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As fixed by the redisricting ordinance of Jan. 7. 1901.

1. Chicago river, 22d street, lake.

2. Twenty-second street, Clark, 26th, Princeton, 32d. Calumet. 33d, lake.

3. Thirty-third street, Calumet, 32d, Parnell, 39th, lake.

4. River, Loomis, 31st, Centre, 32d place, Morgan, 33d, Habited, 33d, Parnell, 32d, Princeton, 26th, Clark, 22d.

5. River, Illinois and Michigan canal. West 39th, Parnell, 33d, Halsted, 33d, Morgan, 32d place, Centre, 31st, Loomis.

6. Hyde Park town line C39th), State, 51st, Cottage Grove. 52d, lake.

7. Fifty-second street, Cottage Grove, 51st, State, 71st, lake.

8. Seventy-first street. Stony Island avenue projected through to the intersection of the east line of sections 26 and 35, township 37 north, range 14, along said section line to city limits, 138th street, Indiana state line, lake.

9. West 12th. Morgan, 18th. Morgan, river.

10. West 12th, Ladin, river. Morgan, 18th, Morgan.

11. West Taylor, Cypress, 12th, Hoyne, Illinois and Michigan canal, Lafiin.

12. West 12th. Homan, Ogden, Clifton Park avenue, 24th, Central Park avenue, Illinois and Michigan canal, Hoyne.

13. Washington, Homan, Kinzic, 40th avenue, 12th street, Western.

14. West Chicago avenue. Homan, Washington, Ashland.

15. North avenue, Kedzie. Chicago avenue, Ashland, Division. Rooey.

16. West Fullerton, Robey, Division, river.

17. West Division, Ashland, Kinzic, river.

18. West Klnzle, Ashland, Madison, Centre, Van Buren, river.

19. West Van Buren, Loomis. Taylor, Luflin, 12th, river.

20. Ashland-av., Washington, Western, 12th. Cy

press, Taylor, Loomis, Van Buren, Centre, Madison.

21. North avenue, Sedgwick, Division, Wells, river, lake.

22. North avenue, river. Wells, Division. Sedgwick.

23. Fullerton, Halsted, Center, Racine, Clybourn, river. North avenue, lake.

24. Belmont, river, Clybourn, Racine, Center, Halsted. Fullerton, Racine.

25. Indian boundary line, Howard, Ridge road, Devon, Clark, Irving Park boulevard (Graceland avenue), Racine, Fullerton, lake.

26. Howard street prolected, Kedzie projected, Devon projected. Western, Belmont, Racine projected, Irving Park boulevard, Clark, Devon, Ridge.

27. West Devon. 64th projected, city limits, Bryn Mawr projected, 60th projected, Irving Park boulevard, 72d projected, North avenue, Kedzie, Diversey, river, Belmont. Western.

28. Diversey, Kedzie, North avenue, Robey, Fullerton, river.

29. West 39th street projected, 48th avenue projected, 55th street, Halsted.

30. West 39th. Halsted, 55th. State.

31. West 55th, 48th avenue, 87th. Western, 79th, Loomis, 63d, State.

32. West 63d. Loomis, 79th, Western, 107th, Halsted, 103d, Stewart, 99th, State.

33. Seventy-first, State, 99th, Stewart. 103d, Halsted, 111th, Peoria, 115th, Ashland, 123d, Halsted, city limits, east line of sections 35 and 26. township 37 north, range 14, Jackson Park avenue projected.

34. West Kinzle, 46th avenue. 39th street projected, Illinois and Michigan canal. Central Park avenue, 24th street, Clifton Park avenue, Ogden, Homan, 12th street, 40th avenue.

35. West North avenue. Austin avenue, 12th, 46th avenue, Klnzle, Homan, Chicago, Kedzie.



On the southerly end of ,the northerly Inner breakwater, a fixed red light in gray, conical metal tower 31*6 feet high; light visible 9% miles.

