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Consolidated Traction company forming part of the through routes established by the ordinance or to be formed in the future. The company also covenants that it will secure to passengers the same right of transfer between the lines of the company and the lines of the Chicago Consolidated Traction company as if the latter were owned and operated by the company under the provisions of this ordinance.


The company shall, upon accepting the ordinance, immediately proceed to complete the work of lowering and reconstructing the tunnel under the river at Van Buren street according to the plan prepared by Samuel C. Artingstall. It shall also proceed with the work of constructing a false roof in the tunnel under the river at Washington street and with the removal of the crown of the tunnel. Upon its organization the board of supervising engineers shall prepare plans for the complete reconstruction of both the Washington and LaSalle street tunnels and the company shall construct thein in accordance with such plans.

The company must construct and equip six miles of double track or twelve miles of single track each year after the period of reconstruction. Within three years the company must have in operation at least 1,200 double-truck cars of the kind specified.


. In accordance with the terms of the street-railway ordinances passed by the council Feb. 4 and 11, 1907, and approved by the referendum vote of April 2 following, efforts were made to reorganize the Union Traction properties and a detailed plan for that purpose was announced by Judge Peter S. Grosscup July 13. Objections were raised and on an appeal to the United States Circuit Court of Appeals -the plan was declared illegal. It being impossible to adjust the differences and organize the proposed Chicago Railways company within the time specified in the ordinance, the matter was referred to the city council. That body on Sept. 13 by a vote of 64 to 4 extended the time in which the Chicago Railways company could accept its ordinance to Feb. 1, 1908, but provided that in the interim all the revenues of the Union Traction company outside of the actual operating expenses should be devoted to improving the property. Oct. 21 the Fidelity Trust company of Philadel

phia filed suit in the United States Circuit court asking that the properties of the Union Traction company be sold by a master in chancery to the highest bidder.

FIRST REPORT UNDER NEW ORDINANCE. Following is a statement showing the expenses and gross and net earnings of the Chicago City railway from Feb. 1. when the traction ordinance went into effect, to July 31:


Passenger $4,014,557

Chartered cars 1,351

Mail 12,430

Newspaper 750

Advertising 18,750

Rent of land and buildings 123

Rent of tracks 2.985

Sale of power 6,390

Total gross earnings 4,057,336


Maintenance of way and structures 273,510

Maintenance of power plant j 12,947

Maintenance of cars 230,879

Maintenance, miscellaneous 8,668

Miscellaneous shop expenses 34,040

Operation of power plants 497,342

Operation of cars 1,242.814

General expenses 400,391

Unexpended balance of 70% allowance 139,544

Total 2,840,135

Excess of gross earnings over operating expenses 1,217,201


Taxes 137,500

Interest on Investment 576,037

Interest on employes' deposits 98

Total 713.635

Net earnings for the six months 503,566


Chicago City Railway company, 45% 226,605

Less interest on bank deposits 1,257

Total to company 225,348

To city of Chicago. 55% ($276,961 plus $1,257 interest on bank deposits) 278,218

Total 603,566

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Nov. 1 The total area in Chicago covered by local-option or prohibition ordinances is, according to the city map department, about 127 square miles, or more than two-thirds of the whole. There are some seventy-two districts where saloons are either barred entirely or are permitted only after securing the consent of a majority of the residents. The accompanying map, copied from the original propared by the city map bureau, shows the approximate location of the districts with the exception of the minor prohibition territories in the old town of Lake—those within 150 feet of public parks, schools or churches. The boundaries as shown on the map and as given in the following descriptions serve merely to Indicate the general location, the actual boundaries in many cases being tbe alleys running parallel to the'streets named.



1. Territory bounded by Wentworth avenue, 119th street. Union avenue and 123d street. Ordinance passed Oct. 18, 1895.

2. Territory bounded by S. 40th avenue, Harrison street, S. 46th avenue and Madison street, except Van Buren street between W. 40th and W. 42d avenues. Passed July 27, 1896; amended Nov. 5. 1897.

