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Fort Dearborn established 1803

Fort Dearborn massacre Aug. 15, 1812

Chicago surveyed and platted 1830

Cook county organized 1831

Town of Chicago Incorporated August, 1833

City of Chicago incorporated March 4, 1837

First election held March 31. 1837

First railroad opened 1848

Cholera epidemic 1854

Serious money panic 1857

Great fire (loss $200.000,000) Oct. 8-9. 1S71

Second financial panic 1873

City incorporated under general law, April 23, 1875

Savings bank crash 1877

World's Fair held 1893

Centennial celebrated Sept. 26-30, 1903

Iroquois theater Are Dec. 30, 1903

Population In 1907 (estimated)—2.107,620.
Appropriations, all purposes (1907)—$49,671,206.29.
Area in square miles—190.64.
Assessed valuation (1907)—$444,863,904.

Banks, national and state—68.
Boulevards, mileage of—48.
Building permits issued (1906)—22.437.
Buildings erected (1906), value of—$64,822,030.
Cemeteries, number of—50.
Churches, chapels and missions—1,077.
Clearings by associated banks (1906)—$11,047.311.-


Duties collected on imported merchandise (1906)—

$10,005,986.87. Elevation—Above sea level, 582 feet; above Lake

Michigan, 25 feet.
Employes on city pay rolls—21,617.
Firemen, number of. including officers—1,600.
Fire alarm boxes—1,822.

Fire engines, number—114.
Fire hydrants, number—22.247.
Fire hook and ladder companies—32.
Halls, public—450.
Imports of merchandise (1906)—$24,141,004.

Internal revenue collected in Chicago district (1906)

Latitude—N. 41 deg. 53 min. 6 sec.
Lawyers, number of (1907)—5,117.
Length of city, north to south, miles—26.

Lights, electric. In service—7,438.
Lights, gas. in service—23.594.
Lights, gasoline, in service—5.832.
Longitude—87 deg. 38 min. 1 sec. west.
Mail, pieces of, delivered, fiscal year 1907—

Manufactures in 1905, value of product—$956,036,277.
Medical schools—34.
Newspapers and periodicals—744.
Parks, area of in acres—3,191.
Passenger trains arriving and departing in one

day—1.584. Passengers carried on street railways in one day

(average)—1.354.450. Policemen, number of, including officers—4,345. , Postal receipts, year ended June 30. 1907—$13.937,

054.23. Pupils enrolled in public schools September, 1907—

273.050. Railroads (divisions not included) entering Chicago

Saloons, retail, number of (Nov. 30, 1907)—7.209.
School employes (1907)—7,136.
Schools, public, number of (not Including branches)

Sewers, mileage of—1,673.
Sidewalks, mileage of—5,000.
Street, longest (Western avenue), miles—22.
Street-railway mileage—1.350.
Streets and alleys, improved, miles—1,545.
Streets and alleys, unimproved, miles—2.682.
Streets and alleys, total mileage—4,227.
Teachers in public schools, number of—5,981.

Tonnage of vessels cleared in 1906—7.665.709.
Value (actual) of real estate and personal prop-
erty. 1905—$2,069,979,090.
Water used In a year (1906). gallons—160,184,636,656.
Width of city, east to west, miles—9.


University and college.

Beloit—President, John V. Norcross; secretary, B. Z. Terry.

Brown—President, A. H. Nelson; secretary, Frank L. Morse, 6432 Monroe avenue.

Cornell—President. Bion J. Arnold: secretary, A. H. Barber, 229 South Water street.

Dartmouth—President. Charles W. French; secretary. H. A. Haugan, Jr.

Harvard Club of Chicago—President, G. A. Carpenter; secretary, C. H. Schweppe.

Indiana—President, George M. Cook; secretary. Dr. F. C. Test. 1401 Indiana avenue.

Iowa State College—President. Rodney B. Swift: secretary, A. R. Boudinot, 1136 Perry street

Johns Hopkins—President. James Taft Hatfield; secretary. Lessing Rosenthal, Fort Dearborn bldg.

