgue—Wood and Polk streets; west sinV.

Detention Hospital—Wood and Polk-sts.; west side.

County Agent—168 South Clinton street; west side.

County Insane Asylum. Poorhouse. Etc.—At Donning; west side; reached bv Milwaukee avenue cars and the Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul railway.

Juvenile Court—202 Ewing street; west side.


Serial bonds maturing during the years 1908 to 1925.

Amount. Due each vr. Expire.

Series C 4%.. $337,500 $67,500 1912

Series D 4% 450,000 37.500 1919

Series E 4% 747.500 57,500 1920

Series F 3Y2% 400,000 25.000 1923

Series G 4% 1.000,000 62,000 1923

Amount. Due each vr. Expire.

Series H 4% $450,000 $25,000 1955

Series I 4% 4,500,000 250.000 1926

Funding 4% 50.000 50,000 190S

Total 7,935,000

[blocks in formation]

General taxes to bond and interest fund X

General taxes 5

County treasurer

County collector

Recorder of deeds

County clerk and clerk of County court

Clerk of Probate court

Clerk of Circuit court

Clerk of Superior court

Clerk of Superior court (prior)

Clerk of Criminal court i

State's attorney



Balance general fund, 1905

Due from fee offices, 1905

County clerk retained for salaries

Estimated taxes prior years

Sale clinics $1,840.00

Sale of rags and old iron 1.449.91"!

From all other sources 19,134.56 V

Balance special funds 1.780.64 J

Sale series I bonds

Balance series I bonds

Premium series I bonds

Balance bonds unpaid, 1905

Balance interest unpaid. 1905

State's attorney held, 1905

Held by treasurer for county clerk

Total estimated

Recorder's special fund*

Bank" loan*

Tavern license,* 1905

Tavern license,* 1906

Total from all sources

Total transferred to trust fund


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receipts, gen'l fund.

Bond and interest fund $975,860.63 $975,860.63

New courthouse bldg. fund..5,122,444.50 2,645,635.81

Balance license 1905 fund 405.00 405.00

License 1906 fund 5,975.01 *5,976.01

Recorder's indemnity fund... 700.00 700.00

13.161,349.14 9,285.314.71

610.580.24 3,628,999.55

7.055,640.90 5.656,315.16

♦Items not treated in appropriation bill.


Estimated Act'l rec'ts,

Recorder's abstracts guaranty

Total transfers.

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Assessed valuation as given is one-fifth of actual value.

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Personal property. $114,796 104,012 219,190 45,039 51,173 15,863 459,617 18,815 69,230 11,800 276,012 81,229 1,232.460 112,121 74,010

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