On the northerly end of the inner breakwater, a fixed white light from lens lantern shown from top of white post 19 feet high.

On the easterly end of the north pier at the entrance of Chicago river, a fixed n d light shown from lens lantern on post 22 feet high; with

the next light it forms a range showing the direction of the piers and course for entering the harbor.

On the north pier, near its easterly end, at the entrance to Chicago river, a fixed white light, in gray framework tower 27 feet high; light visible 13 miles.

In 30 feet of water. Inside of and near the southeasterly end of the outer breakwater; flashing alternately red and white; Interval between flashes, 10 seconds; red conical tower on rock-faced masonry tower, 59 !£ feet high; light 67% feet above lake level and visible 16 miles.

On the northwesterly end of the outer breakwater, a fixed red light, shown from lens lantern In gray skeleton metal tower 19 feet high; height of lantern above lake level 55 feet.


On the north pier in front of and attached to the light tower, a bell, struck by machinery, a double and single blow alternately with Intervals of 20 seconds.

At the light tower near the southeasterly end of the outer breakwater, a 10-inch steam whistle; blasts 5 seconds, silent intervals 25 seconds. CALUMET HARBOR—LIGHTS.

Calumet bar gas buoy, moored in 21 feet of water, on the northerly end of the Calumet bar; fixed white light with 10-second eclipse, shown fiom lens lantern.

On the southeasterly end of the new breakwater, a fixed white light, shown from buff metal tower 34 feet high; light visible 13% miles.

On the outer end of the north pier, entrance to the mouth of the Calumet river and South Chicago harbor and about 11 miles southeasterly from the Chicago breakwater, a fixed red light, shown from gray cylindrical tower 30 feet high; light visible 13 miles.


At the breakwater tower, a first-class compressed-air siren which sounds thus; Blast, 3 seconds; silent Interval, 12 seconds; blast, 3 seconds; silent Interval, 42 seconds.

At the north pier light, a bell struck by machinery every 20 seconds.


Average number of lights of specified kinds used in 1904. 1905 and 1906.

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American National Red Cross Society (Illinois branch)—President, Gov. Charles S. Deneen; secretary, Charl's H. Revelle. 135 Adams street.

Associated Jewish Charities of Chicago—President. Edwin F. Meyer; secretary, Louis Eckstein, 1328, 108 LaSalle street.

Austro-Hungarian Benevolent Association—Secretary, Gustave F. Fischer. 1626, 164 Dearborn street.

Chicago Bureau of Charities—President, Grander Farwell; secretary. Daniel M. Lord; superintendent. E. P. Bicknell, 644, 79 Dearborn street.

Chicago Daily News Fresh-Air Fund—Manager. Albert G. Beaunisne. Sanitarium, Lincoln park, foot of Fullerton avenue.

Chicago Relief and Aid Society—President, Charles H. Wacker; secretary. Leverett Thompson. 51 and 53 LaSalle street; superintendent, Sherman C. Kingslev.

Children's Hospital Society — President. Frank Billings. M. D.; secretary. Dr. Frank Churchill, 439 North State street.

Hungarian Charity Society of Chicago—President, Dr. Adolpb D. Weiiier, 1341, 79 Dearborn slreet.

Illinois Charitable Relief Corps—President, Charles O'Donnell; secretary. Miss Jennie Dwyer, 70 Adams street.

Illinois Children's Home and Aid Society—President, R..J. Bennett; secretary. Rev. E. M. Williams; superintendent. H. H. Hart. 601, 79 Dearborn street.

Societe Francaise de Bienfaisance de I'lllinois— President, Paul Populorum; secretary, J. S. Townsend, 1534 Wabash avenue.

Societe Francaise de Secours Mutuels—Secretary, F. Mercier, 199 South Throop street.

United Hebrew Charities—President. H. F. Halm: general superintendent, E. Rubovita. Office, 223 26th street.

