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The following is a statement of the valuation of taxable real estate and personal property and the amount of taxes levied each year, from 1837 to 1905. inclusive:

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1900 $306,957,900 I 1902 $433,489,922 I 1904 $437,850,426 I 1906 $461,813,707

1901 408,189 960 I 1903 445,02S,2:9 | 1905 402,616.239 I 1907 475.015.6S7

Figures for 1907 are unofficial and do not include assessment of railroads and capital stock to be added by the state board of equalization.


Arlington—West thirteen miles, near Elmhurst.

Bethany—Archer avenue and 79th street.

Bohemian National—North 40th and Foster avenues.

B'nal Abraham—South of Forest Home.

B'nal Sholom—North Clark street, near Graceland avenue.

Brookside—West sixteen miles, near South Elmhurst.

Calvary—North ten miles, near South Evans ton.

Chebra Gimilatli Chasadim Ubikur Cholim—North Clark-street, near Graceland avenue.

Chebra Kadisha Ubikur Cholim—North Clark street, near Graceland avenue.

Concordia—Nine miles west on Madison street.

Crown Hill—Fourteen miles west on Aurora, Elgin & Joliet railway.

Eden—Irving Park boulevard, near Franklin Park.

Elm Lawn—West thirteen miles on Lake street, near Elmhurst.

Elmwood—Grand and Beach avenues.

Forest Home—West ten miles on 12th street.

Free Sons of Israel—At Waklheim.

German Lutheran—North Clark street and Graceland avenue.

Graceland—North five miles on Clark street.

Hebrew Benevolent Society—North Clark street, near Graceland avenue.

Highland—West Chicago.

Montrose—Bryn Mawr avenue and North 40th avenue.

Moses Montefiore—South of Forest Home.

Mount Auburn—Southwest nine and one-half miles, at 39th street and Oak Park avenue.

Mount Carmel—Hillside Station.

Mount Greenwood—Near Morgan Park; south.

Mount Hope—Near Morgan Park.

Mount Maariv—Dunning; northwest.

Mount Olive—North 64th avenue, near West Irvine

Park boulevard. Mount Olivet—South sixteen miles, near Morgan

Park. New Light—East prairie road, near Lincoln avenue, Morton Grove; northwest. North Chicago Hebrew Congregation—At Rosehill;

north. Oak Hill—West 119th street and Kedzie avenue. Oakland—Proviso; west twelve miles. Oakridge—Oakridge avenue and West 12th street;

west twelve miles. Oak woods—Greenwood avenue and 67th street:

south. Oestereleh-Ungarischer Kranken Unterstuetzuncs

Verein—At Waldheim.
Ohavo Amuno—South of Forest Home.
Ohavo Sholom—At Oakwoods.

Polish—Milwaukee avenue, near Norwood Park.
Ridgelawn—North 40th and Peterson avenues.
Rosehill—North seven miles.
St. Boniface—North Clark street and Lawrence

St. Henry—Ridge and Devon avenues.
St. Lukas—3317 North 40th avenue.
St. Maria—Grand Trunk railway and 87th street:

south. Shomer Hadas—Desplaines avenue and West 12th

street. Sinai Congregation—At Rosehill. Union Ridgo—Higgins avenue, near Norwood Par1!. Waldheim—West ten miles on Harrisor street. Zion Congregation—At Rosehill.


Abraham son, Rev. L. G.—Royal North Star, Sweden.

Adams, Milward—Legion of Honor, France; Leopold, Belgium.

Anderson, John—St. Olaf, Norway.

Andreen, Rev. Gustaf—Royal North Star, Sweden.

Birkhoff, George, Jr.—Orange-Nassau (officer), Holland.

Chatfield-Taylor, Hobart C—Isabella the Catholic, Spain; Garter, Spain; St. James, Portugal; Legion of Honor, France.

Cooley, Edwin G.—Francis Joseph, Austria.

Cutting, Starr W.—Crown (class III.), Prussia.

Daae, Dr. A.—St. Olaf, Norway.

