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addition to the park bored for eies and area

city limits, through Union park and Garfield

LENGTH OF BOULEVARDS. park: continuation of Washington street in the

In miles and fractions of miles. city.

Dearborn avenue. .123 North avenue. .450. Jackson Boulevard-3.94 miles long. 66 to 80 feet Diversey, 2.356.

North Park, .450. wide; from the Chicago river west to Garfield Fullerton, .510.

North Shore, .886. park; a continuation of Jackson boulevard in Garfield a venue, .03 Ohio, .682. the city.

Lake Shore, .745.

Sheridan Road, 2.148. Ashland Boulevard-1.26 miles long, 100 feet wide;

Lake View, .490.

State, .123. from Lake street south to Twelfth Street boule.. Lincoln Park, 539. vard.

OTHER PARKS AND SQUARES. Twelfth Street Boulevard-0.89 miles long, from In addition to the parks and squares under the

Ashland boulevard to the intersection of Oakley management of the park boards there are a numand Ogden boulevards; a continuation of West ber of others which are cared for either by the 12th street.

city or by private parties. The names and area Ogden Boulevard-0.74 miles long, 70 to 112 feet in acres or fractions of acres of these are as fol

wide: from the intersection of Oakley boulevard lows: and Twelfth Street boulevard through Douglas Adams—75th place, Dobson avenue and 76th street; park.

.82. Central Park Avenue-0.33 miles long, 80 feet wide:

Aidine Square-Vincennes avenue and 38th street; from West Madison street to Colorado avenue,

1.49. along the east side of Garfield park.

Amy L. Barnard Park-Longwood avenue and

105th street; .89. Oakley Boulevard-1.10 miles long, from Washing

Austin Park-In Austin; 4.10. ton boulevard to the intersection of Twelfth

Bickerdike Square--Ohio and Bickerdike streets: street boulevard and Ogden boulevard.

.94. Homan Avenue-0.25 miles long; from West Lake Congress—Van Buren and Rockwell streets; .68.

street to West Madison street, along the east Crescent-Crescent road and Prescott a venue; 8. side of Garfield park.

Dauphin-Dauphin avenue and 87th street; 5.15. Sacramento Avenue-1.59 miles long; from Frank DeKalb Square-Lexington street and Hoyne avelin boulevard to Douglas park.

nue; .65.

Douglas Monument-35th street and Illinois CedLINCOLN PARK.

tral railroad; 2.02.

East End-51st street and Lake Michigan; 6. Commissioners-Leo Austrian, F. H. Gansbergen,

Eldred-Norwood Park avenue and North 54th aveBryan Lathrop, Amos Pettibone, Francis T. Sim

nue; .48. mons, Frederick L. Wilk, Charles H. Wilson.

Ellis-Langley avenue and 36th street; 3.37. Officers-Francis T. Simmons, president; Fred

Fernwood-Stewart avenue and 95th street; 8. erick L. Wilk, auditor; Theodore Freeman, treas.

Green Bay-State street and Bellevue place: .19. urer: R. H. Warder, superintendent and secre.

Gross-Otto street, North Paulina street and East tary; C. A. Churan, attorney.

Ravenswood park; .53. Office-In Academy of Sciences, Lincoln park;

Groveland Cottage Grove avenue and 33d street; Clark and Center streets.

3.32. The Lincoln park district consists of the towns

Holden-In Austin; 4. of North Chicago and Lake View, with Fullerton

Independence Square-West 14th street and Hamlin avenue as the dividing line, and is bounded on the

avenue; 3.64. north by Devon avenue, on the south by the Chi Irving-Irving Park boulevard and Northwestern cago river and extends from Lake Michigan on the railroad; .35. east to the north branch of the river on the west. Jefferson-Winnemac and North 42d avenues; 5.

The area of the Lincoln park district is 15.875 Kedzie-Kedzie and North avenues; 1.30. square miles and the population about 431,000. The

Kosciusko-Milwaukee and Kosciusko avenues; .76. total area of the parks and boulevards is 679.94

Lakewood-Lake avenue, Greenwood avenue and acres, with 9.33 miles of boulevard.