Visitation and Aid Society—President. T. D. Hurley; corresponding secretary. Miss Esther Mercer, 719. 79 Dearborn street.

Woman's Benevolent Association of ChicagoPresident. Mrs. F. S. Payne: secretary, Mrs. Edward Watkins, 9138 Commercial avenue.

Young Men's Associated Jewish Charities—President. E. M. Newman; secretary, Victor B. Strelitz, 202, 103 State street.


No. Location.

1. Harrison and La

Salle streets.

2. 53d-st. and Lake-av.

3. 19 S. Desplaines-st

4. 233 W. Chicago-av.

5. 240 Chicago avenue.


1. 181 Washlngton-st.

2. Harrison and La

Salle streets.

3. 318 22d street.

4. 2523 Cottage Grove-av

5. 144 35th street.

6. 844 35th street.

General and detective
No. Location.

7. 2913 Loomis street.

8. 3813 Callfornin-av.

10. 5233 Lake avenue.

11. State and 50th-sts.

12. 6344 Jefferson-av.

13. 7533 Dobson avenue.

14. Kensington avenue.

near Front street.

15. 89th street and Ex

change avenue.

16. 106th street and Ave

nue M.

17. 6345 Wentworth-av.

18. 85th and Green-sts.

19. 4736 S. Halsted-st.

20. 1800 W. 47th street.

headquarters in city hall. No. Location.

21. Morgan and Maxwell

22. 187 Canaliwrt avenue.

23. Hinman and Paulina.

24. 1243 W. 13th street.

25. 942 Millard avenue.

27. 19 Desplaines street.

28. 609 West Lake street.

29. 526 Wrarren avenue.

30. 2168 West Lake-st.

31. West Lake street,

cor. Central avenue.

32. 233 W. Chicago-av.

33. 99 W. North avenue.

34. North-av. and Oakley.

35. Milwaukee avenue

and Attrill street.

Location. Milwaukee-av. and

Irving Park-bd. Grand and 49th-avs. 240 Chicago avenue. Hudson and Blackhawk streets. 958 N. Halsted-st. Sheffield avenue, near

Diversey. North Halsted and

Addison streets. N. Robey and Byron Foster and Winches.

ter. North Clark street

and Estes, avenue.


No. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.



Location. 271 6th avenue. 2419 Lowe avenue. 86 West Erie street. 524 North Halsted st. 197 Jefferson street. 143 Maxwell street. 31 Blue Island-av. 1931 Archer avenue. 2527 Cottage Orove-av. 339 LaSalle street. 225 Michigan avenue. 611 West Lake-st. 19 Dearborn street. 38 Chicago avenue. 373 West 224 street. 347 31st street. 80 West Lake street

(double company). 438 West 12th street 3444 Rhodes avenue. 73 Rawson street. 13 Taylor street. 458 Webster avenue. 693 West 21st place. 544 Warren avenue. 127 Canalport avenue. 142 North Lincoln-st. 437 Wells street. 2867 Loomis street. 846 35th street. 514 N. Ashland-av.

341 LaSalle street. 49 W. Washington-st. 177 Erie street. 322 22d street. 440 W. 12th street. 85 S. Pranklln-st. 150 N. Lincoln-st 2865 Loomis street. 2 Washington street.

General headquarters in the city hall.


760 West Congress-Kt.

2 Washington street.

731 Clybourn avenue.

19 Curtis street.

782 N. Robey street.

243 West 25th street.

Foot of LaSalle (fireboat Illinois).

1071 Ridgeway av.

1326 33d place.

83 Franklin .street.

Sampson's slip.Throop and Lumber (fireboat D. J. Swenle).

77 and 79 Illinois-st.

181 Stave street.

1494 W. Lake street.

4600 Cottage Grove-av

9321-23 South Chicago avenue.

7541 Dobson avenue.

4005 Dearborn street.

1742 47th street.

