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JOSEPH WARTON.-P. 17. | For what most now known? What When born? In whose reign is said of them ? chiefly flourished 1 Where educated ? | Profession ? First publication ? Cha

JAMES BEATTIE.-P. 43. racter of his odes ? What Latin Where born and educated? What classic translate ? What is said of it? profession did he enter ? His first What periodical did he assist in? To publication? What publish in 1770 1 what post chosen in 1755 ? What Its aim? What is his celebrated next did he publish? What is its cha-poem When published ? How reracter? What edit in 1797 ? For ceived ? What else did he publish ? what is he in general distinguished ? | On what does his fame chiefly rest? When did he die 1

His character ?


WILLIAM PALEY.-P. 54. Maiden name? With whom did How characterized ? Where born ? she early correspond? With what Where educated ? What college literary characters become acquaint- anecdote told of him What did he ed? What first publish? When publish in 1785 ? What works subsemarried ? Result? What did she quently? When did he die ? What publish in 17737 What is said of it? I is said of his character? What as a What in 1775 ? When did she die ? writer ? What of his works? Which

the most ingenious and original of ELIZABETH MONTAGU.-P. 31. them? What is its object? What Whose daughter ? When born ? the most exceptionable of his works? Whose society enjoy in early life? Why? What anecdotes told of him Whom marry, and when? What pub- when at the university ? lish in 1769 7 Who have praised it? What club met at her house? Why ! ELIZABETH CARTER.-P. 63. so called ? What annual entertain When born? What of her early ment did she give? When die ? What years? What attainments did she are her works? Their character ? make before her twenty-first year ?

What higher attainments? Her first HUGH BLAIR.-P. 36.

appearance in print? What good When and where born ? Where early habit ? (note.) What did Dr. educated ? What good intellectual Johnson say of her? Repeat the habit did he early form? What pro- complimentary lines in the “ Gentlefession enter? What lectures deliver man's Magazine.” What write in in 1759 ? What dissertation publish | 1746 ? What Greek author translate ? in 1763? What else did he publish ? How did Johnson praise her scholarWhen die ? What of his sermons ? ship? What of her poems ? What rule did she make in her social inter- he chiefly known? How published ? course? What do you think of it ? For what profession did he prepare 1 Her chief prose compositions ? When What else did he publish 1 Health ? did she die ?

Whither go? Result? When die ?

Character of his poetry? Opinion of HENRY KIRKE WHITE.-P. 71. the “ Quarterly Review ?” Repeat the lines of Byron. When born i His early propensities? His

GRANVILLE SHARP.-P. 112. early tasks? How did he commence

His early life ? Controversies? his studies ? What prize gain ? When What attainments in consequence ? appeared a volume of his poems ?

What office hold? What circumHow treated by the critics? Who

stance gave a new direction to his encouraged him? What change took

life? To what decision of the courts place in his character ? How effect

did this finally lead ?
did this finally

With whom ed ? Consequence of his severe ap

correspond ? What instance of great plication to study ? How aided ?

conscientiousness? What works did What honors gain? At what exo |

he publish? What kindred object pense ? When die ? What of his of philanthropy now engaged him ? character ? His poeins ? Opinion of What incident aroused the nation to Sir Egerton Brydges ?

a sense of the wickedness of the slave

trade ? What other good work did ANNA SEWARD.-P. 80.

he originate? Of what society first Whose daughter ? Early life 7 By

chairman ? When did he die? What what appellation known ? First pub

of his character ? Works? Inscriplication ? What in 1799 ? When

tion on his monument in Westminster die ?

Abbey ?

Where pass her childhood ? Re-

Where born? What of his characpeat the lines. Of her youth ? Whenter ? Repeat the « Lines written in married ? What of the connection ? the Chi

the Churchyard." Misfortunes ? Of her sonnets? Her husband's liberation | Whither ob

THOMAS BROWN.-P. 124. Jiged to flee? How long remain ?

For what distinguished ? Where What did she do for support? Her

educated ? How distinguished 1 What publications ? When die ? What of fire

I first publish? What profession study i her poetry ? For what most now w

What next publish ? " What new field known ?

enter ? Poems ? His great work,

what? When die ? Character ? MARY TIGHE.-P. 89. Whose daughter ? Where live ? By what most known ? What is said | ANNE HUNTER.-P. 134. of it? When die ? (note.)

Whose daughter? Wife? In what

excel? What of her poetry ? CHARD CUMBERLAND.-P. 95. How celebrated 1 Where educat

VICESIMUS KNOX.-P. 136. ed ? What office did he first receive ?! When born? Where educated ? What publish? In what department What write ? What profession enter 1 of literature did he now employ his How long hold the post ? By whom time ? On what mission sent ? Result? succeeded ? His next publication ? Where go? What publish? What What in 17881 What next? When essays 1 His last work ? When did die ? Character ? he die ? Character ? What of the « Observer "


When born 1 Youth 1 Where eduJAMES GRAHAME.-P. 106. cated ? What prize obtainProfesWhere born and educated ? For sion? Where settled? At what age what calling destined ? By what is die ?

