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Kinzie Ohio street and LaSalle avenue; Azile B. Nixon, Wm. Penn-Dickens and North 42d ave. Reynolds.

nues; Charles H. Ostrander. Knickerbocker-Clifton and Belden avenues; Edith Oakland—40th street and Cottage Grove avenue; Huguenin,

Louise M. Ripple. Komensky-Throop and 20th streets; Clara H. Oglesby, Richard-Emerald avenue and 79th street: Mahoney.

Daniel J. Beeby. Kosciusko-Division and Cleaver streets; Harriet Ogden-Chestnut and North Statie streets; Esther P. Johnston.

Morgan. Kozminski, Charles—34th street and Ingleside ave. Otis, James-Armour street, near Ohio; G. A. nue; Leslie Lewis.

Osinga. Lafayette-Washtenaw avenue and Augusta street; Parkman-51st street and Princeton avenue; Joh:1 Mary I. Purer.

B. McGinty. Lake-Union avenue and 47th place; Edward F. | Park Manor-71st street and Rhodes avenue, GeneStearns.

vieve Melody Langland-Cortland street, near Leavitt; Effie M. Parkside-70th street and Seipp avenue; George B. Christensen.

Masslich. LaSalle-Hammond and Eugenie streets; Homer Peabody-Augusta and Noble streets; Mary H. Bevans.

Smyth. Lawson, Victor F. - Homan avenue and 13th Penn, William-Hamlin avenue and 16th street; street; Mary E. Vaughan.

Bertha Benson. Lewis-Champlin-62d street and Princeton avenue; Pickard–21st place and Oakley avenue; Mary J. Henry S. Crang.

O'Byrne. Libby--53d and Loomis streets; M. Elizabeth Far Plamondon, Ambrose-15th place and Washtena w son.

avenue; William J. K. Bowen. Lincoln-Larrabee street and Kemper place; Al- | Poe, Edgar Allan-106th and Fulton streets; Abibert L. Stevenson.

gail M, Hunt. Linne-Sacramento avenue and School street; Lewis Prescott-Wrightwood and Marshfield avenues; W. Colwell.

Margaret S. Fitch. Lloyd-Grand and North 55th avenues; Jacob H. Pulaski-Leavitt street, between Lubeck and CobHauch.

lentz streets; Anna C. Goggin. Logan-Oakley avenue and Bremen street; James Pullman-Pullman avenue and 113th street; Daniel B. Farnsworth, .

R. Martin. Longfellow-55th street, near Lincoln; Mary E. Raster, Hermann-Wood and 70th streets; David Gilbert.

I.. Murray. Lowell-North Spaulding avenue and Hirsch street; Ravenswood-Paulina street and Montrose avenue; John H. Stube.

Josiah F. Kletzing. Madison, James-Madison avenue, near 75th street; Ray-57th street and Monroe avenue; William M. Sarah 1. Milner,

Lawrence. Manierre-Hudson avenue, near Blackhawk street; | Raymond-Wabash avenue and 36th place; John L. Waldo Dennis.

Lewis. Mann, Horace-37th street and Princeton avenue; Revere, Paul-Ellis avenue and 720 street; EdSusan E. Colver.

mund B. Smith. Marquett-Harrison and Wood streets; Charles Rogers-West 13th street, near Throop; Alice A. W. Minard.

Hogan. Marsh, J. L.--101st street and Escanaba avenue; Ryerson-Lawndale avenue and Huron street; John Elliott A. Hamilton.

T. Ray. Marshall, John-Adams street, near Kedzie avenue; Scammon-Morgan and Monroe streets; Margaret Louis J. Block

C. Adams. May, Horatio N.- Sonth 50th avenue and West Scanlan-Perry avenue, near 117th street; Alfred Congress street; Henry F. Kling.

Harvey. Mayfair-North 44th and Lawrence avenues; Solon Schiller-Vedder and Halsted streets; Luella HeinS. Dodge.

roth. Meani-14th place, near Throop street; Edward Schley, Winfield Scott-North Oakley avenue, near C. Rosseter.

Potomac avenue; Minna S. Heuermann. Mitchell. Ellen F.-North Oakley avenue and Ohio Schneider, George-Hoyne avenue, near Wellington street; Chester C. Dodge.

street; Elizabeth A. Fisk. Monroe, James-Schubert and Monticello avenues; Scott, Walter-64th street and Washington avenue; John A. Wadnams.