4649 Wentworth-av.

6345 Wentworth-av.

4710 S. Elizabeth-st.

40th and Packers-av.

8023 Vincennes-av.

687 Sheffield avenue

144 Barry avenue.

543 Haddon avenue.

No. Location.

58. Campion island be

tween Ewing. avenue and 95th street (flreboat Yosemlte).

59. Exchange and Dexter

Park avenues (Union Stockyards).

60. .334 55th street.

61. 5300 Wentworth-av.

62. 2601 W. 114th street.

63. 6328-30 Jackson-av.

64. 6244 Lafiln street.

65. 2140 West 39th street.

66. 1423 Fillmore street.

67. 2436 Fulton street.

68. 1185 N. 44th avenue.

69. 2458 N. 42d court.

70. 316 Eastwood avenue.

71. West end Weed-et.

bridge (flreboat Chicago).

72. 7914 Sherman avenue.

73. 8630 Emerald avenue.

74. 10615 Ewing avenue.

75. 12054-56 Wallaee-st.

76. 824 Cortland street.

77. 1222 40th court.

78. 1306 Waveland-av.

79. 3179 N. Ashland-av.

80. 108th and Stephenson.

81. 10458 Hoxie avenue.

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I No. Location.

82. 95th street and Cot

tage Grove avenue.

83. 1111 South court.

84. 5600 Emerald avenue.

85. 1476 W. Huron-st.

86. 17 W. Cuyler avenue.

87. 8451 Commercial-av.

88. 3600 W. 60th street.

89. 2763 N. 46th court.

90. 57 Division street.

91. 1 Elbridge avenue.

92. Fullerton avenue

bridge (flreboat Fire Queen).

93. 271 5th avenue.

94. 80 West Lake street.

95. 1983 Wilcox avenue.

96. 112-114 N. Waller-av.

97. 13359 Superior-av.

98. Chicago avenue and

St. Clair street.

99. 3042 S., 41st court.

100. 6843 Jefferson-av.

101. 6900 Justine street.

102. 4874 N. Clark street.

103. 624 W. Harrison-st.

104. 1401 Mlchigan-av.

105. 814 W. Erie street.

106. 350 W. Diversey-av.

107. 1245 W. 13th street.

108. 3036 Our street.

25. 4874 North Clark-st.

(Rogers Park). 26i 1985 Wilcox avenue.

27. 2603 114th street.

28. 780 N. Robey street.

29. 144 N. Waller street.

30. 6017 State street.

31. 1401 Michigan avenue.

No. Location. Telephone.

1. 176 Monroe. Monroe 1215.

2. 214 Sangamon-st. Monroe 493.

3. 219 23d street. South 772.

No. Location. Telephone.

4. Union Stockyards. Yards 592.

5. 60 Whiting. North 783.

6. 235 Hoyne avenue. West 1226.

No. Location. Telephone.

7. 222 W. Division-st. Monroe 1788.

8. 25 Michigan avenue.


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Chicago avenue, 1 mile.

North avenue, 2 miles.
Fullerton avenue, 3 miles.
Relmont avenue, 4 miles.
Graceland avenue, 5 miles.
Lawrence avenue. 6 miles.
Hryn Mawr avenue, 7 miles.
Devon avenue, 8 miles.
Touhy avenue, 9 miles.
City limits. 9% miles.

Halsted street. 1 mile.
Ashland boulevard. 2 miles.
Western avenue. 3 miles.
Kedzie avenue, 4 miles.
Fortieth avenue. 5 miles.
Forty-Eighth avenue, 6 miles.
Central avenue. 7 miles.
Ridgeland avenue, 8 miles.
C{ty limits (west on North avenue), 9 miles.


To lake on 22d street, 2-3 mile.

To Cottage Grove avenue on 31st street. 2-3 mile.