Detering, Charles—Legion oi Honor, France; Crown (class III.). Prussia.

D'Urso, Luigi—Crown (chevalier), Italy.

Eddy, Arthur J.—Red Eagle (class III.), Prussia.

Enander. John A.—Gold medal. Litteris et Artibus. Sweden.

Fischer, Gustaf F.—Red Eagle (class IV.), Prussia.

Furber, Harry J.—Legion of Honor, France.

Ganzel. Louis—Crown (class IV.), Prussia.

Gass, Martin—Lion of Zaeringen, Baden.

Gauss, E. F. L.—Crown (class IV.), Prussia.

Grevstad, Nlcolay—St. Olaf. Norway.

Hachmeister, Henry—Red Eagle (class IV.), Prussia.

Halle, Edward G.—Crown (class II.), Prussia.

Hanson. Christian H.—Darebrog, Denmark.

Harper, William R.—Legion of Honor, France; Red Eagle (class II.), Prussia.

Henrotin. Charles—Legion of Honor, France; Leopold (chevalier, officer and civic cross), Belgium; commander of Medjidie, Turkey.

Henrotin, Mrs. Ellen M.—Leopold, Belgium; Palmies Academiques, France; Officer of Public Instruction, France; Chcfakat (Order of Mercy), Turkey.

Hutchinson, Charles L.—Redeemer, Greece. Judson, Prof. Harry Pratt—Red Eagle (class III.),

Prussia. Klenze, Prof. Camillo von—Red Eaglte (class IV.),

Prussia. Kozminski. Maurice W.—Legion of Honor, France. Kraus, Adolf—Francis Joseph, Austria. Lagorio, Dr. Antonio—Crown (chevalier), Italy. Lindgren, John R.—Royal Order of Vasa, Sweden. Laverdie, Giuseppe—Crown (chevalier), Italy. Mair, Charles A.—Chamberlain of the Sword and

Mantle, pope. Mareschalchi, Arturo—Crown (chevalier), Italy. Merou, Henri—Legion of Honor. France. McCormick, R. S.—Order of St. Alexander of

Nevsky, Russia. McCormick, Mrs. R. S.—Chefakat (Order of Mercy), Turkey. Onahan, William J.—Chamberlain of thie Sword

and Mantle, pope. Palmer, Mrs. Potter—Legion of Honor, France;

Leopold. Belgium. Reichle, C.—Crown (class IV.), Prussia. Rubens, Harry—Crown (class III.), Prussia. Schinkel, C— Crown (class IV.), Prussia. Schlenker, Joseph—Frederick (class II.), Wurthem

berg; Crown (class IV.), Prussia. Schmidt, William—Crown (class IV.), Prussia. Skiff, Frederick J. V.—Sanctified Treasure (class

II.), Japan; Legion of Honor (commander),

France; Crown, Italy; Leopold, Belgium. Tree. Lambert—Leopold (commander), Belgium. Urbano, Salvatore—Crown (chevalier), Italy. Urgos, Francesco—Crown (chevalier), Italy. Volini, Dr. Camillo—Crown (chevalier), Italy. Wever, Dr. Walther—Crown (class III.). Prussia;

Red Eagle (class IV.), Prussia; Ernestine House

Order (class I.), Saxe-Weimar. Zimmerman, Dr. Gustav—Red Eagle (class III.),


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Articles. Value.

Lead, in ore $744,067

Leather manufactures...: 732,390

Lumber, sawed 519,274

Maple sugar 36,314

Metal manufactures 301,405

Millinery goods 573,188

Musical instruments. 238,273

Oils 162,246

Paints 37.923

Paper and manufactures of... 234,099

Pickles and sauces 132.545

Plate window glass 159,160

Rice, cleaned 1.913

Rubber and manufactures of.. 32.384

Salt 55.568

Seeds and plants 122,157

Smokers' articles 15,765

Spices, ground 9,348

Spirits, brandy, etc 431,440

Stone and marble, mfrs. of.. 11,928

Sugar, cane and beet 721

Tea 2,820,372

Tobacco, leaf 1,074,961

Toys and dolls 282,417

Varnish 1,486

Wines, still 232,505

Wood, manufactures of 111,085

Miscellaneous articles 266,479

Total, 1906 24,141,004

Total. 1905 22,138.080

Total, 1904 18,616,188


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Angel Guardian German Orphan—401 Devon avenue.
Bethany Home for Old People—2948 Paulina street.
ESethesda Home for the Aged—30 Belden court.
Beulah Home—959 North Clark street.
Champlin Memorial Home for Boys—515 West

