Grain Exchanges: Hearings Before the Committee on Rules, House of Representatives, Sixty Third Congress, Second Session, on H. Res. 424

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1914 - 429 páginas

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Página 307 - Received, subject to the classifications and tariffs in effect on the date of issue of this original bill of lading. At Ithaca, Mich., 18-1, 1911, from owner* the property described below, in apparent good order, except as noted (contents and condition of contents of packages unknown...
Página 295 - Notary Public in and for said county, residing therein, duly commissioned and sworn, personally appeared and , personally known to me to be the persons whose names are subscribed to the within instrument, and they each duly acknowledged to me that they executed the same.
Página 208 - Of course, in a modern market contracts are not confined to sales for immediate delivery. People will endeavor to forecast the future and to make agreements according to their prophecy. Speculation of this kind by competent men is the self-adjustment of society to the probable. Its value is well known as a means of avoiding or mitigating catastrophes, equalizing prices and providing for periods of want.
Página 194 - They are used as instruments by those engaged in state as well as those engaged in the inter-state commerce, but they are no more necessarily a part of commerce itself than the dray or the cart by which, but for them, grain would be transferred from one railroad station to another. Incidentally they may become connected with inter-state commerce, but not necessarily so.
Página 209 - The plaintiff does not lose its rights by communicating the result to persons, even if many, in confidential relations to itself, under a contract not to make it public, and strangers to the trust will be restrained from getting at the knowledge by inducing a breach of trust and using knowledge obtained by such a breach.
Página 208 - June 6, 1887, that is, places wherein is permitted the pretended buying and selling of grain, etc., without any intention of receiving and paying for the property so bought, or of delivering the property so sold. On this ground it is contended that if under other circumstances there could be property in the quotations, which hardly is admitted, the...
Página 210 - Time is of the essence in matters like this, and it fairly may be said that, if the contracts with the plaintiff are kept, the information will not become public property until the plaintiff has gained its reward.
Página 307 - It is mutually agreed, as to each carrier of all or any of said property over all or any portion of said route to destination, and as to each party at any time interested in all or any of said property, that every service to be performed hereunder shall be subject to all the conditions...
Página 307 - ... the surrender of this bill of lading properly indorsed shall be required before the delivery of the property at destination.
Página 208 - Its value is well known as a means of avoiding or mitigating catastrophes, equalizing prices and providing for periods of want. It is true that the success of the strong induces imitation by the weak, and that incompetent persons bring themselves to ruin by undertaking to speculate in their turn. But legislatures and courts generally have recognized that the natural evolutions of a complex society are to be touched only with a very cautious hand, and that such coarse attempts at a remedy for the...

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