43d street; .27. Lincoln Park- Lincoln park, previously known as

Madison-47th street and Madison avenue; 4. Lake park, began its history under its present Merrick-In Austin; 6. name by resolution passed by the common coun. Normal-Lowe a venue and 67th street: 2.74. cil of Chicago under date of June 5, 1865. The Normal School- Normal avenue and 67th street; park proper is 317 acres in extent and extends 18.83. from Diversey boulevard to Oak street along the Norwood-Avondale and Ceylon avenues; 1.62. lake front. To this 235 acres of land is being Oak-Cass, Rush and Chestnut streets: 20. added by filling in Lake Michigan north of Di Oak Street Triangle-Lake Shore drive and Oak versey boulevard. This extension will contain a street; 9. seventy-acre yacht harbor and will have bathing Patterson-Leavitt, Boone and DeKalb streets; .13. facilities.

Powell-Western and Powell avenues: 40. The park contains a large floral department, Rosalie-Rosalie court and 57th street; 28. also an extensive zoological garden containing Sacramento Square-Sacramento avenue and Cenabout 1,200 animals. Boating and bathing facili tral boulevard; 3.65. ties are furnished and the park lagoon-one mile Seventy-Second Street-Lowe avenue and 720 in length-gives an admirable course for racing. street; 2.39. The Academy of Sciences is located in the park Triangle--Clark street, LaSalle avenue and Euat the foot of Center street. This building was genie street; .02. erected in 1893 and contains about 250,000 speci Triangle-Clark street, Wells street and Ogden mens. It is noted for its collection of local front; .04. natural history specimens and for its complete Triangle-Clark street, Sedgwick street and Belden collection of mollusks.

avenue; .02. The park has provided facilities for outdoor Union Square-Banks, Ritchie, Goethe and Astor games during both the winter and summer sea streets; 46. sons.

Washington Square-North Clark street and WalChicago Avenue Park-Area 9.160 acres; is situated ton place: 2.30.

between Pearson street and Chicago avenue, ex Water Tower-Chicago avenue and Tower court; .60. tending from the Chicago avenue pumping works Woodland-Cottage Grove avenue and 35th street; to the lake. This park is fitted up as a play 3.76. ground, containing a shelter house, refectory, with outdoor gymnasium apparatus.

SUMMARY OF PARK AREAS. Elm Street Playground-Contains . 1.73 acres; is South park system (acres)....

....1.884.58 fitted with outdoor and indoor gymnasium and West park system.....

626 98 has a fieldhouse which contains reading rooms. Lincoln park system.......

562.89 assembly hall, clubrooms, restaurant, a branch of | Other parks and squares.....

117.15 the public library and facilities for gymnastic work and aquatic sports.



NORTH SHORE PARK DISTRICT. miles of boulevards, including Sheridan road, AshCommissioners-C. H. Johnson, president; W. E. land avenue and Pratt boulevard.

Hatterman, C. H. Ceperly. Frank A. Turner,
William T. Irwin. Office, 750 Greenleaf avenue.

SPECIAL PARK COMMISSION, The north shore park district comprises the ter | Aldermen Beilfuss. Fulton, Hurt, Josetti, Krumritory bounded on the north by the city limits. on holz, Lawley, McNeal, Hunt and Burke, and Jens the east by Lake Michigan, on the south by Devon Jensen, J. Frank Foster, Reuben H. Warder, avenue and on the west by the Chicago & North Albert F. Keeney, John H. Jones, Graham Taywestern railway line. The district contains a pop lor, Clarence Buckingham, Dwight H. Perkins, ulation of about 4,500. There are no parks as William H. Thompson, Otto G. Schneider, Fredyet, but the board has jurisdiction over about four erick Greeley, George L. Pfeiffer.


Brazil-H: 5. steffenser, 188 Maison s

Argentine Republic--F. S. Hudson, 176 Lake street. | Japan--Seiza buro Shimizu, 705 Chamber of Commerce. Austria-Hungary-Alexander Nuber (consul-general), Mexico-Enrique C. Llorente, 1640, 84 Van Buren-st. 816, 184 La Salle street.

Netherlands-George Birkhoff, Jr. (consul-general). Belgium-Charles Henrotin, 520, 108 La Salle street. 85 Washington street. Bolivia-F. W. Harnwell, 1502, 181 La Salle street.

Nicaragua--Berthold Singer, 188 Madison street. Brazil-S. R. Alexander, 206, 19 Wabash avenue.

Norway-Frederick H. Gade, 1320, 108 LaSalle-st. Chile-M. J. Steffens, 57 22d street.

Panama-C. Gilbert Wheeler, 14, 86 Washington-st. Costa Rica-B. Singer, 188 Madison street.

Paraguay-D. T. Hunt, 704, 204 Dearborn street. Cuba-J. J. Luis, 504, 109 Madison street.