Adams street.
Chicago Deaconesses' Home—273 Erie street.
Chicago Hebrew Mission Day Nursery—17 Solon-st.
Chicago Home for Boys—509 West Adams street.
Chicago Home for Incurables—5535 Ellis avenue.
Chicago Home for Jewish Orphans—Drexel avenue

and 62(1 street. Chicago Industrial Home for Children—Office 14

North May street. Chicago Industrial School for Girls—4900 Prairie

a. venue. Chicago Municipal Lodging House—12 North Union

street. Chicago Nursery and Half Orphan—175 Burling

street and 855 North Halsted street. Chicago Orphan—5120 South Park avenue. Chicago Refuge for Girls—5024 Indiana avenue. Chicago Refuge Home for Women—664 Grand-av. Church Home for Aged Persons—4325 Ellis avenue. Cook County Insane and Poor—Dunning. Danish Lutheran Orphan—975 Evergreen avenue. Danish Old People's Home—Walnut avenue and

Clarendon street. Danish Young People's Home—3544 Wabash avenue

and 3925 Michigan avenue. Englewood Infant Nursery—6516 Perry avenue. Ephpheta Mission for Deaf Mutes—West 12th and

May streets. Evangelical Deaconesses* Home—80 Wisconsin-st. Faith Missionary Home—400 West 74th street. Florence Crittenton Anchorage—2615 Indiana-av. Foundlings' Home—114 South Wood street. German Deaconesses' Home—355 Dayton street. German Old People's Home—Oak Park. 111. Harris Home for Nurses—2342 Dearborn street. Kenrotin Memorial—LaSalle avenue and Oak street. Home for the Aged—West Harrison and Throop sts. Home for Aged Jews—Drexel avenue and 62d street. Home for Aged and Infirm Colored People—610

West Garfield boulevard. Home for Convalescent Women and Children—521

West Adams street. Home for Destitute Crippled Children—46 Park-av. Home for the Friendless—Vincennes avenue and

51st street. Home for Jewish Friendless and Working GirlsEllis avenue and 53d street Home for Self-Supporting Women—275 Indiana-st. House of Mercy—2834 Wabash avenue. House of the Good Shepherd—Grace street, between

Racine and Seminary avenues. Illinois Industrial Home for the Blind—851 Marshall boulevard. Illinois Industrial School for Girls—South Evanston.

Office 1037. 79 Dearborn street. Illinois Manual Training School Farm—Glenwood, III. Office 713. 169 Jackson boulevard.

Illinois Masonic Orphans' Home—447 Carroll-av.

Illinois St. Andrew Society Old People's Home— 43 Bryant avenue.

Illinois Woman's Soldiers' Home—3834 Langley-av.

Lifeboat Rest for Girls—472 State street.

Margaret Etter Creche^-2421 Wabash avenue.

Marsh Memorial Home—96 Chicago aveuue.

Martha Washington Home—North Western avenue and Irving Park boulevard.

Mercy Home—2834 Wabash avenue.

Methodist Episcopal Old People's Home—975 Foster avenue.

Mission of Our Lady of Mercy—363 Jackson-bd,

Nathan Frank Jewish Orphan—592-598 North Wood street.

Newsboys and Bootblacks* Home—1418 Wabash avenue.

Norwegian Lutheran Children's Home—2242 West Irving Park boulevard.

Norwegian Old People's Home—3488 Avondale avenue.

Old People's Home—3850 Indiana avenue.

Orthodox Jewish Home for the Aged—Albany and Ogden avenues.

Paulist Day Nursery—36 Eldrldge place.