John W. Akers. Montefiore-Sangamon street and Grand avenue; Seward-46th street and Hermitage avenue; Benja. G. Ovedia Jacobs.

min F. Hill. Moos, Bernhard--California and Wabansia avenues; Sexton, James A.-Wells and Wendell streets; Etta Harry T. Baser.

Q. Gee. Morris-Barry avenue and Bissell street; Clar Shakespeare, William-Greenwood avenue and 46th ence 0. Scudder.

street; Walter H. Comstock. Morse, S. B.--Sawyer avenue and Ohio street; Sheldon-State and Elm streets; Abigail A. Cannon George L. Voorhees.

Ellings. Moseley, Michigan avenue and 24th street; Mack Sheridan, Mark—27th and Wallace streets; John M. Lane.

A. Johnson. Motley—North Ada street, near West Chicago ave Sheridan, Phil-90th street and Escanaba a venue, nue; G. Charles Griffiths.

Edward L. C. Morse. Mulligan-Shetlield avenue, near Willow street; Sherman-Morgan street and 51st place; Levi T. Hanna Schill.

Regan. McAllister - 36th and Gage streets; Helen J. Sherwood-57th street and Princeton avenue; WilWalsh.

liam J. Black. Merlellan-Wallace and 35th streets; Alfonso E. Shields-43d and Rockwell streets; Walter R. HatMacDonald.

field. McCormick. Cyrus H.-Sawyer avenue and 27th Skinner-Jackson boulevard and Aberdeen street; street: Williain H. Chamberlain.

Fanny E. Oliver McCosh - Champlain avenue, near 66th street; Smyth, John M.-13th street, near Blue Island aveMary D. Olson.

nue: William R. Hornbaker. McLaren, John-York and Laflin streets; John H. Spalding-Park avenue, between Ashland avenue Loomis.

and Paulina street; Charles C. Krarskopf. McPherson-Lincoln street, near Lawrence avenue; / Spencer, Herbert-Park and 50th avenues; Esther Adelaide E. Jordan.

J. W. Barker Nash, Henry H.-North 49th avenue and West Spry, John-Marshall boulevard and West 24th Erie street; Margaret S. Gill.

street; Henry S. Tibbits. Nettelhorst, Lonis- Evanston and Aldine avenues; | Stanler, Henry M.-Huron and Franklin streets; Robert u. Hughes.

Martha M. Ruggles. Newberry-Willow and Orchard streets; Carolyn Stewart-Kenmore avenue, between Wilson and W. Strapshan,

Sunnyside avenues; Archibald Q. Coddington,

Stowe. Harriet Beecher-Wabansia avenue and Wadsworth, James--Lexington 'avenue. near 64th Ballou street: Frank A. Larck.

street; Isabel Burke. Sullivan, William K.-83d street and Houston ave Walsh–20th and Johnson streets; Samuel B. Allinue: Ada L. Bannerman.

son. Sumner-43d avenue and Harrison street; Orris J.

Ward-Shields avenue and 27th street; Augustus Milliken.

R. Dillon.

Warren, Joseph-93d street and Jackson Park aveSwing, David-String street, between 16th and

nue; Henriette T. Treadwell. 17th; William J. Fraser.

Washburne-West 14th street, near Union; Charles Talcott-Ohio and Lincoln streets; Ambrose B. W. Thompson, Wight.

Washington-Morgan street, near Ohio; Peter A. Taylor- Avenue J, near 100th street; Belle A. Mortenson. Murphy.

Webster-Wentworth avenue and 33d street; FredTennyson-California avenue and Fulton street; erick M. Sisson. Mary F. Willard.

Wells-Ashland avenue and Cornelia street; LinThomas, George H. --Belden avenue and High

coln P. Goodhue.

Wentworth, D. S.-70th and Sangamon streets; street; Henry D. Hatch.

William H. Campbell. Thorp. J. N.--89th street and Superior avenue; Ida

West Pullman-120th street and Parnell avenue; M. Pahlman,

Jennie L. Price. Thorp, Ole N.-Winona street, between 18th and Whitney, Eli—28th street and 40th court: Ella R. 19th; Minnie M. Arnold.

Coles. Throop – Throop street," near 18th; Mary W. 1 Whittier-Lincoln and 23d streets; Mary Greene. O'Keefe.

Wicker Park-Evergreen avenue, near Robey street; Tilden-Lake and Elizabeth streets; Harriet N. Kate S. Kellogg. Winchell.

