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The following table shows the lowest and highest cash prices for mess pork and prime steamed lard in the Chicago market for the past forty years and the months in which extreme prices were reached.

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Amateur Musical Club—Music hall. 203 .Michigan avenue; president, Mrs. E. H.' Brush; secretary, Mrs. Philip B. Bradley.

Apollo Musical Club—199 Wabash avenue; president, Arthur Heurtley; secretary. Carl D. Hinsey.

Bjorgvin Singing Society—876 N. Artesian avenue: president. Julius Jager; secretary, Edward Fortun.

Chopin Singing Society—102 West Division street; president, Bryan Lathrop; secretary, Pliilo A. Otis.

Freier Saengerbund—880 Milwaukee avenue; president, Theodore Schenck; secretary, Frank Roth. 229 Johnston avenue.

Germania Maennerchor—643 North Clark street; 'president, George P. Rinn; secretary, Charles W. Piper.

Gesangverein Almira—574 Armitage avenue; president. Herman Loos; secretary, Frank Roth.

Gruetli Maennerchor—109 Wells street; president, J. Schnetzler; secretary, E. Staehcli.

Handel Musical Club—512. 26 Van Buren street; president. Dr. J. R. Laughlin; secretary, Herbert Tlnvaite.

narugari Maennerchor—1115 West 12th street; president. Fritz Nebel; secretary, Adolph II. Blumenthal, 711 Ogden avenue.

Irish Choral Society—President, James J. Stokes; secretary. Homer J. Buckley, 340 Dearborn street.

Junger Maennerchor—257 North Clark street; president. Carl Bernhardt; secretary, A. E. Bleger. 91 Whiting street.

Mendelssohn Club—Wabash avenue and Jackson boulevard; president, H. C. Cassidy: secretary.

. H. F. Grabo.'

Norwegian Singing Society—President, M. Clausen: corresponding secretary, C. Husehy.

Orchestral Association—405 president, Bryan Lathrop; Otis.

Seliwelzer Maennerchor—162
president. Xavier Waltert;

Svithiod Singing Club—1768
secretary. Otto Johnson, 745 Foster avenue.

Swedish Glee Club—470 LaSalle avenue: president.
Carl J. Lonnerhlad; secretary. Eric Lundgren.

Teutonla Maennerchor—President, A. Gill; secretary. A. Weinhardt.

Wanda Singing Society—540 Noble street: president. Miss S. Wozniak; secretary. Miss A. Warszewska.

Orchestra secretary.

building; Philo A.

North Clark street: secretary, G. Fehr. Wrlghtwood avenue:


Chicago Pioneers' Sons and Daughters—President. Frank W. Smith: recording secretary, George H. Fergus; corresponding secretary, John S. Zimmerman. 157 Michigan avenue.

Old Time Printers' Association—President, Fred Barnard: , secretary, William Mill.

Pioneers of Chicago—President, Fernando Jones; secretary, George H. Fergus, 22 Lake street.

Western Association of California Pioneers—President. George G. Custer; secretary, George W. Hotchkiss. 1509, 315 Dearborn street.


American Trust and Savings Bank—Monroe and

Clark; capital, $3,000,000: president, Edwin A.

Potter; cashier, Charles S. Castle. Austin State—South Park and South boulevard,

Austin; capital, $25,000; president, Charles S.

Casfcle; cashier, Perley D. Castle. Bank of Montreal—184 LaSalle; capital, $14,000,000;

manager Chicago branch, J. M. Greata. Bankers' National—Marquette building, 204 Dearborn; capital, $2,000,000; president, Edward S.