Lake Forest—President. Clifford A. Williams. 23 Randolph street; secretary, R. H. Crozler.

Massachusetts Agricultural—President, Asa F. Shiverick; secretary, Arthur B. Smith, 332 5th avenue.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology—President. J. T. Cheney; secretary, A. W. Woodman.

Miami—President, J. A. Hair; secretary. A, G. Work.

Nebraska—President. Blon J. Arnold, 1539, 204 Dearborn street: secretary, James Sayers.

North western—President, Frank E. Lord; secretary. J". F. Oates. 626 Hamlin street. Evanston.

Oberlin—President. Amos C. Miller; secretary, F. C. Kettler. 50 Wabansla avenue.

Ohio State—President, C. W. Shepherd; secretary, Miss Minnie Porter.

Ohio Wesleyan—President, Doremus A. Hayes; secretary-treasurer, Miss Jennie M. Walker, 57 Washington street.

Princeton—President, William B. Mcllvafne; secretary, Ralph H. Poole. 414, 169 Jackson-bd.

Purdue—President. Van Wagener Ailing; secretary, H. Prime Keefer, 810. 188 Madison street.

St. Ignatius—President, Bernard McDevltt. Jr.; secretary, John T. Lillis. 467 South Robey street.

St. Vincent—President. Joseph L. McCarthy; secretary, Leslie A. Webster, 1505 Wellington-av.

Swarthmore—President. Prof. T. A. Jenkins; secretary. Francis E. Broomell. 601 Reaper block.

University of Chicago Alumni Club—President. Charles F. Royhy; secretary, Charles R. Barret*. 5540 Cornell avenue.

University of Chicago Alumni Association—President. Burt Brown Walker; secretary, George O. Falrweather. University of Chicago.

University of Illinois—President, A. O. Coddington; secretary, D. R. Enochs, 100 Washington street.

University of Michigan—President. John D. Hebbard; secretary. Philip G. Bartolme.

University of Wisconsin—President. Edward S. Main; secretary. John G. Wray. 203 Washington street.

Vassar—President. Miss Isabel F. Adams; secretary. Miss Grace McCarthy. 4558 Lake avenue.

Wabash—President, Henry A. Ritter; secretary, Charles H. Leech.

Williams—President, Dr. Harry Pratt Judson; secretary. R. B. Rutter.

Yale Club of Chicago—President, Judge Henry V. Freeman; secretary, George B. Carpenter.

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Corporation Counsel. Comptroller. City Clerk. City Treasurer.



Building Commissioner. Business Agent. City Sealer. Chief of Police.



Sunt. Track Elevation. City Electrician. Supt. House of Correct'!!. Fire MarsUaL


Heads of departments, specified are open from 9 a.

assistants, chief clerks and other employes. Their offices nnless otherwise m. to 5 p. m.


Room 204 city hall. Hours 10:30 a. m. to 4:30 p. m.

Mayor—Fred A. Busse, R.

Private Secretary—Bernard J. Mullaney, D.

Duties—The mayor presides over meetings of the city council, approves or vetoes the acts of that body, appoints all nonelective city officials, sees that all the laws and ordinances are faithfully executed, issues and revokes licenses and exercises a general supervision over all the various subordinate departments of the city government.

BOARD OF ALDERMEN (1907-1908).

