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Vicarage, Crediton, Devon,

July 17th, 1848.


Excursion 1.-Sticklepath, Taw Marsh, Cosdon Hill, Clannaborough Common, Wotesbrook, Hound Tor, Scorhill Down, Watern Tor, Thirlstone, Cranmere Pool, Fenworthy, Gidleigh Park, Chagford.

II.—Holy-Street, Chagford Bridge, Shilston Cromlech, Bradmere Pool, Drewsteignton Logan Stone, Fingle Bridge, Prestonbury Castle, Cranbrook Castle, Whiddon Park, Chagford.

III.—Jesson, Broadmoor Mires, Grey Wethers, Sittaford Tor, South Teign.

IV.-Moreton, Mardon Down, Wooston Castle, Vale of Teign, Clifford Bridge, Dunsford Bridge, Blackystone, Heltor, Bridford, Skattor, Moreton.

V.—Lustleigh, Bottor Rock, Becky Fall, Manaton, North Bovey, Moreton.

VI.—Bowerman's Nose, Houndtor, Heytor, Bector Cross, Moreton.

VII.—King's Oven, Shapely Common, Vitifer Mine, Challacombe Down, Grimspound, Hamildon, Widdecombe, Rippon Tor, Answell Rock, Ashburton.

VIII.-Holne Bridge, Holne Chase, Buckland in the Moor, Sharpitor, Rowbrook, Yartor, Brimps, Dartmeet, Hexworthy Bridge, Cumsdon Tor, Holne, Henbury Castle, Buckfast Abbey, Buckfastleigh.

IX.-Dean Gate, Dean Burn, Huntingdon Cross, Knattleburrow, Abbot's Way, River Avon, Shipley Bridge, Coryndon Ball, South Brent, Three Burrow Tor, Butterton Hill, Western Beacon, Ivybridge.

X.-Harford, Sharpitor, Erme Plains, Erme Head, Grimsgrove, Langcombe Bottom, Yealm Head and River, Broadall Down, Pen Beacon, Shell Top, Cholwich Town, Goodamoor, Hemerdon Ball, Shaugh Prior, Trowlsworthy, Cadaford Bridge, Dewerstone Rock, Shaugh Bridge, Boringdon Camp, Plympton Earl.

XI.—Plympton St. Mary, Plym Bridge, Bickleigh Vale, Roborough Down, Meavy, Sheepstor, Eylesburrow, Siward's Cross, Fox Tor, Clacywell Pool, Black Tor, Stanlake, Prince Town, Two Bridges.

XII.—Crockern Tor, Parliament Rock, Dennabridge Pound, Bellevor Tor, Lakehead Hill, Bellevor Bridge, Post Bridge, Archerton, Chittaford Down, Wistman's Wood, Baredown, Fice's Well, Prince Town, Tor Royal, Mistor British Town, Great Mistor, Steeple Tors, Vixen Tor, Vale of the Walkham, Pewtor, Tavistock.

XIII.—Ina's Coombe, Mount Tavy, Cocks Tor, Petertavy, Lints Tor, Furtor, Watern Oak, Tavy Cleave, Marytavy, Tavistock.

XIV.-Heathfield Down, Brentor, Lydford Fall and Bridge, Kate's Fall, Lydford Borough and Castle, Doetor, Sourton Tor, Stengator, Willinghayes, Yestor, Miltor, Okehampton Castle, Okehampton.

XV.--Okelands, Okehampton Park, Rowtor, Holstock, Chapel Ford, Belstone Tor, Nine Stones, Belstone, Belstone Cleave, Okehampton.



Borders of Dartmoor, Frontispiece
Drewsteignton Cromlech, Vignette
Map of Dartmoor
Cyclopean Bridge
Sacred Circle
Rock Pillar
Stone Avenue
Rock Idol
Logan Stone

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An Essay on the most prominent objects of antiquarian interest, in the Forest of Dartmoor, was originally read before the Plymouth Institution in the year 1828, as the result of the united researches of a few members* of that Society, who at different times had pursued their investigations in a district which, although within a few miles of their town, was little known to the neighbourhood and the county in general. The paper drawn up at the request of my esteemed coadjutors, was subsequently published in the Transactions of the Society. Since that time I have endeavoured to prosecute the investigations thus begun, for the most part with the able assistance of my valued friend the President of the Institution, at such intervals as scanty leisure and few opportunities would permit; hence, abundant materials have been collected for expanding the original essay into the present volume.

The publication has been undertaken with the view of rendering the numerous objects of interest, with which the great moorland district of the West abounds, more generally known and appreciated, in the persuasion that within its limits there is enough to repay, not only the historian and antiquary, but also the scientific investigator, for the task of exploring the mountain-wastes of the Devonshire wilderness. The characteristic tors, capping the hills with their massive granite piles, supply an interesting field of study to the geologist-Wistman's Wood, primitive and peculiar, affords an unique specimen to the botanist—and the aboriginal circumvallation of Grimspound, one equally singular, to the antiquary. It is not difficult to

Henry Woollcombe, Esq., (President); Col. Hamilton Smith, F. R. S.; John Prideaux, Esq.; and Rev. Samuel Rowe.


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