St. Anthony's Orphanage—28 Frankfort street.

St. Charles School for Boys—St. Charles. 111.

St. Joseph's Home for Aged and Crippled—Schubert street and Hamlin avenue.

St. Joseph's Home for the Friendless—109 South May street.

St. Joseph's Orphan Asylum—Lake avenue and 35th street.

St. Joseph's Polish Catholic Orphan Asylum—1196 North 44th court.

St. Joseph Polish Old Roman Catholic Orphan Asylum—203 36th street.

St. Joseph's Provident Orphan Asylum—North 40th avenue, near Belmont.

St. Mary's Home for Children—1251 West Jackson boulevard.

St. Mary's Mission Home—213 Washington boulevard.

St. Mary's Training School for Boys—Feehanville. 111.

St. Vincent's Infant Asylum and Maternity Hospital—191 LaSalle avenue.

St. Vincent's Orphan Asylum—Schubert street and Hamlin avenue. v

Swedish Home for the Aged—Morgan Park.

Uhlich Evangelical Lutheran Orphan Asylum—221 Burling street.

Washingtonian Home—566 West Madison street.

Western German Baptist Old People's Home—1006 North Spaulding avenue.

Workingmen's Home and Medical Mission—1341 State street.

Young Woman's Christian Association Home—288 Michigan avenue.

Young Woman's Christian Home—422 Washington boulevard.

Abraham Lincoln—Oakwood and Langley;

Jenkin Lloyd Jones. Armltage—783 Armitage avenue; Mrs. Herman Fal

kenstein. Association House—575 West North avenue; Mrs.

Carrie B. Wilson. Chicago Commons—North Morgan street and Grand

avenue; Graham Taylor. Christopher House—120 Fullerton avenue; Miss

Mary E. Vanderslice. Dearborn Center—3825 Dearborn street; Rev. J. M.

Townsend. Eli Bates House—80 Elm street; Mrs. B. A. Rosing. Elizabeth E. Marcy Home—134 Newberry avenue;

Rev. T. C. Warrington. Fellowship House—869 33d place; Mrs. Marion H.

Perkins. Forward Movement—305 West Van Buren street;

Rev. George W. Gray. Frances E. Willard—133 Morgan street; Mrs. Eliza

Smith. Francis E. Clark—2014 Archer avenue; Chas. Espey.


Frederick Douglass—3032 Wabash avenue; Mrs.

Cella P. Woolley. Gad's Hill—869 West 22d street; Miss Harriett S.

Cazes. Henry Booth House—166 West 14th place; T. W.

Allison. Hull House—335 South Halsted street; Miss Jane

Addams. Maxwell Street—185 West 13th street; Miss Mary

Field. Neighborhood House—1224 67th street; Mrs. H. M.

Vandervaert. Northwestern University—Augusta and Noble; Miss

Harriet Vlttum. Olivet House—44 Vedder street; Rev. Norman E.

Barr. St. Mary's—44th and Union; Mrs. Anna V. Mc

Govern. South End—8951 Superior avenue; Miss Grace

Darling. University of Chicago—4630 Gross avenue; Miss

Mary E. McDowell.

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President—Harlow N. Hlginbotham.
Vice-Presidents—Martin A. Ryerson, Stanley Field.
Secretary and Director—Frederick J. V. Skiff.
Treasurer—Byron L. Smith.
Auditor—D. C. Davies.

The Field museum of natural history, established in 1894 at the close of the World's Columbian exposition of 1893, occupies the temporary building erected for fine arts in Jackson park, the exposition site. The founding of a scientific institution of this character in Chicago was made possible by the gift of $1,000,000 by Marshall Field and who on his death (Jan. 16, 1906) bequeathed the institution a further $8,000,000, $4,000,000 for the erection of a permanent building and $4,000,000 for endowment. In addition $500,000 has been donated by other individuals and there is an annual income from other sources than endowment of about $25,000. The citizens of Chicago have confirmed legislative provision for the levy of a tax for the maintenance of the museum when a new building shall have been erected, which it is estimated will eventually produce approximately $100,000 per annum.