Willard, Frances E.49th street and St. Law. Tilton-West Lake street and 44th avenue; Bertha rence avenue; William M. Giffin. S. Armbruster.

Worthy, John-California a venue and 26th street; Van Vlissingen-108th place, near Wentworth ave. Frank W. Stahl. nue; George A. Brennan.

Yale-70th street and Yale avenue; Wm. Schoch. Von Humboldt - Rockwell and Hirsch streets; Yates, Richard-Cortland and Humboldt streets: William J. Bartholf.

Blanca R. Daigger. BOARD OF EDUCATION SCHEDULE OF SALARIES. Superintendent, $10,000 a vear.

year thereafter till the maximum is reached; for District superintendents, $3,500 each the first schools having 700 or more pupils the maximum is two year's; after that $4,000 a year.

$2,500; 300 to 700 pupils, $2,200; under 300 pupils, Supervisors: Physical culture. $3,000; manual $1,600. training, $3,000.

Eighth grade teachers: Second group, first an! Teachers of music and drawing, $1,600.

subsequent years of service, $900; first group, first High school principals: First group. $2,500 the year, $950; second year, $1,000; third and subsefirst year, increasiug $100 a year till a maximum quent years, $1,025. of $3,000 is reached: second group, $2,000 the Head assistants: Second group, first year, $9° 0; first year, maximum $2,500.

second, $1,000; third, $1,050; fourth, $1,100; first High school instructors: First group, $1,500 to group, first year, $1,125; second, $1,150; third and $2,000; second group, $1,200 to $1,500; third group, subsequent years, $1,175. $850 to $1,200, the rate of increase being $75 a Elementary teachers: Second group, first year, year.

primary and grammar, $550; second, primary and High school teachers of German, French and grammar, $600; third, primary $625, grammar $675; drawing: First group, $1,500 to $2,000; second fourth, primary $700, grammar $725; fifth, primary group, $1,200 to $1,500; third group, $750 to $750, grammar $775; sixth, primary $825, grammar $1,200. High school substitutes, $4 to $5 a day. $850; seventh, primary $850, grammar $875. First Principal Chicago normal school, $5,000.

group, first year, primary $900, grammar $925 Principals of elementary schools receive $1,200 second, primary $950, grammar $975; third and a year for the first year and $100 additional each subsequent years, primary and grammar, $1,000.


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Enroll. Teach-
Enroll- Teach-
Enroll- Teach-

Enroll- TeachYear. ment. ers. Year. ment.

Year. ment. ers. Year. ment. ers. 1841..

5 1859... 12,873 101 1876.... 51,128 762 1892..... 157,743

3.300 1842..... 531 1860.... 14.199 123 1877.... 53,529

1893...... 166,895 3,520 1843...


1861....... 16,441 160 1878.... 55,109 797 1894....... 185,358 3,812 1844

1862.... 17,521 187 1879.... 56,587

1895...... 201,380 4,326 1845.... 1,051

1863.... 21,188 212 1880.... 59,562 898 1896.... 213,835 4,668 1846..... 1, 107 13 1864-5.. 29,080 240 1881..

63,141 958 1897.. 225,718 4,914 1847..... 1,317 1866..... 24,851


68,614 1,019 1898.. 236, 239 5,268 1848 1,517

1867.... 27,260 319 1883.... 72,509 1,107 1899..... 242,807 5.535 1849..... 1,794 1868... 29,954 401 1884..

76,044 1.195 1900.... 255,861 5,806 1850....

1,919 21 1869.... 34,740 481 1885.... 79,278 1,296 | 1901.... 262,738 5,951 1851.. 2,287 25 1870.... 38.939 557 1886..

83,022 1,440 1902.. 268,392 5.775 1852... 2,404

1871..... 40,832 572 1887....... 84,902 1,574 1903... 258,968 5,444 1853..... 3,086

1872... 38,035 476 1888..... 89,578 1,663 1904.. 264,397 5,570 1854. 3,500 1873... 44,091

1889... 93,737 1,801 | 1905.... 267,837 5,695 1855..... 6,826


47,963 679 1890..... 135,541 2,711 1906. 272,086 5,808 1856-7...... 8,577 1875.....

700 | 1891...... 146,751 3,000 | 1907....... 273,050 5.981 1858. 10,786

TUNNELS UNDER THE CHICAGO RIVER. Washington Street-Built, 1867-1869; length, 1,605 | Van Buren Street-Built, 1891-1892; length, 1,514 feet; cost, $517,000.