Lacey; cashier, Frank P. Judson. Calumet National—273 92d; capital, $100,000; president, John Cunnea; cashier, John J. Cuunea. Central Trust Company of Illinois—152 Monroe;

capital, $2,000,000; president, Charles G. Dawes;

cashier, William R. Dawes. Chicago City—6225 Halsted; capital, $200,000; president, Louis Rath.le; cashier, Charles S. Brown. Chicago Savings—Chicago Savings Bank building,

State and Madison; capital, $500,000; president,

George H. Webster; cashier, Lucius Teter. Colonial Trust and Savings—205 LaSalle; capital,

$600,000; president, H. H. Rose; cashier, G. II.

Coney. Commercial National—Adams and Clark; capital,

$2,000,000; president, George E. Roberts; cashier,

N. R. Losch. Continental National—218 LaSalle; capital, $3,000.

000; president, George M. Reynolds; cashier, W.

G. Schroeder. Ccok County State Savings—9 and 11 Blue Island

avenue; capital, $50,000; president, Edwin S.

Mack; cashier, R. Cardona. Corn Exchange—217 LaSalle (new building. LaSalle

and Adams); capital $3,000,000; president, Ernest

A. Hamill; cashier, Frank W. Smith. Drexel State—Cottage Grove avenue and Oakwood

boulevard; capital. $200,000; president, H. W.

Mahan; cashier, William Hardy. Drovers' Deposit National—4201 Halsted; capital

$600,000; president, William A. Tilden; cashier,

George M. Benedict. Drovers' Trust and Savings—4201 Halsted; capital,

$200,000; president. William A. Tilden; cashier,

Charles S. Brintnall. Englewood State—337 West 63d; capital, $200,000;

president, C. H. Vehmeyer; cashier, John R.

Burgess. Farson, Leach & Co.—140 Dearborn; capital, $1,000,

000; cashier, W. D. Sheahan. Federal National—174 Dearborn; capital, $500,000;

president, I. N. Perry; cashier, Charles J. L.

Kressmann. First National—Dearborn and Monroe; capital, $8,

000.000; president, James B. Forgan; cashier.

Charles N. Gillett. First National of Englewood—449 West 63d; capital,

$100,000; president. J. J. Nichols; cashier, V. D.

Nichols. First Trust and Savings—Dearborn and Monroe;

capital. $2,000,000; president. J. B. Forgan; manager, E. K. Boisot. Foreman Bros. Banking Company—LaSalle and

Madison; capital, $500,000; president, Edwin G.

Foreman; cashier. George N. Neise. Fort Dearborn National—134 Monroe; capital, $1,

000,000; president, L. A. Goddard; cashier. H. R.

Kent. Hamilton National—LaSalle and Monroe: capital,

$500,000; president, C. B. Pike; cashier, H. Meyer. Harris Trust and Savings—204 Dearborn; capital,

$1,500,000; president, N. W. Harris; cashier,

Frank R. Elliott. Harris. N. W., & Co.—204 Dearborn; capital, $2,

350,000; cashier, G. P. Hoover. Hibernian—Clark and Monroe; capital, $l,500,0on;

president, John V. Clarke; cashier, John W.

MacGeah. Illinois Trust and Savings—LaSalle and Jackson;

capital, $5,000,000; president, John J. Mitchell;

cashier. B. M. Chattell. Kaspar State—623 Blue Island avenue; capital,

$200,000; president, William Kaspar; cashier,

Charles Krupka. Kenwood Trust and Savings—Grand Iraulcvard and

47th; capital. $200,000: president, A. K. Brown;

cashier, R, H. Willard.

Merchants' Loan and Trust—135 Adams; capital, $3,000,000; president, Orson Smith; cashier, J. G. Orchard.

Metropolitan Trust and Savings—LaSalle and Madison; capital, $750,000; president, James H. Gilbert; cashier, John A. Schmidt.

Monroe National—152 Monroe; capital, $200,000; president. Edwin F. Brown; cashier, L. C. Woodworth.

Mutual—Madison and Wabash; capital, $250,000; president, Lawrence Heyworth; cashier, Edgar F. Olson.

National City—184 LaSalle; capital, $1,500,000; president, David R. Forgan; cashier, H. E. Otte.