ROBERT BLOOMFIELD.-P. 152. What work published after his death ? By what work known? Early life? What of his poetry? Hymns ? How and where apprenticed ? Occupation? What led to his earliest ROBERT POLLOK.-P. 200. attempts at poetry? Where retire ?! What publish in 1827 ? What was Business ? Who aided him? What thought of it? What of his early publish? How received ? When age? Where educated ? Profession? die ? Best poems? Who has praised Health? When die ? With whom them? « Farmer's Boy," how di- compared ? How? What of “ The vided ?

Course of Time 3”.


JONATHAN DYMOND.P. 207. Whose son? Where educated ? When born? To what society beInfluence of his mother ? When called long? How employed in early life? to the bar ? First cause ? Success ? Early disposition ? Whom marry ? How appear in 1781 ? In what great What first publish? What of it? His cause did he exert his talents ? Anec- next work? Its character ? His dote ? (note.) In what engage in 1789 ? health ? How did he bear his illness ? What is said of it? Most arduous When die ? What of his character ? effort? How opposed ? Result ? On What of his “ Essays on Morality ? what side in politics? What pamphlet publish? To what post ele WILLIAM HAZLITT.-P. 217. vated 1 Influence upon him ? Where For what distinguished ? First emand when die ? What of his elo-ployment? First publications ? What quence ?

subsequently? His most elaborate

work 1 When die ? What of his GEORGE GORDON BYRON.-P. 167.

writings ? What of his character? Where educated ? How apply himself ? His

RODERT HALL.-P. 226. first published work 7 Where re

Whose son ? Early propensities ? viewed ? How? Influence of it?

Where educated ? What friendships What publish in 1812 ? How re

form? His eloquence? Where setceived i What followed ? Whom

tled ? How afflicted ? Effects ? Where marry ? Result? On whom did so- settled when restored ? To what peciety lay the blame? How did he

riodical contribute ? What did he bear it ï What works compose ?

advocate in his church ? Where reConduct abroad? In what cause en

move in 1826 7 Habits of study ? gage? Where and when die ? Cha

When die ? Character as a preacher ? racter of his poetry?

Mental endowments ? Style? Per

sonal character ? ANNA LÆTITIA BARBAULD.-P. 178.

HENRY MACKENZIE.-P. 238. Whose daughter? What of her

Where and when born? Where childhood ? Who conducted her edu- educated ? First work? Of what cation ? Where reside? What first periodicals the editor ? What poet publish? How received ? Whom was he the first to bring into marry? In what did her husband notice? Of his private life 1 Characengage? What did she next publish ? ter of his writings? When die ? Where go ? Subsequent publications ? What trials experience ? When die ?

WALTER SCOTT.-P. 250. Character of her writings ?

Where and when born 1 Youthful

employments ? Where educated ? REGINALD HEBER.-P. 192. What of his early reading? What Whose son? Youth? Where edu- profession did he study? Whom cated ? What prize gain? What marry ? First publication? When publish? What post of honor and quit his profession ? Remarks ? usefulness receive in 1822 ? When What publish in 1808 ? Success ? go? How qualified ? When die ? What publications followed ? What in 1814? Its popularity? What suc- Whither travel, and with whom? Inceeded ? What object did he ac- fluence? In what great cause engage complish? What partnership form ? in 1787? His first speech? What Consequences ? What did he under-publish in 1797 1 Success? What take ? Result ? Compared with witness in 1807 ? When die ? Lord whom, and how ? (note.) Sickness ? Brougham's opinion of him? His Efforts to regain his health? When eloquence ? return home? When die ? What of his poetry ? Moral tone? Its SAMUEL TAYLOR COLERIDGE.-P. 323. general subjects? Remark of Dr. How styled ? When born? Where Arnold ? His prose works ? Cha educated ? His attainments ? With racter of them ?

whom become intimate? What Uto.

pian project? To whom married ? CHARLES BUTLER.-P. 267. Where settle? In what engage 1 When born? Family? Where How long last? Where travel and educated ? His publications ? Gene- study? Where settle on his return? ral subject of his writings ? By what His bad habit? Its effects? Where most known?

go for his health? When return ?

After life ? Defect in his character ! GEORGE CRABBE.-P. 272. Under whose care placed ? His When born? Early life? First chief prose works and poetry? When publications ? What distinguished die ? " His influence? What of his statesman aided him? First published prose ? Of his poetry ? Conversation ? poems after ? His profession ? Last Question to Lamb and reply? publication ? When die ? What of his writings Characteristics ?