To Cottage Grove avenue south of 39th street, 1

mile. To Stony Island avenue on 55th, 2 miles. To Yates avenue, south of 7lst street. 3 miles.

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1 By Act Or February 16 (6*7

* B" Act Or February I2,ibs3

J Bv Act Of February 13 1863

4 Bv Act Of February 27 1869

5hlbv Act Of May (6.1887 0_h_by Act Of April 29.1889

7 By Election Of June-29.1889

O B* Election Of April I iggo

8 By Ord Passed May 12 (890

HI—Bv Election Of November 4.1890 II—By Election Or April 7.1891 lfc—By Election Of April 4.1B93 13—By Election Of November 7,1893 J4uBr Ord Passco February 25,1895 15—By Election Of April 4 1899





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HANGE 14 .


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What was known as the Chicago charter convention was organized in 1905, the first session being held Dec. 12, that year. Milton J. Foreman was president, Alexander H. ReTell vice-president. M. L. McKinley secretary and Henry Barrett Chamberlin assistant secretary. The convention was made up of delegates chosen by or representing the mayor, city council, governor, assembly, board of education, sanitary trustees, county board, public library board and the Chicago park boards. Its purpose was to frame a comprehensive, simple and elastic charter for the city of Chicago to be submitted to the state legislature for consideration. The work was completed and the charter taken to Springfield in the early part of 1907, where it was Introduced in each house of the legislature and referred to the appropriate committees. Some of the main features of the charter were these: Consolidation in the municipal government of Chicago of the power vested in the board of education, township, park and other local governments within the city; submission of propositions to popular vote; aldermen to be elected once in four years; the raising of adequate revenue by the issue of bonds and by other means; the power to own, maintain and operate all public utilities in the city. Including intramural railroads, subways and tunnels, and telephone, telegraph, gas, electric lighting, heating, refrigerating and power plants; the parks to be under the management of a city department of parks; the public-school system to be a department of the city government and under the control of a board of education of fifteen members appointed by the mayor for terms of three years; the public library to be managed by a board of nine directors appointed by the mayor for terms of six years.

Several radical changes were made by the legislature, one of the most important being the substitution of the old primary system for the one proposed. Another was the redisricting of the city into fifty wards, one alderman to be elected from each. These and other changes aroused much opposition, but the charter was passed May 12, 190". In the senate the vote on the final conference report on the measure was 26 to 10. the only Cook county member to oppose it being Senator P. J. McShane (rep.) from the 4th district. C. E. Cruikshank (rep.) of the 19th district was absent. In the house the vote was 80 yeas to 49 nays. The Cook county members who voted against it were

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TFrom report of Secretary

Names and locations of baths:

Carter H. Harrison—192 Mather street.

Martin B. Madden—3825 Wentworth avenue.

William Mavor—4647 Gross avenue.

Robert A. Waller—80 South Peoria street.

Kosciuszko—703 Holt avenue.

John Wentworth—2838 South nalsted street.

William It. Ogden—3646 Emerald avenue.

Theodore T. Gurney—247 West Chicago avenue.

Joseph Mediil—759 Grand avenue.

DeWitt C. Cregler—193 Gault court.

Free baths are given at the 14th and 22d street pumping stations and at several lake benches, but special buildings have not been provided at these

E. R. Pritchard.l points. The Carter II. Harrison bath, which was opened in January. 1894, is said to have been the first free public bath in the United States, if not in the world. Similar baths in Vienna charged a fee of 2 cents and those in New York 5 cents. Tiie Madden bath was opened in April, 1897; the Mavor bath in May. 1900: the Waller bath in February. 1901: the Kosciuszko bath in April, 1904: the Wentworth in December. 1905; the Gurney in May. 1906: the Mediil In September, 1906, and the Ogden in July, 1906. The average cost of eacli plant has been between $15,000 and $20,000. and the average annual cost of maintenance $4,000. Total free baths furnished in 1906, 825,313.

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