Persia-R. T. Crane, Jr. (consul-general), 519 Soutlı

Canal street. Denmark-C. H. Hanson, 407, 59 Dearborn street.

Peru-W. M. Fiske, 215, 205 La Salle street. Ecuador-Louis J. Millet, 169 Adams-st., 4th floor.

Portugal--S. C. Simms, 476 Kenwood terrace. France--Baron ue St. Laurent, 1511, 59 Clark street.

Russia-Baron A. A. Schlippenbach, 51 Lincoln Germany-Dr. W, Wever (consul-general), 1150 First Park boulevard. National Bank building.'

Santo Domingo-F. W. Job, 832, 204 Dearborn-st. Great Britain-- Alexander Finn (consul-general), 605 Siam-Milward Adams, Auditorium. Pullman building.

Spain-B. Singer, 188 Madison street. Greece-X. Salopoulos, 13, 69 Dearborn street.

Sweden-J. R. Lindgren, 142 Washington street. Guatemala- Alfred C. Garsia, 1209, 138 Washing Switzerland--A. Holinger, 172 Washington street. ton street.

Turkey--Charles Henrotin, 520, 108 La Salle street. Honduras-Berthold Singer (acting), 188 Madison-st. Uruguay-John Moffitt, 1614. 79 Dearborn street. Italy-Chevalier Guido Sabetta, 500, 56 5th avenue. Venezuela-Pedro Alvizua, 912, 28 Jackson boulevard.

POLITICAL ASSOCIATIONS IN CHICAGO. Chicago Civil Service League, room 51, 107 Dear- | County Democracy Club, 145 Randolph street-Presborn street-Secretary, James M. Grimm.

ident, Daniel J. McMahon; recording secretary, Chicago Political Equality League, 203 Michigan Robert E. Burke. avenue-Corresponding secretary, Mrs. Helen V.'. Germania Club, 259 North Clark street-Recording Affeid.

secretary, William Mannhardt. Chicago Referendum Voters' League-Secretary,

Independence League, 132 LaSalle street-Secretary, Maurice F. Doty, 69 Dearborn street.

P. J. Maloney. Chicago Single Tax Club, 508 Schiller building Jefferson Club, 108 Randolph street-President, Corresponding secretary, G. F. Foyer.

William Slack; secretary, Lee D. Mathias. Citizens' Association of Chicago (nonpartisan),

Legislative Voters' League of Cook County (nonroom 33, 92 La Salle street-President, Eugene E.

partisan), 92 La Salle street-President, George Prussing; secretary, Shelby M. Singleton,

E. Cole; secretary, W. O. Wilson. City Club, 228 Clark street-President, Victor El

Monticello League (democratic)-President, William ting; secretary, George E. Hooker.

E. Furlong; secretary, James E. Molloy, 790 37th Civic Federation (nonpartisan). room 520, 184 La

street. Salle street-President, Clayton Mark; secretary,

Municipal Voters' League (nonpartisan), 228 Clark William H. Brown.

street-Secretary, George C. Sikes. Civil Service Reform Association of Chicago-Sec Locations and secretaries of semipolitical social

retary, Egbert Robertson, 723, 184 La Salle street. clubs like the Hamilton (rep.), Iroquois (dem.), County Democracy Marching Club-Secretary, John Marquette (rep.) and Mohican (rep.) will be foun: P. Tansey.

| under "Chicago Clubs and Clubhouses."


Seating capacity given in parentheses. Academy (1,467)-83 Halsted street.

Humboldt (800)-Ohio street and Milwaukee-av. Alhambra (1,461)-State street and Archer avenue. Hyde Park (378)-5500 Lake avenue. Auditorium (4,026)-Congress-st. and Wabash-av. Illinois (1,282)-20 Jackson boulevard. Bijou (1,238)-167 Halsted street.

International (1,390)-401 Wabash avenue. Bush Temple (845)-249 Chicago avenue.

La Salle (767)-137 Madison street. Calumet (1,016)-9206 South Chicago avenue.

Majestic (1.986)-71 Monroe street. Casino (2.100)- Wabash avenue and Peck place. Marlowe (1,139)-Stewart avenue and W. 63d-st. Chicago Ope 'a House (1.347)-118 Washington-st. McVicker's (1,868)-78 Madison street. Coliseum (15,000)-Wabash avenue, near 16th-st. Olympic (1,760)-53 Clark street. College (1.325)-Webster and Sheffield avenues. Orchestra Hall (2,556)-165 Michigan avenue. Colonial (1,447)-79 Randolph street.