The nucleus of the exhibition material was gathered by gift and purchase at the World's Columbian exposition. Most of this material, however, has since been rearranged, readapted or discarded. Several departments created at the organization have been abandoned, until, after the lapse of eleven years and the expenditure of over $2,000,000, the museum is now divided into four departments— namely, anthropology, botany, geology and zoology. Many expeditions for the purpose of obtain

ing study, exhibition and exchange material and data have been dispatched to all parts of North America and to different countries. The results of these expeditions, investigations and researches have been published by the museum from time to time, which publications have been distributed to kindred societies and institutions both at home and abroad. Two courses of free lectures are given annually. The museum has a working library of about 50,000 titles,. an extensive exchange system, fully equipped departmental laboratories, a herbarium of 260,000 sheets, study collections in mammals and birds reaching many thousand specimens, a large two-story taxidermy section, a well-equipped printing shop, illustration studios and assaying and lapidary rooms. In North American ethnology, in the world's mineralogy, in economic botany the museum is particularly prominent, while its series of mounted mammals furnish examples of advanced museum methods. The present main building covers nine acres and is open to the public on all days except Christmas and Thanksgiving. An admission fee of 25 cents is charged except on Saturdays and Sundays, when admission is free to all. Students, scholars and teachers are admitted free at all times.

The museum is incorporated under state law and the administrative control rests in a board of trustees with president, secretary, etc. The executive of the museum Is the director, under whom there are four head curators with divisional assistant curators, preparators, etc. The entire museum records, the accessions system, the historical flies, publications and supplies are in charge of a recorder.

Amusements— Rate,

Entertainments, week $20.00

Baseball parks.. ..$100 to 300.00

Circus, per day 300.00

Circus in big., day 100.00

Exhibitions, per day 75.00

Museums 300.00

Theaters, 1st class 500.00

Theaters, 2d class 300.00

Theaters, 3d class 200.00

Auctioneers 300.00

Automobiles (stated 2.00

Automobiles (public) 5.00

Bakers 5.00

Bathing beaches 15.00

Billiard and pool tables, ea. 5.00

Bowling alleys, each 5.00

Brewers and distillers 500.00

Brokers 25.00

Billposters $25 to 100.00

Boats $2 to 27.00

Butchers 15.00

Cabs, public 2.50

Cars, street, each 50.00

Cartridges and shells 10.00

Cigarette dealers 100.00

Delicatessen stores 5.00


Per year unless otherwise specified.
Detective agencies (new)...$100.00

Dogs 2.00

Drivers of vehicles 1.00

Drug stores 2.00

Fishmongers - 15.CO

Garage 10.00

Garage vehicles, for hire... 15.00

Gunpowder 25.00

Hacks, public 5.00

Hacks, livery $2.50 to 5.00

Hospitals 100.00

Hotels 15.00

Elevated R. R. cars, each.. 50.00

Ice wagons 10.00

Junk dealers 50.00

Wagons 10.00

Liquors, malt, wholesale— 50.00

Liquors, spirituous 100.flo

Liquors, vinous 50.00

Lumber yards 100.00

Marriages, county 1.50

Merry-go-rounds, per day... 2.00

Milk dealers 10.00

Milk peddlers 10.00

Nurseries 10.00

Omnibuses 5.00


Pawnbrokers $300.00

Peddlers—Basket 10.00

Pack 15.00

Wagon (each wagon) 50.00

Oil 10.00

Wood 10.00

Poulterers 15.00

Rendering establishments.. .100.00

Rendering tanks, each 20.00

Restaurants 15,11

Roofers' wagons 300.00

Runners 12.00

Saloons 1,000.00

Scales, public 10.00

Scavengers, offal 100.00

Scavengers, night 50.00

Second-hand dealers 50.00

Shooting galleries 25.00

Soap factories 150.00

Stables, boarding 10.00

Stables, sale 25.00

Street cnrs, each 50.09

Tanneries 50.M

Fndertakers 10.00

Workshops LW

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