I feet; cost, $1,000,000. LaSalle Street-Built, 1869-1871; length, 1,890 feet; L. All used for street-railway purposes. Lower. cost, $566,000.

Ting of the tunnels was begun in 1906.

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DEATH OF FRANK WAYLAND PALMER. Frank Wayland Palmer, postmaster of Chicago, and came to Chicago in 1873. President Harrison from 1877 to 1885, died in Chicago Dec. 3, 1907. | appointed him public printer in Washington in He was born in Manchester, Ind., Oct. 11, 1828. | 1892 and President McKinley reappointed him.


Secreth win ostmaster-4.600. sc. south winei; room

Entrances on Adams, Clark and Dearborn streets; West Pullman-12005 Halsted street; H. H. Van telephone Harrison 4700; private exchange, all de Evra.. partments.

Riverdale-13565 Indiana avenue; J. F. Collins. Postmaster-Daniel A. Campbell; room 358, 'south Hegewisch--13303 Erie avenue; Frank Lonn. wing; salary, $8,000.

Washington Heights-1360 West 103d street; W. D.. Secretary to Postmaster-B. E. Duppler; room 355, Giesman. south wing.

Elsdon-3533 West 51st street; W. E. Withall. Assistant Postmaster-John M. Hubbard; room 357, Chicago Lawn-3608 West 63d street; Albert L. Ansouth wing; salary, $4,000.

derson. Auditor-John Matter; room 362, south wing.

Irving Park—1159 Irving Park boulevard; H. W. Superintendent of Mails-Frank H. Galbraith; room Graham. 351, south wing; salary, $3,200.

Jefferson-4303 Milwaukee avenue; E. Willmann, Superintendent of Delivery-LeRoy T. Steward; Norwood Park-3470 Avondale avenue; Stanley C. room 379, west wing; salary, $3,200.

de Long. Superintendent of Registry Division-Perry H. Dunning-2684 West Irving Park boulevard; L. E.

Smith, Jr.; room 102, Adams street lobby; salary, Taylor. $3,200.

Cragin-1596 Armitage avenue; David R. Barmore. Superintendent of Money-Order Division-Joseph B. Austin-Lake street and Waller a yenue; H. Robert

Schlossman; room 101, Adams street lobby; sal son. ary, $3,200.

Dauphin Park—9033 Cottage Grove avenue; David Superintendent of Inquiry Division-John T. Mc J. Geary. Grath; room 363, south wing.

East Side-9904 Ewing avenue; W. G. Seborg. Superintendent Second-Class Matter-Paul Hull; Adams street lobby.

STATIONS WITHOUT CARRIERS. Superintendent of Bureau of Printing and Supplies Masonic Temple-51 State street; Lawrence J. P.

James N. Brady; entrance from Dearborn street. White. Cashier-Theron W. Bean; room 125, Dearborn South Water-19 La Salle street; H. H. Henshaw. street lobby.

Stock Exchange-Washington and LaSalle streets; Night Superintendent-George E. McGrew; second Cassius C. Roberts. floor, mailing division.

Bush Temple--247 Chicago avenue; Park Godwin. Draftsman-Arthur J. Stott.

In addition to the above there are 261 numbered Secretary Civil Service Board-Peter Newton, 13th stations served from the carrier stations and floor.

each with a clerk in charge. Inspector in Charge-James E. Stuart; room 334, There are 3,105 clerks in the general postoffice and east wing.

stations and 1,756 carriers and collectors. Superintendent 6th Division, Railway Mail Service

COLLECTIONS AND DELIVERIES. -E. L. West; room 308, north wing.

In the downtown district there are twenty-six CARRIER STATIONS.

collections of mail matter between 7 a. m. and 11 Central-General postoffice; superintendent, J. N. McArthur.

p. m.; in the outlying districts there are ten colLincoln Park-649-651 North Clark street; James

lections during the day and evening. Mail is de

livered six times a day in the business district Donahue. Lake View-1662-1664 North Clark street; William

and three times in the outlying districts.

Special letters are delivered in the central postS. Hussander. C-428-430 West Madison street; George Berz.

office district between 7 a. m. and 11 p. m. and D-833-835 West Madison street; Peter J. Noer

from stations within their respective districts (staGarfield Park—1926 West Madison street; E

tion U excepted) between 7 a. m. and 6 p. m.