National Bank of the Republic—LaSalle and Monroe; capital. $2,000,000; president, John A. Lynch; cashier. It. M. McKinney.

National Live Stock—Union stockyards; capital, $1,000,000; president, S. R. Flynn; cashier. Gates A. Ryther.

National Produce—132 Lake; capital. $200,000; president, Edwin L. Wagner; cashier. R. M. Ballou.

North Avenue State—North avenue and Larrabee; capital, $200,000; president, L. C. Rose; cashier, C. E. Schick.

North Side State Savings—North Clark and Chicago avenue; capital, $50,000; president, James B. Wilbur; cashier, Addison Corneau.

Northern Trust—LaSalle and Monroe; capital, $1,500.000; president, Byron L. Smith; cashier, Thomas C. King.

Northwestern Trust and Savings—814 Milwaukee avenue; capital. $200,000; president, J. F. Smulski; cashier, T. M. Helinskl.

Oak Park State—813. 172 Washington; capital, $150.000; president, W. H. Austin; cashier, H. N. Leadaman.

Oakland National—3901 Cottage Grove; capital, $100,000: president, H. C. Foster; cashier, Henry Sheffield.

I'earsons-Taft Land Credit—Dearborn and Madison; capital, $200,000; president. Oren B. Taft; cashier. James it. Smart.

People's Trust and Savings—Ashland and 47th; capital. $200,000; president, S. R. Flynn; vicepresident. W. J. Rathie.

Prairie National—159 LaSalle; capital, $250,000; president, Geo. Woodland; cashier, Wm. B. Conklin.

Prairie State—110 Washington boulevard; capital, $500,000; president, George Woodland; cashier, Fred B. Woodland.

Pullman Trust and Savings—Pullman, III.: capital, $r,0O.OO0; president, Edward F. Bryant; cashier. David J. Harris.

Railway Exchange—15 Jackson; capital, $250,000; president. George Merryweather; assistant cashier. A. M. Rode.

Royal Trust—169 Jackson; capital, $500,000; president, James B. Wilbur; cashier. Edwin F. Mack.

Security—109 Milwaukee avenue; capital, $300,000; president. E. A. Erickson; cashier, J. C. Hansen.

South Chicago Savings—9226 Commercial avenue; capital. $200,000; president, T. P. Phillips; cashier. Warren W. Smith.

State Bank of Chicago—Washington and LaSalle; capital. $1,000,000; president. II. H. Haugan; cashier, John R. Lindgren.

State Bank of West Pullman—120th and Lowe; capital. $25,000; president, C, D. Rounds: cashier, C. H. Crook.

Stockyards Savings—4170 S. Halsted; capital, $250,000: president, S. R. Flynn; cashier, T. J. Fitzgerald.

Union Stockyards State—4649 South Ashland; capital, $200,000; president. R. J. Schlesinger; cashier. William S. Dagett.

Union Trust—Dearborn and Madison; capital, $1,000.000; president. F. II. Rawson; cashier. G. M. Wilson.

West Side Trust and Savings—284 West 12th; capital, $200,000: president, S. R. Flynn; cashier, Charles F. Hoerr.

Western Trnst and Savings—LaSalle and Adams; capital, $1,000,000: president, Joseph E. Otis; cashier. William C. Cook

Wnodlawn—4<fit-453 East C3d; capital. $200,000; president, William D. McKey; cashier, F, C. Brown,

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Nov. 19.