3. Territory bounded by W. Diversey street, N. 66th. W. North and N. 72d avenues. Passed March 8, 1897.

4. Territory bounded by Cullom avenue, Clark street, Irving Park boulevard and a line parallel with and 150 feet distant from the west line of Clark street. Passed Sept. 25. 1899.

5. Territory bounded by W. Sunnyside, N. 43d, W. Cullom and N. 45th avenues. Passed Oct. 21, 1901.

6. Territory bounded by Western avenue. 65th, Wood and 77th streets. Passed March 18, 1902.

7. Territory bounded by Irving Park boulevard, Robey, Leavltt and Grace streets and Waveland avenue. Passed May 12, 1902.

8. Territory bounded by Armltage. N. 40th, W. Fullerton and N. 46th avenues. Passed Feb. 29, 1904.

9. Territory bounded by Division street, N. Kedzie, N. Central Park, Pierce and North avenues. Passed June 27, 1904.

10. Territory bounded by N. 46th, W. Fullerton, N. 52d, Grand and Armitage avenues. Passed Dec. 19. 1904.

11. Territory bounded by Ridge, Bryn Mawr, Southport and Peterson avenues. Passed May 22, 1905.

12. Territory bounded by 59th and 67th streets, Ashland and Western avenues. Passed May 22, 190r..

13. Territory bounded by W. Fullerton avenue, Humboldt boulevard. W. Diversey and N. Hamlin avenues. Passed July 10, 1905.

14. Territory bounded by Vincennes road, 87th street. Western avenue and 95th street. Passed July 10, 1905.

15. Territory bounded by W. Devon, N. 40th, W. Foster and N. 50th avenues, Gunnison street, N. 52d and Milwaukee avenues. Passed July 10, 1905.

16. Territory bounded by Evanston avenue. St. Paul railway, Winona street, Southport and Bryn Mawr avenues. Passed Oct. 16. 1905.

17. Territory bounded by Kedzie avenue, W. 35th street, California avenue and the Chicago & Alton tracks. Passed Oct. 16, 1905.

18. Territory bounded by Lake Michigan, Chicago and Dearborn avenues, Huron, N. State and Ontario streets. Passed Oct. 23, 1905.

19. Territory bounded by Homan avenue, W. 12th street. S. 40th avenue and W. 16th street. Passed Oct. 23. 1905.

20. Territory bounded by Sacramento avenue. Walnut street, N. Francisco avenue, Lake street. N. California avenue and W. Kinzie street. Passed Dec. 4, 1905.

21. Territory bounded by Douglas boulevard, alley south of Colorado avenue. Central Park avenue, W. Van Buren and W. Monroe streets. Passed Dec. 4. 1905.


22. Territory bounded by Throop street, Jackson boulevard, Laflin, W. Monroe, Loomis and W. Adams streets. Passed Jan. 8, 1906.

23. Territory bounded by Washington Iwulevard. S. Sacramento avenue, W. Madison street and S. Francisco avenue. Passed March 12, 1906.

24. Territory bounded by Huron street. Dearborn avenue, Erie and N. State streets. Passed April 7, 1906.

25. Territory bounded by line 150 feet east of LaSalle avenue from Chicago avenue to Division street and by line 150 feet west of LaSalle avenue from Division street to Chicago avenue. Passed May 14, 1906.

26. Territory bounded by Waveland, Hamlin, Cornelia and North avenues and Addison street. Passed Nov. 12, 1906.

27. Territory bounded by W. Montrose avenue, St. Paul tracks, Irving Park boulevard. N. 56th and W. Leland avenues and Northwestern tracks. Passed Nov. 12, 1906.

28. Territory bounded by 75th street, 125 feet east of Centre avenue, 79th street 125 feet west of Halsted street. Passed Nov. 19. 1906.