Orpheum (670-174 State street. Columbus (1,324)—1840 Wabash avenue.

People's (964)-Van Buren and Leavitt streets. Criterion (1.233)-276 Sedgwick street.

Powers' (1.039)-140 Randolph street. Empire (1,332144 West Madison street.

Pekin (739)-2700 State street. Euson (1.217)-42 North Clark street.

Star (600)-1115 Milwaukee a venue. Folly (976)-337 State street.

Studebaker (1.330)-203 Michigan avenue. Garrick (1,257)-107 Randolph street.

Thirty-First Street (737)-77 31st street. Grand Opera House (1.379)-87 Clark street.

Trocadero (800)-294 State street. Great Northern (1,167)-20 Quincy street.

Unique (380)-249 East 42d street. Haymarket (1.800)-167 West Madison street.

Vaudette (300)---910 West 63d street. Hegewisch Opera House (330)--13305 Erie avenue. Virginia (800)-Halsted and West Madison streets Howard (758)-1071 Lincoln avenue.

Whitney (804)-17 Van Buren street,

Chicago Cycle. A. Nathathigan avenue

CHICAGO CLUBS AND CLUBHOUSES. Builders'-412-418 Chamber of Commerce building: | Jefferson-108 Randolph street; president. William

president, William Grace: secretary, Edward Slack; secretary, Lee D. Mathias. Kirk, Jr.

Kenwood-Lake avenue and 48th street; president. Calumet-Michigan avenue and 20th street: presi

W. C. Nelson; secretary, Lewis Woodruff. dent. Ferdinand W. Peck; secretary, Ralph C.

Kenwood Country-Ellis avenue and 48th street; Otis.

president, Jonathan W. Brooks; secretary, Thom

as G. Went. Casino-Edgewater and Winthrop avenues; presi. dent, W. R. Abbott; secretary, W. E. Cloyes.

Lake Shore-1838 Melrose street; president, Andrew

McAnsh; secretary, George W. Tipple. Caxton-203 Michigan avenue; president, E. L. Mil

Lincoln-1215 Washington boulevard; president, S. lard; secretary, Ralph H. Poole.

B. Mills; secretary, C. E. Munger. Charlevoix-6027 Indiana avenue; president, Dr. R. Lincoln Park-390 Dearborn avenue; president, John s. Patillo; secretary, F. E. Lukens.

W. Sutton; secretary, Frank W. Sanford. Chicago Athletic Association-125 Michigan avenue; Marquette-Dearborn avenue and Maple street;

president, C. M. Faye; secretary, F. Y, Coffin. president, James McNally; secretary, Edward A. Chicago Architectural--84 Adams street; secretary,

Bigelow. Hugo A. Zimmerman.

Menoken-1196 Washington boulevard; president, Chicago Automobile-15 Plymouth court; president,

C. H. Skallerup; secretary, J. R. Small. Ira M. Cobe; secretary, S. S. Gorham.

Mid-Day-First National Bank building, 17th floor;

president, Henry Dibblee, secretary, J. L.Cochran. Chicago Club-Michigan avenue and Van Buren

New Illinois Athletic-145 Michigan avenue; presi. street: president, John S. Runnells; secretary,

dent. William Hale Thompson; secretary, George James R. Walker.

• Lytton. Chicago Cycling-3154 Prairie avenue; president and Nike--22 Oakwood boulevard; president, Miss Carrie

Wright; secretary, Mrs. S. M. B. Hunt. Chicago Woman's-203 Michigan avenue; president, Oaks-Lake street and Waller avenue; president.

Mrs. I. S. Blackwelder; corresponding secretary, James E. Plew; secretary. Robert M. Cutting. Mrs. W. F. Grower.

Press Club-104 Madison street; president, John J. Chicago Woman's Aid-Indiana a venue and 21st Flinn; secretary, Ed Pickard.

street; president, Mrs. S. H. Kirchberger; cor Progressive Health Club-President, Dr. Eliza Anresponding secretary, Mrs. A. B. Grossman, 4935 drews, 240 Ogden avenue; secretaries, Mrs. R. A. Vincennes avenue.

Mudgette and Mrs. Ella M. Pitkins. Chicago Yacht-Foot of Monroe street, outer harbor: Quadrangle-Lexington avenue and 58th Street;

commodore, W. L. Baum; secretary, C. E. Soule. president, John M. Coulter; secretary, R. A. City Club-228 Clark street; president, Victor El Millikan. ting: secretary, George E. Hooker.