Total membership, 70; republicans, 34; democrats, 36

1. John J. Coughlin, D 125 LaSalle street

Michael Kenna, D 279 Clark street

2. Thomas J. Dixon, R 299 5th avenue

Geo. F, Harding, Jr., R..155 Washington street

3. William J. Pringle, R....624, 184 LaSalle street Milton J. Foreman, R..1203. 100 Washington-st.

4. John A. RIchert, D 2603 South Halsted street

John W. McXeal, D 28Q7 Archer avenue

5. James J. McCormick, D...3462 S. Halsted street Alex. J. Burke, R 3529 S. Marshfleld avenue

6* Arthur B. McCoid, R 412, 122 Monroe street

Linn H. Young, R 4501 Prairie avenue

7. Bernard W. Snow, R..1116 Cham, of Com. bldg. Frank I. Bennett, R...818 Cham, of Com. bldg.

8. John S. Derpa, D 19, 9206 Commercial avenue

P H. Moynihan, R 719 92d place

9. Henry L. Fick, D 38 West 12th street

D. J. Egan, D...830 Chicago Opera House block

10. Rudolph Hurt, D 637 Blue Island avenue

Thomas F. Scully, D 156 Washburne avenue

11. Peter L. Hoffman, D 986 West 13th street

Edward F. Cullerton. D 511, 97 Clark street

12. Joseph Z. Uhlir. R 814, 97 Clark street

Michael Zimmer, D 1047 West 21st place

13. J. K. Consldlne, D 15 Stanley terrace

Arthur W. Fulton, R 1103 Ashland block

14 William T. Maypole. D 60 South Canal street

James H. Lawley, R...651 West Chicago avenue

15. Albert W. Bellfuss, R 448 Milwaukee avenue

Herman F. Kruger, D....405 N. Paulina street

16. John Schermann, R 151 LaSalle street

Stanley H. Kunz, D 685 Noble street

17. William E. Dever, D 50. 70 LaSalle street

Lewis D. Sitts. R....39 West Washington street

18. Michael C. Conlon, D...381 West Madison street John J. Brennan, D 114 West Madison street

19. James B. Bowler, Ind. D..460 West Taylor street John Powers. D 79 Macalister place

20. Nicholas R. Finn, D 818 Reaper block

John P. Stewart, R 126 Adams street

21. Charles M. Foell. R 803 Atwood building

Francis W. Taylor, R 247 Monadnock block

22. Michael D. Dougherty, D 41 Wendell street

Arthur .Tosettl, R 220 East North avenue

23. Mathias J. Jacobs, D 218 Mohawk street

Jacob A. Hey. R 924 North Halsted street

24. August Krumholz, D ...56 Fullerton avenue

Albert Hahne, R 781 Clybourn avenue

25". A. D. Williston, R..1001 Fort Dearborn building Winfield P. Dunn. R 167 Adams street

26. Peter Reinberg, D 3465 North Robey street

William F. Lipps. R....522. 37 Randolph street

27. Hans Blase, D 3585 Milwaukee avenue

Henry J. Sfewert, R 1230 Armltage avenue

28. Daniel Herlihy, D 1528 North Albany avenue

F. D. Connery, D 1523 N. Washtenaw avenue

29. John Golombiewski, R 1810 West 48th street

John Downey. D...5043 South Hermitage avenue

30. John J. Bradley. D 808 Garfield boulevard

Michael Mclnerney. D 4541 Lowe avenue

31. William J. Roberts. R....5536 S. Halsted street Patrick J. O'Connell. D.-. .-.-..522 West 63d street

32. Jos. Badenoch, R...1105-6 Stock Exchange bldg. Albert J. Fisher, R 131 LaSalle street

33. Ernest BIhl, R 11938 South Halsted street

William C. Hunt, R 1264 94th street

34. Patrick J. Nolan, D 1970 W. Madison street

Joseph F. Kohout, D..619 Chi. Opera House blk.

35. Chas. J. Forsberg, R 2583 W. Superior street

Frank L. Race, R 100 South Central avenue


Finance—Bennett, Maypole, Williston, Finn, Foreman, Zimmer, Bellfuss, Reinberg, Bihl, O'Connell, Moynihan, Kohout, Scully.

Local Transportation—Foreman, Maypole, Bennett, Zimmer, Young, Dever, Stewart, Finn, Dunn, Bradley, Bihl, Considine, Dougherty.

Judiciary—Dever, Pringle, Kohout. Dixon, Richert, Harding, Reinberg, Foell, Powers, Lipps, Connery, Siewert. Uhlir.