29. Territory bounded by Leavitt street. Western and Montrose avenues and a line 300 feet north of Sunnyside avenue. Passed Feb. 7. 1907.

30. Territory bounded by Jackson Park avenue. Fort Wayne tracks. Marquette avenue and 94th street. Passed April 4. 1907.

31. Territory bounded by 95th street, Cottage Grove and Burnside avenues. Belt railway and St. Lawrence avenue. Passed May 6, 1907.

32. Territory bounded by Leavltt street, alley 125 feet south of W. Madison street, Oakley boulevard and Van Buren street. Passed May 6, 1907.

33. Territory bounded by Washington boulevard. Albany avenue, Monroe street, Kedzie avenue, Madison street, • Albany avenue and Washington boulevard. Passed May 6, 1907.

34. Territory bounded by Albany avenue. Madison street, Kedzie avenue, Washington boulevard, Spaulding avenue and Monroe street. Passed June 17. 1907.

35. Territory bounded by W. Monroe, Laflin and Madison streets and Centre avenue. Passed Julv 1, 1907.



1. Territory bounded by Oakwoods cemetery, Illinois Central tracks, 69th and 71st streets. Passed June 18, 1894.

2. Territory bounded by Cornell avenue, Illinois Central tracks. Lake Michigan and 55th street. Passed June 18, 1894.

3. Territory in Buena Park bounded by Stella street, Hayes avenue, Lake Michigan and Sheridan road and Byron street. Passed May 28, 1894.

4. Territory bounded by Clark street. Lake View, Diversey and Fullerton avenues. Passed March 8, 1895.

5. Territory bounded by 35th street. Western avenue. Chicago & Alton tracks and California avenues. Passed June 27, 1895.

6. Territory bounded by Byron street, Lake Michigan, Diversey and Evanston avenues. Passed June 27, 1895.

7. Territory bounded by 39th street. Cottage Grove avenue. Lake Michigan and the north line of section 2. Passed July 15, 1895.

8. Territory bounded by Southport avenue, St. Fa ill railroad, ltosemont and Peterson avenues. Passed March 1, 1897.

9. Territory bounded by 50th and 51st streets. Cottage Grove and Prairie avenues. Passed June 22, 1903.

10. Territory bounded by Foster and Evanston avenues, St. Paul tracks and Seminary avenue. Passed Dec. 21. 1903.

11. Territory bounded by Oakley boulevard. W. Harrison and Flournoy streets. Claremont avenue, W. Tavlor. S. Leavltt and DeKalb streets. Passed June 6. 1904.

12. Territory bounded by Clark street, Sunnyside avenue, Dover street and Montrose boulevard. Passed July 1. 1904.

13. Territory bounded by 16th street, the alley between Michigan and Indiana avenues, 21st street, Prairie avenue. 22d and 23d streets. Passed Dec. 6. 1904.

14. Territory bounded by Harvard street, W. Polk street. Kedzle avenue, Harrison street, Flournoy street and Douglas boulevard. Passed March 20, 1905.

OTHER ORDINANCES. In addition to the ordinances passed by the Chicago city council, other liquor legislation enacted by municipalities now in whole or in part annexed to the city are still In effect. They include ordinances passed by the town of Cicero Aug. 28, 1880; June 26. 1889; April 10, 1897. By the village of Fernwood Oct. 7. 1890. By the village of Hyde Park March 28, 1887; April 4, 1889; May 8. 1889; June 5, 1888; Nov. 5. 1888; June 21, 1889.' By the village of Jefferson June 27, 1888; May 29. 1889. By the town of Lake April 3. 1889; May 14. 1889. By the city of Lake View June 27. 1889. By the state legislature Feb. 14, 1855, prohibiting the sale of liquor within four miles of the Northwestern university. By the village of Washington Heights June 7. 1886 and Oct. 18. 1886. By the village of West Ridge March 17, 1891, and the village of West Roseland Oct. 1. 1889. The prohibition districts established under these ordinances were as follows:

1. Town of Cicero.

2. Village of Fernwood.

3. Territory bounded by 54th street. South Park avenue, 63d street and alley east of State street.

4. Territory bounded by St. Lawrence avenue. 93d street, Illinois Central tracks and 95th street (Burnside).

5. Territory twunded by Diversey, Western, California and Fullerton avenues.

6. Territory bounded by. Montrose, Elston, Warner and Milwaukee avenues.

7. Territory In town of Lake within J50 feet of any public park, parkway, boulevard, public school or church; territory bounded by State. 79th. Halsted and 68th streets and Garfield boulevard; territory bounded by alley between Gordon and 43d streets, alley between Emerald avenue and Halsted street, Stewart avenue and 49th street; territory bounded by 55th street. Western avenue. 71st street and . west town line.

8. Territory bounded by Graceland avenue. Clark street, Bryn Mawr. Western and Lincoln avenues, Byron street and Southport avenue.

9. All of the village of Washington Heights not within 200 feet of VIncennes avenue.

10. All that part of the village of West Ridge lying west of a line parallel to and 200 feet west of Ridge avenue.

11. All the territory within the village of West Roseland.

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Industries in which the value of the product was less than $100*000 not included. the census bureau.

Industry. Value of product.

Artificial feathers and

flowers $217,362

Artists' materials 404,341

Automobiles 324.710

Awnings, tents and sails 2,659,135

Babbitt metal and solder 1,007,297

Bags, other than paper. 808,784

Bak'g and yeast powders 3,890,258

Belt*** and hose, leather 1,055,050

Blacking 396.674

Bluing 130,523

Bookb'd'g, blankbooks.. 2,502,776

Boots and shoes 5,592,684

Boxes, cigar 478.266

Boxes, fancy and paper. 2,825.271

Boxes, wooden packing. 5,952,188

Brass 414,402

Brass castings and finishing 1,882.985

Brassware 897,690

Bread and bak'y prod'ts 20.653,53s

Brick and tile 1,572,658

Brooms and brushes 1.048.313

Butter, reworking 1,501,069

Canning and preserving. 156,760

Carpets, rag 212,302

Carriage and wagon materials 122,100

Carriages and sleds,

children's 322,150

Carriages and wagons... 3,953,921

Cars and shop repairs... 11,171,554

Cars for street railroad. 1,109,756

Cars, steam railroad 23,798,900

Cash registers, calcu-
lating machines 321.015

Chemicals 1,724,275

Cleansing preparations.. 259,862

Clothing, meirs 53,230 436

Clothing, women's 11.636,818

Coffee and spices 15,563,301

Coffins, undert'r's goods. 1,297,343

Confectionery 6.550,183

Cooperage 3.084,473

Coppersmttbing, sheet- v

iron working 4,393.371

Cordials and sirups 485,926

Cork cutting 180,96s

Corsets 558,694

Cutlery and edge tools.. 447,146

Dairymen's supplies 270.950

Dentists' materials 115.150

Druggists' preparations. 1,205.626

Dyeing 101.919

Electrical supplies 16.291,546

Electroplating 327.058

Engraving 375.824

Engraving, steel 7C0.932

Engraving, wood 196,124

Fancy articles, not spec-....

ifled 1,649,747

Flags and banners 109,300

Flavoring extracts 1.451,654

Flour and grist mill

products 3,919.276

Food preparations 3,228,835

Foundry and machine-
shop products 51,774,695

Foundry supplies 232.500

Fur goods 1,420,558

Furnish'g goods, men's. 3.502.769

Furniture 17,488,257

Furs, dressed 146.780

Galvanizing 103.580

Gas and lamp fixtures.. 2.257,653

Gas machines & meters 176,159

Industry. Value of product

Glass, cutting, staining,

ornamenting $1,309,906

Gloves and mittens,

leather 1,511,086

Glue 2,318,182

Gold and silver, leaf

.and foil

Gold and silver refining.