American Trust and Savings $23,273,722

Austin State 952.671

Central Trust 10,985,190

Chicago City Bank 1.468,515

Chicago Savings 2.853,006

Colonial Trust and Savings 2.290.167

Drexel State 1.317.704

Drovers' Trust and Savings 1,991.618

First Trust and Savings 33.484.815

Foreman Bros. Banking company 5,339,380

Harris Trust 3.020.264

Hibernian Banking 21.467.124

Illinois Trust and Savings 87.187.355

Kaspar State 2.412.332

Merchants' Loan and Trust 45.426,795

Metropolitan Trust and Savings 4.839.968

Mutual 1.834.033

Northern Trust 27.333.788

Northwestern Trust 1.127.002

Prairie State 6.180.897

People's Trust and Savings 955.100

Pullman Loan and Savings 3.599.693

Railway Exchange 708,140

Royal Trust 4.136.960

Security 1.557.402

South Chicago Savings 1.348.221

State Bank of Chicago 17.114.088

Stockyards Sayings 1.906.960

Union Stockyards State 864,464

Union Trust 11,109.379

Union Bank of Chicago 779.001

Western Trust and Savings 7,861.031

West Side Trust 1,242.394

Total 337.969.179

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President—Ralph Clarkson.

First Vice-President—Lorado Taft.

Second Vice-President—II. C. Ohatfield-Taylor.

Secretary—James William Pattison, Art institute.

Treasurer—Charles L. Hutchinson.

Counsel—Byron Boyden.

Directors—The officers and Fred A. Busse, Howard
Van D. Shaw. Louis J. Millet. Peter B. Wight,
Charles Francis Browne. Julia Bracken Wendt,
N. H. Carpenter. William II. Bush, Mrs. George
B. Carpenter, Honore Palmer. J. S. Dickerson,
Bryan Lathrop, Lyman A. Walton, Bernard A.

Exhibition Committee—Mrs. William Frederick
Grower, chairman; Mrs. H. II. Kingsley, vice-

Jan. 30, 1901.

chairman; Mrs. James S. Watson, secretary.

The objects of the association are to promote the beautifying of the streets, public buildings and places of Chicago; to bring to the attention of the officials and people of the city the best methods for instituting artistic municipal Improvements and to stimulate civic pride in the care and Improvement of private property. The membership of the board of directors of the league includes the mayor of the city or the commissioner of public works, three park commissioners, three sculptor*, three architects and three painters. The league is merely advisory and Is not invested with any authority from the city.



Academy of Sciences museum in Lincoln park.

Cemeteries—Graeeland, Rosehill, Calvary.

Fort Sheridan, near High wood.

Grant, Lincoln, Schiller, Goethe and other monuments in Lincoln park.

Historical society library and collection, Dearborn avenue and Ontario street.

Lake Shore drive.

Lincoln park conservatories and zoo.

Newberry library. Clark street and Walton place.

Northwestern university in Evanston.

Waterworks, Chicago avenue, near lake.


Armour Institute of Technology, 3300 Armour

avenue. Art institute galleries of paintings, sculptures and

art collections; on the lake front, foot of Adams

street. Auditorium tower, Wabash avenue and CongresB

street; view of city. Blackstone branch library. Lake avenue and 49th

street. Board of trade, LaSalle street and Jackson boulevard; admission to gallery. Cahokia courthouse on Wooded Island In Jackson

park. Caravels In Jackson park. Chamber of Commerce building (interior), LaSalle

and Washington streets. Chicago National Bank building, interior mural

decorations, 148 Monroe street. Chicago Normal school, 68th street and Stewart

avenue. City hall. LaSalle and Washington streets. Confederate monuments in Oakwoods cemetery. Ci-erar library, 87 Wabash avenue, sixth floor. Douglas monument, 35th street and Ellis avenue. Drexel, Grand and 55th Street boulevards. Field museum in Jackson park. Fort Dearborn site tablet, 1 River street, opposite

Rush street bridge. Grand Army hall in public library building, Randolph street and Michigan avenue. Iroquois theater Are, scene of, 79-83 Randolph

street. Jackson park, site of World's Fair In 1893. Life-saving station, at mouth of Chicago river.