Where born? Where educated ? JAMES MACKINTOSH.-P. 284.

Where settled ? Power as a preacher ? How distinguished ? When born ? ||

Appearance ? Popularity ? Of what Early habits and education ? Early friend? Profession? To what did he

accused ? When die ? Testimony of

Dr. Chalmers ? His publications ? chiefly give his attention ? When go to London? What great political event at this time ? What distin

CHARLES LAMB.-P. 342. guished work appeared then ? Who

For what distinguished ? When replied to it? Title of Mackintosh's

and where born? Where educated 1 work? When called to the bar ?

How employed ? To whom did he Course of lectures ? In what great devote his attention almost exclusivecause engaged? What office receiver ly? First appearance as an author ? Benefits from it? What write ? Gene

What else publish ? Most celebrated ral character ?

work ? What is said of it? What

elso publish ? What in conjunction HANNAH MORE.-P. 295.

with his sister ? When die i Rank Whose daughter ? Where born ? | as a poet ? Prose ? Style ? Where settle ? What enterprise engage in ? Her first literary efforts ? FELICIA HEMANS.-P. 356. Succeeding publications ? Change of Maiden name ? When born ? Early opinions ? Whither retire? Publica- life? First publication? What in tions ? Traits ? Success ? What 1812? To whom married ? Result ? publish in 1799 ? What afterwards ? Whither retreat? How there emHer last publications ? When die ? ployed ? What prize obtain in 18197 Influence of her writings ? Poetry ? | What in 1821 1 What publish in Prose ?

1823? What subsequently? Whom

visit in 1829? What publish in 1830 1 WILLIAM WILBERFORCE.-P. 317. Where afterwards reside? Health ?

When born ? Early training ? Re-When die ? Jeffrey's opinion of her markable indication ? Where edu- poetry ? (note.) General character of cated ? When enter Parliament ? | her writings ?

NATHAN DRAKE.-P. 367. and influence? As a scholar? As a Where and when born? Where historian ? As a schoolmaster ? As educated ? Where settled as a phy- a theologian? As a man? Give the sician? How long ? When die ? account from his journal on his last What of him as a physician? What day. are his publications? Influence on the mind? What of his general cha- | ROBERT SOUTHEY.-P. 429. racter ?

Where bornWhere educated ?

To what opinions inclined ? DescripSIR EGERTON BRYDGES.-P. 381. tion by Cottle? In what scheme

How distinguished ? When born ? interested ? To whom married ? Where educated ? To what devote Whither journey? What publish ? his time? What profession enter ? Where settle on his return? What Where reside? How embarrassed ? publish in 1805 ? Subsequent pubWhat claim prefer ? Influence ? lications ? To what review largely When enter Parliament ? Where I contribute ? What of his latter years? afterwards reside? When die ? For When die ? Opinion of Coleridge ? what are we indebted to him? To Of Professor Wilson ? what did he chiefly devote his attention? His first publications? What

JOHN FOSTER.-P. 443. commence in 1805 ? His subsequent When born? Where educated ? publications ? What has been re- First publication? Its character ? marked of him as a writer ? What of To what review contribute ? His his “ Autobiography 7" (note.)

general character ?


THOMAS CAMPBELL.-P. 449. Whose son? Where educated ? When born? Where educated ? Profession? What publish in 1790? First publication ? Its reception ? What in 1814? When and where Whither travel ? To whom married ? die ?

What receive in 1805 ? Subsequent

publications ? What of his “ SpeciLÆTITIA ELIZABETH MACLEAN.-P. mens of British Poets ?" (note.) What 402.

magazine edit ? To what post elected Where and when born ? State of in 1827? With what other magazine her family in her early life? Her connected ? Subsequent publications ? first productions ? Their multiplicity ? Whither go for his health ? When To whom married, and when? Her die ? What of him as a poet ? death? What of her genius ?


Whose son? Where educated ? Where educated ? Profession ? For what eminently distinguished ? When die ? For what distinguished ? What articles contribute to the What did he publish ? For what most “ Quarterly ? What of his scholarknown ?



THOMAS HOOD.-P. 462. When born ? Station ? For what! What of his writings? Early emreview write ? For what work most ployment? What post occupy (in known? What of it? What of his 1821 ? For what magazine write ? life? Of his benevolencé ? When What of his life? When die ? What die 1

of his works?


SYDNEY SMITH.-P. 473. Where and when born? Where When and where born? Where educated ? How early distinguished ? educated ? With what did he early What profession enter? To what become connected ? Give the subdistinguished post elected? When stance of his account of it. How die ? What of his general character occupied after his removal to Lon

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