Night special delivery is made only within the Watts.

hours and territory included in the following disCarpenter Street-291-293 North Carpenter street; Frank A. Kwasigroch.

tricts: No. 1, bounded by 31st-st., Halsted-st.. Wicker Park—1263-1265 Milwaukee avenue; C. W.

West 12th-st., Western-av., West Kinzie-st., HalWorthington.

sted-st.. Fullerton-av. and Lake Michigan, to 11 Logan Square--1911-1913 Milwaukee avenue; James

p. m. No. 2, those portions of the city bounded

by (a) Diversey-bd., Seminary-av., river, HalstedStott. Pilsen-671-673 Loomis street; Joseph H. Richak.

st., Fullerton-av. and the lake; (b) Kinzie-st., KedArmour-3017-3019 Indiana avenue; H. Blattner.

zie-av., 12th-st. and Western-av.; (c) 31st-st., State: Stockyards-4193 Halsted street; H. C. Smale.

st., 39th-st. and the lake, not included in No. 1, 22d Street-90 22d street; E. J. Beach.

to 10 p. m. No. 3, all that part of the city boundM-40th street and Cottage Grove avenue; J. J.

ed by Devon-av., Western-av., Diversey-bd., 40thHealy.

st., Chicago-av., 60th-st., 12th-st., 40th-st., 31st-st., Hyde Park—205-7-9 55th street; W. E. Crumbacker.

Ashland-av., 79th-st. and Lake Michigan, not in

cluded in Nos. 1 and 2, to 9 p. m. Jackson Park—528 East 63d street; H. Z. Eaton. Englewood-549-551 West 63d street; J. E. Vreeland.

Auburn Park-700 West 79th street; Frederick A.

Fiscal year 1907.

Stamps and cards.........................$11,746,450.00 Grand Crossing—7462 South Chicago avenue; W.

Envelopes ....

... 1,026,625.10 South Chicago-9210 Commercial avenue; P. T.

Newspaper and periodical postage...... 766,620.57

Third and fourth class postage........ 312,690.21 O'Sullivan.

Postage due.........

73,511.00 U-Jackson boulevard and Canal street; R. T. HOW

Box rent....................

6.269.59 ard.

Sale of waste paper, etc...

4,090.30 Millard Avenue-Millard and Ogden avenues; Ed Excess over invoices........

757.91 ward O'Connell.

Deficient registry postage......

39.55 Kinzie-56 Kinzie street; William S. Snorf. North Halsted-1149-1153 North Halsted street: Total receipts...

......$13,937,054.23 Michael J. Keigher.

Increase for year ended June 30, 1907, $1,051,905.12, 51st Street-5052 5054 South Halsted street; F. A. or 8 per cent.

McKinley Park-3475-3479 Archer avenue; Henry

Welch, Jr.

Ravenswood-1250 Ravenswood park; R. P. Hogan. Domestic orders issued, $1,773,913.78.
Winnemac-2536 Lincoln avenue: M. M. Potter.

International orders issued, $643,845.42.
Edgewater-1203 Bryn Mawr avenue; W. R. Ren Total fees, $17,233.37.

Certificates of deposit issued, $106,945,158.69.
Rogers Park--4796 North Clark street: Herman Lieb. Domestic orders paid, $75,592,042.28.
Douglas Park-580 Western avenue: John Davy.

Transfers to credit of postmaster general,
Pullman-4 Arcade building; G. A. Ernst.

| 679,000.00.

Advanced to stations, $112,480.00.

Through registered pouches and inner sacks reTotal number of transactions, 11,911,302.

ceived in transit, 11,295. Total amount, $218,765.994.68.

Official letters and parcels registered free, 96,092. Increase in transactions, 9.20 per cent.

Total number of registered articles handled, 10.Increase in amount, 19.25 per cent.

512, 491. STATIONS.

Increase over 1906, 1,183,818 pieces, or 12.69 per Number domestic orders issued, 835.173.

cent. Amount received for domestic orders (including

DELIVERY DIVISION. fees), $7,821,590.16.

Amount of mail matter of all classes received for Increase in transactions, 6.88 per cent.

delivery during the fiscal year ended June, 30, 1907: Increase in amount, 2.97 per cent.

Mail letters, 193,789.698. Number international orders issued, 193,887.

Local letters, 158.555, 208. Amount received for international orders (includ Mail letters received at stations, 83,052.727. ing fees), $5,117,489.90.

Local letters received at stations, 67,952.232. Increase in transactions, 34.98 per cent.