License—Dunn, Considine. Pringle, O'Connell, Roberts, Hoffman. Stewart, Nolan, McCoid, Fisher, Kruger, Siewert, Race.

Schools—Zimmer, Dunn, Bowler, Race. Cullerton, Snow, Connery, Lipps, Blase, Sitts, Hurt, Hahne. Mclnerney.

Gas, Oil and Electric Light—Young, Maypole, Williston, Bradley, Badenoch, Reinberg, Sitts. Dougherty, Snow, Scully, Stewart, O'Connell, Foell.

Streets and Alleys, North Division—Jacobs, Foell, Dougherty, Krumholz, Williston, Reinberg.

Streets and Alleys, South Division—Dixon, CoughHn, Pringle. Richert, McCormick, McCoid, Snow, Derpa. Golombiewski, Badenoch, Bradley, Roberts. Hunt.

Streets and Alleys. West Division—Finn, Fick, Hurt, Hoffman, Uhlir, Considine, Maypole, Bellfuss, Schermann, Dever, Conlon, Bowler, Blase, Herlihy, Nolan, Forsberg.

Building Department—Richert. Dixon, Hurt, Hunt, McCormick, -Roberts, Brennan, Lipps, Jacobs, Hahne, Herlihy, Fisher, Siewert.

State Legislation—Pringle. Powers, Dixon, Kohout, Foreman, Cullerton. Beilfuss, Finn, Stewart, Jacobs, Young, Considine, Schermann.

Harbors, Wharves and Bridges—Hoffman, Race, Kenna, Hahne. Fick, Lipps, Nolan, Bihl, Blase, Foell, Mclnerney. Golombiewski, Kunz.

Special Assessment and General Taxation—Hurt, Hunt, Krumholz, Sitts, Bowler, Fisher, Mclnerney, Uhlir, Hahne, McNeal, Schermann, Golombiewski.

Health Department—Herlihy, Roberts, Conlon, Hunt, Fick, Lawley, Krumholz, Hey, Connery, Taylor, Egan, Fulton. Downey.

Fire Department—Fisher, Brennan, Snow, Coughlin, Harding, Hoffman, Hunt. Blase, Forsberg, Kruger, Josettl. McNeal, Burke.

Police Department and Bridewell—Nolan, Race, Cullerton, Moynihan, Fick, Uhlir. Conlon, Lawley, Kunz, Hey, Egan, Taylor, Downey.

Water Department—Sitts, Brennan, Bihl, Cullerton. Badenoch, Kohout. Taylor, Powers, Lawley, Mclnerney, Race. Downey, Kruger.

Civil Service—Uhlir, Dougherty. Beilfuss, Kenna, Harding, O'Connell, Forsberg, Connery, Hey, Derpa, Burke. McNeal, Egan.

Elections—Roberts. Coughlin, Schermann, Richert, Lipps, Jacobs, Krumholz. Harding, Derpa, Josetti. Herlihy. Fulton, McNeal.

Rules—Cullerton. Pringle. Zimmer, Bennett, Coughlin, Dixon, Powers, Moynihan, Kenna, Hahne, Scully. McCoid, Derpa.

Street Nomenclature—Derpa. Foreman, Brennan. Golombiewski, Coughlin, Young, Kunz, Josetti, Hey. Fulton. Burke. Lawley, Tavlor.

City Hall and Public Buildings—Badenoch, Bennett, Harding, McCormick. Williston, Dever, Young. Scully. Sitts. Kenna, Jacobs, Downey, Siewert.

Printing—McCormick. Moynihan. Bradley, Dunn, Conlon. Fulton, Kruger, Forsberg, Kunz, Josetti, Bowler, Burke, Hey.


Track Elevation—Lipps, Zimmer, Fisher, Kohout, Moynihan, Roberts, Hahne. Egan, Taylor.

Compensation—Snow, Harding, Pringle. Dever, Reinberg. Hey.

Special Park Commission—(See Parks and Boulevards.)

Meetings—Regular meetings of the council are held every Monday evening at 7:30 o'clock.

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