Logan statue in Grant park (lake front).
Marquette building sculpture panels, Dearborn and

Adams streets.
Marquette-Joliet cross, Robey street and drainage

canal. Masonic Temple; view of city from roof. Massacre monument in 18th street near the lake. Midway pralsance. Montgomery Ward tower, Michigan avenue and

Madison street; view of city. Municipal museum in public library building,

Michigan avenue and Washington street. McKinley statue in McKinley park. Orchestra Hall, 1G8 Michigan avenue. Post office, on square bounded by Adams, Clark and

Dearborn streets and Jackson boulevard. Public library, Michigan avenue and Washington

street. Pullman, suburb and manufactory. South Water street; commission house'district. State street department stores; shopping district. Stockyards, Halsted and Root streets. Tunnels under river. Van Buren, Washington and

LaSalle streets. University of Chicago quadrangles, Ellis avenue

and 58th street. Washington statue. Grand boulevard and 51st

street. Wendell Phillips high school, Prairie avenue and

39th street. Wooded island in Jackson park.


Ashland, Garfield, Humboldt, Washington and Garfield boulevards.

Douglas park.

Drainage canal.

Garfield park.

Ghetto district on South Canal. Jefferson and Maxwell streets; flah market on Jefferson street from 12th to Maxwell.

Haymarket square, Randolph and Desplaines streets; scene of anarchist riot.

Hull House, 335 South Halsted street.

Humboldt park.

Humboldt, Leif Erlcson, Reuter and Kosciusko monuments in Humboldt park.

Parental school, St. Louis and Berwyn avenues.

Police monument (Haymarket), in Union park.


The postoffiee and all other United States department offices, except where otherwise noted, are in the federal building, which stands on the square bounded by Clark. Adams and Dearborn streets and Jackson boulevard.

Appraiser's Office—Harrison and Sherman streets; appraiser, Thomas O'Shaughnessy.

Bureau of Labor—Room 851; special agent, Ethelbert Stewart.

Bureau of the Census—Room 851; chief special agent, Zach C. Elkin.

Custom House—South wing, fourth floor; collector. John C. Ames: special deputy collector, John HItt: private secretary,* Thomas H. Keefe: deputy collector at barge office. No. 2 River street, James M. Nash.

Ilydrographic Office—Room 528; nautical expert in charge, W. J. Wilson.

Immigration Bureau—Rooms 855 to 857; chief Inspector, J. W. Burst.

Inspectors of Steam Vessels—Room 529: Inspector of hulls, Ira B. Mansfield; inspector of boilers, Roy L. Peck.

Internal Revenue Department—East wing, fourth floor; collector. Henry L. Hertz; chief deputy, Frank E. Hemstreet: cashier, John Williamson.

Life-Saving Service—Room 500; assistant inspector, Lieut. J. G. Ballinger.

Lighthouse Department—Room 703; Inspector, Commander J. M. Orchard, U. S. N.

Marine Hospital—Clarendon and Graeeland avenues; surgeon in command. George B. Young.

Naval Office—Room 451; naval officer, Thomas N. Jamieson; special deputy, Edgar C. Hawley; deputy. Thomas Carr.

Pension Agency—Room 403; pension agent, Charles Bent.

United States District Attorney—Rooms 825 to 832; Edwin W. Sims: chief clerk, William A. Small

United States Engineer—Room 508; Lieut.-Col. William H. Blxby.

United States. Marshal— Rooms 804 and 806; marshal, Luman T. Hoy: chief deputy, John P. Wolf.

United States Subtreasury—First floor, northwest section; assistant treasurer, William Boldenweck.

Weather Bureau—Fourteenth floor; professor in charge, Henry J. Cox.


District attorney $10,000

Postmaster 8,000

Collector of customs 7,000

Treasurer 5,000

Marshal 5,000

Naval officer 5,000

Internal-revenue collector 4.500

Pension agent 4,000

United States engineer 3,500

Appraiser 3,000

Professor of meteorology (weather) 3,COO

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