Total number of letters, 503,349.865. Increase in amount, 72.92 per cent.

Number of pieces newspapers, circulars, etc.. REGISTRY DIVISION.

124.938,750. Letters registered with fee prepaid, 997,104.

Grand total number of pieces of all classes of Parcels registered with fee prepaid, 702, 124.

matter received for delivery. 628,288,615. Registered parcels received for delivery, 372, 464.

MAILING DIVISION. Registered letters received for delivery, 2,207,867.

Registered letters and parcels received for distri Mails handled in the mailing division during the bution, 225,399.

fiscal year ended June 30, 1907. Registered packages received (with matter for


Pieces. city delivery), 1,949,008.

Letters ......................

14,688,504 690,359.800 Registered packages received in transit, 2,103,459. Special delivery.............


432 581 Registered packages made up and mailed, 1,418,

Nixies* .............


9,168,230 065.

Second class.......

76.661,498 306, 645.992 Registered package jackets received and opened,

Third and fourth class...... 42,734,600 170,938, 400 99,094. Registered package jackets received in transit.

..........134,465,751 1,177,545,003 19,170.

Increase ...
.............. 7,923, 242

38,460,523 Registered package jackets made up and mailed, 11,506.

Percentage increase in weight, 6.26. Through registered pouches and inner sacks re Percentage increase in pieces, 3.38. ceived, 147,447.

Proportion of errors in handling mail, .01 per Through registered pouches and inner sacks made cent. up and dispatched, 152,397.

*Mail with insufficient postage or misdirected. MAIL TIME FROM CHICAGO TO PRINCIPAL CITIES. Cities. Hours. Cities. Hours. Cities.

Hours Atlanta, Ga......

Little Rock, Ark.....

24 | Portland, Me......... Baltimore, Md......

Los Angeles, Cal...

66 Portland, Ore.....
Boston, Mass......
Louisville, Ky......

Providence, R. I..
Buffalo, N. Y.....
Memphis, Tenn....

Quebec, Can.....
Mexico City, Mex..

Richmond, Va....
Chihuahua, Mex..
Milwaukee, Wis...

St. Louis, Mo.....
Cincinnati, O....
Minneapolis, Minn

St. Paul, Minn...
Cleveland, O.....
Mobile, Ala......

Salt Lake City, Utah
Denver, Col...

Monterey, Mex....

96 San Antonio, Tex...
Des Moines, Iowa
9 Montreal, Can..

San Francisco, Cal.
Detroit, Mich.
Newark, N. J.

Seattle, Wash.
Guadalajara, Mex
New Haven, Conn...

Toronto, Ont.....
Halifax, N. S....
New Orleans, La..

Vancouver, B. C.
Houston, Tex......
New York, N. Y....

Washington, D. C..
Indianapolis, Ind....

Omaha, Neb.....

2 Wheeling, W. V Jacksonville, Fla.... 37 Philadelphia, Pa...

Winnipeg, Man.... Kansas City, Mo................. 11 | Pittsburg, Pa............ ..... 13

Note--Certain limited trains make the time to New York, 18; Philadelphia, 17; Pittsburg. 9, and Baltimore, 21 hours; Boston, 24; Newark, N. J., 18; I Washington, D. C., 22.

MAIL TIME FROM NEW RK TO FOREIGN CITIES. Distances via postal routes in statute miles. 1 day and 912 miles if via San Francisco: via New Time given makes liberal allowance for delays. | Orleans the time is about one day less from ChiTo get time and distance from Chicago add one cago to points in Central America. From table day and 912 miles if via London and substract one prepared by postoffice department. Place. Days. Miles. Place. Days. Miles. Place.

Days. Miles. Adelaide, via San Fran

Brussels, via London....9 3.975 Hamburg. direct.........9 4,820 cisco ....................34 12,845 Budapest, via London...10 4,910 Hamilton, Bermuda...... 2 780 Alexandria, Egypt, via

Buenos Aires............. 26 8,045 Havana ............... 3 1,368 London ..... .......13 6,150 Cadiz, via London....... 5,375 Havre, direct.....

8 3,946 Amsterdam, via London. 9 3,985 Cairo, Egypt, via Lon

Hongkong, via San FranAntwerp. via London.... 9 4,000 don .....................12 6.280 cisco ....