Saddle and Cycle--Sheridan road and Foster aveColonial Club of Chicago--4445 Grand boulevard; nue; president, John S. Runnells; secretary, Jopresident, John H. Eustace; secretary, Clarence seph T. Ryerson. . E. Moore.

South End Woman's-President, Mrs. Elmer E. Columbia Yacht-Lake front, foot of Randolph

Kendall; corresponding secretary, Miss Mabel L. street; commodore, Howard I. Shaw; secretary, Parker. Louis T. Braun.

South Shore Country-Lake shore and 67th street; Commercial-President, John V. Farwell, Jr.; sec president, William C. Thorne; secretary, Edwin retary, John W. Scott, 221 Adams street.

F. Brown. Duquesne-President. Leo Weil; secretary, S. A. | Standard-Michigan avenue and 24th street; presl. Birkner, 2502 Archer avenue.

dent, Alfred S. Austrian; secretary, Emanuel Edgewater Country--837 Winthrop avenue; presi Hartman.

dent, Frank S. Beardslee; secretary, W.E. Cloyes. | Twentieth Century-President, Franklin H. Head; Englewood--6323 Harvard avenue; president, James secretary, William M. Payne, 2246 Michigan aveR. Sommers; secretary, F. G. Hudson.

nue. Englewood Woman's Club-6732 Wentworth avenue: Union—12 Washington place; president, Edward P.

president, Mrs. F. E. Brown; secretary, Mrs. A. Russell; secretary, Orion J. Willis. W. Morton.

l'nion League Jackson boulevard and Custom Fort Dearborn Club-575 Washington boulevard; House court; president, Charles S. Cutting; sec

president, Albert H. Tyrrell; secretary, Fred tary, David B. Lyman, Jr. erick C. Smalley.

L'niversity-116 Dearborn street: president, Willian Forty Club-President, John Barton Payne; secre C. Boyden; secretary, John C. Harding. tary, Fred Gardner.

Waupanseh-4045 Drexel boulevard: president, HarGermania Maennerchor-643 North Clark street; vey A. Dwight; secretary, Frank B. Reed.

president, F. A. Meyenschein; secretary, E. W. West End Woman's-132 Ashland boulevard: presiSchrader.

dent, Mrs. K. F. Westfall; secretary, Mrs. W. Hamilton-Northwest corner Clark and Monroe W. Norris.

streets; president, Thomas D. Knight; secretary, Woman's Athletic-150 Michigan avenue; president, Herbert Thwaite.

Mrs. Philip D. Armour; secretary, Mrs. Pauline Illinois--154 Ashland boulevard; president, William H. Lyon. T. Bussey; secretary, Charles A. Hyde.

Woodlawn Park-64th street and Woodlawn aveIroquois-103 Adams street; president, Edgar B. Tol nue: president, Edwin G. Hardenbrook: secre. man; corresponding secretary, Robertson Palmer. I tary, William F. Bigelow.

LAW AND ORDER LEAGUES AND PROTECTIVE ASSOCIATIONS. Anticrime League-277 Dearborn street; secretary. Hyde Park Protective Association Secretary, ArE. 0. Reed.

thur B. Farwell, 230 Adams street. Anti-Saloon League of Illinois-1534, 164 Dearborn | Law Enforcement League of the Northwest Sidestreet; secretary, Carl J. Appell.

*B. J. Cigrand, 475 West North avenue. Chicago Law and Order League-President. Arthur North Protective Association-*R. J. Bennett, 2449

B. Farwell: secretary, Porter B. Fitzgerald, 612, North Paulina street. 122 Monroe street.

North Side Law and Order League_1100 North Hal. Citizens' Association---33. 92 La Salle street; presi sted street; secretary, Rev. Herbert G. Gwyn.

dent, Julius Stern; secretary, S. M. Singleton. Society for Prevention of Crime-4717 St. LawCitizens' League of Chicago for the Suppression of rence avenue: secretary, A. H. Ford.

the Sale of Liquor to Minors-801, 59 Clark street; Thirty-Third Ward Protective Association—Isaiah secretary, Harry W. Chester.

Campbell, 2613 116th street. Englewood Law and Order League--Secretary, W. West Pullman Protective Association-*Rev. ThomT. Mulvihill, 326 West 63d street.

as K. Gale, 12001 Butler street. Garfield Park Protective Association-*Rev. E. J. West Side Civic League-*B. C. Prentiss, 200 AdRandall, 2052 Washington boulevard.

ams street.
*Representative of organization in the Chicago Law and Order League.