Grease and tallow


Hand-knit goods

Hand stamps

Hardware 3,290,849

Hats and caps, not felt,

straw or wool 1,027,218

Hosiery and knit goods. 1,158.526 House-furnishing goods..

Ice, manufactured

Ink, printing

Ink, writing

Instruments, professional, scientific

Iron and steel, rolling

mills 24,839,C23

Iron and steel, bolts,

nuts, washers

Iron and steel, doors

and shutters

Iron and steel, forglngs.
Iron and steel, nails

and spikes

Jewelry 1,745,875

Jewelry and instrument


Labels and tags

Lamps and reflectors....

Lapidary work

Leather goods 1,129.031

Leather, tanned 9.420.426

Lime 470,318

Liquors, malt 16,983,421

Lithographing 1,391,852

Looking glass and picture frames 5,045,41-1

Lumber, planing mill

products 13,855,883

Malt 7,983,970

Marble and stone work. 2,869,176 Mattresses and spring

beds 1,753.342

Millinery and lace goods 4,788,212 Mineral and soda water 1,027,646

Mirrors 1,179,37"?


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131.762 324.096 227.696


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Models and patterns Monuments and tombstones

Mucilage and paste

Musical instruments, not


Musical instruments, organs

Musical instruments, pianos 7,260,075

Musical instrument materials 923.702

Nets and seines 238.376

Oil, linseed 4,811,770

Oil. not specified 372.518

Oleomargarine 3.335,223

Optical goods 294.361

Paints 8.863,216

Paper goods, not spec'd 780,628

Patent medicines

Paving materials

Perfum'y and cosmetics
Photographic materials.

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From report of

Industry Value of product.

Photoengraving $1,324,428

Pickles and preserves... 3,703.377

Pipes, tobacco 114,224

Plumbers' supplies 3,872,804

Pottery, terra cotta,

clay products 800,612

Printing, book and job.. 26,200,564

Printing, music 579,417

Printing, newspapers

and periodicals 21,597,388

Printing materials 358.710

Pumps, not steam 198,905

Refrigerators 173,924

Regalia, banners, emblems 273,966

Roofing materials l,0£8t778

Rubber and elastic goods 2,807,589

Saddlery and harness... 1.935,660

Sausage 967,476

Saws 1,024.249

Scales and balances 300,794

Sewing machines 350,070

Ship and boat building. 244.420

Shirts 1,395,539

Showcases 445,590

Silk and silk goods 735,242

Slaughtering and meat

packing, wholesale 262,586,609

Slaughtering, wholesale,

not including packing. 6,994,877

Smelting and refining... 1,140,036

Soap 13,769,946

Soda water apparatus... 1,456,102

Sporting goods 622.142

Springs, steel 703,825

Stamped ware 820,173

Stationery goods, not

specified 1,256,297

Statuary and art goods. 510,432

Steam fittings 1,056,422

Steam packing 467,585

Stencils and brands 130,416

Stereotyping and elec

trotyping 1,164,940

Stoves and furnaces 2,138,248

Structural ironwork 8,279,675

Sugar and molasses refining 1,744.880

Surgical appliances 922,100

Tinware 2.923,368

Tobacco, chewing and

smoking 4,229,733

Tobacco, cigars and

cigarettes 6,786,889

Tools, not specified 498,610

Toys and games 269.477

Trunks and valises 1,958,663

Typefounding 808,953

Typew'ters and supplies 372,650 Upholstering and materials 1,635,436

Varnishes 3.801,732

Vinegar and elder 617,571

Washing machines and

wringers 117,900

Window shades and fixtures 1.445.335

Wirework 544,914

Wood carpet 150.S8H

Wood, turned and carved 737.5H6 Wooden ware, not specified 321,036

Total In 1905 955.036.277

Total in 1900 797,879,141

Per cent increase.... 19.7

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