......25 10,594 Athens, via London...... 12 5,655 Calcutta, via London....26 11,120 Honolulu, via San FranAuckland, N. Z., via San

Callao, via Panama.....22 4,145 1 cisco ...................13 5,645 Francisco

.......19 10,120 Cape Town, via London..27 11, 245 | Iceland, via London..... 18 5,350 Basel, via London........9 4,420 Christiania, via London. 10 4.650 Kingston, Jamaica......

5 1.820 Bangkok, via London....41 13,125 | Colon, Panama...........6 2,281 Lisbon, via London......10 6,335 Bangkok, via San Fran Constantinople, via Lon

Liverpool ......... cisco ..................

.43 12,990 don ..................... 5.810 London ................... Barbados, W . I..........8 2,145 | Dresden, via London..... 4,555 | Lyons, via London..... 4,340 Barcelona, via London..10 4,790 Genoa, via London...... 4.615 Madrid. via London..... Batavia, via London..... 12,800 Gibraltar, via London... 5,150 Marseilles, via London.. 9 4.580 Berlin, via London...... 9 4,385 Glasgow ......

.......10 3.370 Melbourne, via San FranBern, via London....... 4,490 Gothenburg. via London. 9 4.755 ' cisco ............ .......26 18.265 Bombay, via London....24 9,765 Guatemala City, via New

Montevideo ..............25 7.16 Bremen, via London.....8 4,235 | Orleans ...

.7 2.645 | Moscow, via London......10 Brindisi. via London.....10 5,205 | Hague. The. via London 9 3.950 | Munich, via London..... 9

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Days. Miles. Place.

Days. Miles.

Days. Miles Naples, via London...... 95,195 Saigon, via San Fran

Singapore, via London...33 12,175 Odessa, via London.....11 5,455 cisco ....................39 12,240 Southampton ............ 8 3,689 Panama .................. 2,355 St. Petersburg, via Lon

Stockholm. via London..10 4.975 Paris ....

don ....

......10 5,370 Suez, Egypt, via London.14 6,370 Port Limon, via

St. Thomas, W. I....
1.......6 1,650

Sydney, N. S. W., via
Orleans ................ 6 2,865 San Juan, P. R.:........ 6 1,730 San Francisco..........21 11.570
Queenstown .... .....7 3,250 Santiago, Chile, via Pan-

Trieste, via London.....10 4.910 Rangoon, via London....31 11,900 ama

........38 6,010 Valparaiso, via Panama,37 5.915 Rio de Janeiro...........23 6,204 Shanghai, via San Fran

Venice, via London...... 9 4.780 Rome, via London....... 9 5,030 | cisco .....

....25 9.929 | Vienna, via London......10 4,740


Alexian Brothers-Racine and Belden avenues.
Augustana-480 Cleveland avenue..
Bennett-North Ada and Fulton streets.
Beulah-963 North Clark street.
Bohemian-646 South California avenue.
Chicago Baptist-Rhodes avenue and 34th street.
Chicago Charity-2407 Dearborn street.
Chicago City Infant-191 La Salle avenue.
Chicago Eye and Ear-1405, 126 State street.
Chicago Homeopathic-354 South Wood street.
Chicago Hospital-452 49th street.
Chicago Lying-In-294 Ashland boulevard,
Chicago Maternity-1033 North Clark street.
Chicago Policlinic-174 Chicago avenue.
Chicago Skin and Cancer-3040 Calumet avenue.
Chicago Union-1492 Wellington street.
Children's-Wood street, near Polk.
Columbia-4607 Champlain avenue.
Columbus-145 Lake View avenue.
Cook County---West Harrison and Wood streets.
Detention-Wood and West Polk streets.
Emergency (city)-309 5th avenue, 334 West Monroe

street, 533 Wells street, 339 Michigan avenue and

402 Washington boulevard.
Englewood-West 60th and South Green streets.
Evangelical Deaconesses'--80 Wisconsin street.
Frances E. Willard National Temperance-343

South Lincoln street.
German-American-1619 Diversey boulevard.
German Hospital—754 Hamilton court.
Grace-167 South Sangamon street.
Hahnemann-2814 Groveland avenue.
Illinois Charitable Eye and Ear Infirmary--227

West Adams street.
Isolation-West 35th street and Lawndale avenue.
Jefferson Park-481 West Monroe street.
Lakeside-4147 Lake avenue.
Lake View-1728 Belmont avenue.
Lincoln Park—500 La Salle avenue.
Marion Sims-438 La Salle avenue.
Mary Thompson-West Adams and Paulina streets.