Lake front, foot of Adams street. President-Charles L. Hutchinson.

and it is consulted by 40,000 persons a year. The Vice-President-Martin A. Ryerson.

number of visitors to the art galleries during the Secretary-N. H. Carpenter.

year ended June 1, 1907, was 661,204. Treasurer-E. A. Hamill,

The school of instruction in art practice includes Director-W. M. R. French.

departments of painting, sculpture, decorative deTrustees-H. H. Getty, C. J. Blair, F. G. Logan, signing and architecture. There are day and even

S. E. Barrett, D. H. Burnham, E. H. Butler. c. ing classes for beginners and for advanced pupils. H. McCormick.

The instructors number about 70 and the pupils Hours Open-9 a. m. to 5 p. m.

will average about 2,000 a year. The tuition rates Free Days-Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays. are as follows: Admission on Other Days-25 cents.

Day School-Full time for full term of twelve The Art institute was incorporated May 24, 1879,

weeks, $30; four weeks, $12; four days a week, full upon the application of Marshall Field, Murry Nel

term, $27; four weeks, $11; three days a week, son, Charles D. Hamill, Ferd W. Peck and George

full term, $24; four weeks, $9; two days a week, E. Adams, for the founding and maintenance of

full term, $18; four weeks, $7; one day a week, full schools of art and design, the formation and exhi

term, $12; four weeks, $5. bition of collections of objects of art and the cul

Half-Day Courses-Five half days a week, $24 a tivation and extension of the arts of design by any

term; four weeks, $10; four half days a week, $21 appropriate means. A building was erected at a

a term; four weeks, $9; three half days a week, cost of $785,000 and was first occupied Nov. 1, 1893,

$17 a term; four weeks, $7; two half days a week, The ownership is vested in the city of Chicago,

$13 a term; four weeks, $5; one half day a week, while the right of use and occupancy is vested in

$8 a term; four weeks. $4. the Art institute so long as it shall fulfill the pur

Evening Rates—Three nights a week, $7 a term. poses for which it was organized.

or $3 for four weeks; two nights a week, $5.50 a The art museum now ranks among the first three

term, or $2.50 for four weeks; one night a week, $4 or four in the country. It contains the Henry

a term, or $2 for four weeks. Field collection of paintings, which is especially

Saturday Rates for Juvenile Class-Twelve lesstrong in works of modern French masters; the

sons for $5. Demidoff collection of old masters, chiefly of the

The attendance of students for the year ended Dutch school, and in addition numerous American

June 1, 1907, was as follows: and other paintings secured by purchase or gift. Day students...

949 There is also a large and comprehensive collection Evening students......

772 of reproductions of sculpture, the greater part of Saturday classes.... it having been donated by Mrs. A. M. H. Ellis. Summer school......

309 Reproductions of antique bronzes, of objects found at Pompeii and Herculaneum and of Egyptian an

2,597 tiquities are numerous, while many other fields of Counted in two classes.......................... 34 art are well represented. The institute has a library of 5,000 volumes devoted exclusively to art, Corrected total..............


hile thinstitute it was ranks a contains is espect the

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Including church clubs, ministerial associations and general organizations. Actors' Church Alliance of America (Chicago Chap Chicago Methodist Social Union-Corresponding secter)-510 Masonic Temple; secretary, Miss Ellen retary, James B. Gascoigne. M. Sanders.

Christian Ministerial Association-Secretary, R. L. American Bible Society-206, 42 Madison street; Handley, University of Chicago. secretary, J. F. Horton.

Church Club of Chicago-President, Amzi M. American Federation of Catholic Societies (Cook Strong; secretary, Charles W. Folds, 410 North

county branch)-President, Michael F. Girten, State street. 5827 Princeton avenue.

Congregational Ministers' Union-Secretary, Rev. American Sunday School Union-1009, 153 La Salle George W. Colman; meets on Monday forenoons street; superintendent, F G. Ensign.

at 153 La Salle street. American Tract Society-630, 324 Dearborn street; Cook County Sunday School Association-1404, 140 agent, J. A. F. Bosworth.

Dearborn street; secretary, Charles E. Hauck. Baptist Ministers' Conference--10 Van Buren street, | Lilinois Christian Endeavor Ünion--820, 153 LaSalle 2d floor; meetings, Monday forenoons.

street; secretary, W. J. Williams. Baptist Young People's Union (Chicago)-Secretary, Illinois Sunday School Association-140 Dearborn R. G. Stronach, 10, 126 Dearborn street.

street; secretary, W. B. Jacobs. Bible Institute Colportage Association-Secretary, Lincoln Center Conference of Sunday School WorkWilliam Norton, 250 La Salle avenue.

ers-Oakwood boulevard and Langley avenue; Catholic Woman's League of Chicago-President, president and secretary, Rev. Jenkin Lloyd Jones.