Maurice Porter Children's—606 Fullerton avenue.
Memorial Institute for Infectious Diseases-762

West Harrison street.
Mercy-Calumet avenue and 26th street.
Michael Reese-Groveland a venue and 29th street.
Monroe Street-1044 West Monroe street.
Norwegian Lutheran-Haddon avenue and Leavitt

Norwegian Lutheran Tabitha-North Francisco ave-

nue and Thomas street.
Park Avenue-175 Park avenue. .
Passavant Memorial-192 Superior street.
People's-2184 Archer avenue.
Post-Graduate-Dearborn and 24th streets.
Presbyterian-West Congress and Wood streets.
Provident-Dearborn and 36th streets.
Robert Burns-Washington boulevard, opposite Gar-

field park.
Roosevelt--805 West Monroe street.
St. Ann's-North 49th avenue and Thomas street.
St. Anthony de Padua-West 19th street and Mar-

shall boulevard.
St. Anthony's Hospital and Orphanage--28 Frank-

fort street.
St. Bernard's Hotel Dieu-6337 Harvard avenue.
St., Elizabeth's-North Claremont avenue and Le-

moyne street.
St. Hedwig's-936 North Hoyne avenue.
St. Joseph's-360 Garfield avenue.
St. Luke's-1416 Indiana avenue.
St. Mary of Nazareth-545 North Leavitt street.
South Chicago-730 92d place.
Streeter-2646 Calumet avenue.
Swedish Covenant-250 West Foster avenue.
United States Marine-Clarendon and Graceland

avenues and 9206 Commercial avenue.
Washington Park--60th street and Vernon avenue.
Wesley--2459 Dearborn street.
West Side-819 West Harrison street.
Woman's Hospital of Chicago-Rhodes avenue and

32d street.

reeten Covenantarine-Clarial avenue

Benavenu Monte

Marlon siark


Alexian Brothers' Hospital-Belden and Racine | Illinois Charitable Eye and Ear-121 South Peoria; avenues.

1:30 to 3 p. m., except Sundays and holidays. American Medical Missionary—888 35th place; open Kirkland Free--122 Halsted. 10 a. m. to 12 m.

Marcy Home--134 Newberry avenue; 2 to 5 p. m., Bennett Free-412 Fulton; open 9 a. m. to 5 p.

except Sundays. m., except Sundays.

Mary Thompson-West Adams and Paulina; 1 to 3 Central Free-West Harrison and Wood; 9 a. m.

p. m., except Sundays. to 5 p. m., except Sundays.

Mennonite-145 West 18th; Mondays, 7 to 9 p. m.,

and Wednesdays and Fridays, 3 to 5 p. m. Chicago Clinic-904 Masonic Temple.

Michael Reese Free-Groveland and 29th Chicago Clinical School Free-819 West Harrison;

North Star-186 Superior; 1 to 2 p. m., except daily, 9 a. m. to 6 p. m.

Sundays. Chicago Eye and Ear-1405, 126 State; 9:30 a. m. Provident-Dearborn and 36th. to 1 p. m.

St. Anthony's Free-28 Frankfort: daily. Chicago Lying-In-Maxwell and Newberry and 192 St. Joseph's Free-360 Garfield avenue; 10 a. m. to West Division.

12 m., 3 to 5 p. m., except Sundays. Chicago Medical Mission–472 State; 9 a. m. to 10

St. Luke's Free-1426 Indiana avenue; 8 a. m. to p. m. daily.

5 p. m., except Sundays and holidays. Chicago Policlinic-176 Chicago avenue; 8:30 a. m.

South Side-2431 Dearborn; 10 a. m. to 12 m. and

2 to 4 p. m. daily. to 5 p. m. daily.

United Hebrew Charities West Side Free-Morgan, Chicago Public-Dearborn and 24th; all day.

near Maxwell; daily except Sundays. Dunkard Mission-185 Hastings.

Volunteers of America-767 West 63d. German Hospital-Larrabee and Grant place; 9 West Side Free--Congress and Honore (College of a. m. to 4 p. m., except Sundays.

Physicians and Surgeons); daily, except SunHahnemann College Free--2811 Cottage Grove ave days. 10 a. m. to 4 p. m. nue; all day.

West Side Maternity-460 South Desplaines. Hering College-352 South Wood; 8 a. m. to 8 p. Woman's Hospital of Chicago Free-Rhodes ave. m., except Sundays.

nue and 32d; daily, except Sundays, 2 to 4 p. m.

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