Mrs. George P. Vosbrink, 5047 Grand boulevard. Luther League of Chicago-Secretary, Miss Bertha
Chicago Baptist Brotherhood-President, Walter E. Waller, 428 North Hoyne avenue.
Gillespie; secretary, H. C. Pegram, 715, 171 La Lutheran Ministers' Association-Secretary, Rev.
Salle street.

C. 0. Solberg. 435 Cornelia street.
Chicago Baptist Social Union-Secretary, 0. V. Lutheran Woman's League-Secretary, Mrs. Celia
Stookey, 1138, 159 La Salle street.

Ericson. Chicago Christian Endeavor t'nion-Secretary, Miss | National Christian Association--221 West Madison Jessie P. Carroll, 820, 153 La Salle street.

street; secretary, William I. Phillips Chicago Congregational Club-Secretary, Samuel E. Presbyterian Ministerial Association Secretary, Knecht, 526 Burling street.

Edward N. Ware; meets Monday forenoons at Chicago Congregational Sunday School Association 192 Michigan avenue.

-Secretary. Rev. W. F. McMillen, 153 La Salle Presbyterian Social Union-Secretary, Thomas G. street.

McCulloh, 301, 158 State street. Chicago Disciples' Social Union-President, Errett Unitarian Sunday School Society-515, 175 Dearborn Gates, University of Chicago.

street. Chicago Methodist Preachers' Meeting-Secretary, Young Men's Christian Association-153 LaSalle

A. H. Mohney: meetings on Monday forenoons street; general secretary, L. Wilbur Messer. in Methodist Church block.

CHICAGO STOCK EXCHANGE. President-William H. Colvin.

| Location La Salle and Washington streets, Treasurer-Orson Smith,

| Hours-9 a. m. to 2 p. m,


Werla Colvin


| Trains also run west from terminal station in

5th avenue near Van Buren street. Wabash and Adams, Wabash and Madison, W.bash and Randolph, Lake and State, Lake and

NORTHWESTERN LINE Clark, 5th avenue and Randolph, 5th avenue and 1 Route: North from 5th avenue and Lake street Madison, 5th avenue and Quincy, Van Buren and to North avenue, west to Sheffield and north to avenue, Oak Park avenue, Wisconsin avenue.

Wilson avenue.

Stations: Kinzie, Chicago, Oak, Division, SchilCHICAGO & OAK PARK LINE.

ler, Sedgwick and North avenue, Willow, Larrabee, Route: West on Lake street. to Central avenue Halsted, Center, Webster, Fullerton, Wrightwood, and west on South boulevard to Wisconsin ave Diversey, Wellington, Belmont, Clark and Roscoe. nue, Oak Park.

Addison, Grace, Sheridan and Graceland, Buena Stations: Canal, Halsted. Morgan, Ann, Shel Park, Wilson. don, Ashland, Wood, Robey, Oakley, Campbell, Express trains stop at Kinzie, Chicago, FullerCalifornia, Sacramento, Kedzie, Homan, Hamlin, | ton, Belmont, Sheridan road and Wilson avenue. 40th avenue, 44th avenue, 48th avenue, 52d avenue,

RAVENSWOOD BRANCH. Central, Prairie, Austin avenue, Lombard. 64th

Route: West from Clark and Roscoe streets to avenue, Oak Park avenue, Wisconsin avenue.

west side of Chicago & Northwestern tracks, north

to Leland avenue and west to Kimball avenue. METROPOLITAN ROAD.

Stations: Southport, Paulina, Addison, Irving GARFIELD PARK LINE.

Park boulevard, Montrose, Wilson, Robey, Western, Route: West from Franklin and Van Buren

Rockwell, Francisco, Kedzie. · streets to 52d avenue.

SOUTH SIDE (ALLEY L) LINE. Stations: Franklin, Canal, Halsted, Center,

- Route: South from Van Buren street and WaLaflin, Marshfield, Ogden, Hoyne, Western Cali

bash avenue to 40th street, east to alley between fornia, Sacramento, Kedzie, St. Louis, Douglas,

Prairie avenue and Grand boulevard, South to 63d Crawford, 42d court, 45th avenue, 48th avenue, 52d

street and east to Stony Island avenue. avenue.

Stations: Congress, old Congress, 12th street, DOUGLAS PARK LINE.

18th street, 22d street. 26th street, 29th street, 31st Route: South from Marshfield avenue station to street, 33d street, 35th street. 39th street, Indiana West 21st street and west to 40th avenue.

avenue, 43d street, 47th street, 51st street, 55th Stations; Polk, 12th street, 14th place, 18th street. 58th street. 61st street, South Park. Cotstreet, Wood, Hoyne, Western California, Mar tage Grove, Lexington, Madison, Stony Island. shall. Kedzie, Homan, Clifton Park, Lawndale,

ENGLEWOOD BRANCH. 40th avenue.

Route: West from Prairie avenue and 58th street HUMBOLDT PARK LINE.

to Wentworth avenue, south to 63d street and west Route: Northwest from Marshfield avenue.sta to Loomis street. tion to Robey street, thence west to Lawndale Stations: State and 59th, Wentworth and 59th, avenue.

Princeton and 61st, Harvard and 63d, Parnell and
Stations: Madison, Lake, Grand, Chicago, Di 63d, Halsted and .630, Centre avenue and 630,
vision. Robey, Western, California, Kedzie, Ballou, Loomis street and 63d.


Route: South from 63d street and Stewart ave.
Route: Same as Humboldt park line to Robey nue to 67th street, west to Normal avenue and
street and North avenue; thence northwest to south to 69th street.
Logan square.

Stations: 65th street and Stewart avenue, 67th Stations beyond Robey: Western California. I and Stewart, 69th and Normal avenue. Logan square.

KENWOOD BRANCH. Note-Trains on all the Metropolitan road lines Route: East from 40th street and Calumet averun around the "loop" and stop at the stations | nue to Oakenwald avenue and 42d street. between Franklin and Marshfield except that some Stations: Grand boulevard and 40th street, Vinof those on the Humboldt and Logan square cennes avenue and 40th, Cottage Grove avenue and branches run through from Halsted to Marshfield 41st, Drexel boulevard and 41st, Ellis avenue and without stopping at the intermediate stations. | 41st, 42d street and Oakenwald avenue. POPULATION OF FOREIGN BIRTH OR PARENTAGE IN CHICAGO.

Twelfth census, 1900.
Foreign Both Native Native

Foreign Both Native Native
born. parents. mother. father,

born. parents. mother. father

Total Africa ......... 90

Mexico .........

102 ......... Asia ...... 399

Norway ....... 22,01137,887 91,959 1,209 41,055 Atlantic isl'

Pacific islands 46

46 ......... ...... .. Australia

Poland (GerAustria .... 11,815 17,945 969435 19,349 man) ....... 32,995

32,995 $107,670 1,662 379 109,711 Belgium ....... 1,160

Poland (Rus'n) 15,026 Bohemia ...... 36,362 72,862 2,382 1,236 76.480 Poland (unCanada (Eng.) 29,472 18,832 10,247 8,289 37,368 known) ...

..... 2,193 Canada (Fr'ch) 5,307 8,226 1,911 1.069 11.206 Portugal ...... 21 Cent. America

Roumania .. 287 China ......... 1,179

Russia ........ 24,178 37,798 664


38,589 Cuba ...... 87

Scotland ...... 10,347 18,182 3,979 1,685 23,846 Denmark .. 0,106 15,189 963 411 16.563 S. America... 121 England ... 29, 308 43,568 11,940 6,913

Spain .........

138 Europe*. .... 115 ......

95,883 ..... .....

Sweden ..... .......


2,462 1,831 100,176 Finland .... 416

Switzerland .. 3,251 4,671 853 '323 5,817 Germany .....170,738 363.345 37,762 15,648 416,755 Turkey ....... 180 France .....

2,989 4,504 1,501 603 6,608 Wales ........ 1,818 Greece. .... 1,493 ......... ...... ..... ........

West Indies... 138 Holland 18,555

Other countris 91*** 25, 266 2,414 1.131 “28,811 Hungary

Born at sea... 315 ......... ...... ..... ........ India

97 Ireland . 73.912 181.002 21.410 12,973 215,385 Total .......587,112 $1,155,684 104,800 54.823 1,315,307 Italy

16,008 26,046 628 136 26,810 *Not otherwise specified. Both born in same Japan 80 .........

foreign country. Includes Russian and other Poles, Luxemburg ... 334 .........

$Includes 67,051 of mixed foreign parentage.



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* 205 ** 46 * 6,966


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